August 13, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Dean Malenko, Cactus Jack & Too Cold Scorpio vs. ECW TV Champion Eddy Guerrero, Rick & Scott Steiner (ECW Wrestlepalooza, ECW Arena, 8/5/1995)
See, most people would just do 2/3 falls Guerrero/Malenko match, but not this guy! Raven delivers Cactus Jack to Malenko & Scorpio to help out with the Steiners, because Cactus feels the Steiners were the most over, overrated and overpaid tag team of all-time. Plus, Eddy Guerrero is *not* a wrestler. He’s a trapeze artist midget who needs to be kicked back to where he came from. Ohhhhh! The Steiners are making their ECW Arena debuts, by the way. This was during the days when they weren’t wrestling in WCW, and they weren’t wrestling in the WWF, and they weren’t wrestling in Japan, so they decided to wrestle for ECW. Over the span of the next year, none of these six wrestlers would still be working for Heyman. Malenko starts off with Scott Steiner. Lots of amateur moves going on here, which is cool. Scott stops Dean coming off the ropes with a standing Steinerline and the crowd loves it. Press slam puts Malenko on the floor for a breather. Scott wants to suplex Malenko back in, but he takes a suplex out to the floor instead. Malenko follows up with a baseball slide to put Scott into the guardrail. Back in, Scott catches Malenko trying to flip out of the corner off a whip and looks to do a running snake eyes, but Malenko shoves him off and dropkicks him into the corner. Scott then reverses a cross-corner whip and gives Malenko a release belly-to-belly suplex. Guerrero and Scorpio tag in. Thunderous “Eddie” chants go up as a result. Guerrero flips out of a powerbomb, then flips over Scorpio’s back, and armdrags Scorpio all over the place. They quickly go to the floor where Guerrero destroys Scorpio with a pescado! Back in, Guerrero delivers the Brainbuster and tags in Rick. The crowd actually barks! Scorpio escapes out to the floor to work the crowd a little bit. Back in again, Scorpio goes low and grabs a headlock. They botch what appeared to have possibly been a victory roll from Scorpio, but you never know with that guy. The ECW Arena crowd fires up the old “YOU F’ED UP!” chant. Scorpio levels Rick with a superkick, but misses a flying crossbody. Rick heads up top and when Scorpio runs over to meet him, Rick brings him down to the mat with a bulldog! WHATCHU WANT! Rick takes a second to *high five* his brother, and only gets a two-count. Cactus tags in and brawls with Rick out to the floor where Cactus takes a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on the concrete! Rick gets back in the ring to meet Scorpio and gives him a powerslam. Eddie tags and tries a victory roll on Cactus, but he counters it for an electric chair drop and tags in Malenko. Guerrero slams Malenko and attempts the FROG SPLASH, but it’s way too soon for that and Guerrero completely misses. Malenko hits a back suplex for two. Double-underhook powerbomb gets two, then Guerrero counters a slam with a victory roll! Whoa! Malenko cuts off the tag and tags Cactus for a double-elbow. Cactus hits a legdrop for two. Backdrop gets two. Cactus ducks low off a whip and pays for it with a dropkick to the face, but still manages to ground Guerrero and keep him on his side of town by rubbing his face in the mat. Cactus draws the Steiners in so he and Malenko can bring Guerrero into their corner. While the ref is with the Steiners, Scorpio slams Guerrero on the outside to set up the Cactus elbow. We JIP and witness Scorpio as he DROPS THE BOMB (top-rope moonsault legdrop) on Guerrero, which *sounds* really dangerous. Cover, 1-2-NO! Scorpio follows up with a powerbomb for 1-2-NO! The Steiners BOTH break up the pin. Scorpio comes off the top, but he hits knees. Guerrero tries to fight off Scorpio to make a tag and finally breaks free with a hurracanrana! HOT TAG TO RICK! Steinerline to Scorpio! Steinerline to Malenko! Steinerline to Cactus! Rick gives Scorpio a Belly-to-Belly Superplex! Cover, 1-2-NO! Scott delivers a double-underhook slam to Cactus to calm him down. Now Guerrero tags back in and the Steiners help out with a DOOMSDAY DEVICE on Scorpio! With Cactus on the Steiners’ shoulders, he receives a missile dropkick! Now it’s Malenko’s turn. Joey Styles – “Don’t forget the Shooter!” Eddie gives him a flying headscissors, but its kind of botched. Eddie covers, but Scorpio manages to break up the pin. Guerrero goes for the kill with the Brainbuster, but Dean slips out and rolls up Guerrero for the 1-2-3. (17:02 shown) The full version went about 22 minutes. Such a hot, hot matchup with a fantastic finish. Twenty days later, Malenko and Guerrero would have their 2/3 falls match in what would be arguably Malenko’s most famous match. The aftermath made it all the more special, as it was capped off by both Malenko and Guerrero’s final goodbyes to the ECW Arena as they head over to WCW. ****

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