February 20, 2010
Alexander Settee

Survivor Series 2002, November 17, 2002, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
Announcers: The teams of: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler, and Michael Cole & Tazz

Hereís a show with a double whammy theme to it as we just last week had the announcement that Survivor Series is no more and will be replaced by a new concept this November. Along with that, coming up Sunday is the Elimination Chamber PPV and this is the show that featured the first ever Chamber match.

Opening Match, Tables Elimination Match: Bubba Ray Dudley, Spike Dudley, & Jeff Hardy vs. Three Minute Warning & Rico
The rules here are that to win you need to put each member of the other team through table, and once someone does go through one, they are eliminated. It starts with a six way brawl and the face clearing the ring. Spike gets tossed onto 3MW, but they catch him, so Jeff follows with a dive that wipes everyone out. The face team pretty much dominates early on, with Spike hitting a Whazzup Drop on Jamal, and then Jeff legdropping Rico off the top. Bubba gets a table setup in the corner, but Rosey takes him out before he can do anything with it. He then rams Spike to the table and charges at him, but Spike moves and Rosey goes crashing through it. Heís not eliminated though as you must be put through by an opponent and not by your own momentum for it to be official. We get more brawling and then Rico tries to suplex Spike through a table, but itís blocked. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog, but gets caught by 3MW and flapjacked through the table to eliminate him. Bubba and Jeff are then laid out with Rico holding them down while Rosey and Jamal go up, but the face kick Rico off and crotch both of 3MW. Rosey and Jeff go into the crowd where Rosey lays him out and sets up a table in the exit. Meanwhile, Bubba takes out both guys in the ring and makes his way over to help Jeff. He gets Rosey on the table so Jeff can climb to the top of the exit and drop a Swanton from there to eliminate Rosey. Jamal drags Bubba back to the ring where Rico has setup another table. Jeff come back to even the odds and crotches Rico on the top rope. Bubba goes to suplex him from there, but Jamal makes the save by moving the table. Jeff hits Jamal with Whisper in the Wind and takes him to the floor. He tries the barricade run, but gets nailed with a table coming off. Jamal then sets up a new table, goes to the top rope, and splashes Jeff from there to the floor to finish him off. Bubba is now one on two, but heís got Rico alone in the ring. He sets up the table spot, but itís too late and Jamal breaks it up. He gets Bubba on the top, then climbs up with him, but Bubba hooks him and powerbombs him though the table to even it up again. Rico works Bubba over, but Rosey makes his way back in illegally. Jamal recovers as well and the triple team is on until D-Von Dudley runs in to make the save. He and Bubba had been broken up by the Brand Extension earlier in the year and so this was something of a reunion. These guys are a perfect example of a team being far more than the sum of its parts, so you have to wonder what they were thinking breaking them up in the first place. So D-Von clears out 3MW, and then they hit 3D on Rico to end the match at 13:54. Iím not really sure how to rate this. It wasnít boring or anything, but also didnít feel that exciting and there really was nothing to it except brawling and table spots. If you like that it might be your thing, but Iíll call it *1/2 I guess.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Jamie Noble (w/Nidia) vs. Billy Kidman
Kidman has beaten Noble in both a tag team match and a non-title match leading up to getting his title shot here. He starts immediately with a couple of rollups for 1, and then a rana for another 1. Noble bails, with Kidman getting him right back in, but Noble jumps him coming through. Neckbreaker gets 1, and then he runs Kidman to the corner and chokes him on the ropes. He then tosses Kidman to the floor and nails a suicide dive. Back in, Noble goes up, but Kidman dropkicks him coming down. Now Kidman works Noble over for a bit, culminating with a sort of Death Valley Driver into a backbreaker for 2. Noble comes back with a reverse suplex for 2 of his own. Kidman hits a sunset flapjack and sets up the Shooting Star Press, but Nidia pulls her man out. Kidman just changes directions and hits a dive onto the floor instead, then gets him in and hits a slingshot legdrop for 2. A reversal sequence follows with Nidia then getting on the apron and slapping Kidman. He causes Noble to run into her though and then gets him with a sitdown powerbomb for 2. They go through some counters again leading to Noble getting the Tiger Bomb for 2. He then runs into a boot. Kidman goes up, soon joined by Noble, but Kidman drops him from there. Noble gets back on him and hits him with an hanging DDT like Randy Orton, except Kidmanís feet were on the top rope. That gets 2. Kidman hits him with an ensiguiri and sets up the SSP again. Nidia grabs the leg with Kidman kicking her off, but that gives Noble the chance to get up there with him. Kidman knocks him back though and then connects with the SSP. That gets him the 3 count and the Cruiserweight Title at 7:29. They didnít get much time, but this wasnít really destined for greatness anyways. **

