February 27, 2005
Kelly Fairbee

Survivor Series 1992

- This particular version comes with the countdown so this will help me sum up the reasons for the upcoming PPV matches.

- We were just days away from the PPV itself, originally scheduled to be Razor Ramon & Ric Flair v. Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior, the match was changed with very little notice or time to hype as the Warrior once again left the company. The WWF was in trouble and needed a major player name badly to fulfill the Warrior's shoes, so they quickly, and without much reason turned Mr. Perfect face on the following edition of PTW. Perfect would leave Ric Flair's side and join the Macho Man in revolt to his former protégé. We're taken back to PTW where we are shown skits from Savage asking Perfect to be his partner at Survivor Series, eventually Perfect accepts and dumps a pitcher of water on former manager Bobby Heenan.

- That darned Bret Hart "Making some Noise" Video is shown yet again to hype his World Title defense against Shawn Michaels. This is followed by highlights of Shawn Michaels defeating the Bulldog for the IC belt just days prior.

- We're now taken back to Summer Slam '92 when Kamala delivered a series of splashes on the Undertaker to no avail, followed by an Undertaker interview.

- We get a quick rundown of the Nasty Boys recent face turn and their brawl with Money Inc., in return we see the final moments of Money Inc. winning the tag belts from the Natural Disasters. If you're wondering, the Beverly Brothers are a part of this match for absolutely no reason.

- To set up the Nightstick match we go back in time and see Nailz attack the Boss Man and take him out of action for several weeks.


Okay PPV time, and here we go. We kick off with the Dr. of Style Slick, oh wait he's a Reverend now. He preaches for a bit and the PPV begins.

Match #1: The Headshrinkers (w/Afa) v. High Energy (Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware): If I remember correctly this was an unannounced added attraction that featured two of the newer tag teams in the WWF. Samu shoves Owen around to start. Samu then misses a body block but Owen nails one of his own, followed by a pair of dropkicks before tagging in Koko. Koko nails both Shrinkers with dropkicks and hits a double noggin' knocker on the Shrinkers which they no sell. Koko ducks a double clothesline but is caned by Afa as he hits the ropes and the Samoans take control. The Shrinkers work over Koko for several minutes until Samu misses a charge and Koko makes the hot tag to Owen. Hart dropkicks Fatu to the floor and backdrops Samu. Owen nails a top rope body block on Samu and again sends Fatu to the floor. Owen tries for another cross body but Samu catches him for a powerslam. and Fatu hits the top rope splash for the pin at 7:38.
Rating: Not much but a nice little opener to fill time, *

- Backstage Sean Mooney puts over the Nigthstick match like it's going to be of a graphic nature. Nailz says he's been in jail for 2,478. That's like between 7 and 8 frickin' years (what did he doe anyway), that would have made Boss Man a prison guard through his entire tenure in the WWF,UWF & NWA and even before that. How did he find the time to travel and beat on Nailz. What talent. The Big Boss Man retorts to Mean Gene saying Nailz deserves a life sentence, before running to ringside and attacking Nailz to start the bout.

Match #2: Big Boss Man v Nailz (Nightstick Match): Boss Man attacks Nailz but Nailz comes back with a chokehold and tries to climb the poll and grab the nightstick. Boss Man prevents that and tries to climb himself, only to have Nailz press slam BBM to the mat. Nailz back in control with a back breaker and a chinlock. Boss Man breaks free but misses a splash. Nailz climbs for the stick but Boss Man crotches Nailz on the top rope. Boss Man climbs and finally grabs the nightstick, nailing Nailz (no pun intended) repeatedly. Nailz cuts BBM off and hits the Boss Man with the stick. Boss Man with an uppercut and Nailz drops the stick. Boss Man hits the Bossman Slam at 5:38 for an out of nowhere pin. Nailz rolls out of the ring and walks to the back. WTF, Nailz murders the Boss Man on Superstars, and Boss Man gets revenge with a Boss Man Slam in like 6:00, only to have Nailz no sell it and walk away from ringside in hopes to feud with the Undertaker? I understand wanting to keep Nailz strong, but that was just ridiculous.
Rating: All that build up for nothing. Nailz would be fired soon after for roughing up Vince McMahon, 1/4*

- Ric Flair and Razor Ramon talk about their upcoming match against Randy Savage and former friend Mr. Perfect. Flair is pissed! This match built up some heat real fast

