May 9, 2010
Steve Riddle

Survivor Series 1991
November 27th, 1991
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, Michigan

Dark Match:
1. Chris Chavis defeats Kato.

Actual Show:

Gorilla Monsoon welcomes us to the Survivor Series.

We see highlights from Superstars where Jake Roberts’ cobra bites Randy Savage on the arm.

Jack Tunney passes down these measures, all reptiles are barred from ringside, and that Randy Savage will be reinstated and will face Jake Roberts at Tuesday in Texas, which means Roberts will not compete at Survivor Series.

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

1. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s team defeats “Rowdy” Roddy Piper’s team.
Sole Survivor
: Ric Flair

1. The British Bulldog pinned by Flair at 10:55.
2. The Warlord pinned by Piper at 17:00.
3. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase, The Mountie, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Virgil, and Piper disqualified at 22:48.

Debut #1: This is the long awaited debut of Ric Flair. He was trained by Verne Gagne and debuted in 1972 in the AWA. He jumped to the NWA in 1975, but almost had his career and life ended in a plane crash. He would recover and dominate the NWA in the 1980s, winning the World Title 7 times. By the new decade, he was having disputes with WCW management, who wanted him to be used in a limited manner, despite being a top draw. He would jump to the WWF during the fall. He also showed with the NWA Title, as he was owed the deposit for it. He was paid and returned the belt and began using an old tag belt, which was distorted on TV.

Debut #2: The Warlord’s new manager is Dr. Harvey Wippleman. He made his debut as a manager in 1979. He is best known for his run in Memphis as Downtown Bruno before coming to the WWF during the fall.

Title Change: Ted Dibiase defeated Virgil on the Survivor Series Showdown to regain the Million Dollar Championship.

Analysis: Our opener sees the debut of The Man. Ric Flair finally arrives in the WWF and is sent right to the top. Both teams are solid, but many guys are going different directions. On the face side, Bret Hart and the Bulldog are on the rise, Virgil would not reach the heights he reached at Summerslam, and Piper would get a big jump by the next year. On the heel side, Flair is Flair, the Mountie would get a big jump, albiet very brief, Warlord is on his way out, and Dibiase would move to a different area by next year. All 8 men put a hurting on each, with many feuds intertwined. Bulldog and Warlord bow out before all the men, except Flair are DQ’ed as Flair was on the outside. Kinda cheesy, but the point got across that Flair is the man. All 8 men move on, but Flair’s night is not over. Good match that could have used a better ending. Grade: 3

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Elizabeth, who promise that Jake Roberts will pay for his actions.

2. Sgt. Slaughter’s team defeats Col. Mustafa’s team.
Sole Survivors
: Slaughter, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, “El Matador” Tito Santana, and “The Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich.

1. Mustafa pinned by Slaughter at 7:57.
2. Hercules pinned by Santana at 12:05.
3. Skinner pinned by Slaughter at 13:31.
4. The Berzerker pinned by Duggan at 14:19.

Debuts #1 and 2: The Berzerker and Skinner are John Nord and Steve Keirn. Nord began his career in the AWA and also competed in WCCW. He debuted earlier in the year as the Viking before becoming the Berzerker. Keirn has wrestled mostly as a tag specialist, most notably teaming with Stan Lane as the Fabulous Ones. He debuted before this event as Skinner, an alligator hunter from the Everglades.

Face Turn/Substitution: Sgt. Slaughter turned face after Summerslam and once again became a patriot and teamed up with Jim Duggan. Slaughter is replacing Jim Neidhart.

Repackaging/Substitution: Tito Santana spent the summer in Mexico becoming a bullfighter and incorporated that into his character. Santana is replacing Ricky Steamboat.

Substitution/Farewell #1: Hercules is replacing Big Bully Busick, and makes his last appearance, save for an appearance in the 1992 Royal Rumble match. He would compete in WCW and New Japan before retiring in 1999. Hercules would sadly pass away in his sleep from heart disease on March 6th, 2004 at the age of 47.

Farewell #2: This is Col. Mustafa/Iron Shiek’s last PPV, outside his appearance in the 1992 Royal Rumble. He had a brief run in 1996-97 as the Sultan’s manager and appeared in Wrestlemania X-7’s Gimmick Battle Royal. The Iron Shiek was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005 by Sgt. Slaughter.

Farewell #3: This is also Kerry Von Erich’s last PPV, aside from the 1992 Royal Rumble. He would return to Texas and compete there. Kerry Von Erich would sadly commit suicide on February 18th, 1993 at the age of 33. Kerry Von Erich, along with his father Fritz and brothers Kevin, David, Michael, and Chris, were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 by Michael Hayes.

Analysis: A basic midcard filler Survivor match, despite all the subs and debuts. This match has a classic exchange with Bobby and Gorilla, Bobby: “Here at Jim Louis Arena.” Gorilla: “Joe Louis Arena. Who’s Jim Louis?” Bobby: “I don’t know. Who’s Joe Louis?” Gorilla: “Will you stop!”. Their commentary was so good, even though Bobby was a different kind of commentator than Jesse Ventura. But back to the match, on the heel side, Berzerker and Skinner debut and freshen up the midcard, while Mustafa and Hercules are out the door. On the face side, Slaughter is back to a face and would team with Duggan, Santana is still the same Santana, despite a character change, and Von Erich is also out the door. The heels do simple heat segments, with Berzerker doing most of the work, but the faces pick them off one after another. Mustafa and Herc go out first, then Skinner and Berzerker fall. The faces win with a shutout and all eight men move on to different issues. Decent match as we head to the title match. Grade: 2

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Jake “The Snake” Roberts, who says he will end Savage’s career for good at Tuesday in Texas.

