January 19, 2006
John Johnson

WWE Friday Night Smackdown!
October 28, 2005
Cow Palace
San Francisco, Ca
Commentators: Michael Cole & Tazz

Last Week: The team of the World Heavyweight Champion Dave Batista and his new buddy, the late great Eddie Guerrero got a disqualification win over the tandem of Randy Orton & the undefeated Ken Kennedy (sub for Cowboy Bob Orton, who claimed to have back problems) when the elder Orton interfered & all three of them proceeded to beat the hell out of the World Champ & the former WWE Champ. However, before they can run "Scot free" (do you see a pattern coming?), General Manger Theodore Long came out to announce next week’s main event, which is a 6-man tag team match featuring Ken Kennedy & the Ortons vs. Batista, Eddie Guerrero, and the legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper!!!! How will the Hot Rod go about this match, going against his former running buddy, Cowboy Bob Orton? Find out on this week of Friday Night Smackdown!

We are shown a recap of Last Monday Night on Raw, where it was announced that Edge & Chris Masters will take on 2 of 5 Smackdown! superstars ( the fans can vote on who will make the cut, superstars include Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, Christian, & Hardcore Holly) at Taboo Tuesday. Edge, Lita, & Masters cut a promo on facing SD when who should come on the Titantron than "Mr. Wrestling God" himself, JBL, who challenges the "hairy lipped orangutan" (referring to Masters) to face him one on one. Left behind, a masked luchador (care to guess who this is?) sneak attacks Mr. Money in the Bank, 619s Lita, and retreats into the crowd to avoid the wrath of the Raw superstars.

No opening video package this week for some strange reason, so instead, Christian is going to kick things off with his Peep Show. Christian says he has something say concerning last Monday Night but before we could hear what the CLB has on his mind, the other 4 Smackdown candidates come out & state their case as to why they should be voted into the Raw vs. Smackdown tag match at Taboo Tuesday. This prompts GM Theodore Long to come out & book a 5-way free for all match between the 5 candidates to show the fans who deserves that spot at Taboo Tuesday. And that match is NEXT!!!!

Commercial Break

Match 1
5-way Free-for-all
JBL vs. Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Christian vs. Hardcore Holly

This match is basically like a triple threat match or a fatal four way match, except this is a one fall to a finish match & all participants are legal!!! Some wild and wooly action which looks to be a MOTY candidate. One big Holy S#!/ spot saw Christian get superplexed by Rey Rey & Hardy, who both get powerbombed by Holly & JBL, all at the same friggin’ time (ala TNA). The conclusion of the match saw Rey Rey pin Christian with a hurricanrana. Keep in mind that this was one of the last WWE matches that "Captain Charisma" would be in as he jump ship to TNA the following month. I figured if Christian was on his way out, he wanted to go out TNA style (the double superplex/double powerbomb spot)
Winner by pinfall: Rey Mysterio
4 stars

The WWE obviously ripped TNA off big time in this match, but this match beats the hell out of any King of the Mountain or even the overrated X-division matches any day of the week

Before we go to commercial break, the new US Champ Booker T & his wife Sharmell go into the SD! GM’s office, while the latter has a worried look on her face.

Commercial Break

We’re back in the GM’s office where Booker T is shown video footage of the 4-way match to determine to #1 contender for the US Title 2 weeks ago and last week’s US Championship match between the Bookman & the defending champ, Chris Benoit, both of which Sharmell interfered on her husband’s behalf to secure to victory. Sharmell tries to cover it up but a pissed-off Booker T would have none of it and none only grants the Rabid Wolverine a return bout but demands that Sharmell apologize to the former US Champ. There you go Booker!! That’s how you put your foot down!!

Backstage, Rowdy Roddy Piper bumps into his former running buddy, Bob Orton who says the Hot Scot will no longer be stealing the spotlight from him. Randy Orton shows up to remind Piper what happened the last time a legend went up against the 3rd generation superstar. Piper counters by saying the next generation in the Orton clan will be on all fours. Ha, Ha! Good one, Roddy!!

Next we see the Richard Simmons rip-off, Simon Dean on his "Simonizer" machine. He bumps into one of the Juniors ( for those of you who don’t know, the Juniors are midgets aka the vertically challenged for the PC) who plays the role of a patrol officer. While Dean badmouths the Junior, two other Juniors tie a rope to the Simonizer, and when Dean took off, he really took off!!! Those damn midgets always got to play cruel jokes!!!

