May 17, 2007
Eric Drews

Philadelphia Spectrum
February 6, 1988

This event takes place one day after the infamous Main Event on NBC where Andre the Giant gained a controversial victory over Hulk Hogan ending Hogan’s 4-year title reign. Of course everyone knows how this went down with Andre surrendering the title to the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase immediately following the match. The controversial finish had everyone wondering who was the champion, but for now, Ted Dibiase is the recognized WWF Champion. As we sort this thing out, revenge is on the plate tonight as Hulk Hogan teams with Bam Bigelow to take on the men who stole his title. Now that I’m finished with that over the top introduction, it’s time for World Wrestling Federation action on PRISM!

Our hosts are Dick Graham and Lord Alfred Hayes. Meh. They recap the controversy from the night before. I won’t elaborate any further because the odds are that if your reading a review for a house show from 1988, you already know what happened anyway. Let’s get to the ring. Before we can, we are informed that the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission sanctions this event. Good thing. I was starting to think this was an illegitimate sport or something.

Terry Gibbs vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
Lanny has a quick poem saying the Flyers just might win the cup. Cheap pop. I think Edmonton won the cup that year actually but my hockey history is a little sketchy. Poffo though is pretty over for a guy who NEVER wins. Gibbs stalls a lot to start. Poffo maintains early control by focusing on Gibbs’ arm. Gibbs escapes and hits a shoulderblock and a Paul Orndorff wiggly elbow drop. These two go back and forth until Gibbs throws Poffo to the outside. Back in, Gibbs hits a backbreaker for a 2 count. Gibbs slaps on a bearhug in an attempt to kill the crowd. Poffo gets out with a hiptoss, but misses a somersault senton. They continue to exchange blows back and forth. Poffo hits a hiptoss for a two count. Gibbs counters a back bodydrop attempt with a boot to the face. Gibbs attempts a top rope move but is thrown off. Poffo hits a slam and a top rope moonsault for the 3 and actually wins a match! (8:58). This match was what you’d expect when you get two jobbers thrown in there. At least it wasn’t too long. ½*

Winner: “Leaping” Lanny Poffo. It’s so weird because every time I typed that in on word, it put that little squiggly green line under it and when I right clicked on it the caption said “Impossible”.

Sweet! Commercials! We’ve got a trailer for Crocodile Dundee, which is showing this month on PRISM!

One Man Gang (w/Slick) vs. George “the Animal” Steele
Ugh. Do we have to have this match? I can’t stand George “the Animal” Steele. I love Slick. I even like the One Man Gang sometimes, but this is gonna be brutal. Steele attacks before the bell and hammers away until OMG jumps outside. George starts beating up OMG’s jean vest and then puts it on. Lord Alfred Hayes thinks George is the funniest man of all time. George then puts on Slick’s hat. Bwahahahahahahaha. Slick distracts George and the Gang attacks from behind and beats him down in the corner. Slick gets a few shots in with the cane as well. George chases Slick outside and the Gang attacks him from behind again. OMG hits him with the bell. Why isn’t he disqualified? Back inside, George counters a clothesline by biting OMG’s arm and slowly, sloppily backdrops him over the top. Granted the Gang weighs like 470 pounds. Slick is on the apron and distracts George AGAIN and the Gang attacks from behind AGAIN with an avalanche and covers for the win. (4:33). George finds the cane and beats the Gang with it after the match. He then chases Slick and puts the hurt on him as well. George wants to eat a turnbuckle but the ref stops him so George chases him out. He takes Alfred’s headset and why am I recapping this exactly? That was pitiful, but considering who was involved…who am I kidding, it still sucked. DUD

WINNER: One Man Gang. I thought Hungry Hungry Hippo would’ve been a better name for him but that’s just me.

Yes more commercials! We get a trailer for The Mission, a movie about some religious guys trying to convert some natives to Christianity. They show some guy strapped to a crucifix going off a waterfall! Robert De Niro’s in it too! And it’s on PRISM this month! (Not May 2007, February 1988. I apologize to all the big fans of The Mission out there for the confusion. Is PRISM even around still?)

