April 13, 2005
Eric Drews

1989 Survivor Series (11/23/89)

Let me take you back to Thanksgiving Night 1989. Everyone’s eating their meals. You got turkey, potatoes, pumpkin pie and all that good stuff. Now all we need to have a good time in the 3rd annual Survivor Series live from the Rosemount Horizon in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the Coliseum Video version. I first saw this shortly after it came out in 1989. I was two and a half years old. It’s the first WWF pay per view event I remember ever seeing and it helped me fall in love with professional wrestling. Here we go.

First we get the Ultimate Idiot telling us to not smoke. Just like Repo said on his review of the Ultimate Warrior video, he is indeed eating the cigarettes. What a good role model. Now we get an ad for the Royal Rumble 1990 video cassette out 2/8/90. Wow, in the early days Coliseum really pumped out those videos fast. We also get an ad for Supertape I also out in 1990.

We start the Survivor Series presentation with pictures of an almost deserted Chicago on Thanksgiving and shots of the Horizon before the event. We see a lot of crazy 80’s hairstyles here.

Now we get treated to a little vignette of superstars saying what they’re thankful for. Hulk is thankful for his team of Hulkamanics. Ted Dibiase is thankful because he’s rich and we’re not. Jake is thankful for Damian and the DDT. Demolition is thankful they don’t have to fight each other. Macho Man is thankful he’s the only man worthy of being the Macho King. Oh Yeah! Hacksaw is thankful for living in the USA. Tough Guy! Dino is thankful he’s got Urtquake (I know it’s Earthquake but it sure sounds like Urtquake when Dino says it on his side. Dusty is thankful for his polkadots. Big Bossman is thankful the justice he serves. Bruti is thankful for wrestling, cutting and strutting. The Model is thankful for his “good looks”. Rick Rude is thankful for his ravishing body. Piper is thankful his isn’t Rick Rude. The Genius is thankful for being the world’s smartest man. Mr. Perfect is thankful being perfect. The Bushwackers are thankful for having siding?, stuffing and turkey tonight. Bobby Heenan is thankful for having Thanksgiving with the Heenan family. The Warrior just yells something that makes no sense. That leads us into the old preview where Vince runs down the matches with the sweet graphics and music. You can tell who were replacements because Vince’s voice drastically changes when he introduces Earthquake (replacement for Barry Windham) and Bad News Brown (replacement for Akeem)

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “the Pilgrim” Ventura are our hosts. Jesse takes offense to this name and tells Gorilla if he had wings and more loose skin on his chin he would’ve been cooked and served to our armed forces and there still would’ve been plenty of leftovers. Ouch! Enough with the chitchat let’s get to the matches.

The Enforcers: Captain Big Bossman, The Model Rick Martel, Honky Tonk Man and Bad News Brown (with Slick and Jimmy Hart)
The Dream Team: Captain Dusty Rhodes, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Red Rooster and Tito Santana

I can’t remember Dusty and Bossman’s beef, no pun intended. Beefcake seems to be a filler since he was just in a PPV match against Macho and Zeus. Of course Tito and Martel were set to get heat against each other for the rest of their careers due to the Strike Force breakup. Dusty just fought Honky at SummerSlam. Bad News is Akeem’s replacement. Ahhawww. Dusty comes out with a nightstick. His WWF song was sweet too. Bell rings. Tito starts with Honky. Two former IC champs as Gorilla expertly points out. Honky attacks as Tito has words with Martel. Honky tries a backdrop; Tito leapfrogs and hits some roundhouse rights and a slam followed by an armbar. Honky counters with a knee. Tito tries a backdrop, but gets kicked in the face. Martel gets the tag, dropkicks Tito, and does some gay model dance moves. Tito blows Martel’s attempt at an atomic drop and hits one of his own for two. Martel and Tito exchange moves until Bossman gets the tag and he is immediately hiplocked into an armbar. Dusty in and hammers away on Bossman to some good heat. Bossman turns the tables and drives to Dusty into the corner. BBM tries to send Dusty to the other corner but it’s reversed and he gets an elbow in the head. Dusty grabs an armbar and tags Brutu who gets his eyes raked. Bossman goes to work and tags Honky who delivers a snapmare. HTM tries a fist drop but misses. Bruti gains the offense until a blind tag to Martel stops that. Martel hits a backbreaker on Bruti followed by knees to the back for 2. Beefcake reverses a headlock and tags the Rooster who hits a backdrop for two. Rooster runs into Martel’s knee in the corner and gets on the defensive. The Enforcers work over the Rooster for a while. Bossman gets in and tries to tag Bad News who doesn’t want to get in, so he tags the Model. After a while Honky gets in and works over the Rooster. Rooster counters a backdrop attempt with a Sunset flip. Honky sells the Rooster pulling him down in a funny way. Rooster gets a two count. Honky and Rooster run into each other. Martel and Tito get hot tags. Martel attacks first. We see the same sequence as before with Tito hitting the dropkick instead of Martel. Tito hits another dropkick and a slam. Pretty good pop for this feud. Tito delivers an elbow off the second rope followed by a backdrop. Tito tries the figure 4 but Martel counters. Martel hits a slam but misses an elbow drop. Tito tries a rollup, but Martel counters it and pulls the tights for the three and Tito is sent back to his taco shop in Tijuana (as Jesse would say) at 8:43