In the locker room, Kurt Angle was actually inspired by that last match, saying that if Kidman can win the Cruiserweight Title, then he and Benoit can surely win the Tag Team Titles later on. Provided of course that Benoit stays out of the Team Captainís way. Benoit takes exception to this slight and dares Angle to repeat himself, but Angle sweet talks him out of his rage and seals the deal with a hug.

Meanwhile, Victoria asks a mirror whoís the best looking diva of all. The mirror thinks itís Trish Stratus, so she destroys it. Sheís psychotic if you didnít know.

Womenís Championship, Hardcore Match: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
This feud was based off the idea that they had been friends dating back to their fitness model days, but that Trish had somehow blocked Victoria from having a chance to get into WWE sooner. Thus Victoria was now out for revenge. She attacks Trish during her entrance and chokes her out with the coat. We then see that several garbage cans of weapons have been helpfully attached to the ringposts, I guess to save them from searching under the ring. Victoria gets a broom, but Trish ducks the shot and gets her with a monkey flip. Victoria flips back on top though and chokes her out which somehow draws a light ďHLAĒ chant. Victoria gets her in the corner, still holding on with the broom, so Trish does an over the head kick to break it. She then gets a trash can lid, but Victoria knocks it back in her face. They go to the floor, where Victoria whips her to one of the hanging cans. Back in the ring, she connects with a flipping legdrop for 2. She then sets a trash can in the corner, but Trish steals back the advantage and catapults Victoria into it. That gets a 2 count. Next Trish finds an ironing board and sets it in the corner so she can whip Victoria into that for another 2 count. She then uses a kendo stick a few times until Victoria comes back with a shot with the lid. Victoria has a hardway bloodied nose here. She goes up with Trish trying a rana and getting caught, but Trish grabs the lid from the mat and nails her with it. They go to the floor where Trish whips her to the steps. Back in, Victoria gets a powerbomb and grabs a mirror in perhaps a continuation of the earlier segment, but nothing ends up coming of it as Trish just kicks him. A Chick Kick gets 2, but then Victoria nails here with the kendo stick. Victoria goes for something, but Trish turns it into an ugly bulldog for 2. Victoria then catches her with a drop toehold. She goes under the ring and finds a fire extinguisher, which she sprays in Trishís face. Snap suplex follows and Victoria gets the pin off of that to become the new Womenís Champion at 7:03. You donít usually see the women working this style, and unlike when the men do it, it actually comes across as something different. It wasnít a great match or anything, but I have no problems with it. **1/2

Eric Bischoff brags to the Coach about how great the Elimination Chamber is going to be later on, and how no one, especially Stephanie McMahon can keep up with his innovations. Big Show then walks in and tells Bischoff that heís going to regret trading him because heís walking out of MSG as the new WWE Champion.

Meanwhile, Paul Heyman (while stroking the championship belt) is concerned about the match tonight seeing as how Lesnar is suffering from a broken rib at the hands of the Big Show. But since theyíve come this far, Heyman promises that heíll do whatever it takes for His Client to walk out with the Title.

