November 16, 2010
Alexander Settee

Survivor Series 1990, November 22, 1990, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT
Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Roddy Piper

Survivor Series has gotten a stay of execution for one more year at least and is now coming up in a few days, so itís a good time to look back at a few past shows. First up, 1990, which is most historically notable for featuring the debut of The Undertaker, who now has twenty years with the company.

Opening Match: The Perfect Team: Mr. Perfect (Captain), Ax, Smash, & Crush (w/Bobby Heenan & Mr. Fuji) vs. The Warriors: The Ultimate Warrior (Captain), Kerry Von Erich, & The Legion of Doom

The Setup: The feuds leading in here were Perfect against Von Erich and Demolition vs. LOD, while Warriorís main rival at the time, Macho King Randy Savage, isnít even on the card. Also worth noting is that Perfect actually regained the IC Title from Von Erich a few days earlier at a TV taping, but it wonít air until December, so Von Erich gets to be the lame duck champ here tonight.

The Action: Animal starts hot for his team, but then gets caught and worked over. Ax comes in as Animal makes the tag to Warrior, and Warrior promptly finishes him off with two shoulderblocks and a splash at 3:23. Perfectís team controls on Warrior and then Hawk, who comes back with a top rope clothesline on Smash and covers, but Crush makes the save. This triggers a four way brawl with Demolition and LOD which leads to all four guys being disqualified at 7:37 in our first lame ending of the night. Perfect wants Von Erich, and gets him, but ends up taking a beating until Von Erich misses a charges to the corner. Perfect then rams him to an exposed turnbuckle and pins him with the Perfect Plex at 11:02. Warrior comes in and also takes a Perfect Plex, but he kicks out at 2. That doesnít trigger Warrior Warrioring Up oddly enough as Perfect pounds him down for a few minutes. But inevitably, Warrior does make the comeback, hitting 3 clotheslines, a flying shoulderblock, and the big splash for the 3 count at 14:21. Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior

The Verdict: Half the guys in the match being eliminated on a lame DQ kinda sucks for starters. Also, it really just seemed like they were going through the motions, with no fire or anything. Just a ď letís get this over withĒ kind of attitude, you know? The crowd wasnít really into it either, which is a bad sign when your World Champion and top babyface is out there. *

The Dream Team: Dusty Rhodes (Captain), Koko B. Ware, & The Hart Foundation vs. The Million Dollar Team: Ted Dibiase (Captain), Rhythm & Blues, & The Undertaker (w/Virgil, Jimmy Hart, & Brother Love)

The Setup: Rhodes and Dibiase had the main issue in this match, and there was probably also some token deal going on with The Harts and R&B. The match also features the aforementioned debut of The Undertaker, who was built up as a surprise Mystery Partner.

The Action: Taker gets put over strong on his debut as no one can do anything with him and he easily dispatches Koko with the Tombstone in 1:44. Honky gets in with Bret, who makes a blind tag to Anvil and Honky gets caught with a powerslam and pinned at 4:24. Anvil then gets tripped up by Virgil and the distraction allows Dibiase to clothesline him for the pin at 5:57. Welcome to the Survivor Series. Taker gets back in and they still canít do anything with him. Dusty ends up as the victim this time, getting hit with a rope walk double axhandle for 3 at 8:32. Brother Love abuses Dusty on the floor as the match continues, but Dusty soon recovers and goes after him, prompting Taker to make the save for his manager. He beats Dusty up the aisle, and then somehow manages to get counted out at 9:25, which is pretty impressive considering he wasnít the legal man. So it didnít always make sense back then either. Meanwhile, Valentine goes for the figure four on Bret and gets cradled for 3 at 10:02. So this leaves Bret and Dibiase and they proceed to basically start over with a singles match, except the only have four minutes to do it. Bret tosses him and nails a pescado, then sends him to the post. Back in, Dibiase takes over by reversing a whip and sending Bret to the buckle chest first. He pretty much goes straight to the comeback with a backslide for 2, and then a rollup off the fake knee injury for another 2. Virgil gets involved, but Bret moves and he gets nailed leading to another quick rollup for 2. Bret keeps on him with a backbreaker and 2nd rope elbow for 2. He then tries a bodypress, but Dibiase rolls through and gets the 3 count at 14:01. Survivor: Ted Dibiase