Dusty is in now against the Model. Dusty is driven into the corner and fights out with elbows. We get a shot of the late Sapphire in the crowd! Gorilla calls her a Dusty Rhodes fan. I wonder if this is where they discovered Sapphire. Wow! Ok back to the match. Dusty hits a huge ass dropkick and a fat ass elbow for two. Bruti is in and goes to work on Martel’s arm. Martel gets worked over until the Rooster gets it and gets a backbreaker. I’m getting a feeling the Rooster is going to play the role of the Young Stallions in this match. (See Kelly Fairbee’s Survivor Series 1987 review) Bossman in and the Enforces take over. Bearhug by Bossman. Bad News has yet to enter. Rooster tries to break the bearhug and has to bite him to get out. Bossman backs into Bad News who still doesn’t want to get in. Rooster flips him in and works him over until he tries a backdrop and its countered AGAIN. BNB on offense now with some punches and elbows. BNB works over the Rooster for a few minutes, which lures Dusty into the ring. The Ref is distracted by this and goes over by him. This allows BNB to hold the Rooster for BBM who hits Bad News in the face. You know were this is going. Bad News starts pushing his teammates and walks back to Harlem for the count out at 14:56. This is the exact same way Bad News got eliminated in the previous Survivor Series. I guess in a year they couldn’t think of a better way to eliminate a guy who doesn’t job.

Bruti starts it up again with the Bossman. Bruti hammers on BBM until Bruti runs into a right hand. BBM tags in Honky who hits a back suplex for 2. Honky beats on Bruti in the corner until Bruti fights out. Honky gouges him. Irish whip reversed by Bruti who hits Honky with a high knee in the face for a 3 and he is sent off to Heartbreak Hotel at 16:52. I think Brutus beat someone with this move in three straight Survivor Series’ but I’m not sure.

Martel comes in right away and pounds away on Bruti. Martel slows things down with a reverse chinlock.Bruti is in this for a while until he gets his arm checked by the ref. It falls once, it falls twice, it falls thr….NO! I can’t believe it. Here Brutus is “Bruting Up” just like his bestest buddy the Hulkster does. He fights out of it and hits a shoulder block, but runs into a knee from the Model. Martel stomps away and hits a backbreaker. Bruti goes under the rope and is on the apron. Martel rams Bruti into the turnbuckle a few times. Martel taunts Dusty giving Bruti a chance to Sunset Flip Martel from the apron. Martel sits down and grabs the ropes but gets caught at the two count. Martel pulls his arms back and claims his innocence but Bruti scoops Martel’s arms and pins him with the sunset flip style pin and sends Martel back to the runway (Model runway not airport runway) at 19:43

It’s now Rooster, Dusty and Bruti vs. Bossman. Bossman hammers away on Beefcake who falls into the Rooster for the tag, who immediately gets driven into the corner. Bossman tries an avalanche but gets a face full of turnbuckle. Rooster hammers away and hits a running twisting elbow smash. Rooster tries again but gets caught with the Bossman sideslam for the three and the Rooster is heading back to the barn at 20:28.

Now Dusty is in for the first time in ten minutes or so. He hits some rights and tags Bruti who hits some double-handed chops. I might add Bruti is sweating his ass off. Bruti lands a hard kick to the BBM’s stomach. Dusty in and hammers away as we hear Sapphire yelling from the crowd. Bossman rakes the eyes and sends Big Dust into the ropes who ducks a clothesline and hits the biggest frickin’ cross body and squashes poor Bossman with gets a big mouthful of stomach fat and pins him to give the Dream Team the win at 21:29.

