February 12, 2005
Justin Lijoi

Survivor Series 1997 (11/9/97)

Hosted by Jerry Lawler & Jim Ross

It’s the infamous “Screw Job” We start off with a history package of the HBK/Bret Hart feud and then are welcomed to the PPV by the announcers for the night.

The Headbangers & The New Blackjacks vs. The Godwinns, Bad Ass Billy Gunn & Road Dogg:
Video package of three weeks ago as Billy Gunn smashes a boom box over Thrasher head. Road Dogg comes to the ring with mic in hand and calls the Headbangers the “Buttbangers” that’s nice. Blackjack Windham starts with Phinneas Godwinn. Windham hits the ropes and runs very slow. Phinneas calls for a test of strength but Windham lays him out with a punch. Bodyslam and a tag into Blackjack Bradshaw who hits a powerslam. Buckle whip and Phinneas gets the boot up and hammers away on Bradshaw. Billy and Road Dogg refuse the tag so in comes Henry Godwinn. Side headlock by Henry and a shoulder block takedown and Henry hammers away. Russian legsweep by Bradshaw for 2 and a suplex blocked by Henry and reversed for a 2 count on Bradshaw. Clothesline for 2 by Henry. Bradshaw reverse an Irish whip into an Abdominal stretch pin for 3 at 3.50. Phinneas comes in and Bradshaw tags out to Windham who hits a float over suplex for 2 followed by a gut wrench suplex for another 2. Phinneas hits the buckle but comes out with a clothesline for the pin at 5.11. Pinned with your own finisher, that sucks. Mosh comes in and locks on an arm bar. Phinneas breaks out with punches and tags in Gunn and he stomps away on Mosh. Billy throws Mosh into the corner and hits foot and Mosh comes out with a clothesline. Mosh throws Gunn into the buckle hits a back splash but Billy catches him and drives him face first into the mat for the pin at 8.39. Thrasher comes in and Gunn tags out to the remaining Godwinn. Thrasher with an arm bar. Lawler asks where Vince is and JR says “He’s busy”. Lawler asks why he’s always the last to know when something is going on in a completely sarcastic way. Shoot or work??? Headlock by Thrasher now he hits a hip toss and goes back to the arm bar. Godwinn powers Thrasher back into the corner and starts brawling with him. Thrasher takes him face first to the mat and goes up top and hits the Stage Dive for the pin at 12.36. Road Dogg in from behind but Thrasher reverses and Irish whip hits a hip toss and tags in Bradshaw. Bradshaw with some punch and kick stuff. A short arm clothesline and a nice gut wrench power bomb. Bradshaw randomly attacks Gunn on the apron and Road Dogg rolls him up from behind and Bradshaw is gone at 13.43. Thrasher in and he’s all over Road Dogg in the corner. Irish whip reversed by Road Dogg and Billy puts his foot in Thrasher’s back. Road Dogg tries to set up the pump handle slam but Thrasher hits a hip toss. Whips Road Dogg in blind tag, Thrasher ducks his head Road Dogg goes for the pump handle but Thrasher falls on top. Billy has been standing on the top rope since he tagged in jumps off and completely misses a leg drop but still gets the pin at 15.25.
Winners: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn

Match was decent. Good way to get Road Dogg and Gunn over as being afraid of everybody by not tagging in.

DOA vs. The Truth Commission:
8 way brawl to start it all of and we start off with the Interrogator and Chainz. Punch, kick fest Chainz with clothesline hits the ropes for another one and gets caught with a sidewalk slam and is gone at 1.16. Recon tags in and he’s in with Skull. Recon hits a slam and tags in Jackal who comes off the top with a knee which is no-sold. Skull with a sidewalk slam of his own and Jackal is gone in 2.50. Sniper comes in as Jackal goes to commentate. Sniper hits a crossbody for 2 and tags Recon who comes off the top and gets punched in the stomach. Tag to Crush and he comes in with a slam and leg drop x2. Hip toss blocked by Recon but Crush grabs him and hits a belly to belly and tags 8-Ball. Recon with a side kick and then they both hit heads and 8-Ball goes out side and Skull comes in hits a clothesline and gets the pin on Recon in 5.18. Sniper comes in and gets hit with an ugly swinging neck breaker by 8-Ball who tags in Skull and they hit an H-Bomb but Interrogator comes in to stop the count. Sniper reverses a whip and Skull gets hit from behind by Interrogator, bulldogged and pinned by Sniper at 6.28. 8-Ball in with Sniper now. 8-Ball hammers and tags in Crush who hits a suplex and throws on a figure four head scissor. 8-Ball back in with an Irish whip blind tag to Interrogator and he sneaks up behind 8-Ball and hits a sidewalk slam for the pin at 8.48. Sniper comes in and hammers on Crush but gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl slam and eliminated in 9.45. Interrogator in with a sidewalk slam and pin at 9.58.
Winner: Interrogator

Match was only here to show Interrogator as a monster.