Match #3: Tatanka v. "The Model" Rick Martel: Martel had stolen Tatanka's Indian feathers several weeks earlier and Tatanka wants them back, thus we get this match. Hey it's better than fighting over shampoo at WrestleMania. They lock up and Tatanka tries for a clean break only to be slapped. The Stereotypical Indian is pissed off now and hits a series of chops, a backdrop and a pair of dropkicks sending Martel to the floor. Martel back in tries a boot, but Tatanka catches it and atomic drops and clothesline the Model back to the floor. Vince McMahon calls Martel a former IC Champion, WOW I must have missed that title reign. Martel in again and finally cuts off the Native American with a Hot shot across the top rope. Martel with a front face lock which Tatanka finally counters with a suplex. Martel goes back into the face lock while we get shots of a Clown (soon to be named Doink) making balloon animals in the aisle way. Tatanka tries to escape the hold so Martel nails a neck breaker and goes right back into the face lock. Tatanka finally powers out of the hold and delivers a clothesline. Martel reverses an Irish whip but misses a charge and runs his shoulder into the post. Tatanka goes after the Model's arm but Martel uses some leverage to send Tatanka to the floor. Back inside Martel tries a double axe but Tatanka hits a series of chops as only he can do. Tatanka shoots Martel off and hits a Samoan Drop for a sad, sad finish at 11:08. But at least he gets his Indian feathers back. Doink then pops a balloon he was going to give a kid.
Rating: Very slow and boring, the finish was anti-climactic, Martel was so much better than this 1/2*

- Mr. Perfect & Randy Savage cut an interview on the Nature Boy and the Bad Guy before their upcoming match.

Match #4: Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect v. Ric Flair & Razor Ramon: Razor & Hennig start with Ramon slapping Hennig up but Perfect returns the favor and Perfect is over as all what as Ramon tags in Flair. No stalling here as Hennig bumps Flair like a pinball. Irish whip by Perfect and Flair does the flip up and over to the apron where he is greeted by Savage and knocked off to the floor. Savage now in with Flair and slaps Nature Boy. Ramon comes in and Savage bumps both heels. Macho with a series of clotheslines on the heel team. Flair uses a dirty tactic to cut Macho off and in comes the Bad Guy. Razor & Flair take turns working over Savage, using the double team abdominal stretch quite a bit. Several minutes go by with Flair & Razor working over Macho. Razor applies a half crab and Perfect gets sick of waiting for a tag and begins to leave ringside and head for the dressing room. Perfect second thinks it and returns to the ring after a bit. Flair tries a hiptoss but Savage counters with a backslide for two. Razor now in, works over Macho a bit more with a choke slam. Flair wants back in but tries a top rope move as a heel, which never works, and Savage presses Ric from the top. This allows Macho to make the hot tag and in comes Perfect. Hennig biels Razor and hits the neck snap, followed by a kneelift on both opponents. Flair nails Savage with a chair on the floor, while Hennig accidentally KO's referee Earl Hebner in the ring. Ramon tries the Razor's Edge but Perfect counters with a backdrop. Hennig slaps on the Perfect Plex and Joey Morella heads to ringside to make the count but is just a little to late as Flair breaks the hold up. Perfect then hits the Perfect Plex on Flair but now Razor breaks it up. Both heels refuse to leave the ring so they are DQ'd at 16:30. Flair applies the Figure Four and Ramon goes to nail Hennig with a chair but Savage grabs it and floors the Bad Guy, Perfect then busts Ric in the chops with a chair shot as well. Savage & Perfect shake hands afterwards, thus confirming any question about Hennig's face turn. The winners as a result of a DQ are the Perfect Team.
Rating: Hall had to work out some quirks, but other than the finish, not bad at all ***

- Flair & Razor go BONKERS backstage during an interview with Okerlund

Match #5: Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji) v. Virgil: A year ago Virgil was a Midcard superstar, now he's just putting over the new comers. Yokozuna has been around maybe a month here and even back then at 500 lbs. he was an awesome sight, although compared to his later weight gain, looks like less of a threat. Yoko bumps Virgil around for a bit. Virgil comes back with a series of dropkicks which stumbles Yoko but Zuna nails a superkick and Virgil is down. Virgil attempts a come back with his boxing skills but Yoko counters with a head & arm belly to belly suplex. Virgil gets back up again and tries at some more jabs but Zuna counters with a side suplex and a huge legdrop. Yoko misses a charge into the corner and Virgil tries a rollup but Yoko simply drops down right on top of him. Yoko hits a reverse avalanche in the corner and the Banzai Drop for the pin at 3:43.
Rating: Virgil tried, kinda, great way to put over Yoko. Match itself was a 1/4* however but served it's purpose

- Perfect & Savage do an interview where Hennig holds up raw turkeys to represent Flair, Razor & Heenan. Okie Dokie.