Slick throws Bossman the nightstick and he whollops Bruti in the back with it. Brutus no sells cause he doesn’t see it and doesn’t know he’s been hit. He sells the second hit like an explosion and flies out of the ring. BBM hits Dusty in the gut and face with the schtick and Slick handcuffs the Dream to the top rope. Bossman continues to deliver some Hard Time until Brutus makes the save by chasing Bossman and Slick away with the clippers. Dusty leaves the ring on a stretcher. *1/2 Not a bad match but didn’t really serve much purpose other than to advance an angle that went nowhere, but ain’t that what the Survivor Series is for?

SURVIVORS: Dusty Rhodes and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake.

Big Bossman and Slick are with Sean Mooney. Bossman says Dusty is his prisoner. Slick says Dusty got the worst beating of his big fat life. That’s the end of this match and pretty much this rivalry, since Dusty would move on to the Macho King program and Bossman would turn face in a month or so.

Now we get a Coliseum exclusive interview with the Kings Court consisting of the “Macho King” Randy Savage (with Queen Sherri of course), Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine and Earthquake. Jimmy Hart is not seen. Dino thinks they have an awesome combo and tells us to “look at that big Urtquake!” Greg Valentine is tickled pink to be on the Kings Court. For whatever reason everyone laughs after every comment is made. They aren’t even saying anything funny. I guess that was part of being a heel back then.

The King’s Court: Captain “Macho King” Randy Savage, Greg “the Hammer” Valentine, Dino Bravo and Earthquake (with Queen Sherri and Jimmy Hart)
The 4 x 4s: Captain Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Rugged Ronnie Garvin, Bret “Hitman” Hart and Hercules

The 4x4s run out with 2x4s and clear the ring. I don’t see this team having much chance since Duggan is the captain. I feel bad for Bret. The rest of the team is running around having a gay old time while he is looking like he wishes he were in a different match. I think the Anvil would’ve fit with this team better but that’s just me. This match is a result of Macho Man winning the Crown from Duggan in the early part of the fall. Garvin and Valentine had their program going. Hercules and Earthquake’s program was just beginning. This might be Earthquake’s debut actually but I’m not sure. I know it’s his first PPV. Dino and Bret fought each other at a number of house shows during this time period. If you watch Bret Hart’s biography, he talks about a match he had with Dino where he breaks his sternum. Ouch! It’s time for the match.

Macho was going to start with Garvin but Hacksaw comes in and Macho bails. Savage has some words with a fan and HJD attacks from behind on the outside and throws him in to Hercules who apparently is the legal man now. Hercules hits Savage with a clothesline and plays to the crowd. Hercules hits a huge gorilla press slam into the King’s Court’s Corner. Say that 5 times fast. Savage tags Valentine. They exchange blows until Herc ducks a clothesline and gives Valentine an atomic drop, which Valentine gives one of his funny sells. Jesse says he looks like a turkey trying to fly. Tag to Bret and he goes to work on Valentine’s arm. Hacksaw in and he continues to dish out the punishment on Valentines arm. Tag to Garvin to hardly any response from the crowd. Apparently they forgot Garvin/Valentine was a heated rivalry. Garvin nails some big chops and locks on a sleeper until Valentine fights to his corner. Bravo in and he stomps away on Garvin and hits an inverted atomic drop, but misses an elbow. Garvin tags Herc who pounds away and hits a kneelift and 2 clotheslines. Herc tries to whip Bravo but it’s reversed and Herc hits the buckle. Tag to Earthquake who hits the sitdown splash for the 3 count already at 3:56, sending Hercules back to Mt. Olympis.

