November 11, 2012
JJ Flamingo

WWF At Philadelphia Spectrum, March 20, 1982

Announcers: Dick Graham and Kal Rudman

Over 9000 strong at the Spec to see Backlund take on one of his toughest opponents plus more!


Match 1: Johnny Rodz vs Davey O’Hannon

Setup: The Irish Bug with Parkinson’s takes on The Unpredictable Jobber to start things off!

Match: This was actually a rematch from January at the Spectrum which saw O’Hannon score a surprise win. As usual, Rodz makes the most of his low spot on the card by setting a blistering pace, and O’Hannon is right there with him. Lots of near falls and moves being pulled out of both guy’s asses, until the bell rings to signal that time has run out.

Result: Time Limit Draw at 20:00

Score: 2 (Good) Rodz didn’t have a chance to do a lot of Broadways, but he was good at them.

Match 2: Jose Estrada vs Steve Travis

Setup: A midcard rematch from MSG pitting the man with no charisma against the aging Latino.

Match: Well, Travis still sucks, and is clearly a guy with no future, making one wonder if WWF did talent cuts back then like they do today. Fortunately, Estrada is allowed to have most of the offense, which makes the match watchable from an aesthetic viewpoint. Finish comes when Travis hits Estrada “out of nowhere” with a flying body press.

Result: Travis via pinfall

Score: 1 (Okay) Slightly better than the MSG match.

Match 3: Ivan Putski vs Mr. Fuji

Setup: Polish Power gets The Fuge in a battle of Future Hall Of Famers.

Match: This match features a lot, and I mean, A LOT of stalling, mostly on Fuji’s part, as Graham and Rudman chalk it up to “psychological tactics”. Soon, Fuji gets the edge with a foreign object (salt?) as the blinded Putski falls prey to all kinds of martial arts shots to the nerve endings. Fuji goes to whip Putski to the ropes, but Ivan reverses it to hit the Polish Hammer (his first offensive move of the match) for the quick finish.

Result: Putski via pinfall

Score: 2 (Good) Gets the extra point for the quick, shocking finish.

Match 4: Bob Backlund vs Adrian Adonis (WWF World Title Match)

Setup: After their bitter battle at MSG, Bobbsy and Adrian lock horns again at the Spectrum!

Match: Was Adonis really this good before he grew into 300 pounds of blubber? Adrian proves himself yet again against the World Champion by being persistent, scientific, and constantly thinking on his feet in a way that keeps Backlund confounded. Adonis spends much of the match working on Backlund’s arm, staying with it even as Bob fights back and hits a move before Adrian outsmarts him and goes right back to the arm. Soon Backlund gets his groove on and hits his piledriver, but his arm hurts so much that he makes a slow cover and Adonis easily kicks out. Eventually Adrian gets back into it and locks on his sleeper hold (Goodnight Irene), and Bob tries to run him into the corner only for Adonis to reverse it and roll Backlund up and…oh wait! Bob reverses the rollup into his patented bridge and snares the elusive three count. Bravo.

Result: Backlund via pinfall at 21:50 (Retains Title)

Score: 3 (Great) God Bless Keith Franke.

Match 5: Fabulous Moolah and Wendi Richter vs Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria (2/3 Falls)

Setup: Yet another rematch from MSG, but at least it’s another excuse to see that grand ass of Wendi’s in motion.

Match: Besides Richter, it seems that the Canadian Indian Victoria has upped the sex appeal a bit, wearing a hot black leather skirt into the ring here. First Fall sees an interesting contrast from the MSG match, as while Richter still carries things for her team, Velvet and Victoria are allowed to get quite a few of their own licks in, leaving the beautiful Wendi having to do a lot of selling that Moolah never would. Soon Richter gets McIntyre up in an over the shoulder backbreaker (Ventura style) and Velvet quickly submits the fall. Second Fall sees a bit of pandemonium break loose with all four girls in the ring, but Velvet wastes little time catching Wendi with a sunset flip for the quick shock pin. Third Fall again sees Velvet and Victoria in quite a bit of control, double teaming Richter and doing a double wishbone on the heel women. Soon Velvet gets tossed outside and Richter and Moolah hit a double clothsline on Victoria before Wendi concedes the final pinfall to Moolah’s worthless ass.

Result: Moolah and Richter via 2 Falls To 1

Score: 2 (Good) With the obvious exception of Moolah, it’s nice to see what can be done when you have girls with real sex appeal.

Match 6: Pedro Morales vs Greg Valentine (WWF Intercontinental Title Match)

Setup: Yet another rematch from MSG as punch and kick Pedro again defends against The Hammer!

Match: Since Valentine can guess that Pedro is gonna come out swinging, he counteracts that by hitting Morales over the head with the IC tite belt and proceeding to beat him down before putting on the figure four leglock, but Pedro gets out of it by (you guessed it) punching his way out, and Valentine manfully at least sells it by doing his patented flop. Shockingly, Morales pulls out a real move (a backbreaker!) and even PINS Valentine even though his foot was on the rope, however the dumbass and probably biased referee didn’t (or wouldn’t) notice it, giving Pedro a cheap win in the process.

Result: Morales via pinfall (Retains Title)

Score: 1 (Okay) A screwy finish and not much actual wrestling take it a notch down from the usual Valentine outing.

Match 7: Jesse Ventura vs Tony Garea

Setup: The Body vs The Perm as Ventura continues to make his mark.

Match: It was obvious that Garea was on the edge of that cliff before his career plummeted into pure jobber status. Ventura though honorably still sells for him as Tony tries to work on the leg and get Jesse all charlie horsed up. However Ventura does have a trick up his sleeve as Garea hits him with a flying body press from the second rope only to have Jesse reverse it and get the three count (without pulling the tights) for the clean pin.

Result: Ventura via pinfall

Score: 2 (Good) A strong clean finish that puts Jesse over strong.

Match 8: Mr. Saito vs Rick Martel

Setup: Two future World Champions meet up here to settle their tag team business.

Match: Now here’s a classic example of where you have two good workers who just happen to naturally find their groove together and show good chemistry and have an exciting match. However, while they brawl in the corner, Martel gets overanxious and shoves down the ref. The referee persistently comes back over and now Saito pushes him down. The ref will have none of that and stops the match.

Result: Double DQ

Score: 2 (Good) These two worked well against each other.

Match 9: S.D. Jones vs Charlie Fulton

Setup: Yet another improbable way to close a Spectrum card with this jobberific display.

Match: Special Delivery must have decided he didn’t like the Waingro lookalike, as he refuses to sell any of his punches. And punch away they do, flailing like idiots for about five minutes before S.D. hits a big headbutt and knocks him out.

Result: Jones via pinfall

Score: 0 (Shit) Two of nothing is still nothing.

Overall Score: 2 (Good) A classic World Title match featuring one of the most underrated wrestlers of all time, plus lots of other good stuff make this one that you too should possibly get from your most trusted online retailer.

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