We see highlights from Superstars in the Funeral Parlor where Hulk Hogan was attacked by Undertaker and Ric Flair.

3. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) pins Hulk Hogan with the Tombstone at 12:45 to win the WWF Championship.

Fun Fact: This marks the first time the WWF Championship is defended at the Survivor Series.

Analysis: A complete shocker at the time. Taker, now a year into his career and still undefeated, gets a title shot. Hogan was still getting pops, but it is clear that Taker is becoming quite popular. The match itself is very slow and methodical as Taker relied on chokes and power moves. Hulk would make his usual comebacks, including almost killing the Tombstone. Then Ric Flair heads to ringside and Hulk gets defeated with another Tombstone, this time on a steel chair held by Flair. A pinfall later and Undertaker is the new champion, and getting a great ovation for it. In fact, when Hogan walks out after the match, the boos are louder than the cheers. It is becoming clear that Hogan’s dominace is starting to dwindle away. It also seemed like this was a convulated way to keep Hogan from facing Flair, but I don’t know if that holds true as Hogan was facing Flair on the house circuit and again in WCW. Either way, Taker is now the man and Hogan has gotten one-upped by Flair. A very average match with the huge shocker. Grade: 2.5

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Roddy Piper, who says it’s a bad day in the WWF and that Undertaker only won thanks to Rc Flair.

Sean Mooney interviews Ric Flair and Mr. Perfect, who say that Hulkamania is dead and that Hogan is no longer immortal.

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews IRS and the Natural Disasters, who say even though it should be 4-on-3, the result will still be the same and they will survive.

Sean Mooney interviews the LOD and the Big Bossman, who say that Jack Tunney’s decision doesn’t matter and they will be the sole survivors.

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Jack Tunney, who says that Hulk Hogan will get his rematch for the WWF Title at Tuesday in Texas, and he will be at ringside to ensure no outside interference.

Gorilla and Bobby talk about the decision by Tunney, and Bobby cries that it is not fair to the Undertaker.

4. The Nasty Boys’ team defeats the Rockers’ team.
Sole Survivors
: The Nasty Boys and Blake Beverly.

1. Luke pinned by Brian Knobbs at 5:21.
2. Butch pinned by Beau Beverly at 10:13.
3. Beau pinned by Shawn Michaels at 13:53.
4. Michaels pinned by Knobbs at 19:41.
5. Marty Jannetty pinned by Jerry Sags at 23:06.

Debuts #1 and 2: The Beverly Brothers are Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos. After being trained by Eddie Sharkey, they debuted in the AWA as the Destruction Crew,winning the AWA Tag Team Titles. After brief stints in WCW and NJPW, they debuted in the WWF in May.

Analysis: After the shocking title change, we go back to the elimination style matches. The Bushwhackers continue to float and the Nasties are on cruise control since Summerslam, but there are two main points. First, the Beverlys make their debut and are a fresh team on the heel side. The other is the cracks in the foundation of the Rockers. Michaels and Jannetty were constantly bickering during matches, but tried to pull it together here. The Whackers go down back to back, then Beau gets surprised by Michaels. Shawn is then eliminated after a miscommunication with Jannetty. Marty then falls to the remaining heels and the Nasties and Blake win. The Whackers, Nasties, and Beverlys move on and the Rockers are on the verge of imploding. Decent match to get the main point across. Grade: 2

Gorilla and Bobby recap the last match and continue to hype Tuesday in Texas.

5. The Big Bossman’s team defeats Irwin R. Schyster’s team.
Sole Survivors
: The Legion of Doom

1. Bossman pinned by IRS at 6:23.
2. Typhoon pinned by Hawk at 9:55.
3. Earthquake counted out at 12:00.
4. IRS pinned by Animal at 15:21.

Withdrawls: Sid Justice and Jake Roberts were to captain their respective teams, but Justice was sidelined with a biceps injury. After teasing it being 4-on-3, there were rumors that Randy Savage would be reinstated in time for this match. But after the events of the previous Superstars, Savage was reinstated but not in the match, and Roberts was pulled from this match and it became 3-on-3.

Analysis: Our last match is a pretty bland tag match on a show that should have ended with the title match. LOD and Bossman were still insanely over while IRS and the Disasters are still gaining heat. Obivously without Roberts and Sid or Savage in the match, all the heat that could have been in this match is gone. Bossman bows out first to IRS, then a miscommunication leads to the Disasters going out back to back. IRS is then murdered by the LOD who survive this match. LOD and the Disasters continue their feud and Bossman and IRS move on. OK match to end the show on a somewhat high note for the fans. Grade: 1.5

Sean Mooney says that Hulk Hogan has said that he will regain the WWF Championsip.

Gorilla and Bobby hype Tuesday in Texas.

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews the Undertaker, who says that nothing is immortal and that they will finish off Hulkamania at Tuesday in Texas.

Final Analysis: This is a very tough show to grade. On one hand, we saw a big debut in Ric Flair, a shocking title change, the reinstatement of Randy Savage and his feud with Jake Roberts, and the dissension of the Rockers. On the other hand, this show seemed to take a back seat to the next event, Tuesday in Texas. Aside from all that was mentioned, this event is pretty bland and the survivor matches are still pretty stale, as next year there will only be one type of match like that. One short year ago, the Undertaker debuted and now he’s the man. Between that and Flair’s debut, the entire WWF has been turned upside down. We head to Tuesday in Texas where most of these feuds will end. For now, this show is painfully average that is only saved by Flair and the title change. Grade: C+

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