Match #6: Money Inc & Beverly Brothers v. Natural Disasters & The Nasty Boys: This is a Survival match of sorts, but if one team member is pinned the other is eliminated as well. The Nasty's have recently turned face, thus replacing the Bushwhackers, thankfully. On a side note this was the Genius' last appearance in the WWF as he managed the Beverly's. I'll try to make this match painless. The Disasters work over the Beverly's for several minutes before tagging in Brian Knobbs. Blake Beverly slaps Knobbs which sets Knobbs off and bumps Blake around a bit. Beau & Jerry Sags are tagged in and Sage nails a pump handle slam on Beau. Beau retorts with a double under hook suplex before tagging in Dibiase. Ted tries a suplex on Sags but it is reversed. IRS is now in and prevents Sags from making the tag. The Beverly's take turns working over Sags until Blake & Sags butt heads. Hot tag to Quake & Beau Beverly. We got all 8 men in the ring now. All the heels are pitched except Beau who tries a crucifix on Typhoon but is smashed to the mat. Earthquake follows that up with his Quake style butt drop for the pin at 9:23 and the Beverly's are eliminated. The faces now work over Dibiase for a bit, but Money Inc. finally hit a double back suplex on Quake to take over. Money Inc. work over Quake for a bit but Dibiase takes a boot in the face and Typhoon gets the hot tag, along with IRS. Typhoon nails a splash on IRS but Dibiase breaks the count. The ref gets distracted trying to control the Nasty Boys, which enables Dibiase to trip Typhoon up, IRS drops a knee and makes the cover to eliminate the Disasters at 15:54. Money Inc. attempt to celebrate but Sags rolls IRS up from behind for the win at 16:01
Rating: Considering a lot of the people involved I'll go *3/4

Match #7: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) v. Kamala (w/Harvey Whippleman & Kim Chee) (Coffin Match): Whippleman announces Kamala, and next out comes the Taker in slow form while Bearer pushes the Kamala casket. This was an early version of the Casket match and the rules stated you had to pin your opponent and then place him in the coffin. Kamala chops on Taker to start but the reaper comes back with "Old School" which may have just been called "School" then. Taker chokes at Kamala but tries a backdrop and Kamala telegraphs the move and clotheslines the Taker to the floor. Kamala sends Taker into the steps and nails him with Kim Chee's hat. Back inside Kamala slams Taker 2 times but he sits up. Kamala slams the reaper again and UT tries to sit up but he cannot. Kamala hits a trio of splashes, but the Taker sits up. Kim Chee throws Kamala the urn but the Ugandan is afraid to use it. Taker takes advantage and nails Kamala with the urn and gets the pin at 5:28. Taker then rolls Kamala into the coffin and nails the lid shut for good measure.
Rating: Man did that suck, had it been longer it would've gotten negative stars but it was kinda short so DUD

- Sean Mooney is with Shawn Michaels, who says he will soon be the WWF IC & Heavyweight Champion.

Match #8: Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart v. Shawn Michaels: HBK is the IC Champ but only the World Title is on the line here. Chain action to start and Shawn begins to ride Hart, but Bret uses some leverage and send HBK to the floor. Bret brings Shawn back in the hard way and applies an armbar. Shawn in turn uses leverage and sends the Hitman to the floor. Inside again, Bret goes back to the armbar. Michaels eventually gets out of it and winds up nailing Hart with the Hot Shot. Bret reverses an Irish whip and charges but no one is home and Hart rams his own shoulder into the ring post. HBK applies a lengthy chin lock on the Hitman, but Bret finally gets out of it with a swinging neck breaker. Shawn cuts Bret back off. HBK now tries a charge on Bret in the corner but catches a foot to the face. Bret nails a bulldog but misses his middle rope elbow. Michaels covers for a two count. HBK hits a spinning elbow and goes right back into the front face lock. Hart gets out and nails a big back suplex for the double down spot. The Hitman gets to his feet and slingshots HBK into the ring post. Bret crotches HBK on the top rope and hits a backdrop for good measure. Hart with the Russian leg sweep for two. The backbreaker and middle rope elbow drop follow for another two count. Hart goes for a superplex, while Heenan points out it backfired on the Bulldog in a recent IC title bout, but not the Hitman. Bret gets the superplex for two. Hart now with a sleeper but HBK rams Bret into the referee, who takes a bump. Michaels escapes a move from Bret and sends him to the floor and the ref is already back up. HBK slams Hart on the outside and throws him back in the ring. Shawn with a hard Irish whip for two. Michaels nails the superkick, but it wasn't his finisher yet, so he picks Bret up for the "Teardrop" Suplex instead but Bret still finds a way to kick out at two. Hart musters some strength & finds a way to send Michaels into the ropes where Shawn gets tied up. Bret charges at HBK but Shawn moves and Hart spills to the floor. Back inside Shawn goes for a top rope dropkick, but Bret catches his legs and turns it into the Sharpshooter for the submission win at 26:35.
Rating: The wrestling was just above par, but you don't see psychology like this anymore. ****

- Afterwards Bret celebrates with Santa Claus in the ring while it begins to snow inside the Richfield Coliseum, and the crowd leaves happy as the faces went over in every single match except the two under card matches which were really there to put over the Samoans that were just recently hired.

Final Thoughts: This was the first year Vince would leave the original Survivor Series format almost completely off of the show, bad move IMO, at that time. He still pulled off a nice little card putting over new comers, settling a few feuds, starting a heated rivalry and putting on a hell of a main event to boot. A little bit of everything makes this PPV average but the two Main Events are really encouraged to check out.

Match of the Night: HBK v. Bret Hart (hands down)

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