February 27, 2010
Nathan Cortes

Friday Night Smackdown!
February 26, 2010

Smackdown opens up with a video package highlighting the World Heavyweight Title match that took place in the Elimination Chamber. The video focuses on Shawn Michaels coming up through a slate in the chamber and superkicking The Undertaker and costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. The video ends by showing the new champion Chris Jericho celebrating with his new championship and HBK standing over a fallen Undertaker.

Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome us to Smackdown as the new World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring. Before Jericho speaks a video is shown of Edge spearing Chris Jericho on Raw and announcing that he will fight Y2J for the title at Wrestlemania. Well at least Smackdown should have a good quality main event. Edge and Y2J are both tremendous athletes and we should be in for a treat.

Chris Jericho repeats the same rant that we got this past Monday night on Raw with Y2J announcing that he is the new World Heavyweight Champion several times. Jericho goes on to claim that after scratching and crawling his way up the ladder for fifteen years that he is finally back where he belongs at the top. Y2J then turned his attention to his number one contender Edge and verbally berates him for attacking him during his celebration on Raw. Claiming that he did not deserve to have his moment ruined by someone like Edge. Before Jericho can continue the verbal attack he is interrupted by Edge. Who paces down the aisle and Jericho does not take his eyes off Edge. The live audience is going crazy for Edge. Edge congratulates Chris Jericho on winning the World Title at Elimination Chamber. Jericho doesn’t believe him but Edge insists that he is being genuine. Jericho is firing back at any attempted sarcasm by stating that he is the best in the world at what he does. Edge snaps back saying that Chris Jericho is actually the best in the world at taking the spear. In an entertaining little moment Edge runs through Chris Jericho’s major accomplishments one by one but inserts the word spear after every accomplishment “You beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night SPEAR!”. “You were the first Undisputed Champion SPEAR!” Jericho is shown getting agitated.

Edge stops and glares at Jericho and tells him that he knows that this upcoming match and more importantly the spear isn’t just affecting him physically, it is affecting him mentally too. Edge now says he can see the fear in the eyes of Jericho. Jericho wouldn’t look at him because he can’t beat him and he knows it. Y2J argues that it is the opposite he sees Edge’s face everywhere. Its smirked off by Edge who tells Jericho he wants him to be right. He wants him to prove that he is the best at the world at Wrestlemania because if he doesn’t then the only thing that will happen is one more spear and then it’s all over. Y2J promises him he will never be speared again and sucker punches Edge. Jericho attempts a Code Breaker but Edge holds on to the ropes. Jericho gets back up and is met by a spear from Edge. See now that was a good segment plain and simple builds on the fact that Y2J is afraid of the finishing move that could cost him his title.

We now get a quick Wrestlemania promo reminding us that it is only Thirty Days away. Good Times!

John Morrison Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs R-Truth: Money in the Bank Qualifier
We now get a shot of the Money in the Bank Briefcase hanging above the ring. And we have quite possibly three of the most athletic men on Smackdown who would all be good additions to the match fighting it out for one spot. Good logic there! The match is actually quite entertaining. R-Truth was accompanied by his NXT Rookie David Otunga. Ziggler was playing the cowardly heel well trying to let Truth and Morrison fight it out but they cornered him on the outside of the ring and threw him back in. The match was filled with the usual high spots and covers being broken up. Morrison was thrown brutally into the ring post shoulder thirst allowing Truth and Ziggler to fight it out for a while. Ending came with Morrison and Ziggler brawling on either side of one corner on the second turnbuckle. R-Truth then joined them and knocked Ziggler crashing to the floor and it actually came with a sickening thud. Morrison managed to throw Truth backwards back into the ring and then hit the star ship pain on R-Truth. Morrison hooks the leg but Ziggler pulls him outside the ring and jumps in to make the cover himself and Ziggler pins R-Truth for the win. Nice solid match and I am glad to see Ziggler getting a win again as he joins Christian in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

We now get the same video package for the Shawn Michaels/Undertaker feud that was shown this past Monday Night on Raw with the addition of the events from Raw. Undertaker will put his undefeated Wrestlemania streak on the line against the career of the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Nice video package.

Mickie James Vs Michelle McCool (Ref: Vickie Guerrero) WWE Women’s Title
Vickie Guerrero is our very special referee for our only title match tonight and after Vickie accidently had Cottage Cheese over her two weeks ago from Mickie James the odds will most certainly be stacked. Nice to see a Women’s title match with women who can actually wrestle. Layla tries getting involved early, but Mickie James takes care of her but it allows Michelle to take advantage and start smashing the skull of Mickie James off the mat. Beth Phoenix is shown watching the match backstage on a monitor. Put these in a triple threat match and then I am happy. Mickie James hits a nice looking Hurricanrana and stiff clothesline but Michelle fights back with a belly to belly suplex. Michelle covers but Vickie in a strange moment falls through the ropes of the ring and hurts herself. That would have made more sense if Mickie had made the cover. Layla is patting Vickie on the backside to make sure she is okay (Classy). Michelle is shouting at her and Mickie rolls her up but Vickie takes her time getting back in the ring and then slaps Mickie in the face. Michelle recovers and hits a boot to the face. Vickie counts to three and becomes the new Women’s Champion.