Hacksaw in against Earthquake. Hacksaw gets the crowd to start clapping. They struggle at little until they do the old “irresistible force meeting the immovable object” shoulder block routine. Hacksaw tries twice unsuccessfully until Bret comes in and gets on all fours behind Earthquake. Hacksaw shoulder blocks the Quake over Bret. Garvin in now and he hits 7 mounted punches and a big splash? And gets thrown off easily at 2. Quake tags Dino who works Garvin over with kicks and punches. Valentine in now and hits 2 elbow drops for a two count. Valentine hits a headbutt to the “lower abdomen”. Valentine turns the shin guard around and tries the Figure 4 but Garvin kicks him into the buckle and grabs a schoolboy for 2. Garvin gets close to tagging his partners but gets the alligator arm from them cause I don’t think he’s suppose to tag. Macho in and hits a double axe handle on Garvin while Valentine has him facelocked. Dino in and gets a backslide from Garvin for 2. Dino gains the offensive back and the King’s Count makes quick tags and works over Garvin. Valentine is in now and he and Garvin engage in a nice, loud chop battle. Valentine hits a boot to the stomach and whips Garvin who makes a blind tag to Hacksaw. Garvin reverses the whip and attempts a clothesline. Valentine ducks but Hacksaw is in now and hits the 3 point stance clothesline for the 3, sending Valentine back to wherever he came from at 7:30.

Dino immediately attacks Hacksaw from behind and pounds away for a while. Tag to Macho who hits his patented hot shot move he does over the rope for the 2. Quick tag to Earthquake who hits some blows, a slam and misses an elbow drop. Garvin gets the warm tag and rakes the Quake’s eyes. Dino in and gets jumped by Garvin who hits a big headbutt and delivers the GARVIN STOMP!! For those of you unfamiliar with this move it is where Garvin basically stomps every part of the opponent’s body. Garvin goes for the Sharpshooter and gets gouged. Macho and Bret get the warmer tags. Macho gouges him and tries to ram him into the buckle but Bret reverses and hits an inverted atomic drop. Bret follows with a stomp to the midsection but Savage tags Dino. Bret drives Dino into the 4 x 4s corner. Snapmare by Bret followed by his 2nd rope elbow for 2. Tag to Garvin who attempts to whip Dino, but he reverses it and hits his patented side suplex on Garvin for the three at 11:17, sending Garvin back to where Valentine came from.

Hacksaw in and starts a USA chant. Hacksaw could start chants and claps better than he could wrestle! Dino tags Earthquake and Hacksaw backs him into the corner and hits 10 punches. Hacksaw can be heard yelling “GET OFF MY ASS!” at referee Danny Davis!? Wasn’t he supposedly banned from refereeing for life plus 10 years just 2 years before? HJD rams Quake into Bret’s foot. Bret in now and he and Duggan hit a double clothesline. Earthquake tags Macho who climbs the turnbuckle. Bret is daring him to jump. Savage thinks otherwise and comes down. Bret lures savage by HJD and he nails him and Bret gets the offense. Bret ties Macho in the ropes and lures the ref away allowing HJD to choke Savage. Jesse calls cheap shot. Gorilla says this is survival; there are no cheap shots. Bret comes back and hammers away on Savage. Bret goes throw his typical routine of moves for a number of near falls. Bret catches a charging Macho Man with a big boot but misses an elbow from the second rope and Savage tags Dino. Dino hits a slam, elbow and slaps on a bearhug. Dino releases and tags in Urtquake. Who gives him a double handed lifted choke. Gorilla calls for a DQ. Jesse reminds him about the survival comment he made earlier. Earthquake hits an elbow for 2.5. Dino back in with some more clubbing blows. HJD tries to come in and the King’s Court triple teams Bret. Jesse asks where Duggan was when they passed out brains. You gotta love Gorilla and Jesse. Savage in and has Dino hold Bret. Macho goes for a flying knee but Bret moves and Dino takes the blow. Savage grabs Bret’s foot but can’t prevent HJD from getting the hot tag. Duggan with 2 clotheslines, a slam and misses an elbow. HJD tags Bret 20 seconds after the hot tag!? Bret immediately gets dragged back into the Court’s corner. Dino with a whip, Bret reverses and charges, Dino moves and Bret posts himself. Dino with a nice looking shoulder breaker in prefect position for Macho’s flying elbow and this does the job at 19:06, sending Bret back to the Dungeon.

Duggan is left to face Savage, Dino and Earthquake. Duggan, of course, starts the crowd clapping. Earthquake delivers a few blows and Hacksaw eludes a splash attempt and goes off. He punches Savage in the gut, backdrops Dino, clotheslines Savage, throws Dino into Urtquake, then throws Savage into Urtquake too, sending everyone out to a big pop. The Court regroups and Dino and Savage try to double clothesline Duggan. He ducks it and clotheslines both of them. Earthquake clotheslines Hacksaw from behind and is apparently now the legal man. Earthquake uses his basic attack of stomps, a slam and an elbow for 2. Dino is in with some punches. Macho hits a double axe handle off the top. Savage puts Duggan on the middle rope and tries for that sitdown attack thing he does and Duggan moves. Duggan hits an atomic drop and hits the ropes but Sherri pulls them down and HJD goes flying over and ends up counted out at 23:23. Duggan grabs his 2 x4 and clonks Dino and Savage with it. What a sore loser! *3/4 Decent match that did a nice job of introducing Earthquake as a force and settling the Duggan/Savage feud.

