August 28, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon – Street Fight – (King of the Ring, 6/24/01)
I can’t even remember how this feud got started. Something about Shane stealing Angle’s medals or something? Whatever the case, Angle storms Shane to start and rides him all over the mat. I’m talking about in a wrestling sense, people. By the way, Shane helped Angle continue in the KOTR tournament so he would have to wrestle twice at this PPV before their match even happened. Of course in the end, he cost Angle the KOTR against Edge. Shane connects with a dragon screw leg whip and an armdrag. From there, Shane trips Angle up, twirls on top of him, and slaps him on the back of the head. BIG MISTAKE. Angle challenges Shane in a wrestling stance down on the mat. Shane accepts the challenge and gets destroyed as Angle spins out and drills him with forearms. Angle’s got a cut over his eye possibly from Shane’s peppering right hands before the leg whip. He continues with the violence with several angst-filled overhead belly to belly suplexes. With Shane down in the corner, Angle yells at him saying, “There’s no way you’re in my league!” Angle drops to another wrestling stance and this time Shane kicks him in the gut. Shane O Mac fires back and shoots Angle off to the floor while he’s got him caught in a waistlock. That pisses Angle off even more as he gives chase. Shane catches him during off a charge by leaping back off the security wall with a back elbow. Now Shane leaps over JR and Heyman with a clothesline. Oh man, he just found a kendo stick from under the ring. Angle gets whacked a whole bunch. Shane avoids a ringpost charge by Angle and then clotheslines into the crowd. Angle tries to SNEAK ATTACK Shane with a choke, but he snapmares him back over to ringside. While they continue to fight at ringside, Shane armdrags Angle twice into the security wall. He spears Angle into the steps and covers him inside the ring for two. Whoa, Angle bridges up! Nothing can keep him down though except an elbow drop. Now Shane tosses some toys into the ring. Trashcans and the like. After he wails on Angle with a road sign, Shane ducks an enziguri and applies an anklelock. Angle easily kicks out of that. Shane avoids a corner charge and hits a Hurricane DDT and goes for Rock’s Sharpshooter. Angle doesn’t need to reach the ropes, because he swings a kendo stick back at Shane while he’s still in the hold! The Shane Shuffle scores a nearfall on Angle. Shane beats a trashcan down on Angle and heads up for a PHOENIX SPLASH, but there’s nobody in the pool. That gets two. Back to the floor we go, as Angle beats Shane up the aisleway. They head over to the KOTR set where Angle tries to overhead belly to belly suplex Shane through fiberglass. SICK. Doesn’t work the first time, so they figure out to do on the second time and Shane goes flying through fiberglass. Angle tries to suplex back through on a different sheet of glass, but fails and decides to just throw him through it instead. Such a crazy series of spots. With Angle so badly beaten and bloody, he places Shane’s lifeless body on an anvil case and wheels him to the ring. GENIUS! Cover, 1-2-NO! Shane makes a mini-comeback with a trashcan lid, but gets catapulted to the top rope. Angle beats Shane up top with a wooden board and sets it on the top turnbuckle as a platform to bring Shane down to the mat with a SUPER ANGLE SLAM! That’s going to be it. Cover, 1-2-3. (25:33) This match epitomizes the “Holy Shhh” chant and captures in a nutshell why you shouldn’t try any of this stuff at home. Both men beat the crap out of one another and successfully mixed a wrestling match in with violent elements of a street fight. An often overlooked classic in my view. ****½

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