December 19, 2010
Alexander Settee

Summerslam 2000, August 27, 2000, Raleigh Entertainment & Sports Arena, Raleigh, NC
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

With the TLC PPV coming up, hereís a look back at the show that featured the very first TLC Match.

Opening Match: Right to Censor (Steven Richards, Bull Buchannon, & The Goodfather) vs. Too Cool & Rikishi (w/Hoís)

The Setup: Richards was on his crusade to rid the WWF of filth and violence and had recently converted The Godfather (redubbed The Goodfather) to help him fight the good fight. Here they face a group of fun loviní babyfaces who are of course, appalled at the idea of good clean living. A couple of former hoís accompany them, I guess with the idea being that theyíre disappointed at having lost their jobs or something.

The Action: RTC attack, but gets cleared out. Scotty takes it to Bull, and then Sexay goes with The Goodfather. It goes to the floor where Goodfather shoves down the hoís to emphasize heís done with them. Sexay then gets cut off for a bit, but eventually escapes and makes the hot tag to Rikishi. Rikishi is over huge, and runs wild on all three RTC. After triple butt splashes, he gets Goodfather with a Samoan drop. Bull knocks him out, but in turn gets laid out by Scotty and setup for The Worm, which fails when Richards comes out of nowhere with a Stevie Kick for the pin at 5:12.

The Verdict: This was a good, albeit too short tag team opener, but then again we have ten matches tonight so I donít expect these undercard ones to get much time. **

Road Dogg Jesse Jammes vs. X-Pac

The Setup: These guys were the final remnants of the original DX, but a rift formed between them as they argued over who was the better wrestler. Boy, DX sure went out with a whimper, didnít it?

The Action: They go back and forth for a bit, establishing that they know each other well. X-Pac ends up hitting the Bronco Buster, but Dogg no sells it and fires back with the funky jabs. They trade finisher tries and counters with X-Pac then nailing a low blow and hitting the X Factor for 3 at 4:42. He offers a handshake after the match, but Dogg is having none of that and drops him with the pumphandle slam instead.

The Verdict: Recalling how popular DX was at its peak, itís kind of sad that this was what it came down to until Shawn and HHH got back together. Ĺ*

Intercontinental Championship Match: Val Venis & Trish Stratus vs. Eddie Guerrero & Chyna

The Setup: Itís a tag match, but Valís Title is on the line in that if Eddie & Chyna win, whoever scores the fall, even if itís on Trish, gets the belt.

The Action: Eddie and Val start off trading stuff until Eddie makes the blind tag to Chyna and she comes in with a clothesline. Trish comes in for a cheapshot, so when Chyna goes for her, Val gets her from behind. Val works her over as the crowd chants ďChynaĒ. But he makes the mistake of drawing Eddie in, because when the ref puts him out, Chyna hits a low blow. Eddie gets the tag and runs wild, which ends with a collision putting both guys down. Val makes another mistake, in this case tagging in Trish. She covers Eddie for 2, but then he trips her up and tags Chyna. Val cuts off the springboard elbow, but then gets dragged out by Eddie and that leaves Trish alone to get press slammed and pinned at 7:14, which makes Chyna the new IC Champion.

The Verdict: This was actually a pretty good match for what it was as Eddie and Val did most of the work and the women didnít have to do much at all. **1/2

Tazz vs. Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler

The Setup: Tazz felt he was being disrespected by JR on commentary and confronted him about it, so Lawler stood up for his friend.

The Action: Tazz comes out in a cowboy hat with sunglasses and a cane to mock JR for the fact that he had temporarily blinded him by breaking a car window and getting glass in his eye, so Lawler takes advantage and attacks. Itís not really much of a match as Tazz spends most of it taunting JR, while Lawler keeps coming at him. The piledriver gets hit, but Tazz just no sells it and then runs Lawler into the ref. He then hooks the Tazzmission, which draws JR up and he nails Tazz with a glass jar, from which Lawler gets the pin at 4:24.

The Verdict: While the action wasnít great, the fans were into it and JR got a huge pop for getting involved at the end, so it was at least fun. Ĺ*

Hardcore Championship Match: Shane McMahon vs. Steve Blackman

The Setup: Blackman had been dominating the Hardcore division of late, but Shane stole the Title last week on Raw by having a bunch of his buddies run in and do the dirty work. Commissioner Foley suspended the 24/7 rule for Shane, but then ordered that he must give Blackman a rematch here tonight.

The Action: Shane wants nothing to do with Blackman until Blackman turns his back. Blackman still avoids the attack though and Shane goes running into the crowd where Blackman catches him and nails him with a garbage can. Back to ringside where Blackman continues the beating until T&A run in to turn the tide. The match goes up the aisle where Blackman makes the comeback and fights off all three. Shane tries to escape by climbing up the set, but Blackman follows with a kendo stick and hits Shane until he falls back through the gimmicked platform. Blackman follows with an elbow from up there and gets the pin to regain the Title at 10:08.

The Verdict: Obviously it was setup to be done safely, but thatís still a pretty crazy fall. But shouldnít the point be to put over Blackman? He immediately became an afterthought so that they could show a million replays of Shane falling. *1/2

2/3 Falls Match: Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit

The Setup: These guys had been feuding since around Wrestlemania, and so they face each other here, in a best of 3 falls match for no particular reason.

