February 10, 2005
Justin Lijoi

Survivor Series 1994 (11/23/94)

The Bad Guys (Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon {Team Captain}, the 1-2-3 Kid, Davey Boy Smith, & the New Headshrinkers [w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano]) vs. The Teamsters (Tag Team Champions Shawn Michaels {Team Captain} & Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, & Jim Neidhart):
Kid and Owen start off and Owen stalls for a while and we see Fatu putting his boot on. Owen tags out to Anvil before making contact with Kid. Kid leap frogs and dropkicks Anvil down and then runs into him and goes down. Tag to JJ Kid reverses an Irish whip but JJ goes up and over and struts kid spin kicks him out of the ring JJ goes for a sunset flip from the apron and kid moves and tags Sieone. Sieone with a press slam and JJ goes to the eyes. Sieone blocks a headlock punch and hits one of his own. JJ off the top with a clothesline. Sieone reverses an Irish whip JJ hangs onto the ropes and tags in Owen. Owen calls for Bulldog who gets the tag. Arm bar reversed by Owen and Bulldog rolls around and flips Owen does the same Bulldog into a hammerlock Owen gets out goes for a dropkick gets caught and slingshot in the wrong corner and then press slammed by Bulldog, nice sequence. Owen hits an enzuiguri and tags in Anvil. Double clothesline. Another attempt but Bulldog ducks and hits Anvil and Owen with clotheslines. Hanging suplex from bulldog and in comes Fatu with a top rope head butt and his boot is pissing him off so Anvil tags JJ. Irish whip reversed and Fatu hits a powerslam. Razor tagged in. JJ runs to his corner and gets strategy from his partners arm drag by JJ and he struts. Go behind by JJ and two standing switches JJ trips up Ramon and slaps the back of his head like Razor does. Headlock by JJ Razor shoots him off hits a right hand and clotheslines JJ over the top. Razor goes after Diesel on the apron. Headlock Razor goes for a belly to back JJ flips over charges Razor and gets caught with a fall away slam. Tag into Kid and Razor gives him a fall away slam into JJ. JJ with an abdominal stretch and he uses the ropes for leverage. Kid reverses it but gets hip tossed over the top rope to the floor. Suplex back in kid flips over and hits a kick and tags in Fatu. Owen gets tagged and hits a spinning heel kick for a 2 count. Owen takes Fatu head first into the buckle but he’s Samoan so it doesn’t work. Owen hits Diesel with a blind tag and Diesel comes in clothesline and powerbombs Fatu for the pin at 13.28. Kid comes in hits a drop kick and goes for a top rope sunset flip. Diesel picks in up with a double chock and hits a powerbomb at 14.11. Sieone in and he’s powerbombed at 14.42. Bulldog comes in and starts hammering away on Diesel. Diesel hits a big boot and Bulldog goes outside. JJ and Owen Hart don’t let Bulldog get back in at 15.44. Razor in and he starts brawling with Diesel and hits a middle rope bulldog. Diesel hits a clothesline of Razor and HBK calls for the powerbomb. Snake eyes by Diesel. HBK continues to call for the powerbomb but Diesel goes for another snake eyes but Razor slides of the back and hits a body slam. Razor calls for the Razors Edge but Diesel backdrops him out of it. Razor ducks a clothesline but gets hit with a big boot. Diesel hits a powerbomb and HBK wants a tag 20 minutes in and it’s his first time in the ring. HBK tells Diesel to hold Razor up. Razor ducks the superkick and HBK hits Diesel then yells at him for getting in his foots way. Diesel is pissed and HBK runs away and the whole team gets counted out at 21.38. That finish sucked the rest of the match was good someone should have made it back to the ring and just have Razor beat that person for the win.
Winner: Razor Ramon

HBK has his bags and is leaving he throws down and vacates the tag team title and speeds off in his car.

Coliseum Exclusive: Paul Bearer and the Undertaker in Undertaker's casket making room