Dino Bravo (w/Frenchy Martin) vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
The ring announcer reminds us that Bravo is also the world bench press record holder that had taken place at the Royal Rumble a few weeks earlier. Alfred and Dick argue about whether or not Bravo actually lifted the 712 pounds or if Jesse helped him, an argument that comes up in every Bravo match until the end of his WWF career. This has a chance to be a pretty good match. I’m curious to see if Bravo speeds up or if Steamboat will be forced to slow down. Bravo asks for a test of strength to start and calls Ricky a chicken “Chicken!? Nobody calls me chicken, Bravo. Nobody!!” Steamboat goes for it but Bravo boots him in the gut instead and tries to send him over the top but Steamboat skins the cat (not actually for all the concerned PETA members reading), boots Frenchy on the way up and backdrops a charging Bravo over the top. Steamboat double noggin knocks Bravo and Frenchy. Bravo is pissed and charges back in and gets a hiptoss and arm drag. Steamboat slaps on the armbar. It’s just not a Steamboat match without one. Bravo gets out with a forearm, but can’t capitalize and gets caught with another armdrag/armbar combo. Steamboat even overpowers Bravo with a lifting armlock! Bravo gets out with a knee this time but can’t catch Ricky again and runs into a chop and is back in the armbar. Bravo is able to drive Ricky into the corner and pound away. Bravo is in control. A back elbow and a clothesline get 2. Ricky ducks a clothesline and hooks a crucifix for 2 (it wasn’t quite as cool as the crucifix off the waterfall) then hits an armdrag and slaps the armbar back on. Steamboat rams Bravo’s shoulder into corner, charges and gets caught with an inverted atomic drop that Bravo follows up with a huge clothesline for 2. Bravo hits a nice piledriver and slaps on a reverse chinlock. Steamboat almost gets out but gets thrown back down. Bravo hit an elbow drop and some mounted punches for 2. Bravo continues to control with Ricky trying to comeback numerous times but failing. Steamboat fights out of the corner and goes off. Sunset flip for 2. Jackknife roll up for 2. Small package for 2. Swinging neckbreaker (which Dick Graham calls a reverse suplex (?)) for 2. Flying chop for 2. Dinner at Applebee’s for 2. Steamboat charges Bravo in the corner and gets caught with a pinning combination. Bravo puts his feet on the ropes for two but gets caught by referee Joey Marella, who then restarts his count for a 1, then breaks it up. Steamboat back up but Bravo reverses a whip into the far corner, sending Ricky over the top and out. Bravo follows him out and they brawl to a double count out or so I thought, but the ring announcer says the time limit has expired (?). Oh, it must be one of those traditional 13:27 time limits. Trash. Bravo calls Steamboat back into the ring. He comes back and hits some chops before Frenchy comes in and he and Bravo double-team Ricky. Frenchy tries to hold Ricky for Bravo but he can’t and a Bravo knee fries Frenchy. Ricky sends Bravo out to the enjoyment of all. But Bravo comes back in for some reason and gets a backdrop before finally retreating to the dressing room (13:27). Decent match even if it was a little slow at times, but then again Dino Bravo isn’t exactly Ric Flair. **

Black Widow, a movie about some psycho lady killing her husbands, is also on PRISM Thursday at 10:00!

Kal Rudman (Who?) is in the interview area. He literally asks whom he’s speaking with today. He’s speaking with Dangerous Danny Davis who’s meeting Sam Houston tonight. This Kal Rudman guy looks like he’s coming on to Danny. Davis says Sam became a cowboy because he isn’t good at anything else and tonight he’s gonna make him a man. That Kal Rudman is a really creepy guy.

Mannequin, a movie about a mannequin maker who makes a mannequin that comes to life, but only he can see it alive and they fall in love but everyone else just thinks he’s a big creep monster, is also on PRISM this month. Something tells me that sort of story happened to Mr. Rudman.

Scott and Rick are the Spectrum Wrestling Fans of the Month. They claim to be from parts unknown. Ok. Write to PRISM if you want to be the fan of the month.