SURVIVORS: “Macho King” Randy Savage, Dino Bravo and Earthquake

Other Coliseum exclusive has Sean Mooney talking with Dibiase’s team. Teddy talks about what Hogan’s team should be thankful for. I think Ted’s thankful that Zeus will get disqualified in 2 minutes and he won’t have to be teamed with a laughing stock for too long. Er…I mean…forget what I just said.

Mean Gene gives us a Dusty Rhodes report. He has “bruised ribs and a slight concussion”. How about a report on the Big Bossman who had that big behemoth give him a cross body?

We now get a thanksgiving poem from the Genius. Oh Yeah!

The Million $ Team: Captain “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, the Powers of Pain & Zeus (with Virgil and Mr. Fuji)
The Hulkamanics: Captain WWF Champion Hulk Hogan, Jake “the Snake” Roberts & WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition

These Hulkamanics are my favorite Survivor Series team of all time. I am and will forever be a Demolition mark. I know their gimmick was a rip off of LOD but, they were a kick ass team and they had some sweet entrance music! Jake is also one of my all time favorites and Hulk is Hulk. Jake and Hulk also have some sweet entrance music too! The Million $ Team has no entrance music. This is the pre-Money, Money, Money entrance days for the MDM. Anywhoo, the match so here we go.

The Million $ Team won’t let the Hulkamanics in the ring so Jake throws Damian in the ring and that clears the way. Zeus wants Hogan and is already pushing his teammates. Hogan spits at Zeus. Hogan is being held back by his team. Zeus is going to start with………….Jake?! Zeus won’t take that crap and keeps yelling, “I want you Hulk Hogan” That’s more than Zeus was allowed to say in most of his movies! After some playing to the crowd Jake tags the Hulkster to a big pop. A stardown occurs between Hulk and Zeus. Zeus now is saying “I’m gonna kill you!” Hogan tries some weak pushes and a shoulder block. Zeus knocks Hogan down to Hulk’s amazement. Hulk should’ve talked to Rip so he would know how to fight Zeus. Maybe Hulk is struggling because it’s just not the same without Randy here! Hogan gets back on his feet. Hogan tries some punches and a clothesline and nothing is working. So what would a champion’s champion do? He rakes Zeus’ eyes and slams him. Zeus pops right up. Hogan hits the ropes and gets kicked by the Barbarian setting Hogan up for Zeus’ neck snap move he did. Zeus then starts choking Hogan and won’t break. The ref gives him a headlock and Zeus pushes him off. Reread the last two sentences. This time the ref has had enough and disqualifies Zeus and sends him back to Hollywood at 3:20. Zeus continues to choke until MDM does that money hand taught in Zeus’ face and that convinces him to leave.

MDM is in now in a works over Hogan with knees. Dibiase continues to pound away until Hogan hits a big boot when Dibiase charges at Hogan when he is in the corner. Hogan makes the hot tag to Jake who has his deal with Ted. Jake hammers away on MDM’s midsection, clotheslines him over the top and posts him. Jake throws MDM and tags Ax who hammers away. Tag to Smash and they both hammer away on MDM. Tag to Hogan and he and Demolition hammer away! Hogan with a clothesline and tag to Ax who also hits a clothesline for a two count. Dibiase comes back with a reverse elbow. MDM tags Warlord who goes to work on Ax’s back. Tag to Barbarian who hits a shoulderbreaker but misses an elbow of the middle rope. Warlord in and throws Ax into a neutral corner. Ax counters with an elbow an a clothesline Ax hits the rope and gets tripped by Fuji and Warlord hits an elbow for the three count at 9:49?! WTF! Why are the Demos jobbing to the Powers of Pain after their angle has been dead for months?