Clowns Are Us (Doink the Clown {Team Captain}, Dink, Pink, & Wink) vs. The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler {Team Captain}, Queazy, Sleazy, & Cheezy):
Midget action here!!!!! God I love my midgets. Rules are Lawler and Doink can’t be in the ring with the midgets. Lawler and Doink start and here comes the Burger King chants. Lock up and Doink backs Lawler into the ropes and clean breaks. Irish whip Lawler catches the foot but gets hit with an enzuiguri. Lawler Irish whips Doink and he catches the foot but ducks an enzuiguri attempt by Lawler. Wrist lock into an arm bar and the Clown midgets run into the ring over Lawler’s stomach to the King midgets who then chase the clowns back over Lawler and run over him themselves and then run back. Lawler’s mad. Lawler now has Doink down and the king midgets run over Doink but then trip over each other and hilarity ensues. Doink hits a bunch of slams and his partners all try to pin Lawler and Doink counts the pin but Lawler kicks out at 2 each time and Doink catches the midgets and puts them down. Lawler’s mad again. Same spot just with Lawler’s guys only he can’t catch them because they’re heavy. Dink jumps in as one of Lawler’s midgets is on top of Lawler and makes a three count. I guess its irony or something. Arm drag by Doink and Dink runs in and puts a Burger King crown on Lawler. Lawler’s still mad. Chicken Fight!!!!! Dink gets on Doink’s shoulders and Lawler gets on Queazy’s shoulder and well they fall. People laugh and yes Lawler’s mad. Test of strength and the midgets crawl between the legs and the shenanigans continue. Did I mention I love midgets. Lawler has an object and he hits Doink with it now he’s not as mad. Lawler has his partners put there feet up and goes to whip Doink in but Doink reverses. The midgets are chasing each other around. Doink hits a second rope cross body but Lawler rolls through and hooks the tights for the pin at 10.34. Queazy and Dink in now and there’s lots of ass biting and such. Cheesy and Wink tag in and Wink pulls Cheesy’s beard. Monkey flip by Dink. Wink back in and he goes for a monkey flip but Lawler hangs onto Cheesy and Wink hits the mat and gets pinned at 13.08. Pink comes in and does cartwheels so Sleazy tries and just falls. Queazy stand Pink on his head and spins him. Lawler picks up Cheesy and slams him on Pink and he gets pinned at 14.28. Pink goes under the ring. Now Dink in with all three of the Kings guys and he’ cleaning house. Dink hits a cross body but Lawler distracts the referee and the pin attempt is reversed and Dink is pinned at 16.04
Winners: The Royal Family

After the match Lawler says he did it all by himself and that he hates short people. He chases the midgets around and Dink, Pink and Wink come out from under the ring. All 6 midgets are going to fight Lawler and he runs away. Doink comes from behind and hits Lawler in the face with a pie. Classic. Of course I kid, match was crap.

Todd Pettingill shows us footage of Bull Nakano winning the Women’s Championship and she cuts a promo in Japanese. Pettingill talks very slowly because if someone doesn’t know your language they’ll figure it out if you talk slower.

World Champion Bret Hart (w/ Davey Boy Smith) vs. Bob Backlund (w/ Owen Hart)
Backlund attacks but Bret throws him out of the ring. Back in headbutt by Bret and Backlund bails again. Bulldog throws him back in. Bret with a slam and elbow and a headlock take down. Back to a standing position and Backlund hits a belly to back but Bret stays on the attack into a chin lock and from there a headlock on the mat. Back up and Backlund throws Bret off hits a drop toe hold and goes for the crossface. Bret breaks out with a go behind and back into the headlock. Backlund reverse the headlock into the cross face but Bret spins and hits a belly to belly and goes for the sharpshooter. Backlund kicks out of it and Bret goes into a front headlock. That was all very nice looking. Backlund gets up and Bret floats into an abdominal stretch. Backlund breaks out with a hip toss goes for a slam but falls. Bret with a forearm, headbutt, bodyslam and goes to the second rope but misses an elbow drop. Backlund rips on the arm of Bret and starts working it over. Backlund goes for the crossface but Bret gets to the ropes. Another attempt but Bret turns to face Backlund. Arm bar applied by Backlund. Kip up by Bret and Backlund forearms Bret to the outside. Back in and Backlund still in control. Back into an arm bar. O how I long for the days of ring psychology. Bret with a slam but Backlund hangs onto the arm bar. Bret stands up with the arm bar and hits a swinging neck breaker but Backlund still has the arm bar on!! Into a Fujiwara arm bar as the crowd cheers for Bret and Backlund looks crazy. Bret breaks out of the arm bar and hits an inverted atomic drop. He goes for the Sharpshooter but Backlund hangs onto the ropes. Bret pulls him away and locks on a figure-four leglock at the 15 minute mark. Backlund turns it and Owen and Bulldog yell back and forth about throwing the towel in. Bret turns it back but Backlund quickly to the ropes. Bret starts dropping elbows onto the leg of Backlund and Backlund can’t stand. The two start brawling and Backlund throws Bret’ face into the mat and then hits with a piledriver. Crossface!! but Bret to the ropes immediately. Backlund is yelling and being crazy. Crowd really getting behind Bret and Backlund hits a spinning neckbreaker and goes back to the arm. Backlund throws Bret to the buckle charges but Bret moves and Backlund hits steel. Backlund still in control attempts a piledriver but Bret backdrops him. Backlund slaps on a sleeper and Earl checks the arms of Bret for some reason. Bret gets up runs towards the buckle and ducks slamming Backlund into it. Headlock by Bret, Backlund throws him off and they collide and both go down. Bret up first and he hits a piledriver bringing the crowd to their feet. Bulldog, Russian leg sweep, backbreaker, second rope elbow. It’s time for the Sharpshooter. In comes Owen, Bulldog in chasing Owen around back in the ring and the ref cuts off Bulldog and Owen bulldogs Bret out of the Sharpshooter. Outside Bulldog charges Owen who ducks and Bulldog hits the steps and is knocked out right in front of Stu and Helen. Bret crawls over to the ropes and Owen looks towards Bret with concern for Bulldog. From behind CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING!!!!!!!!! Bret trying to fight as Backlund tries to bring him down. Split screen now as Owen looks near tears over Bulldogs injury and Bret’s situation as yells I’m sorry towards Bret in the ring. After two minutes of fighting Bret goes down to the mat but Backlund still does not have a body scissor on. Backlund screaming and looking insane. Bret gets back up!!!! Backlund rips him back down to the ground as Owen is now crying. Bret now in the crossface for 6 minutes but still fighting. Owen goes over to Stu and Helen and tells them he doesn’t want this to happen to his brother and begs them to throw in the towel for Bret. Owen back toward his parents on his knees asking them to throw in the towel and begging for the family to reunite. Owen opens the guard rail and brings Stu and Helen ringside. Owen picks up the towel and gives it to Helen but Stu takes it from her. Owen continues to beg. Meanwhile in the ring Backlund is being crazy while Bret shows very little life in the crossface. A ‘lets go Bret’ chant starts up but Bret doesn’t move. Finally at 35.14 after Bret was in the crossface for 10 minutes Helen grabs the towel from Stu and throws it in the ring. Owen runs in the ring grabs the towel and starts celebrating with it showing that it was all a ruse to take the title away from Bret. Backlund on his knees staring and his hands.