Fans predict who is going to win the World Title tonight. Strong support for HBK but overall they say Bret. Last Monday Steve Blackman debuts. Michael Cole with Team USA. Vader doesn’t like loud mouth Canadians and tonight is America Time.

Team USA (w/Sable) vs. Team Canada:
Team USA comes out using Kurt Angles music. The Patriot is advertised as being on Team USA instead of Steve Blackman. I’m assuming he was gone from the company by that time but don’t know for sure. Back stage again to Michael Cole with Team Canada and Doug Furnas doesn’t like America anymore so he moved somewhere else. This makes JR sad. British Bulldog and Marc Mero start off. Mero opens with some punches but Bulldog hits the ropes and takes down Mero with a tackle and the crowd pops huge, hip toss and then a drop kick and Mero bails. Back in arm bar and a tag to Vader who comes off the middle rope with an axe handle to the arm and short arm clothesline. Irish whip and a standing Vader Bomb. Vader off the second rope and Bulldog catches him with a powerslam and a hanging vertical suplex and the crowd pops huge again. Tag to Phil LaFon Vader takes back over and tags Mero who takes a spinning heal kick from LaFon for 2. Tag to Jim Neidhart who quickly tags back LaFon. Steve Blackman gets tagged in and goes some boring kicks. LaFon comes back with a DDT. All 4 Team Canada members come in and they brawl to the outside and Blackman gets counted out at 5.45. Anvil and Mero in now. Anvil hits with some brawling but misses a splash of the middle rope and Vader gets tagged in but Anvil takes him down with a clothesline and flying shoulder block. Vader hits a standing Vader Bomb elbow in between the legs and splash for the pin at 7.31. LaFon in with kicks and hits a spinning heal kick sending Vader over the top rope LaFon follows and throws him into the steps. Back in Vader reverses a corner whip hits a splash and belly to belly. Vader goes up to the second rope and gets the pin with a splash at 9.07. Doug Furnas in for the first time and he brings Vader down but misses a drop kick and Mero is tagged back in. Mero takes Furnas down with punches and goes up top and hits a moonsault that looked like Furnas should have reversed and Mero landed on his head. Both man back up and Furnas with a spinebuster and tag to Bulldog. Bulldog blocks a sunset flip attempt picks up Mero and goes for the running powerslam but Mero slides out and is back on the offense. Bulldog tags in Furnas but Mero stays on top with punches. Furnas charges Mero in the corner but Mero goes up and over and attempts a sunset flip. Furnas kicks out and hooks Mero up for the pin at 11.57. Vader in hammering on Furnas. Vader misses and clothesline and Furnas comes back with one of his own and tags in Bulldog. Vader blocks a suplex and hits his own and both men are down. Vader over to make the tag but Goldust points out his broken arm. Furnas is tagged in but gets folded up with a belly to back suplex. Goldust again will not tag in. Furnas goes low on Vader and gets a two count and tags Bulldog in. Vader hits a clothesline and both men are down. Bulldog tags Furnas and Goldust drops off the apron refusing the tag. Furnas hits an overhead belly to belly on Vader for 2. Irish whip and a Frankensteiner for 2. Vader takes Furnas down and goes to tag Goldust who turns his back and gets slapped in the face for it. The ref says that it’s a tag and Goldust walks and is counted out at 16.54. Furnas in now and Vader hits a standing Vader Bomb and goes to the 2nd rope and hits a Vader Bomb for the pin on Furnas in 17.31. Bulldog sneaks in from behind with the ring bell and gets the win at 17.43.
Winner: British Bulldog

Big time heat on this for Bulldog, the match itself was slow.

On the phone is some girl who won the sweepstakes to have dinner with a superstar of her choice. She picks Stone Cold.

A Kane/Mankind video package is shown. Kane beat up Dude Love so Mankind came back to beat ass. Mankind bent a pipe over Kane’s head and when Kane sits up JR says “My god he just sat up like The Brothertaker, his brother The Undertaker.” Mankind backstage says it won’t be a wrestling match.