Anyway Smash is in and attacks Warlord from behind. Hogan in and hits a big clothesline and a slam. Jake in and he goes to work on the arm of the Warlord. Smash gets the tag and works on the arm. Smash tries a slam and gets thumbed in the eye and the heels take control. Barbarian in and he and Smash exchange counters for a while until Barbarian comes out on top with a boot to the face. MDM in with a double axe handle and some beautifully executed Million Dollar fistdrops for a two count. MDM slaps on a reverse chinlock. Smash fights out of it and Dibiase slams him. MDM misses an elbow from the second rope but Smash doesn’t tag. MDM hits the ropes and Barbarian makes the blind tag. Smash catches MDM with a hot shot, turns around and gets clotheslined off the top by the Barbarian for the three count at 13:41. I don’t know if they were trying to restart this rivalry or make Warlord and Barbarian look good for their eventual singles runs, but they made Demolition look pretty pathetic in this match.

Jake in and immediately drops Barbarian with a knee lift. Jake goes for the DDT and gets backdropped. Look out Hulk! The Powers of Pain look like they’re a serious threat for your title! Barbarian misses an elbow drop. Jake goes for the DDT again and gets driven into the Million $ corner. Tag to Warlord who gives Jake a violent whip into a neutral corner. He does the same thing to the other side. Barbarian in and sends Jake back to the other corner. Hulk is trying to get the crowd going as Barbarian gives Jake a backbreaker. The Warlord in and you won’t believe what he does. He whips Jake into the opposite corner. No wonder the Powers are getting such a push, they’re unbelievably versatile! MDM gets tagged in and cheap shots Hulk. Hulk distracts the ref allowing the double team by Barbarian and MDM. Dibiase hits a piledriver for two as Jake gets of foot on the rope. Barbarian is in and hits a falling headbutt. Barbarian tries for a flying heatbutt off the top to no avail. Hulk gets the steaming hot tag and goes to work on the Barbarian. A clothesline and suplex get near falls. Hogan goes for a slam and Warlord breaks it up. The Powers double-team Hulk for the next 30 seconds before hitting a spike piledriver. For this the ref disqualifies both Powers of Pain at 19:40 sending them back to mediocrity. Wow! Vince sure went out of his way to protect the Powers of Pain in this match. They dispose of the Tag Team Champs no problem and then both leave without getting pinned.

Dibiase comes in right away and slaps on the Million $ Dream on Hogan. Hogan is going out, but as his arm falls the 3rd time, Jake comes in and breaks up the hold. Dibiase puts the Dream right back on. Hogan rams MDM into the corner twice and breaks the hold. Dibiase tries a double axe handle from the second but gets a punch to the gut. This allows Hogan to make the SCORCHING hot tag to Jake. Right away we get a huge “DDT” chant from the crowd. Jake hammers away, hits a backdrop and does a slower version of Macho Man’s hot shot that MDM sells beautifully. Jake drops 8 knees into MDM’s neck. Shortarm clothesline by Jake and Virgil jumps on the Apron. Jake drags Virgil in and DDT’s him. When Jake is down after delivering the DDT, Dibiase drops a Million Dollar fistdrop to the face of Jake, covers him and with a little help from the second rope, pins him at 23:49.

Hogan is still motionless in the Hulkamanic corner. Dibiase taunts the crowd then nails Hogan with some elbows. Hogan is selling a left shoulder injury. Dibiase hits a clothesline for a near fall. MDM slaps on a reverse chinlock. Hogan fights to his feet and breaks the hold with elbows to the gut of MDM. Hogan hits a shoulderblock and then they clothesline each other. They get to their feet and Dibiase blocks an atomic drop attempt and hits a back suplex. Hogan no sells and does his “Hulk Up” Routine and hits the big boot and legdrop for the win at 27:28. Ventura is upset about this match and so am I. Demolition were jobbers in this match as the CHAMPIONS, 3 disqualifications on the same team and despite surviving, Hogan looked mediocre at best. It did build some heat for the No Holds Barred PPV in December and advanced Jake/Dibiase. For that I’ll give this match 1/6*

SURVIVOR: Hulk Hogan

Now we get two promos from Macho/Zeus and Hogan/Beefcake to promote their cage match at the No Holds Barred PPV. Zeus and Savage end up attacking Hogan and Beefcake. The stupid thing about this is we see members of the King’s Court and 4x4s side-by-side retraining Zeus and Savage. Didn’t these guys just beat the piss out of each other a half hour ago?

We get interviews from the Rude Brood and Roddy’s Rowdies. There is nothing special here, other than the Bushwackers stuffing turkey in their tights. Gross!

