November 5, 2008
Scott Criscuolo

Friday Night Smackdown!
October 31, 2008
San Diego, California
Jim Ross and Tazz

We have a special pre-produced piece promoting tonight’s casket match between the Undertaker and an unknown opponent. From there we go right to the Big Show on camera. Show is rubbing his neck and whispering to the camera. He says the Undertaker is not a man. Big Show says he had Taker beaten at Cyber Sunday for the second straight PPV, but Show says Undertaker resorted to his illegal and banned submission choke hold to try and crush his larynx. Show says if their paths cross again, he won’t knock Undertaker out, he will bury him. The camera widens and Show is with General Manager Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero. Vickie says Happy Halloween to all the fans, and she’s enjoying the fact that her show is on her favorite holiday. She said she’s put the Undertaker in a casket match, and she says it will be his last casket match. She says Undertaker will know what its like to be confined to a casket, battered and broken. She says Taker will be banging on the inside while his lungs are gasping for air. She says Taker’s brains will explode as he takes in his last breath. She chuckles and says the superstar who gets the treat of putting the Undertaker through that hell…is Chavo Guerrero. He looks quite befuddled and walks away as Vickie starts cackling.

OPENING ANIMATION (complete with added Halloween graphics)

JR welcomes us to San Diego and we pan the crowd for the many costumed fans in the crowd. Then we go to the broadcast table, and JR is dressed like a sailor, Tazz as an Army soldier. We have a six-man tag team match tonight, as the Hardys and Rey Mysterio take on Kane, Mark Henry, and MVP.

John Morrison & The Miz vs. WWE Tag Team Champions the Colon Brothers

Morrison has glitter in his abs. Interesting. JR says that he looks so good in white Pat Patterson asked him out to the WWE prom, confusing him with someone in the Village People. Good one. Morrison starts with Primo and they lock up. The exchange hammerlocks and Primo with a drop toe hold into an armbar. Morrison with some clubbing blows, but Primo flips out of a back drop and hits an arm drag and drop kick for 2. Morrison’s head goes into the turnbuckle and a tag to Carlito who hits a drop kick for 2. They exchange right hands and Carlito with a clothesline for 2. Morrison trips Carlito into the ropes and a tag to Miz. He works Carlito over in the corner but Carlito with an armdrag for 2. Tag to Primo and a double team back drop. Miz is clotheslined out of the ring , then Morrison comes in and he’s backdropped out as we go to break. We’re back and Primo with a shoulder block and hip toss for 2 on Miz. Tag to Carlito and a nice double team with a Primo trip into a Carlito head butt for 2. Miz with a right hand and he tags Morrison, who works Carlito in the corner. Carlito with a right hand and slam. Tag to Primo and Carlito powerbombs Primo on Morrison for 2. Morrison with a low blow, but Primo with a kick to the gut and a clothesline. Miz distracts him which gives Morrison a chance to hit Primo with a springboard kick to the head for 2. Morrison stomps and Miz gets a shot in on the ref distraction. Morrison slingshots Primo on the bottom rope for 2. Morrison with a headlock, but Primo gets to his feet and his a jawjacker. Primo goes to his corner but Morrison tags Miz and cuts it off. Miz with right hands and a leg drop for 2. Miz with more right hands and a full nelson. Primo breaks the hold and slingshots himself into the corner to tag his brother. Carlito with a flip kick off the rope and a forearm shot. He knocks Morrison off the apron, but walks into a Miz boot. Carlito with a powerbomb on Miz but Morrison breaks the count. Primo comes in to drop kick Morrison out of the ring. Miz throws Primo out of the ring which gives Carlito a chance to get a roll up on Miz for 2. Carlito goes for a springboard flip but Morrison pulls the rope while the ref wasn’t looking, and Miz hits the kneelift/neckbreaker for the 3 count. Solid match as both teams kept the pace going. WINNERS: Morrison & Miz (Grade: 3.5)

-We have a wide shot of a casket, and a graphic of tonight’s casket match: Undertaker vs. Chavo Guerrero.

-Wrestlemania XXV tickets go on sale in 7 days.

-We have a skit with Jesse, Festus, Maria and the Masked Magician. He does some sort of trick where Maria’s in a box and the magician spins her head, and her body’s all twisted. It’s promoting some magic show Monday nights on MyNetworks.

