August 29, 2005
Josh Leeman

Saturday Night's Main Event
February 8, 1992

- Interesting show, as it was the first SNME to be shown on FOX, instead of NBC, for no real reason except for loss of ratings. There'd be one more show after this and Saturday Night's Main Event would finally fold. That's all changed now, as the NBC deal gives the WWE two new NBC Saturday Night specials coming this Fall. Let's go back to a good time shall we? Before we go on, I want to plug Graham Cawthon's amazing website, The History of the WWE, for the match times.

- The new FOX-ish opening opens the show, instead of Obsession. Eh.

- Your hosts are Vince McMahon, and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Both men run down the card tonight, and it looks to be good.

- Intercontinental Title Match: Roddy Piper (C.) vs. The Mountie (W. Jimmy Hart)
Hard to believe the backstory to this. Basically, Bret's contract wasn't extended, so the WWF has to think of a new I-C champion. They immediately think Piper, but have no idea on who'll be the transition champ. The Mountie was at the right place at the right time, you can say. However, after the Rumble, Bret signed the contract, so Vince had to get the belt back on him. Whoever is the champion in the end of this match will face Bret Hart at WrestleMania. If either guy had faced Bret, you could basically guarantee a ****+ match, anyway.

Sadly, The Mountie does not have his awesome "I'M THE MOUNTIE!" theme song, as it's still the French Horn music. When Piper comes out, he talks to a heavy-set female fan and kisses her. Heenan with the line of the night as he says "There he is, kissing the queen of the Weight Watchers.". When Piper enters the ring, both Jimmy and Mountie attack Piper from behind, and toss him out. He runs back in and tackles Mountie for 2. The Mountie heads out, but Piper chases him, and he grabs both Jimmy's head and Mountie's head for the double noggin knocker. Piper nails Mountie again in the ring, but Jimmy grabs Piper's leg to distract him, and Mountie gets on the attack. He pounds, and picks up Piper and slams him on the buckle, keeping Piper there. Half of the screen goes to Bret Hart saying both should watch their backs while this happens. Mountie covers for 2. Elbow gets 2. Slam, and Mountie gets knees into his gut on a splash attempt. Piper starts punching, and the Mountie shoves Piper into the ref. Mountie nails a piledriver, and covers water all over Piper, so he can shock him even more dangerously with the stick. He shocks him with the prod, but it somehow has no effect on Piper, who gets back up. Piper with slaps, and he shoves Jimmy out. Piper shocks Mountie with the stick for the 3 at 3:24. Fun, interesting, and ridiculously short match-up. ***. Piper reveals his shock proof shirt, after the match.

- Let's go back to the final 3 men in the Royal Rumble, with the obvious put in fake boo noise when Hogan gets dumped. How pathetic can the WWF be back then? Not everyone was cheering, if I remember correctly.

- Now the official press conference, where Hulk Hogan is named the number 1 contender, much to Sid's dismay. Then, Sean Mooney interviews and angry Sid, who can't be taken seriously with that white jump-suit. "BOGUS!"

- Earlier this morning on Superstars of Wrestling, Sid apolgizes. Many fans still call bullshit.

- Commercials: Irish Spring soap, Dentyne gum, Schick tracer, Playtex "Ultimate Tampons", SNES AD!!! YESSSS!, New Married with Children, this Sunday!, Weekend at Bernie's comes to FOX on the 17th.

- Mooney now interviews Hogan and Sid, the latter walking out when Hogan opens his mouth. I wouldn't blame him. Hogan claims to have a special man in his corner tonight.

- Hulk Hogan and Sid Justice (W. Brutus Beefcake. That's it?!) vs. Ric Flair (W. Mr. Perfect) and The Undertaker (W. Paul Bearer)
Bobby smartly thinks Sid and Hogan won't work as a team. Sid and Flair start. Lockup, and rake to the eye by Flair. Sid sends him to the buckle and nails a back bodydrop. Hiptoss, and Flair heads out to talk to Perfect. Hogan in, and he kicks Flair. Rake in the eye by Hogan?! Whatever. He literally copies the three moves Sid did in the beginning. Undertaker walks into a hiptoss. Hogan sends Taker into Sid's knee, and Sid and Undertaker are tagged in. Taker with kicks, but he can't slam Sid. Strange, since isn't the Undertaker more powerful than the whole roster? Oh well. Sid can slam him, however. Knees, and Hogan is tagged in. He slams Taker and Flair. CLOTHESLINES FOR ALL! Punches, headlock, and Sid is now in. Notice that Sid's in longer than Hogan? Kicks, but Taker with a punch to the throat. Double Clothesline by Taker and Flair for 2. Double atomic drop by Taker and Flair again for 2. Punch, and Hogan runs in to even it up. Double clothesline and double boot by Sid and Hogan sends Taker and Flair out.

- Commercials: White Men Can't Jump, LA Gear, Rogaine, Western Union.