The Rude Brood: Captain Ravishing Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect & the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (with Jimmy Hart and the Genius)
Roddy’s Rowdies: Captain Rowdy Roddy Piper, Superfly Jimmy Snuka & the Bushwackers

This match stems from Piper mooning Rude during his IC title defense at Summerslam costing him his title. Perfect fought Snuka at house shows during this time. The Rougeaus fought the Bushwackers about 692 times in 1989-90. Rick Rude has some cool tights with all of the members in this match on them. Now here’s the match. Perfect attacks Luke right away and hits a slam, but misses a knee drop. Each member of Roddy’s team proceeds to bite a different part of Perfect’s body. After that settles, Snuka starts up with Jacques. Jacques shows off his gymnastics skills and hugs Raymond. This allows Snuka to nail Jacques with a flying heatbutt. Snuka sets Jacques up for the Superfly splash and eliminates the future Mountie at 4:00.

Rude immediately jumps Snuka from behind. Rude does his hip thrust taunt and gets a headbutt. Perfect in now and accidentally gets low bridged by Rude who’s getting back on the apron. As they argue, Snuka clunks their heads together. Roddy’s Rowdies work over Perfect for a few minutes with biting, chops and other primitive tactics until Piper atomic drops Perfect into his corner where Raymond makes the tag. Piper and Raymond brawl and Piper attempts a piledriver, which Raymond counters. Raymond pounds away and tries a backdrop, which allows Piper to connect with the piledriver and eliminate the future broadcaster at 7:37.

Now Perfect is left with Rude against all of Hot Rod’s team. Perfect gains the early advantage on Piper and hits hit neck snap move for 2. Piper tags Butch after slingshooting (is that a word?) Perfect into the post. Butch and Luke hit some typical Bushwacker moves and tag in Piper who pounds away with the punch sequence he has on the Smackdown vs. Raw video game (Great game BTW). Roddy’s team works over Perfect as we see shots of a deeply concerned Rick Rude. Butch does his “Whoooooaaa!!” taunt to the crowd and gets rolled up by Perfect for the elimination at 10:43.

Piper is in immediately and rolls up Perfect for the 2.792. Perfect is absorbing all kinds of punishment from the Piper team until he sucker punches Luke in the face and makes the much-needed tag to Rude who immediately gets caught with a punch by Luke attempting a club move off the top rope. Rude recovers though and counters a backdrop attempt (common theme tonight) with a kick and Rude Awakening for the pinfall on Luke at 12:13.

We are down to Snuka & Piper against Rude & Perfect. Snuka gets caught in the wrong part of town as Gorilla would say and the heels have their way with him for a couple of minutes. The heels keep effectively luring Piper in to illegally double team Snuka behind the ref’s back. Snuka tries on several occasions to comeback but is unsuccessful. Snuka and Perfect finally run head to head allowing the hot tags to the two captains. They engage in a brawl and have neat spot where Piper blocks about four quick strike attempts by Rude. Piper nails a huge backdrop, sucker punches Perfect and spears Rude out of the ring, where they brawl to a double countout at 18:37.

Perfect is left one on one with Snuka. Seems like these two fought the whole match anyway. The two have some nice wrestling spots with many exciting near falls, however Perfect puts it all to an end when he catches Snuka in the PerfectPlex while he attempts a BACKDROP at 21:25. *1/4 Fast paced match that did a nice job of setting the stage for a number of Rude vs. Piper cage matches at house shows.

SURVIVOR: Mr. Perfect

We get an interview with the Ultimate Warriors where the Warrior keeps grabbing his teammates faces and hair while they try to speak. I bet the Anvil wishes he was on Duggan’s team too!

The Heenan Family: Captain Andre the Giant, Haku, Arn Anderson, & Bobby “the Brain” Heenan
The Ultimate Warriors: Captain IC Champion Ultimate Warrior, Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart and The Rockers

Bobby Heenan is a replacement for the recently released Tully Blanchard. Did you ever notice that the Rockers song sounds almost exactly the same as the Warriors? I think the WWF noticed this because the Rockers hit the ring after Neidhart and immediately attack Arn and Haku while the big bad Anvil attacks poor defenseless Bobby. Andre noggin-knocks the Rockers and chokes the Anvil. The Warrior comes running in from behind WITH NO MUSIC and clotheslines Andre over the top, getting Andre counted out 30 seconds into the match!