The Verdict: This was a much better match, thanks mostly to the Bret/Dibiase sequence at the end. Bret is the master of getting himself over while still losing the match, and the fans here were way behind him. Before that it was fine as we had Undertaker looking strong in his debut and everyone was much more into working then the guys in the opener were. ***1/2

The Visionaries: Rick Martel (Captain), The Warlord, & Power and Glory (w/Slick) vs. The Vipers: Jake ďThe SnakeĒ Roberts (Captain), Jimmy Snuka, & The Rockers

The Setup: Jake was returning for revenge on Martel here for the incident where he was sprayed in the eyes with Arrogance and blinded. The Rockers and P&G were also feuding off of them injuring Michaelsí knee at Summerslam.

The Action: The Rockers do most of the work for their team early on, using speed to get their shots in. When Martel is in, Shawn tags Jake, but Martel runs to avoid the beating. Marty gets back in with Warlord, but gets caught coming off the 2nd rope with a powerslam and is pinned at 5:18. Shawn gets worked over for a bit, but he avoids a charge from Martel and makes the tag to Snuka, who briefly runs wild before hitting a 2nd rope bodypress which Martel rolls through for the pin at 9:44. Again Jake canít get his hands on Martel, but Martel does manage to clothesline him from the apron. Roma misses a shot off the top and Jake tags Shawn, but he fares no better, getting beaten up in the corner and then hit with the PowerPlex by P&G for 3 at 15:20. This leaves Jake one on four. He connects with the DDT on Warlord, but the ref is distracted. Martel tries coming at him with the Arrogance, but he avoids it and grabs Damian. He then chases Martel to the back and is counted out at 18:07. Survivors: Rick Martel, Power & Glory, & The Warlord

The Verdict: This was better paced then the first two matches as they got a bit more time and they only had to do four eliminations instead of seven, so it didnít have that bang bang bang feeling of having to fit too much into a short time period. And most of the guys here were good wrestlers, so everything about this was fine. **1/2

The Natural Disasters: Earthquake (Captain), Dino Bravo, Haku, & The Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan) vs. The Hulkamaniacs: Hulk Hogan (Captain), Tugboat, The Big Bossman, & Hacksaw Jim Duggan

The Setup: Hogan and Quake had been feuding since the early summer when Quake put him out of action by crushing him with the Quake Splash. Tugboat was Hoganís good friend and stood by him battling against Quake and Bravo. Bossman was in the midst of feuding with the Heenan Family, represented here by Haku and Barbarian.

The Action: It goes back and forth for a bit until Bossman gets in and finishes Haku off with the Bossman Slam at 3:15. Heenan gets on the apron, so Bossman runs him to the post as a measure of revenge for the comments about his mother. Next we get Quake and Duggan going. Jimmy Hart pulls the ropes down as Duggan comes off, so he grabs the 2X4 and starts chasing him. Hart hides behind Quake, so Duggan just nails him which draws a DQ at 6:12. Hogan takes on all three guys before getting caught with a powerslam by Quake. Bravo then gets the tag and drops some elbows, but falls victim to a small package at 8:00. The Bossman tries Quake next, and he gets kicked by Barbarian coming off the ropes to setup Quake dropping two elbows for the pin at 9:09. Hogan comes in and tries the slam, which fails, but he then avoids a splash and makes the tag to Tugboat. But after tagging out, Hogan drags Quake to the floor for no apparent reason. Tugboat follows and brawls with Quake until both are counted out at 11:33. This leaves us with an epic Hogan/Barbarian showdown, which Barbarian controls at first, hitting a piledriver for 2. He then hits the top rope clothesline, which gets 2 and triggers the Hulk Up. Three punches, a big boot and a legdrop later itís over at 14:50. Bobby Heenan takes a beating after the match, because why not? Survivor: Hulk Hogan

The Verdict: Not bad overall, but as usual you saw nothing resolved between the guys who were actually feuding, and the super weak finishes were in full force here. I donít know what decisions were made when, but it should be noted that on this show Hogan got a much better reaction then Warrior did. **

Then we get a special interview with Macho King Randy Savage. The jist of it is that heís coming for The Warriorís belt.

