December 12, 2009
Josh Powell

WWF Shotgun Saturday Night
May 2, 1998 (taped April 27, 1998)
Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA

Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly are our announcers for the show. We go straight to the first match.

Match 1: "Marvelous" Mark Mero def Ricky Morton via pinfall at 5:39
The crowd chants for Sable, but she is nowhere to be found because her and Mero had their big falling out at the previous pay-per-view, Unforgiven. Mero uses fists and boots to take over early. Morton reverses a whip and executes a drop toehold. A La Magistral cradle gets two. Morton applies an armbar which leads into a couple armdrags. Mero pushes Morton into a corner and unloads wth some more punches. Mero misses a charge into the corner but is able to land a Japanese armdrag and a clothesline for two. Mero controls with some cheap tactics and a snap suplex. The crowd continues to get on Mero about Sable. Mero responds by punching the heck out of Morton. Morton fights back, but to no avail as Mero hits a powerslam for two. We hit the chinlock. Morton tries to get the crowd going in his favor, but this is not the NWA so they don't care a whole lot. Ricky gets out, but a knee to the midsection stops the comeback. That is followed by a kneelift by the former boxer. Mero wants to finish however Morton fires back with a strong right hand and a dropkick. Morton with a sunset flip for two. A floatover DDT gets a two count for the Rock n Roll Express man. Morton tries a whip, but Mero reverses it into the TKO for the 1-2-3. Pretty decent bout although Mero was rather limited by this point.

Next up is Dok Hendrix with Slam Jam. He gives us a little recap of the goings on at Unforgiven. And Over The Edge is live on PPV Sunday May 31st!

Kevin Kelly is backstage with Club Kamikaze(So Funaki, Men's Teioh, & Dick Togo) and their interpreter Yamiguchi-san. Yamiguchi talks about WWII, slaps around Kelly, and calls him a big mark. He says they are not Club Kamikaze but KAIENTAI.

Match 2: Too Much def Matt Hardy & Jason Arhndt when Scott Taylor pinned Arhndt [about 5:45 shown]
Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor were the newly-formed at the time Too Much. Jerry "The King" Lawler comes down to ringside early on to watch his son in action. Taylor controls future star Hardy to begin, and then does the moonwalk. Hardy comes back because of Taylor's gross overcelebration by knocking him to the outside. Christopher comes over to console his partner, but Hardy(with a little help from Arhndt) flies over the top rope with a plancha onto them both. Christopher gets the tag and takes over on Hardy due to shenanigans. Hardy quickly stops that with a neckbreaker and tags in Arhndt. They do a cool double team suplex/Vader bomb. Arhndt press slams Christopher onto the incoming Taylor. He then press slams his own partner onto both of Too Much. Hardy stays in but loses control after a Too Much blind tag. Christopher hits a stroke type move on Matt. We then get some tagging double teaming from Too Much. Commercial break! We come back to Taylor coming off the second rop, but Hardy gets a foot up. Matt gets the tag. Arhndt cleans house. Arhndt and Hardy execute another double team combo. Arhndt makes the cover on Taylor, but the ref is turned and Christopher hits the Tennessee Jam on him. Christopher pulls Scotty on top of Arhndt for the 1-2-3. Entertaining little tv tag bout here. Post-match The King tries to rally support for Too Much, but the crowd isn't buying it. Christopher says it took a long time to find someone as smart and handsome as him to tag with, but he found out. Taylor insults the crowd. Christopher says the ladies here are too ugly to mess with.

We see a promo for the WrestleMania XIV home video. It's only $44.95 plus shipping!

Let's go back to Raw this past week when the tag team champions of the world, the New Age Outlaws took on DOA. DOA brought LOD 2000 with them and won the bout when they made a twin switch. DOA wants a title bout this week on Raw!

The WWF Rewind is Dan Severn smacking around Jim Cornette on Raw.

Match 3: Steve Blackman def D-Lo Brown via pinfall at 5:36
D-Lo attacks before the bell as Blackman is entering the ring. Brown misses a charge though, and Blackman takes over with his superior martial arts skills. After a backdrop Steve slaps on an inverted STF but releases it like three seconds later. D-Lo just gets up and hits a sit out spinebuster and a legdrop for two. A little back and forth follows ending with a D-Lo elbow drop for two. Brown heads to the second rope and drops a forearm on Blackman's face for two. We hit the chinlock. Blackman powers out and gets a backslide and a small package for two counts. D-Lo stops that comeback attempt with a clothesline. D-Lo delivers a slingshot legdrop for two. Brown hesitates and plays to the crowd allowing Blackman to knock him down with a double chop. A snap suplex and rapid fire elbows get two for the martial arts man. Body slam and Blackman heads up to the second rope. Vader bomb gets nothing but knees though. D-Lo goes to the top and comes off with a moonsault that misses. Blackman then executes a crucifix that gets the pin. Nothing special. It was an okay tv match.

Another Slam Jam with Dok this time covering the WWF title and six man bouts at Unforgiven. We hear comments from The Rock about Faarooq and the six man. And remember folks Over The Edge is on the 31st of May. Order it now even though there are no matches announced yet!

The WWF Slam of the Week is the Undertaker's plancha on Kane and Vader from the Inferno match that took place at Unforgiven.

Let's go back to this past Monday on Raw when Mr. McMahon chose Goldust to try and take the WWF title off of Stone Cold. The deck was stacked against Austin with the Stooges and Vince involved as timekeepers, ring announcers, ref, etc. Dude Love also got involved, but Stone Cold held onto the belt.

Let's take a gander at DX invading WCW territory which was one of the things that made the WWF become the cool pro wrestling organization. DX went down to the Norfolk Scope to try and free Kevin Nash and Scott Hall among other things. DX attempts to try and enter the Scope, but the gate is closed on them. I was never a big DX fan, but over ten years later it's easy to see the effect this kind of stuff would have.

Match 4: LOD 2000(w/ Sunny) def Los Boricuas(w/ Savio Vega) at 3:52 when Animal pinned Jose
Boricuas are represented by Jesus Castillo and Jose Estrada Jr. Sunny was looking hot here. Estrada gets a couple shots in to start, but Animal stops that quickly with a powerslam and a clothesline. Hawk in with a chinbreaker, and Castillo is tagged in. He doesn't fare all that well with Hawk. Savio with a cheap sot which turns things the Boricuas' way. They use some quick tags and double teaming to subdue Hawk, Castillo eventually misses a charge which allows Animal to be tagged in. Estrada enters as well. Animal cleans house which leads to him hitting a power bomb on Estrada for the 1-2-3. Basically a glorified squash, and that's about it.

I thought this was an enjoyable C-show for the most part. Nothing too bad and some decent wrestling. It was fun to see DX invading Nitro again as well.

Favorite Match: Too Much vs Hardy/Arhndt

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