“Dangerous” Danny Davis vs. Sam Houston
Sam Houston enters to some country song that he usually doesn’t have. It’s like Midnight Rider or something. This is the rivalry that will never end and know one knows how is began. It’s timeless. Davis won’t get in the ring to start this match. Houston wants him some Danny Davis. He’ll have to get through Kal Rudman first. Davis gets on the apron so Houston leapfrogs the ref, flips Davis in and slaps on an armbar. Houston continues to work on the arm for the next several minutes. Davis gets out but gets an atomic drop and gets caught in the armbar again. Davis gets out again and sends Houston in for the ride and ducks a cross body attempt by Houston, who takes a nasty fall over the top rope to the floor. Davis won’t let Houston back in and keeps arguing with the ref on how to count a wrestler out. Nice continuity, since Davis used to be a referee himself of course. Davis tries to suplex Houston in but he counters into a lateral press for a 2 count. Davis regains control with some boots to the head and throws him back outside. He tries to hit Houston on the apron again but gets caught with a sunset flip for 2. Davis tries a suplex but Sammy reverses it, but Davis gets up and throws him out again. Who does he think he is? The Berzerker? This pisses Houston off and he comes back in like a house of fire. He hammers away and hits a flying clothesline and a bulldog for 2 as Davis gets his foot on the rope. Davis goes outside and Houston chases. Houston catches him back inside with a rollup, but Davis reverses it and gets the 3 with help from the ropes and pulling the tights. (9:41). Way too much standing around in this one. ½*

Winner: Dangerous Danny Davis

Light of Day, a movie about two rock and roll siblings with some really tough problems, but hey, Michael J. Fox is in it. How bad could it be? It’s on PRISM on Friday at 10:30 but unless you’re Marty McFly and have access to the Flux Capacitor, you can’t watch it.

“Killer” Kal Rudman (that’s how he billed himself) is back in the interview area with Oliver Humperdink and Bam Bam Bigelow. Oliver says Hogan is beside himself and he and Bigelow are going to help Hulk exact revenge on Ted and Andre and they won’t get away with what they did to the Hulkster. Oliver- “Tonight gentleman, there’s gonna be dues paid, and you’re gonna pay ‘em!”

Foot Locker commercial showcasing the brand new Air Jordan’s!

WWF Champion Ted Dibiase & Andre the Giant (w/Virgil) vs. Hulk Hogan & Bam Bam Bigelow (w/Oliver Humperdink)
Dibiase comes down wearing the WWF Title and is announced as the new WWF Champion as a tear comes down my cheek. Well not really, but it is sweet to see Teddy sporting the gold. Bam Bam is very over here and gets almost as big a pop as Hogan. Hogan and Bam Bam hit the ring and attack Andre and Dibiase respectively. Andre is tossed out and Dibiase eats a boot from Hogan. Bam Bam and Dibiase are the legal men to start. Triple B hits the MDM with an atomic drop and a clothesline before tagging the Hulkster and the crowd goes wild. Hogan goes off on Teddy and Andre. Hogan hits some mounted punches on both men and crushes MDM with a clothesline. Tag to Bammer and they hit a double boot followed by a Bam Bam falling headbutt. Dibiase is reeling. Tag to Hogan. He knocks down Dibiase but gets into trouble when he goes after Andre and gets a huge headbutt. Andre comes in illegally and hammers away on Hogan. Bam Bam comes in but the ref retstrains him as the future Mega Bucks double team Hogan. Dibiase hammers away with some fistdrops for a 2 count. MDM rams Hogan’s head into Andre’s and tags the big guy in for the 1st time this match. Andre crushes Hogan in the corner with some assmashes and MDM follows it up with a corner clothesline and another clothesline. Dibiase slaps on a reverse chinlock. Hogan taps and Dibiase and Andre win the match. Ok. I made that part up. Hogan fights up and the crowd is going insane. Hogan and Dibiase clothesline each other. Hogan tags Bam Bam. The crowd is loving every minute of it. Bam Bam hits clothesline followed by a gorilla press slam. Bammer tries for a splash but is tripped by Virgil and eats a devastating clothesline from Dibiase. MDM climbs to the top but gets tossed off by Bigelow. Hot tag to Hogan. Hogan hammers away on Teddy and hits the big boot. Andre comes in but gets clotheslined and gets tied in the ropes. Hulk hits the legdrop on Dibiase and gets the pinfall. (9:58) Bam Bam grabs a chair and chases off the Giant. Dibiase grabs the belt and is still the champ for now. Hulk wants his belt back and he, Bam Bam and Oliver celebrate in the ring. This was a fun match and the crowd loved every minute of it. It does make me a little sad to know how much Bam Bam was wasted in his first Federation run but other than that, good match even if it was a little quick. **½

Winners: Hulk Hogan and Bam Bam Bigelow.