“John Wayne” Yang vs. The Brian Kendrick

Yang grabs the mike and introduces himself and the crowd goes crazy. I forgot Yang was still in WWE. They lock up and Yang with a hip toss. Yang with a headlock and hurricanrana. Yang with a drop toe hold and drop kick and Kendrick bails. Kendrick sneaks back in while Zeke distracts Yang and Kendrick kicks him out of the ring. Yang’s back in and Kendrick with a right hand. Kendrick slams Yang’s shoulder into the corner, then a slam on the arm. To the second rope but Kendrick misses the double knee drop. Yang with elbows for 2. Yang with a kick to Kendrick’s head, then another. Yang to the top rope with a high cross body for 2. Yang charges but Kendrick trips him and Yang hits the buckle. Kendrick goes for the The Kendrick but Yang slips out and hits the Asai Moonsault, but during the count Zeke pulls Kendrick out of the ring, drawing the DQ. WINNER: “John Wayne” Yang by disqualification (Grade: 2.5)

-Yang planchas over the rope but Zeke catches him and drops him on the apron. Zeke hits his throwdown move and Kendrick hits The Kendrick for good measure.

-Backstage The Great Khali and Runjin Singh are talking with Kung Fu-naki comes out and says he knows the Art of Seduction. Khali says size matters. His special Halloween Kiss-Cam is next.

-After break and Khali and Runjin are in the ring. Singh says the Great Khali says Happy Halloween and it’s the Trick-or-Treat edition of the Kiss-Cam. Singh says last week he gave a special Texas cowgirl a big moment. Since then he’s gotten constant e-mails and calls. So they do the Kiss-Cam and find some girl dressed as a witch. Her costume is solid as she’s pretty ugly. Khali’s hesitating, but he gives her a quick peck. She likes it, but wants a little tongue action. Her warts incidentally, aren’t fake. Ewwww. He lays one in on her and that’s that. These segments are growing on me, showing Khali’s funny side.

Kane, Mark Henry & MVP vs. Jeff Hardy, ECW Champion Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio

We get our first “Hurripop” of the night as he tells MVP to try something different, like winning. Rey gets a good pop in his hometown. Matt starts with Henry, and Matt with right hands. Henry with a slam but misses an elbow. Matt with an armbar, and a tag to Jeff, who holds the arm but Henry whips him away and catches Matt coming off the ropes in mid-air. Jeff chops the leg before any damage can be done. Matt off the ropes and Henry with a clothesline. Tag to MVP and he hits knees to the ribs. MVP with a body slam but misses a knee drop and a tag to Rey who hits kicks and a hurricanrana for 2. Tag to Matt and some forearms then a tag to Jeff and all 3 men do a triple splash for 2. Rey with a kick to MVP’s chest. Another boot but MVP catches him going up the ropes. Rey boots him in the head and he’s draped on the second rope. Rey goes for the 619 but Kane catches him under the ropes and drags him out. Rey’s laid out as we go to break. Back from break and MVP’s working on Rey in the ring. Tag to Kane and he stomps on Rey. Kane lifts Rey over his head and drops him for 2. Tag to Mark Henry and the big guys steps on Rey’s chest. Henry with a forearm to the chest and he just starts clubbing on Rey for 2. Tag to MVP who keeps stomping. MVP with a waistlock, and the crowd is hot. Rey with some elbows breaks the hold but MVP recovers to hit a back suplex for 2. Tag to Kane who hits some shoulder blocks in the corner. Rey’s whipped into the corner but lifts the feet on the charge and a reverse DDT for 2. Kane tags MVP and Rey tags Jeff who goes off. Whisper in the Wind for 2. Matt clotheslines Kane to the floor and Rey with a plancha off the ropes. Matt and Jeff do their old double team corner move on Henry. He bails and Matt hits the Twist of Fate, and Jeff hits the Swanton to hand MVP another pinfall loss. WINNERS: The Hardys & Rey Mysterio (Grade: 2.5)

-I offically hate this Kizarny guy, and he hasn’t even wrestled yet.

-Vladimir Kozlov heads to the ring, takes the mike and says if the fans had voted for him at Cyber Sunday he would have beat the soft Triple H and be WWE Champion right now. So he’s demanding from Triple H the next title shot. With that comment, its TIME TO PLAY THE GAME. The champ comes down the aisle in his 1999 leather jacket. He calls Kozlov “Boris”, and says he’s done a good job of jumping people from behind and beating them up when they’re not looking. Triple H says that stops now. Triple H says he’s in this ring face to face, eye to eye and he says if Kozlov wants a fight, he’s got one. Kozlov was a little unintelligible here, but in essence he says he won’t fight HHH unless the title is on the line. Kozlov does says that not only will he be WWE Champion, but he’ll also be king. Triple H says he knows things move a little slower in Russia then they do in the good ol’ USA, and he knows those in Russia aren’t up on things, and he goes over the Rocky movie series, referring to Rocky IV when the American kicks the crap out of the big bad Russian. Triple H says you want a match for the WWE Title, he should take it up with Vickie Guerrero. Until then, shut up and let’s fight. Both men drop their mikes and go eye to eye. Kozlov backs up and leaves.

