September 9, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Finlay, JBL & Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lashley Ė (WWE Smackdown 2/24/06)
At the time, your biggest feuds involved these six men; Benoit/JBL, Lashley/Finlay and Mysterio/Orton. Thatís really all you need to know. Mysterio starts off with Orton and gets in some quick kicks on him, but Orton forearms Mysterio down when he tries a wheelbarrow bulldog. Mysterio comes back with a headscissors and sends Orton out to the floor. Orton charges back in the ring into a drop toe-hold into the ropes. Rey wants the 619, but Orton gets out of the way before that can happen and tags in Finlay. Lashley wants Finlay, so Mysterio tags him in. Finlay welcomes him in and catches him with a knee to the gut and starts pounding on the big guy. Lashley puts on the brakes when Finlay tries to whip him into the corner and gives Finlay a backdrop. Lashley nails Orton and JBL in the corner and hits Finlay with a SPEAR. Cover, 1-2-NO! JBL makes the save. All six men pair off with their respective haters of the month, as its BREAKING DOWN IN TULSA! Oops, commercial break. We come back and see Benoit turning JBL over into a SHARPSHOOTER. JBL grabs the bottom rope, but then gets nailed with a running elbow drop to the back by Benoit. Lashley tags back in and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and a backdrop to set up the SPEAR! Lashley covers for 1-2-NO! Finlay has to save. JBL pokes Lashley in the eye and tags in Orton. Lashley floors Orton with a shoulderblock and tags in Mysterio. Rey works on the arm with an arm wringer, but Orton catches him with a forearm and tags in Finlay. Finlay delivers the aggressive seated splash and then goes to a chinlock. Hey, thatís Ortonís spot! Once Finlay has had enough of that, he tags in JBL who provides more pounding. Rey finally ducks a big boot and catches JBL with a headscissors. He tries to come off the ropes, but Finlay knees him in the back to slow him down. Rey turns around and goes for a pescado on Finlay down on the floor, but Finlay blocks it by letting Rey crotch himself on the apron skirt. Hahaha, I love that! Finlay BEATS Rey until he just falls to the floor. While the ref is busy with the other four men in the match, Finlay gives Rey one final hotshot on the apron before getting back in his corner to appear completely innocent. JBL throws Rey back in the ring and covers for 1-2-NO! JBL continues to punish Reyís lower back, but the crowd wonít stop chanting ďEddieĒ so JBL puts Rey in a bearhug to work on his back some more. Rey punches out, but then gets nailed with a shoulderblock for two. Benoit makes the save, but Finlay sneaks in and slaps the chinlock back on Rey as the ref tends to Benoit. Haha, ref Jimmy Koderas didnít see the tag and actually makes Finlay get out of the ring. JBL tags in Orton, who lets Rey slide over towards his corner, and then stomps on his lower back when he gets too close. Orton hits a pair of knee drops for two. Uhh ohh, Orton applies his spastic chinlock. Mysterio gets to the ropes and then catches a charging Orton in the face with a boot out of the corner. Orton charges at Rey again and gets sent into the ringpost shoulder-first via headscissors. Both men crawl to their corners and that can only mean one thing: HOT TAG TO BENOIT! JBL gets the tag on the heel side. Benoit gets the double-arm clothesline on JBL! Backdrop to Finlay! German Suplex to Orton! German Suplex to JBL! German Suplex to Finlay! He signals for the Swandive Headbutt on JBL and delivers! Cover that man! 1-2-NO! Finlay hammers Benoit in the back of the head. Lashley comes in and clears the ring of Finlay while Rey is beating down Orton out on the floor on the other side of the ring. In the ring, Benoit runs into a boot in the corner. JBL comes off the ropes for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, but Benoit counters it into the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Finlay quickly breaks it up, but then takes another German Suplex. Meanwhile, JBL is out on the floor kneeled down by the steel steps trying to regroup, but Benoit instead decides itís a good idea to dropkick JBLís hand in between the steps and the ringpost. Back in, JBL receives another German Suplex and leans against the ropes. I donít think thatís a good idea JBL, because here comes Rey with the 619. Rey hits a springboard splash and gets the three-count! Heís one step closer to IMMORTALITY! (15:53) Lashley puts Rey up on his shoulders! Benoit looks so happy! This is a great moment theyíre all sharing! Pretty good standard tag formula action. ***

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