True Grit, a John Wayne movie where he plays a drunken marshal trying to kill some bad guys, is on PRISM this month as well. Interestingly enough, True Gritt was the moniker for Starrcade in 1988, which was awesome by the way.

Our favorite guy, Kal Rudman is in the back with the Rougeau Brothers, who are facing the jobber all-star team of Steve Lombardi and Barry Horowitz. The Rougeaus say that this in a warm up match and their real goal is the WWF Tag Team Championship. Killer Kal asks a some provocative questions like, “How long have you been wrestling?” and “Did you do most of it in Canada?” “What do you think of wrestling on network television?” and “How long is it gonna take you to win the tag team titles?” I’m sure the Rougeaus were thinking the same thing. Jacques thinks it’ll only take 12 ½ minutes to beat Horowitz and Lombardi. Lets see if he’s right.

Crystal Heart is also on PRISM this month. All it says is that it’s a “very special rock and roll love story”. Wow.

The Rougeau Brothers vs. Steve Lombardi & Barry Horowitz
God there’s enough vowels in Rougeau. Jacques starts with Horowitz. Jacques fight off a headlock and hits both Lombardi and Horowitz with monkey flips. Raymond and Lombardi are in now. Lombardi tries a monkey flip but gets his face stomped on. Horowitz comes in and gets a hip toss. Raymond hits Lombardi with a hip toss as well. Alfred is trying to put over Lombardi and Horowitz as an up and coming team. Yeah. Right. Raymond counters a double team with a double arm drag and the Rougeau hits Steve and Barry with stereo dropkicks sending them to the outside. Alfred and Dick are joking about whether on not they have vodka in their orange juice. I wish I did. Raymond catches a knee to his back from Lombardi on the apron and the Original J.O.B. squad takes over with typical jobber offense. They take turns choking Raymond and Lombardi hits a slam for 2. Horowitz is in with a gutwrench suplex and legdrop for 2. They continue to work over Raymond with the most basic heel tag team tactics. Horowitz hits a terrible Russian Leg Sweep and attempts a top rope move but gets crotched allowing Jacques to get the tag. He hits Lombardi with a back elbow and a pair of knee drops. Jacques hits a backbody drop and tries a cover but moves as Horowitz tries a knee drop to break it up, causing him to drop on his own partner. Raymond dropkicks Horowitz out and the Rougeaus finish off Lombardi with there finisher. It’s like a Hart Attack but Jacques hits him with a seated senton off the top instead of a clothesline. Or a woopie cushion for those of you more familiar with that move. (9:10) Well Jacques underestimated their ability to crush two jobbers. I’ll never know why it takes them 9 minutes to beat these guys at a house show but it only takes them two and a half to beat the same guys on Wrestling Challenge. Something’s fishy there… Anyways this match was just there. *

Winners: The Rougeau Brothers. They’re not quite fabulous yet but they’re getting there.

Another crappy B movie called “Hunk” is on PRISM this month too. This one looks to be the worst one yet.

WWF Women’s Title Match
Champion Sensational Sherri vs. Rockin’ Robin

The Women’s Title is on her last legs at this point and would be gone in a little over a year. Sherri tries to attack early but Robin is ready and slams Sherri into all four top turnbuckles and hits a crossbody for only 1. Robin controls with a side headlock. Robin is of course the sister of Sam Houston in real life and they are both siblings of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, but I think Vince would’ve given up the business before letting that factoid reach the public. Anyway somewhere Sherrie gained the offensive. They go back and forth and yada, yada, yada, Sherrie gets a sunset flip pin and retains her title. (7:36) All I noticed in the post match is that it must’ve been cold in the Spectrum that night. *1/4

Winner and Still WWF Women’s Champion: Sensational Sherri. Sherri was much better in her role as a manager. That’s not saying she wasn’t a decent wrestler. She was just awesome as a manager. Her career will really pick up in about a year from this time.

Born American, a typical Cold War movie about three American’s getting captured then escaping and taking out the entire Red Army all by themselves, is also on PRISM this month!