Taker attacks from behind. Sid gets sent to the buckle, and Flair in. Kicks and chops. Punches, and Taker chokes behind the ref's back. Stungun, and Taker in. Taker goes to the top, and hits a throat punch. Sid with a double noggin knocker, and he tags in Hogan. He punches everyone, including Paul Bearer. Flair attacks, and works on the knee. Figure Four and Sid turns away. Uh oh. Hogan reaches, Sid ignores. Taker in. He hits a flying clothesline and tags in Flair. Chops, and he does that stupid crossbody move that never works. And sure enough, Hogan catches him and slams him down. Taker is tagged in, and he pounds. Hogan tries to tag, and Sid ignores. The crowd finally realizes the turn and boos. Taker chokes, and tags in Flair. Flair starts chopping, but Hogan Hulks-up. Taker walks in, and Hogan gives them a double clothesline. He crawls for the tag, but Sid ignores and hops down. Beefcake bitches, and Sid threatens to punch him, telling him to help himself. Sid walks off. Flair and Taker are still double teaming, and Flair shoves the ref for the DQ at 11:09. Good match with great drama in the Sid turn, which would change the WrestleMania main event. ***. Beefcake runs in to distract, and Hogan attacks. Taker and Flair finally retreat. Kickass SNME so far.

- Mooney interviews a gloating Sid.

- Commercial break: Halls of Medicine, Wayne's World commercial, Defenders of Dynotron City Saturday mornings on FOX, and a Miller Genuine Draft ad with Rod Stewart!, Good Day New York

- Mean Gene is with Brutus and Hogan. Hogan yells at Sid, then goes and sucks Beefcake's dick, which Beefcake does afterwards.

- The Beverly Brothers vs. Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter
The interview made us miss the intros. Duggan and Blake start (I know which Beverly is which, oddly enough. Blake has the mustache.) Lockup Kicks by Blake. Blake sends Duggan to the ropes, but Duggan nails a clothesline. Beau nails him, because Jim was stupid enough to go to that side, and Beau is tagged in. Cool double teaming, and a kick by Duggan. Blake and Sarge in, who pounds and nails a backdrop. He does and abdominal stretch, and a backbreaker gets 2. All four are now in, and a slam by Duggan. Slaughter uses the scroll, and Duggan nails the 3 point stance for the pin at 2:37. Fast, short, and harmless. *.

- Let's go back to Superstars of Wrestling and Tuesday In Texas, and that awesome Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage feud that scared the living SHIT out of me. Jake Roberts is the greatest heel ever. Only Roberts can make it look like he really wants to hurt Savage and Liz, and when he "hit" her (Missed by a lot, but close enough.), that's when it became even more amazing, because who in their right mind would hit a woman? Roberts was a sick man in the angle, and that's what got it over.

- Awesome Jake promo basically saying to "Keep watching".

- Commercials: Army, Hulk Hogan deodorant ad! BWHAHAHAH! "A true artiste is known for his inspiration, not his perspiration!", M&M's, New Parker Lewis with Harry Anderson!, 95.5 WPLJ ad. The network is most known for one of its DJ's having a heart attack and dying on air., Honda cars.

- Mean Gene talks to an angry Randy Savage, vowing revenge for all of the women watching.

- Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage
After all of those months, all of the taunting, all of the promos, all of the matches, and all of the waiting, this is the final blowoff. And what a blow-off it will be. Savage attacks from the start. They brawl, and Jake gets rammed into the ringpost. These guys are trying to make it look as stiff as possible, and I love it. Savage tosses a chair into the ring, and starts choking. Savage goes after the throat. Jake's nose is slashed open, and Savage doesn't even care. More choking, and the heat for this match is insanely intense. Savage is a maniac, cutting open Jake's nose even more. Jake tosses Randy out to rest is red nose. Savage nails him, and Jake sends him out again. Savage is sent into the ring post. Another ram.

- Commercials: Alka-Seltzer, Duracell batteries, Trident, Game Boy Ad!, Irish Spring Soap.

Savage sends Jake into the buckle, and misses the elbow. Jake nails the DDT, and Savage is dead. Jake sits out for a bit. Short clothesline, and he goes for the DDT again. Savage backdrops him out. Savage nails him from the top onto the barrier. Elbow finishes the feud once and for all at 5:25. WOW! ***1/2. Referee's try to stop Savage, but he's all like "Fuck you guys", and elbows him again anyway. He goes for the bell, but Jake escapes. Savage tosses referee's, and Elizabeth comes out to celebrate. Jake however is by the apron and is about to go after Savage with a plan, but we're out of time.

- On Superstars of Wrestling, it showed that Jake attacked Savage again, was about to hit Elizabeth with a steel chair. Undertaker stopped him, signifying the face turn.

- Overall, an amazing show. The Duggan match was kept short, and everything else was amazingly good. Even the Hogan match of all things was fun. I'm surprised. This really helped WrestleMania 8, as many angles were advanced on this show. Thumbs up, recommended. Feedback please!

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