Mankind vs. Kane (w/ Paul Bearer):
Mankind jumps Kane outside the ring but gets sent into the steps. Kane throws Mankind in the ring and blows it up and the bell rings. Kane’s red entrance light is still on and will stay on the whole match, JR says it’s because of Kane’s special powers. Mankind hits the clothesline over the ropes but Kane lands on his feet picks up the steps and throws them into Mankind’s face which most likely hurt. Back in and Kane punches Mankind down but Mankind keeps coming until he gets kicked in the face. Kane chocks and punches Mankind in the corner and then hits a Boss Man Slam and kicks him out of the ring. Kane follows and throws Mankind into the steps. Kane charges but Mankind gives him a stun gun onto the steps and grabs a chair Kane no sells it and just gets back in the ring. Mankind follows and just beats on Kane and nails a piledriver. Kane is down Mankind goes to Paul Bearer and gives him the Mandible Claw. Mankind on the apron now Kane gets up grabs Mankind by the throat and throws him backwards through a table. Kane goes out and hits Mankind with a piece of the table. Kane goes for a chokeslam on the floor but Mankind goes low and hits a DDT and the elbow off the apron. Mankind goes up to the 2nd buckle but Kane is up and he bodyslams Mankind off the rope to the floor! Back in a Kane hits a tombstone for the pin at 9.30.
Winner: Kane

I’m glad they decided to not have Kane’s matches in red. Match was crap with 3 big bump spots.

Backstage with Michael Cole who’s with Sgt. Slaughter and Vince McMahon. Cole mentions that there’s lots of tension in the air to which Slaughter replies that there is extra security backstage. Vince says it’s important that people see the World Title match with two of the greatest superstars. Cole asks Vince who’s going to win the match. Vince says he doesn’t know. Work or shoot?

Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson, & Tag Team Champions LOD vs. NOD:
Dok Hendrix is backstage with Ken Shamrock and his team. They say stuff and then come out to the ring, each to their own music. Hawk starts it off with D-Lo Brown. D-Lo ducks a clothesline and back elbow and hits a clothesline of his own but he goes down. D-Lo back up hits a piledriver which is no sold by Hawk and Hawk comes back with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker. Tag to Rocky Maivia. Hawk hammers away on Rock hits the ropes and gets a knee to the back. Hawk stumbles out and gets caught with the Rock Bottom for the pin at 2.11. Ahmed Johnson comes in and hits a back elbow and the Rock tags out quickly to Kama. Kama hits a clothesline and tags out to Faarooq. Ahmed gets put in the wrong corner and beat on by the Nation. Faarooq goes for the Dominator Ahmed flips out and hits a Pearl River Plunge for the pin at 4.35. D-Lo in with an Irish whip and a leg lariat. D-Lo goes up top and hits a beautiful frog splash. Ahmed Hulks up and first away on D-Lo and hits a between the legs front suplex. D-Lo tags Rock who charges Ahmed and gets nailed with a spinebuster. Ahmed hits the ropes but Faarooq who is still at ringside trips him up and holds the leg down allowing Rock to get the pin at 6.15. All this happened right in front of the 2nd referee by the way. Ahmed chases Faarooq and they brawl in the aisle. Animal in with Rock and Animal hits a clothesline in the corner and tags in Ken Shamrock who also hits a clothesline and drop kick. Rock goes to the eyes and tags in Kama. They start kicking each other and Kama goes to the eyes and choke in the corner Kama charges Shamrock in the corner and misses by about 30 feet. Tag to Animal and they stand and look at each other for awhile. Double clothesline and both men go down. Animal up with a belly to back suplex for 2. Animal ducks a clothesline attempt and hits a shoulder block and slam. Kama takes over with a hook kick and turns to the Rock and they celebrate. Animal dropkicks Kama into the Rock and rolls him up at 10.50. D-Lo in with Animal who hits a clothesline and tags in Shamrock who comes in and hits a dropkick and another clothesline. D-Lo to the eyes slams Shamrock and the Rock comes and punches him in the nuts while the ref is tied up with Animal. D-Lo with a leg drop minus the shaky shaky and into a headlock. Shamrock breaks out but takes a knee to the gut. D-Lo goes to the apron and misses a springboard moonsault. Both men down and they both make the tag. In comes Rock and Animal. Animal with a dropkick on both Nation members and he hits a powerslam. Out come Road Dogg and Billy Gunn distracting Animal. Rock clotheslines Animal to the outside and Road Dogg throws powder into Animals eyes and he’s counted out at 14.59. Shamrock left alone and he’s in with D-Lo now. D-Lo starts brawling and hits a clothesline. Tag to Rock they miss a double clothesline and get hit by one from Shamrock. Shamrock throws the Rock over the top belly to belly on D-Lo and ankle lock for the tap out on the illegal man at 17.07. Rock with a chair shot to the back as the refs are distracted but Shamrock kicks out. Rock hits the float over DDT but again Shamrock kicks out. People’s Elbow for another 2 and Shamrock starts to fight back Irish whip and Rock goes for the float over DDT again but gets hit with a northern lights suplex instead. Shamrock hits a Frankensteiner punches himself in the head and throws on the ankle lock for the submission win at 20.31.
Winner: Ken Shamrock

I didn’t think much of this match.