WWE Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) vs. The Big Show
So considering that he was booked as a dominant monster, it was no surprise that the fans started getting behind Lesnar. After finishing off Undertaker last month at No Mercy in Hell in a Cell, they moved him to a feud with Show, and started playing up the possibility of a face turn. Because of his injuries, and the fact that Show has beaten him down a couple of times leading up to this match, theyíre calling him the underdog for the first time in his career. Even Heyman has gone on the record saying he canít beat Show to tease problems between them. Lesnar gets a good face reaction coming out and gets right in Showís face. Show shoves him off and gets a hiptoss, but Lesnar comes out of the corner with a spear and beats Show out to the floor. Lesnar ends up getting caught though and run to the post. Back in, show sets up the chokeslam, but Lesnar escapes and hits a back suplex followed by some shoulders in the corner. Corner whip is reversed, but Show misses a charge and Lesnar gets a German suplex. F5 is blocked and Lesnar comes off the ropes, but ends up bumping the ref. He then hits Show with a belly to belly suplex. Itís pretty amazing to see Lesnar throwing Show around like this. Heyman puts a chair in the ring and Lesnar nails him with it. He then hits the F5, but thereís no ref. A new one runs in and starts counting, but Heyman pulls him out at 2. Lesnar is ready to kill Heyman, and Heyman is shocked as though he expected a different reaction or something. But he is able to lure Lesnar into a trap where Show now has the chair and nails him. Chokeslam on the chair follows as Heyman gets the original ref back in the ring and he counts 3 to make Big Show the new WWE Champion at 4:19. Show and Heyman celebrate briefly, and then flee the building in a waiting limo. This was Lesnarís first televised pinfall loss. They decided that since he was going to be the top babyface going forward, they wanted him to win the Title at Wrestlemania, thus necessitating losing it here. Show would actually end up dropping the Title to Kurt Angle in the interim as they felt Angle/Lesnar was more Wrestlemania worthy. As for this match, it was short because Lesnar was hurt, although he showed no signs of it, and was more storyline oriented than anything else. * for Lesnarís impressive displays of strength.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match: Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
These six guys were among the bigger reasons that Smackdown was a great show during this period. Angle and Benoit became the initial champs last month at No Mercy with the gimmick that they didnít get along, and they ended up losing them to Rey and Edge a couple of weeks ago in a 2 of 3 falls match. So here we are tonight for a rematch with Los Guerreros thrown into the mix and it is also an elimination match which goes with the Survivor Series theme. They start with an argument over whoís going to start, but Eddie and Chavo are smart and make sure itís not them. Benoit and Rey are the winners and they start off going back and forth for a bit. Rey drop toes him on the buckle and tags Edge for a double hiptoss. Benoit fires back with chops and tags Angle, who takes a backdrop from Edge and a forearm. Chavo nails Angle from the apron and the ref interprets this as a tag and forces him in. He takes a shoulderblock, dropkick, and slam before Edge tags Rey who hits a springboard splash for 2. Chavo escapes and tags Eddie who pounds Rey down, but at the first sign of a comeback, Eddie tags Angle. Angle works Rey over, but ends up taking a spinning headscissors. He then misses a charge in the corner. Rey leaps and looks like heís supposed to land on top, but slips and smacks the mat. Angle covers by stomping away and suplexing him for 2. He then hits a short clothesline and tags Benoit who gets a neckbreaker and a back suplex for 2. Tag back to Angle who gets his own back suplex for 2. Rey avoids an Angle Slam, but still gets clotheslined for 2. Tag to Benoit who uses a snap suplex for another 2. Angle gets the tag and snapmares Rey, then hold shim in a front facelock for awhile. Rey flips out of a German suplex and nails a spinkick. Angle crawls to the Guerrero corner, but they want nothing to do with a tag so he tags Benoit instead. Edge gets the tag as well and he runs wild on Angle and Benoit. The Guerreros try and get involved now, but Rey clears them out. Edge finally gets caught in both the Crossface and ankle lock, but Rey makes the save. Angle gets sent off, but is tripped and pulled out by Chavo, so Rey follows with a corkscrew dive on both of them. Benoit gets a German suplex on Edge, and then goes for another, but in a real cool spot, Eddie comes off the top with a sunset flip at the same time and seemingly has both guys covered for 2. Benoit tosses Eddie and then gets the Triple Germans on Edge. He goes up, but Eddie is quicker and hits the frog splash. As the ref counts, Benoit drops the headbutt anyways and breaks the pin, which is of course stupid. Angle hits Eddie with the Angle Slam. Benoit gets the Crossface on Rey while Angle puts the ankle lock on Eddie. Chavo comes in with one of the belts and nails Benoit. He then misses a shot on Angle, who gets the belt from him just in time for Benoit to see him and think that Angle nailed him. Before the argument escalates too much though, Rey dropkicks Benoit into Angle, and then Edge spears him for the pin to eliminate them at 13:07. Angle and Benoit argue, but continually stop to hit moves on the other guys before finally leaving. Eddie covers Edge for 2 off of an Angle Slam. He then tags Chavo who dropkicks Edge for 2. Tag back to Eddie, who does his rolling leap into the ring for 2. Edge escapes a sleeper, but Chavo gets a blind tag and surprises Edge with a dropkick for 2. He then draws Rey into the ring which allows Eddie to choke Edge from the apron. They trade him off a couple more times until Edge finally comes back with a double flapjack and makes the hot tag to Rye. Rey runs wild, hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Eddie. Chavo misses a charge and hits his partner, and then Edge spears both of them. Edge sets Eddie on top, then alley-oops Rey into a rana on him for 2. Chavo made the save, but then gets tossed. 619 hits on Eddie and Rey goes for the West Coast Pop, but Chavo nails him with the belt. Edge goes for Chavo as Eddie hooks Rey in the Lasso From El Paso and that gets the submission at 19:24. Great stuff here, but of course I would have expected nothing less. ****