-We have a John Cena piece, as he makes his return in Boston November 23 at Survivor Series

Brie Bella, Maria, & Divas Champion Michelle McCool vs. Maryse, Natalya, & Victoria

Ugh, how many times do we have to see this combination of match? They’re all still in their Cyber Sunday costumes, including Victoria in the banana suit. Maria in the bunny suit starts with Victoria and they fumble with each other. Victoria tags Natalya but Maria takes control and tags Brie, who hits a snap mare and a knee but Natalya catches Brie in the air and hits a Samoan drop for 2. Natalya smacks her and tags Maryse who hits some knees for 2. Tag to Victoria who gets some kicks and a banana suplex for 2. Brie is tossed out of the ring, and Brie tries to get under the ring but Victoria grabs her legs. A third leg kicks her away and the “other” Bella tosses Victoria in the ring. Tag to Michelle who hits a clothesline and drop kicks followed by a neckbreaker for 2. She takes the other girls off the apron, and is about to finish her off when Maria tags herself in and hits a high cross body for the pin. Michelle looks confused but they celebrate anyway. WINNERS: Brie Bella, Maria, & Michelle McCool (Grade: 1.5)

-Next week, Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth will face off for the United States Title.

Casket Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Undertaker

We get the big, over the top Halloween entrance for the Deadman, complete with druids as they wheel the casket down the aisle. As Taker’s music finishes, Big Show’s music starts and he comes down the aisle rubbing his throat. We go to break and when we return Big Show is standing midway up the ramp and Chavo’s trying to duck Taker. Chavo sees the casket and Taker boots him in the face on the distraction. Taker with head butts and Chavo’s pitched outside. Taker follows and Taker whips Chavo into the barricade. Taker lifts Chavo and drops him on the casket. Taker gets the casket opened and he slams the lid on Chavo’s head. More abuse on Chavo, then Taker goes up the ramp to Big Show, but then turns around and misses the big boot, hitting the casket in the process. Chavo gets some kicks in but he tries a move off the apron but Taker catches him and drives him into the barricade. The casket opens again, but as Taker gets in the ring Chavo DDT’s him. Show starts walking to the ring as Chavo gets some kicks in. Chavo goes outside to grab a chair but Taker back drops him. Chavo in the corner and Taker with a splash. Taker drops Chavo on the turnbuckle and a boot to the head. The officials open the casket but Show slams the lid shut. Taker and Show match glares with gives Chavo a chance to hit Taker in the leg with the chair. Chavo tries another chair shot but Taker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him. Big Show then gets in the ring and attacks Taker. Taker fights back and they exchange soup bones. Show with a head butt, but he goes for the clothesline but Taker ducks and Show hits the casket, which makes him run off. Chavo recovers in time for Taker to Tombstone him, roll him in the casket and shut the lid for the win. Show and Taker match glares, then Taker does his knee deal, but before we go off the air we head backstage with Vickie Guerrero, who’s with Vladimir Kozlov. She tells him if he can defeat Undertaker next week on Smackdown, he’ll face Triple H for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. WINNER: Undertaker (Grade: 2)

DRAMA’S TAKE: A pretty fun show this week with quick, to the point segments that didn’t waste time or die slow deaths. The opening match was really good, as its clear Carlito is relishing his current role of teaming with his brother. Speaking of Primo he’s growing as a solid performer with each week. Morrison & Miz played their role of snotty assholes to perfection. Nice touch my Morrison of putting glitter on his abs, just to torque everyone off. Nice cross promotion with the masked magician and Jesse & Festus who also are fitting in as comedy faces. Brian Kendrick, after a cup of coffee in the main events, has settled into his mid-card role going from Super Crazy to Jimmy Wang Yang. The Great Khali is doing well in his new tweener/babyface role right now, and I hope this keeps up for a while. The six-man tag match was good, and MVP continues to search for his next win to kick his “incentive deal” into effect. Triple H’s role was minimal tonight which was good, and an effective promo with Kozlov, as it looks like that will be your match for Survivor Series. Do we have another Undertaker/Big Show match at Survivor Series? I hope not, perhaps they will be part of a big Survivor Series-style match. A decent show to get the build to our next PPV off and running. FINAL GRADE: B-

MVP: Undertaker
Runner Up: Miz & Morrison
Runner Up: Colon Brothers

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