March 13, 2011
Steve Riddle

WWF Slamfest 1995
Release Date: March 21st, 1995

We see the intro to the tape.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase asks why he takes time out of his schedule to host these tapes. They are great tapes, but he realizes he gets paid a lot of money. He says the tape features great action from the superstars, as he says the best money can by. He takes us to the first match.

1. Diesel (w/ Shawn Michaels) and Lex Luger wrestle to a double disqualification at 14:25. Diesel retains the WWF Intercontinental Championship (WWF Monday Night RAW – 7/18/94 (taped 7/1/94), Fernwood Resort)

Analysis: A fairly solid title match. Diesel has been on a roll since winning the IC strap in the spring, and Luger was jettisoned to the midcard after failing in the main events. Surprisingly, Luger was still very over with the crowd. He also had his issues with Ted Dibiase at the time, but puts it aside for a chance at the IC title. Both men use their power on each other, until Diesel takes over and wears down Luger, with HBK getting his shots in here and there. Luger regains control and puts Diesel in the Torture Rack, but the ref had taken a bump, and HBK gets involved. This draws out Razor Ramon, who Diesel beat for the strap, and chaos ensues with all four men in the ring, drawing a double DQ. Diesel and HBK look to hit Ramon with a spike piledriver, but Luger saves him. The crowd hates the decision, and we see Dibiase at the entrance, looking very disappointed with Luger. Overall, this was a good match, as Diesel was peaking as a heel and as unfinished business with Ramon, while Luger has business with Dibiase, but won’t sniff another singles title shot. Grade: 2.5

2. Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) pins the 1-2-3 Kid with a belly to belly suplex. (WWF Superstars – 5/25/94, Erie, PA)

Analysis: Boy, talk about the proverbial mismatch. Yoko has been floating since losing the World Title and is back in the midcard, while Kid as be floundering as well. Yoko dominates the majority of the match, with the Kid using his kicks to try to knock Yoko off his feet. Kid even goes for a roll-up and avoids getting sat on by Yoko. In the end, Yoko hits the belly to belly and it’s over. Both men move on to new feuds as both prepare for KOTR. Grade: 1.5

Ted Dibiase talks about the last match, calling the 1-2-3 Kid a “1-2-3 pancake”. He then introduces the next match, which we go to.

3. Bret “The Hitman” Hart and the British Bulldog defeat Owen Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart when Bulldog pins Owen at 15:37. (WWF Wrestlng Challenge – 10/19/94, Knickerbocker Arena)

Analysis: A great tag match. This stems from Summerslam when Neidhart and Davey Boy got involved after the steel cage match, and these four have been duking it out ever since. Here they try to settle things once and for all. Bret works over Owen first until the heels get the advantage over Bulldog. They use some classic double teaming, reminiscant of the old Hart Foundation. Bulldog takes a pounding, but won’t quit. He gets the hot tag and Bret cleans house, but can’t put Owen away. Chaos ensues and in the confusion, Bulldog tries to roll up Owen for a pin. With the ref distracted, Neidhart reverses it, but then Bret reverses it back and they get the three count. Just a really good between four guys who are not afraid to be stiff with each other and wanted the best out of each other. On this night, Bret and Bulldog win, but Owen and Neidhart are not done with them yet. Grade: 3.5

4. “Double J” Jeff Jarrett pins Doink the Clown (w/ Dink and Wink) after a Jerry Lawler fistdrop at 8:53. (WWF Monday Night RAW – 10/17/94, Burlington, VT)

Analysis: A decent little affair here. Jarrett was slowly climbing the ladder and gaining confidence. Even though Doink was nothing more than a comedic act, the man, Ray Apollo, was a decent wrestler. Not as good as Matt Borne, but not a slouch either. These two had an interesting TV feud going while Doink was also having issues with Jerry Lawler. The match has Double J trying to get an advantage through cheating, but Dink keeps stopping him. This draws out Queazy, who Lawler introduced to counter Dink, and an unknown midget dressed like Lawler. This distraction put Jarrett in control, as we wears down Doink. The crowd was into this match and really behind Doink. Doink would regain control and hit the Whoopie Cushion, but the ref was distracted by the outside antics. This draws Lawler out and he helps Jarrett pick up the win. A good match that ends this feud as Jarrett moves on, and Doink and Lawler have unfinished business. Grade: 2

5. Shawn Michaels and Diesel defeat Razor Ramon and the 1-2-3 Kid when Michaels pins Kid at 22:02 to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships. (WWF Action Zone – 10/30/94 (taped 9/28/94), Westchester County Civic Center)

Analysis: Just a fantastic title match. This was shortly removed from Summerslam, where HBK accidentally cost Diesel the IC title to Ramon, now Ramon and Kid go for the tag titles. The announcers harped on if there was bad blood between HBK and Diesel, but they seemed in check here. The challengers start hot, with Ramon almost getting the win early with the Razor’s Edge, but Diesel saves HBK. The heels then proceed to do two heat segments, a short one on Kid and long one on Ramon. The crowd is very hot for this match as Kid and Ramon were extremely popular, especially Ramon. You can tell here that Diesel is starting his breakout, and a split was emminent. Furthering that was when HBK went for SCM on Ramon, but he ducked and Diesel took it for the second time in 3 months. The challengers then dissect Michaels, but he refuses to stay down for a 3 count. In the end, Diesel recovers and nails Kid with a big boot, sealing the win for HBK. Obviously, a nice setup as they can say HBK almost screwed up, and Diesel bailed him out. Everything comes to a head at the next PPV. For now, a great match on the early days of the Action Zone, before that show become a recap show. Grade: 4

Ted Dibiase thanks us for joining him for this tape. He says he can find time in his busy schedule to host more tapes, if they can afford it.

Final Analysis: A really good compliation that the WWF put out here. This just proves how good 1994 was until the workrate was ruined in 1995. The two tag matches are the highlights, with the other matches ranging from good to average. There is nothing actively bad, though they could have taken off the Yoko/Kid squash, but just a minor quib. It’s a little hard to grade TV matches since they aren’t shown in full due to the commercial cuts. Overall, a very good tape that’s worth a view, although it is hard now to track down. Final Grade: B-

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