Cole is in the crowd asking the fans who will win the main event. An Owen Hart/Steve Austin feud package is shown.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart (w/ Team Canada):
Austin’s TV return match from his neck injury. Owen comes out with all of Team Canada and a big pop. Anvil comes in from behind and takes a Stunner and the bell rings. Owen attacks and a “Break his neck” chant starts. Irish whip reversed by Owen he hits a kick to the gut and goes for a piledriver which Austin reverses. Owen goes outside and trips up Austin and crotches him on the post. Austin pulls Owen face first into the post and Owen walks. Austin after him with a clothesline from behind and takes Owen to the guard rail and back into the ring. Owen again tries to leave and Austin goes after him but Owen goes low and drives Austin down into the broken announcers table and then chokes him with a cable. Owen tells the ref to DQ him for it and when the ref doesn’t Owen rings the bell himself. Back in and Owen chokes Austin some more and pounds away on him. Austin fires back and stomps a mud hole in Owen. Tilt-a-whirl and Owen lands on his feet and gets hit with a Stunner at 4.02
Winner: And NEW Intercontinental Champion Steve Austin

In comes LaFon and Furnas and they get a Stunner also.

Bleh nothing but a brawl. Austin obviously couldn’t do much yes at this point after is injury.

We see the HBK/Bret Hart package that opened the show.

World Champion Bret “Hitman” Hart vs. European Champion Shawn Michaels:
The most famous match in the modern era of wrestling and the one that turned Vince into a full on heel and ushered in the Attitude era. HBK comes out first and acts gay and JR calls him the greatest athlete in WWF history. Fuck you JR. Out comes Bret to a giant pop of course. JR tells us we will never ever see this match again. HBK smiles at the camera and Bret looks sad. Bret hands the title to Earl for the last time ever. HBK attacks Bret and we’re off to the greatest WORK in wrestling history. Bret gets the upper hand of the brawl and clotheslines HBK over the top rope to the floor and takes him to the post. The match is yet to officially start. Into the crowd they go as about 15 other referees and officials including Vince McMahon have made there way to the ring. Back ringside and HBK slams Bret’s face into the French announcers table and then into the steel steps. JR talks about this being Bret Harts last match as HBK now brings Bret into the crowd. HBK goes for a piledriver in the crowd but Bret back drops him over the guard rail back ringside. Shawn again attempts the piledriver in the aisle way but again gets back dropped. Bret hits a suplex in the aisle. HBK punches Pat Patterson and then pulls Bret into Tim White. Back up and Bret rams HBK into the guard rail and attacks him with a fire extinguisher. Vince is ranting for them to get in the ring but they won’t listen and just keep brawling in the aisle. Back into the ring and the match starts 8 minutes into the action. Bret with an inverted atomic drop as HBK calls a spot loudly. Irish whip HBK ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm, nips up and gives Bret a field goal kick right to the top of his head. HBK now with a Quebec flag chocking Bret. The fans in the front row are just about ready to attack HBK so HBK throws Bret right towards them and goes out and to beat on Bret right in front of them. HBK suplexes Bret face first on the steps outside and comes down on the chest of Bret with a flag pole. Back in HBK comes off the tope with an axe handle and locks on a front face lock. Bret counters by simply throwing HBK off him and starts dropping elbows to HBK’s leg HBK however goes to the eyes. Irish whip HBK ducks his head and gets kicked but HBK again to the eyes. Slam by HBK and up top he goes hits a crossbody but Bret rolls through and gets a 2 count. Bret takes HBK to the post and locks on the figure four around it. HBK looks like he’s crying from the pain, great expression. Bret continues to work over the leg. And locks on the figure four as Earl starts to look towards the aisle way every so often. HBK turns it but Bret grabs the ropes right away. Corner whip HBK takes his flip bumps and stumbles into a Russian legsweep for 2. Suplex gets another 2. Backbreaker Bret goes up top but HBK pulls Earl in front of Bret and all 3 men go down. Eye rack by HBK. HBK setting up the Sharpshooter “Ring the bell, Ring the bell” in 12.18. Bret spits on Vince, Shawn looks mad grabs the belt and runs, JR is confused and we have the GREATEST WORK in the history of wrestling.
Winner: AND NEW champion Shawn Michaels

Coliseum exclusive: Bret Hart destroys lots of equipment which was also seen on Raw the weeks following the PPV during the “Bret screwed Bret” promo in which Vince who was punched in the eye by a 235 pound man the day before only had a small black mark under his eye. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

Watch the PPV to see the title match nothing else is important or any good.

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