Brady Boone vs. Iron Mike Sharpe
I’m a Brady Boone fan so this could be fun. Two more all-star jobbers are colliding here. I always thought they should’ve teamed up Billy Jack Haynes and Brady Boone as a full time tag team but that’s just me. Sharpe overpowers Brady at first, but Brady counters with his speed and hits 3 straight armdrags. Boone hits a cross body for 2. Sharpe goes outside to argue with the fans. Sharpe gains the advantage and beats on Brady with punches and forearms. Sharpe hits a backdrop for 2. He tries another and Brady hits a sunset flip for 2, but Sharpe gains the offensive right back with stiff chop. Sharpe another backdrop, but Boone leapfrogs him and tries a rolling cradle pin but only gets 2. Sharpe is right back on the offensive and takes Boone outside and rams him into the commentary table and the timekeeper’s table. Boone gets back in hits a desperation elbow to gain the offensive. Brady hammers away on Sharpe in the corner. The ref drives him back allowing Sharpe to grab a foreign object from his tights and put it in his forearm guard. He misses with it the first time and Boone hits a phantom backflip kick in the corner. Boone sends Sharpe to the opposite corner, charges and eats the foreign object right in the face. Sharpe covers for the 3 count. (9:04). Not offensive, nor spectacular *

Winner: Iron Mike Sharpe

Lethal, a typical movie about some guys whose wife and kid get stolen and he goes to get them back is on PRISM this month!

Next month at the Spectrum Ted Dibiase defends the WWF Title against Hulk Hogan! Obviously this card is subject to change. Dibiase would get stripped of the belt and the WrestleMania IV tournament would be set up.

The Islanders vs. The British Bulldogs
Here we go. This should be good. Bobby Heenan is not with the Islanders for whatever reason. This match stems from the Islanders stealing Matilda. Tama brings an empty leash to the ring to mock Matilda’s missing. Tama was a very good heel and had some real charisma. If The Islanders could’ve stuck around for a while, I think they could have been a very memorable take team instead of just a footnote. The Bulldogs attack from the start and ram the Islanders together. Davey Boy starts with Haku and they try to over power each other but no one wins. Davey tries a slam, but Haku floats behind for a rollup attempt, but Davey shakes him off and tries an elbow, but Haku moves and tries a headbutt but Davey moves. Davey tags Dynamite and they deliver a double headbutt to Haku and no one is really hurt. Dynamite tries a shoulerblock but Haku doesn’t budge. Haku ducks a clothesline and tries a cross body but Dynamite ducks and clotheslines Haku over the top. Dynamite rams Haku into Daveys foot and tag him. Davey is driven into the Islanders corner and Tama is tagged in. Tama tries a shoulderblock but Davey will have none of it and hits a hiptoss. Tama is stuck in the wrong part of town and gets smashed back and forth and Davey hits an atomic drop and yanks Tama out of the corner by his feet to his back. Dynamite in now with a shoulderblock and huge headbutt (aren’t Samoans supposed to be unaffected by headbutts?) Tama now is asking for a handshake, but Dynamite doesn’t buy it and slingshots Tama into the corner and he rolls out. Tama gets in a heated argument with some fan and the Bulldogs attack the Islanders from behind. Davey is in now with a press slam and hot shots Tama from the press for a 2. Tag to Dynamite. Tama rakes the eyes and tags Haku. Dynamite whips Haku to the corner and charges but Haku catches him with a double chop. The Islanders work over Dynamite with basic attacks. The Islanders hit a double headbutt and a beautiful back suplex by Haku. A shoulderbreaker by Haku gets a 2. Haku slaps on the dreaded nerve hold. Tag to Tama. Dynamite is able to get a sunset flip for 2 before Tama regains control with a front facelock. Dynamite makes the tag but the ref was tied up with Haku and doesn’t see or allow it. Tama tries an elbow drop and finally makes the tag. Davey Boy in with a clothesline and stalling suplex on Haku for 2. Small package for 2. Davey hits the running powerslam on Haku but Tama breaks it up. Dynamite comes in but the ref stops him allowing the Islanders to double team. Haku slams Davey and Tama hits the top rope splash but Dynamite breaks it up and hits a double noggin knocker. The ref tries to detain Dynamite but he throws him across the ring causing a DQ finish (13:04) Dynamite attacks the Islanders with the leash and tries to choke out Tama with it. Good, fast paced tag team match. The DQ finish is lame, but this rivalry was just starting so it’s understandable. ***

Winners by Disqualification: The Islanders

Final Analysis: This show was decent. The main event and the last tag match were very good; the rest was just average. From a sentimental standpoint it is fun to see Ted Dibiase wearing the belt and introduced as the champion. I would say that if you can find this show, go for it. If not, don’t lose any sleep over it.

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