To kill a little time, out comes Chris Nowinski. He puts down New Yorkers and calls them stupid. Matt Hardy begs to differ, as he believes that New Yorkers are losers. They argue for a bit, but eventually decide to compromise and agree that New Yorkers are both stupid and losers. Coveted free agent Scott Steiner then comes out and beats up both guys. He gets a big reaction here, which I guess justifies the push they gave him, but of course it ended up not being pretty.

Terri looks for a pre-match word with Shawn Michaels, but heís interrupted by RNN Breaking News. Randy Orton has taken time away from his rehab to be here tonight! If you send him a get well email, heíll be back in no time! He looks and talks nothing like the 2010 version of Randy Orton by the way.

Eric Bischoff then introduces us to the Chamber and goes over the rules leading up to our main event.

Main Event, World Heavyweight Championship, Elimination Chamber Match: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho vs. Booker T vs. Kane vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam
HHH and RVD are the first guys in, and RVD pretty much dominates him. He hits a spinkick, backdrops him to the steel, and runs him to the cage about four times. HHH is busted open already. RVD monkey flips him on the steel and then hits Rolling Thunder before clotheslining him back in the ring. He then climbs all the way to the top of one of the pods, but Jericho is inside and he hooks the leg. HHH gets on the top rope, but RVD kicks both of them away. He goes down to the top rope and flips on to HHH before running him to the cage again. The countdown signals the end of the first period and our next entrant is Chris Jericho. He and RVD go at it for a bit while HHH lays low and sells the beating he took. Jericho charges into a spinkick and takes a standing moonsault for 2. They fight out on the steel, with RVD trying to come off the tope rope and Jericho ducking, but RVD catches himself off the cage and leaps right back at him. HHH has finally recovered enough to get back into it and the result is a double team on RVD. HHH hits a high knee and Jericho covers for 2. They run him to the cage several times. HHH then goes to whip Jericho into him, but RVD moves and Jericho hits the post. HHH hits a DDT as the countdown begins again and the next man out is Booker T. He cleans house on the two heels and then does a Spinarooni. He then hits RVD with a spinkick for 2. RVD connects with one of his own for 2. HHH attacks Booker, but gets caught and takes a scissors kick. RVD then takes out Jericho and goes to the top of one of the pods. From there he drops a frog splash on HHH. He sells it like he hurt himself more though and when he gets up, Booker connects with a top rope dropkick and pins him at 13:38. Booker then covers HHH, but he gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Jericho bulldogs Booker, but the Lionsault misses. Booker hits him with a spinebuster for 2 as the countdown hits again and Kane is brought into the match. He beats up Booker and Jericho with ease, including throwing Jericho to the cake like a javelin and putting him through the door of one of the pods to bust him open. Booker goes toe to toe with Kane, but as he comes off the ropes, Jericho nails him with a low blow. Kane hits a chokeslam and then Jericho Lionsaults him for the 3 count at 17:41. Kane now beats on both Jericho and HHH, suplexing Jericho for 2. HHH tries going up top, but