Kane Vs Drew McIntyre: Money in the Bank Qualifier
Before the match Drew cuts a promo about him being undefeated and no one not even Kane can beat him. Kane begins by pummelling Drew McIntyre in the corner and Matt Striker the king of pointing the obvious reminds us that Kane can be disqualified if the referee counts to five. Kane is on a roll and hits a suplex but before he can hit his low dropkick Drew bails out of the ring. Drew then drops Kane throat first on the rope from the apron and then begins a several minute beat down on Kane. Kane is one of the best workers in the company but Drew just seems to struggle connecting with people in matches. Drew hits a move similar to Dolph Ziggler’s Zig Zag on Kane but only got a two count. Kane catches Drew with a Big Boot and lines up McIntyre for the Chokeslam but McIntyre kicks Kane in the knee. Drew McIntyre attempts a sunset flip on Kane looking for the win but Kane keeps his composure and kicks Drew in the jaw and pins him to get the win and a ticket to Wrestlemania. Slightly strange that he lost from a kick to the jaw with practically no swing in it. Some logic is lost on me here but still glad Kane is going to Mania.

Drew looks devastated at the loss and complains to the referee who bails out of the ring as the crowd are chanting “You Suck” at McIntyre. Drew grabs his Intercontinental Title and grabs hold of Matt Striker complaining to him too. Drew shouts that he is a future World Heavyweight Champion. Drew McIntyre storms off still angry. The best line of the night came from Striker after Drew stormed off “Thanks for having my back” towards Grisham said in true Striker style.

The Miz comes out to the ring with his championships draped around him. Just want to point out listen to how Tony Chimmel announces The Miz’ name. It’s like he lost enthusiasm half way through, insanely funny. The Miz brags that since he is a Unified Tag Team Champion with The Big Show that he can go on any show that he wants but then complains that ShowMiz do not have a match at Wrestlemania yet and tells Teddy Long to work on it because he wants his Wrestlemania moment. Teddy Long greets him from the stage and informs Miz since he came to Smackdown without The Big Show that tonight he will fight the Royal Rumble winner Edge in the main event. The look on the face of the Miz dropped.

CM Punk Vs Shelton Benjamin: Money in the Bank Qualifier
I am glad to see Shelton back on Smackdown where the better athletes are should make for some good matches but I fear he will get lost in the shuffle again. Matt Striker confirms that it is eight men who will compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania. Punk of course is out with his Straight Edge society and starts off the match in a vicious manner absolutely laying in to Shelton Benjamin. Grisham mentions that this is the debut for Shelton Benjamin on Smackdown until Striker corrects him. Punk catches Benjamin with a nice looking neckbreaker and then locks in a head scissors but Benjamin powers back and actually manages to lift Punk up in the Electric Chair Drop position but Punk falls behind Benjamin. Benjamin manages a German Suplex but only gets a two count. Benjamin misses a Stinger Splash and gets caught with a brutal kick. Benjamin fights back but Gallows jumps on the apron distracting Benjamin. Punk attacks Benjamin but Rey Mysterio attacks Gallows from behind this time distracting Punk. Punk turns back round into the Pay Dirt from Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin gets the win and will join Christian, Dolph Ziggler and Kane in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Shelton in a ladder match means good high spots but I am afraid that is all he will be there for. In spite the fact he qualified he spent most of the match getting beat down.

We get the Raw Rebound now highlighting how John Cena got himself in the Main Event at Wrestlemania after beating Batista by disqualification but then gets beaten down creating the injured challenger angle. We then get a rundown of the Wrestlemania card so far.

Edge Vs The Miz: Main Event
The Miz gets frustrated early on that he can’t get the better of Edge and gets caught with a northern lights suplex with a pinning bridge but kicks out at two. Miz finally catches up with Edge and fires back sending Edge to the outside. Miz goes for a baseball slide but Edge slides in the ring. Miz rolls back in the ring while Edge slides back out. Edge then grabs Miz and pulls him out of the ring and shoulder blocks him in to the ring barrier. Miz then takes control after Edge is stood on the outside apron and Miz sends him head first into the ring post. Miz attempts a double axe handle from the top rope but Edge catches him and nails a flapjack. Edge hits a nice looking straight kick that sends Miz flying across the ring in an awkward way. The rookie of the Miz on NXT Daniel Bryan is seen watching the show from the back and Matthews makes mention of the rivalry they have going after Miz attacked Bryan. Miz catches a reverse DDT on Edge and lines him up for the skull crushing finale but Edge reverses it with an Impaler DDT. Edge lines up Miz and hits him with a spear and then pins him to get the win gaining momentum going into Wrestlemania. Nice back and forth match though with WWE logic I expected Chris Jericho to attack Edge at some point during the night. Nice ending to Smackdown for this week.

As far as storyline goes on this episode of Smackdown other than Edge/Y2J and a match I am guessing that will feature Punk/Rey there was no real storyline development. I am curious to see what they do with Drew McIntyre but I expect to be disappointed unfortunately. As far as actual wrestling goes however this has been one of the better Smackdown’s in recent memory as there wasn’t really a bad match so in that aspect it was entertaining.

Edge against Y2J is an awesome main event for Smackdown at Mania and should put on one hell of a match. Perhaps they will only be outshined by Taker/HBK which history dictates should once again be one hell of a match. I am worried however that they are confining Taker/HBK to Raw. With Raw already having two of the main events in Batista/Cena and McMahon/Hart as a potential if they added Taker/HBK it leaves Smackdown with only the one main event to promote which does nothing for the brands image.

That’s all for my first review. It is a trial and error run so if you’re not a fan bare with me. If you have any feedback or would like to get in touch PM me on the The History of WWE Message board (screen name: OlympicHeroAngle) or I can be contacted by e-mail (link above).

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