This match is AMAZING. Basically 20 minutes of mat wrestling, headlocks and armbars. A single submission hold put on for 10 minutes straight and the crowd was into the whole time. Try something like this today and the marks would start chanting boring with in 2 minutes. Backlund celebrates in the ring looking absolutely insane. I think the WWF really dropped the ball with Backlund and should have given him a long title run.

Todd Pettingill with Owen Hart. Owen says that this is the greatest Thanksgiving of his life and it was all a plan and Bret is now a nobody.

Guts & Glory (Lex Luger {Team Captain}, Adam Bomb, Mabel [w/ Oscar], & the Smoking Gunns) vs. The Million $ Team (Tatanka {Team Captain}, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy [w/ Ted Dibiase] , & the Heavenly Bodies [w/ James Cornette])
Well I’m spent from the title match so I’m sure I will hate the rest. Tatanka backs into Luger, begs off and then attacks. Suplex and Luger no sells it hits a knee, bulldog and about 17 clotheslines until Tatanka bails Bundy comes in and Mabel cuts him off. Tatanka back in the ring and he tags out to Dr. Tom and in come Mabel. Prichard goes for a cross body is caught dropped and Mabel misses a back splash. Dr. Tom hits a knee drop and hammers away. Whip into the corner reversed and Mabel hits a back drop and a second rope crossbody!!! for a pin at 3.58. Jimmy Del Ray comes in and gets hit with a Bossman Slam. Tag into Bundy and now their probably just going to run into each other like deer fighting for a Doe. And that’s what they do til Mabel ducks a Bundy clothesline and takes him down with a tackle. Tag into Bam Bam before he was a joke. Bam Bam misses a Ghetto Blaster and Mabel hits a spin wheel!!! Mabel up top but gets slammed off and Bam Bam goes up for a top rope sunset flip but Mabel sits on him. HOLY CRAP that was all awesome. Mabel gives Bam Bam and clothesline and they both fly over the top rope ala Cactus Jack GOOD GOD. Mabel gets counted out at 7.13 and for the first time in my life I’m sad that Mabel is gone from my TV. Billy Gunn in with Del Ray now. They both tag out and it’s Bam Bam with Adam Bomb. Bomb floats over a suplex attempt but misses a crossbody attempt and goes over the top. Back on the apron and he hits a slingshot clothesline outside in. JESJS! He hits the ropes but Bundy hits him from behind. Bam Bam hits a bulldog and moonsault, which I’m not gonna be impressed by cause I’ve seen him do it before and Bomb is gone at 9.08. Luger in and Bam Bam tags out to Del Ray and he takes over on Luger. Luger reverses an Irish whip and hits his forearm of doom 10.55. Tatanka in but Lex is able to tag out to Bart Gunn. Good thing too cause his one check wedgie was coming. Quick tag to Billy and he and Bart hit a double Russian leg sweep. Billy hits a slam and knee drop and tags back to Bart. So this match has really slowed down since Mabel got eliminated, weird. Billy comes back in with a dropkick. At this point Gorilla and Vince start talking about Bret Hart Gorilla says “I think Bret should go the hospital” to which Vince replies “Well he’s not injured he walked out on his own”. No more then 30 seconds later Vince says “I don’t know the extent of Bret’s injuries but I think it’s say to say he’ll be out of action for some time”. God I love Vince. Back to the match. Bart tagged back in he monkey flips Tatanka and goes for the pin and we get a great shot of in-between Tatanka’s leg if you’re into that sort of thing. Tag into Billy and they hit a side slam/leg drop combo. Tag right back to Bart and he goes for a crucifix but Tatanka holds him up and hits the End of the Trail to eliminate Billy at 14.27. Billy comes in does some stuff and tags Luger. Luger with an arm bar and tag to Billy. Billy now with the arm bar. Irish whip hip toss with a float over for a 2 by Billy. Tag into Lex and he punches and slams Tatanka. Tag to Billy who goes back to the arm. Tatanka reverses an irish whip and hits a powerslam. Tag into Bundy and he misses and elbow reverses a corner whip hits an avalanche and elbow drop for the pin at 17.13. Luger left all alone and Bundy takes control. Tag to Bam Bam he misses a corner charge and tags in Tatanka. Luger hits the forearm and gets 2. They continue to make tags in and out and do nothing of note. Tatanka hits a powerslam and 3 straight elbow drops. Tatanka goes to slam Luger back gets small packaged at 23.12. But can’t get up and gets hit with a Bundy splash at 23.21.
Winners: King Kong Bundy & Bam Bam Bigelow