The Alliance: Nikolai Volkoff (Captain), Tito Santana, & The Bushwhackers vs. The Mercenaries: Sgt. Slaughter (Captain), Boris Zhukov, & The Orient Express

The Setup: Slaughter returned a few months ago with an anti-American/Iraqi sympathizer gimmick, and the first one to stand up to him was Proud American Nikolai Volkoff.

The Action: Apparently thereís no time left to waste as Tito pins Zhukov with the Flying Jalapeno at 0:49, Sato gets pinned with a Battering Ram from the Whackers at 1:48, and Tanaka also goes down to the Flying Jalapeno at 2:12. This leaves Slaughter one on four, so he methodically works over Nikolai and pins him with an elbow at 5:25. Luke hits knees on a top rope splash and then gets pinned with a gutbuster at 6:31. Butch tries next, but takes a clothesline and heís done at 6:55. Remind me never to have any of those guys as partners. Tito connects off the top rope, but only gets a 2 count with Slaughter then taking over. Tito is obviously by far the toughest guy on his team because he manages to kick out of a neckbreaker, backbreaker and vertical suplex. Slaughter then whips him into the ref, who goes down. Tito connects with the Flying Jalapeno again, but with no ref, Adnan comes in and hits him with the flag. Slaughter puts him in the camel clutch and the ref recovers to stop it at 10:33. Slaughter thinks heís won, but the ref apparently saw something because Slaughter is actually disqualified. Obviously they wanted to keep him strong since heís getting the big push and they didnít want to give away him against Warrior or Hogan since those are the next two PPV mains. Survivor: Tito Santana

The Verdict: This was definitely the lamest match of the night, and thatís about all there is to say about it. Ĺ*

Next we get on of the more infamous moments in wrestling history. For weeks leading up to this show, a giant egg was shown all over television and a major selling point of this show was that it would be hatching here tonight to reveal a big surprise. So the egg hatches and after all that hype, itís just a guy in a chicken suit, dubbed the Gobbledy Gooker, who proceeds to get in the ring and dance with Mean Gene. This was one of the worst hype to payoff ratios in wrestling history.

Main Event, The Grand Finale Match of Survival: Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel, The Warlord, & Power and Glory vs. Tito Santana, Hulk Hogan, & The Ultimate Warrior

The Setup: All the heel survivors from the earlier matches return to take on all the surviving babyfaces.

The Action: Tito gets a bone thrown at him right off the bat as he hits the Flying Jalapeno on Warlord and pins him at 0:28. Then itís his turn to be the token elimination for the heel team as Dibiase ducks the forearm and hits a stungun to end his night at 1:49. Hogan takes a beating for a bit as all the heels trade off on him. Herc and Roma get him with the PowerPlex, but that just reinvigorates Hogan and he kills Roma with a clothesline for 3 at 5:48. Warrior beats up Martel, and then tags Hogan who hits a big boot and clotheslines him to the floor. Thatís enough for Martel as he takes a walk for the countout at 7:20. Hogan then kills Dibiase and finishes him with the big boot and legdrop at 8:37. Warrior then gets the honour of ending the night by pinning Hercules with the flying shoulderblock and splash at 9:08. Survivors: Ultimate Warrior & Hulk Hogan

The Verdict: Iím really not sure what the point of this even was. We already saw Hogan and Warrior win once, so now we just get to see them win again? Ok then. *1/2

Overall Thoughts: Well, in the grand scheme of things, this was a pretty pointless show. Nothing was resolved between guys who were actually feuding as they instead relied on every lame finish in the book to specifically avoid any possibility of that. And nothing new was setup, or even teased really. The matches werenít anything special, and when you throw in a horrible, yet heavily hyped ďsurpriseĒ I say you have a pretty easy Thumbs Down for Survivor Series 1990.

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