Jim (Warrior not Neidhart) flips Arn into the ring and the Warriors take turns beating on him. Arn is able to fight away from Jim (Neidhart not Warrior) and tag Haku. We get a shot of Andre yelling something at the ref. All I can make out for sure is “WHY NOT?” Poor Andre. In the meantime Anvil and Haku exchange blows. Arn gets in and allows Heenan to choke Anvil. That’s Payback! Haku gets the tag and Anvil gets distracted by Arn and knocks him to the floor, opening himself up for a kick to the back of the head by Haku, which eliminates the Anvil at 3:29.

Shawn Michaels jumps Haku from behind but immediately gets caught off guard by him. A missed falling headbutt gets the Warriors back on the offensive. The “Tag Team Specialists” work on Haku’s arm until he thumbs Jannetty in the eye. Arn and Haku try a double suplex, but Shawn saves Jannetty and they give their attackers simultaneous superkicks. Jannetty’s actually looked better than Shawn’s. Warrior gets in and backdrops Haku. A missed elbow gets the Warrior on the receiving end. Arn is tagged and gets caught by the Warrior and the Warrior team works on his arm. Haku gets in with Jannetty and gains the offensive. Heenan tags in, hits one punch, gets slapped gently and tags out. What a smart guy! They don’t call him the Brain for being stupid. Jannetty suffers a superkick from Haku. He tags Heenan who stomps away and eliminates Jannetty at 8:48! Way to go Bobby!

Arn tags in to face the Warrior and asks him to “calm down”. Warrior grabs a bearhug on both Arn and Haku (at different times of course) Michaels is tagged in at hits Haku with a dropkick for 2. Haku gains the offense and throws Shawn to the outside where Warrior violently “helps” Shawn back in the ring. Arn gets in and Shawn counters a charge with a drop toehold and rakes Arn’s face against the mat. Warrior gives Arn a chestbutt(?). Arn begs for mercy but his request is denied. Instead he gets Shawn thrown on top of him for the near fall. Arn is able to tag Haku, who gets whipped in the corner and misses a reverse crossbody. Shawn slides under the ropes on to the apron and hits a top rope crossbody on Haku for the elimination at 12:50.

It’s now Warrior and Shawn against Arn and Bobby. Bobby gets the tag and hammers away on Shawn until that dork known as the Ultimate Warrior comes in illegally and scares Bobby into tagging Arn. Arn nearly gets pinned with a sunset flip and gets up and yells at Bobby for giving him the alligator arm. Maybe this was done to show dissention between Arn and Bobby giving Arn a reason to leave the WWF too. Arn demands a tag and Bobby gives it to him. Bobby lands a few blows and tags out when Shawn regains his composure. Arn and Shawn hit heads. They get in a fistfight while on their knees. They get up and exchange moves until Arn catches Shawn in the best spinebuster in the business for the pinfall elimination at 15:37.

The Warrior is by himself against Arn and Bobby. The fatigued Arn Anderson fights off the Warrior valiantly for a few minutes but after colliding with Bobby Heenan standing on the apron, Arn finally succumbs to the effects of fatigue and the gorilla press slam and gets pinned at 18:16.

Bobby tries to call Arn back to the ring, unaware that he has been eliminated. The cowardly Warrior sneaks up behind poor Bobby and grabs him. Bobby takes one of his crazy corner bumps to the outside and tries to call it a night, but the Warrior drags Heenan back into the ring and finishes him off with a flying shoulderblock and splash combo for the win at 20:26. And if that’s not enough, Warrior clotheslines Bobby while he’s walking back to the locker room. *1/2 Pretty good match and the last for Arn Anderson in the WWF. I would’ve given this match 3 more stars had Tully made final appearance and caused the Warrior to get pinned by Bobby in the middle of the ring!

SURVIVOR: Ultimate Warrior

Final Analysis: A guy with hot dog colored skin won every match! I guess tanning was cool in the 80’s WWF. But seriously this event was fun even though no match reached the two star mark. Hey, no one ever accused the Survivor Series of producing classic matches. If you are a fan of this time period or want a crash course on some of the wrestlers and rivalries of this time period, give it a view. If you want to see some classic matches with great workrate and psychology, pick up WrestleMania or Summerslam from this year. Thanks. Feedback is welcome at swerdcire@hotmail.com. Please title e-mails FEEDBACK.

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