After the match Bundy, Bam Bam and Tatanka beat on Luger. Tatanka hits the End of the Trail, Bam Bam the headbutt and Bundy the Splash until Luger’s team comes down to make the save. This match sucked once Mabel got eliminated.

Todd Pettingill with Mr. Bob Backlund who claims to have been champion since 1978 because he never actually lost the belt and he did it to save society. Then he screws about bringing society back into morality and his voice cracks a lot. I LOVE this man.

The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) vs. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette) in a casket match w/ guest enforcer Chuck Norris
So this all comes from the Royal Rumble earlier this year in which Yoko beat Taker in another casket match with the help of 10 other guys. It takes the Undertaker about 25 minutes to get to the ring so the match can start. Undertaker points to the casket and Yoko falls down in fear. Corner whip reversed by Yoko and he hits a splash that taker no sells. Irish whip towards that casket and Yoko stops Taker uppercuts him out of the ring and onto the casket and Yoko runs away. Yoko drags Taker out of the ring and Taker slams Yoko’s head into the steps. Yoko back in and Taker is moving really slow. He hits “OLD SCHOOL” which at that time was just regular school. Yoko hits a Samoan drop and Taker sits up. Clothesline to the same effect. Headbutts and Yoko tries to put Taker in the casket but he fights it off and pulls Yoko down over the top rope and down goes Yoko. Yoko hits a sambo slam and as Taker goes to sit up a leg drop. He rolls Taker into the casket but Taker blocks the lid from being closed fires with thrust and Yoko falls into the casket and they brawl inside it. Fuji grabs Taker. Back in slam by Yoko, Taker sits up. Yoko throws him out and won’t let him back. Back in and he beats on Taker for a few minutes until Taker hits a DDT. Taker goes up and hits a VERY nice top rope clothesline. As he attempts to roll Yoko to the casket King Kong Bundy and Bam Bam Bigelow come down the aisle drawing the attention of the refs and Norris. IRS comes from the crowd and kicks Taker between the legs and throws on a sleeper and throws Taker into the casket and runs through the crowd. Yoko goes over to shut the casket but Taker comes out. JJ comes down and gets kicked by Norris. Yoko gets hit with a flying clothesline, DDT and a big boot that sends him into the casket and Taker slams the lid at 15.24.
Winner: Undertaker

This match was horrid and slow I hate Undertaker during this time period.

I don’t know if I recommend this PPV. The opener was good but had a crappy ending. The World Title Match ruled all sorts of hard. And Mabel was awesome for the 4 minutes he was in the ring. The rest sucked though. So just make sure you see the title match. Thanks for reading.

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