Kane slams him off. This leads to the Final Countdown which brings Shawn Michaels into the match. Weíve been spoiled by his frequent wrestling in the time since, but this was only the second match of his comeback after the street fight against HHH at Summerslam. He beats on both Jericho and Kane while HHH lays low. Kane and Jericho end up going at it as well until Kaneís had enough and chokeslams all three guys. He goes for the Tombstone on HHH, but HHH slips out and Shawn catches Kane with the Superkick. Kane sits up, but then takes the Pedigree, followed by the Lionsault for the 3 count at 22:55. Shawn then gets kicked by Jericho and clotheslined to the steel. There seems to be an alliance between Jericho and HHH against Shawn here as they double team him. HHH grates him on the cage until he bleeds. Jericho goes to run him to the cage, but itís blocked and Jericho tastes it instead. Shawn then clotheslines HHH and sets up a piledriver on Jericho, but Jericho backdrops out of it. Shawn recovers and nails HHH with the flying forearm and kips up, but Jericho bulldogs him from behind. Lionsault hits, but it only gets 2. Jericho whips him to the corner and charges, but runs into a boot and then takes a moonsault off the top for 2. Shawn gets Jericho is his version of the Walls, but HHH breaks it by hitting a DDT. Jericho covers Shawn, but HHH pulls him off in the first moment of dissention between them since Jericho got in. HHH apparently wants Shawn for himself, you see. HHH of course dominates Jericho, hitting a clothesline and a facebuster for 2. Corner whip sees Jericho leap to the 2nd rope and come off, but HHH catches him and tries the Pedigree. Jericho counters and hooks the Walls, but Shawn hits him with the Superkick and pins him at 30:43. This leaves Shawn and HHH who start trading blows. HHH gets a spinebuster for 2, but puts his head down on a whip and gets kicked. Shawn charges, but gets backdropped onto the steel. A whip to the cage is reversed and HHH hits it. Shawn sets up a Pedigree, but HHH counters and catapults him through the pod door. HHH rolls him into the ring and covers, but Shawn kicks out at 2. He follows with a facebuster and then clotheslines him back to the steel again. He goes for the Pedigree, but Shawn scoops the legs and catapults him into the cage. He clotheslines HHH into the ring, then climbs up to the top of a pod and drops an elbow from there. Superkick is caught though and countered to a Pedigree, which hits, but HHH is slow on the cover and it only gets 2. He sets it up again, but Shawn backdrops out and hits the Superkick. He covers and gets the 3 count and the World Heavyweight Championship at 39:21. This is then only World Title heís won since his comeback incidentally enough, and he celebrates it with a huge pop from the crowd and a shower of confetti. This was a really good first effort for the Chamber. They built the drama really well, and then had they guy everyone was pulling for come though in the end. Great stuff. ****1/2

Well, this was starting out looking like it was a nothing show, but the last two matches pulled through big time, and since they pretty much make up most of the show, they raise this to a pretty easy Thumbs Up. The other four matches, while they arenít bad or anything, are just kind of there and are completely unremarkable. This gets a high recommendation, but feel free to skip the first half completely.

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