Commercial Break

Match 2
Short Sleeve Sampson vs. Pitbull Patterson

Network Executive Palmer Cannon introduces the Juniors, a division he created hoping to increase ratings. Oh yeah, everybody wants to stay home on Friday Nights to watch a bunch of midgets wrestle ( I was being sarcastic for those of you who are mentally challenged) Anyway, Cannon does guest commentary for the match, who’s really pushing the Juniors Division like TNA pushes the X Division. If you’re looking for the technical masterpiece ( which obviously doesn’t include Chris Masters) you might want to turn your head. However, if you’re a sucker for comedy matches, then this match is for you!! The ending of the match saw SSS pin Patterson ( isn’t he Pat Patterson’s son) with a splash from the referees back ( no, he was helping out SSS. He got kicked the gonads & fell to his knees in pain)
Winner by pinfall: Short Sleeve Sampson

An irate Simon Dean storms into the ring, only to get his ass handed to him by the Juniors. How embarrassing.

Commercial Break

Mr. & Mrs. Bookman make their way to the ring, where T states that he beat Benoit for the US Title but didn’t do it alone. T asks for the former champion to come to the ring. T says that he respects Benoit & would offer him a return championship match but first Sharmell "has something to say", which the former Miss Black America took exception to. Benoit, being a man of honor says he doesn’t need a apology but T insists. Sharmell gives a half-ass apology before slapping the taste out of the Bookman’s mouth & storming out of the ring. But wait! Sharmell says she "deeply apologizes for this", which turned out to be Booker T whacking Benoit upside the head with the title belt. Damn, damn, damn!! I knew something was fishy about this! To add insult to injury, Benoit gets superkicked off the apron & lands on the edge of the announce table How can they do that to my hero, Chris Benoit?

Commercial Break

Match 3
Fatal 4-way for the WWE Tag Team Championship
The Legion of Doom (champions) vs. the Mexicools vs. MNM vs. William Regal & Paul Birchall

The rules of the match state that 2 men from either team start off and can tag anyone. First team to gain a pinfall or submission will be the Tag Team Champions. While the tag team division isn’t much on Smackdown! compared to 20 years ago, at least it has a tag team division unlike their older brother Raw. Anyway, the 2005 version of the LOD defend the titles against three other teams. LOD had things going their way & were about to have yet another successful title defense until 2 muscle head morons ( later named the Dicks) took out Animal, enabling MNM to connect with the Snapshot on Heidenreich for the victory.
Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champs: MNM

I was very disappointed to see LOD lose to titles. I thought that they deserve a longer title reign than that. Oh well. It was good while it lasted. Although I like this particular version of the LOD, no one ever be as good as the original LOD. RIP Hawk. No one can ever take your place.

Commercial Break

Nunzio & Vito are in the GM’s office, demanding a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles next week but Long thinks otherwise, instead booking the both of them in a handicap match against the massive Bobby Lashly. Then Boogeyman then shows up to creep the hell out of everyone especially Theodore Long. A video package is shown of last week’s main event tag team match as stated above. Backstage, we see Batista and Eddie Guerrero, who discuss the latter’s last visit at the Cow Palace. Batista then gives Guerrero a gift, which turned out to be a brand new low rider.

Commercial Break

Match 4
Dave Batista, Eddie Guerrero, & Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Ken Kennedy, Randy Orton, & Cowboy Bob Orton

Eddie & Batista comes out in the former’s old "Lie, Cheat, Steal" music & in the low rider which gets a good pop. When Piper made his way to the ring, the crowd went nuts!!! Some pretty decent & solid action in this match. The conclusion of the match saw Hot Rod silence his former henchman with his patented sleeper hold to secure to the victory for his team.
Winners by submission: Eddie Guerrero, Dave Batista, & Roddy Piper

The face team celebrated in the ring while Randy looked on in bewilderment. It’s good to see not only Piper returned to the ring, but also Guerrero getting yet another victory in the same arena he won the WWE Title in. I actually had the honor to meet the Hot Scot in Waynesboro, VA & he turned out to be very polite to me.I also had the honor of watching Eddie Guerrero perform live & in living color in Norfolk, VA at the Great American Bash. Although he was robbed of the championship, he showed me that he really is one of the all-time greats in this sport. Sadly, this would be Latino Heat’s last appearance at the legendary Cow Palace as he tragically passed away the next month. The wrestling will not be the same without Guerrero. Thank You Eddie for all you contributed to the sport of professional wrestling and God Bless You.

Analysis: I thought this was a very decent show. Despite the Juniors match, which turned out to be a joke, the 5-way match was a show stealer, Booker T played off his heel turn very well, & we witnessed MNM dethrone LOD 2005 to win their 2nd tag titles.

Rating: A-

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