The Action: First Fall: They go right at each other and brawl, eventually taking it to the floor where Jericho is sent to the post. Back in, Jericho gains control, hitting a German for 2, followed by a bulldog. He goes for the Lionsault, but it hits knees and Benoit locks in the Crossface for the submission at 3:13. Second Fall: Benoit gets the hold back on, but this time Jericho makes the ropes. He continues beating on Jerichoís shoulder for a while. Jericho fires back, but gets Germaned. Benoit fights him for a second one, but Jericho gets the final counter in and hooks the Walls for the submission at 8:40 to even it up 1-1. Third Fall: Jericho maintains control and works over the back. They then go through a series of counters that ends with Benoit nailing a Dragon suplex. He then goes up, but gets crotched and taken back down with a rana for 2. Jericho gets the flying forearm and a spinkick for 2, and then hits the Lionsault, but canít follow up. He does get a rollup, but Benoit rolls through and grabs the ropes to hold him down for the 3 count at 13:21.

The Verdict: This was a tremendous match, but itís a shame that certain things on the undercard couldnít have been dumped for the sake of giving these guys twenty five minutes instead of thirteen, especially for a 2/3 falls deal. ****1/2

WWF Tag Team Championship, Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match: Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz

The Setup: This is a rematch from the show stealer they had at Wrestlemania. It was hyped as Tables, Ladders, & Chairs to emphasize that all three teams would have their signature weapons involved, but of course itís otherwise just a standard climb up and get the belts deal.

The Action: They immediately go at each other with chairs and ladders. The action is pretty much non stop as every time someone gets wiped out, another guy is right there to take his place and continue things. Tables finally get involved after a Whazzup Drop when D-Von is told to get them, although theyíre setup all around the ring anyways. Four of them get stacked up on one side, but go unused for the moment as The Dudleyz get laid out. The regular ladders arenít tall enough to reach the belts, so a taller one gets pulled out, but before it gets in the ring, Jeff misses a Swanton off of it and crashes through a pair of tables. Everyone ends up knocked down except Bubba, so he climbs, but Edge and Christian suddenly recover and tip him over through the stack they setup earlier. They climb, but Lita runs in and tips them over too. Matt goes next, but he also gets knocked to the floor through a couple more tables. D-Von and Jeff climb now, but Edge and Christian are back and they remove the ladder, leaving them hanging until knocking them down. With everyone else dead, Edge and Christian are then left alone to climb up and grab their belts for the win at 14:49.

The Verdict: This was really great stuff as it was all action, and they did just the right amount of stuff, and nothing felt too contrived like things sometimes tend to do in these types of matches. I actually think I liked this one better then Wrestlemania X-Seven. *****

Stinkface Match: The Kat (w/Al Snow) vs. Terri (w/Perry Saturn)

The Setup: Who cares what set this up? I just want to know how the Hell do we go from those last two matches to this? A Stinkface Match, means exactly that: The winner will be the first one to stick their ass in the otherís face, which I canít even believe Iím typing.

The ďActionĒ: They start doing the usual catfight bits with some bad wrestling thrown in for good measure. Then the ref gets bumped. I kid you not, there was actually a ref bump in the Stinkface Match, because obviously these girls have such unbeatable reputations that they must be protected from doing a clean job at all costs. Snow throws Head to Kat so she can nail Terri with it and the ref wakes up to see her shoving her ass in Terriís face for the win at 3:04.

The Verdict: Granted there probably are worse matches out there, but after the standards that were set by the two previous matches, there is no way I canít go all out here. -*****

The Undertaker vs. Kane

The Setup: Kane turned on Taker a couple of weeks back for no apparent reason other than it was time for them to feud again. If there was an actual motivation, it wasnít made clear here.

The Action: Itís pretty much just a brawl, with Taker repeatedly going for the mask. Kane keeps regaining the advantage when he does, but Taker takes it back shortly after and tries again. Eventually he succeeds in getting it off and Kane bails. Takerís music plays and I guess heís declared the winner somehow at 6:21.

The Verdict: I have no explanation for this. Iím pretty sure it never even went anywhere as Kane just showed up with another mask and it was just dropped. Ĺ*

Main Event, WWF Championship Match: The Rock vs. Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

The Setup: Angle and HHH pinned Chris Jericho at the same time in a number one contenders match to set this up. The main angle here was Angle honing in on Stephanie McMahon while she and HHH had been having issues, which escalated into him kissing her last Thursday on Smackdown.

The Action: Angle cuts a promo saying the only thing he regrets about kissing Stephanie is that he didnít do it sooner. HHH then comes out and they brawl all over the place for several minutes, culminating with a Pedigree through the Spanish table. HHH goes for the sledge hammer so he can do more damage, but Rock finally makes his entrance and they proceed to have a one on one match while Angle gets stretchered out. HHH takes a moment to go after Angle on the stretcher, but Rock attacks him again. Stephanie comes out to check on Angle and then makes her way ringside in spite of orders from HHH to stay in the back. HHH decides she may as well make herself useful and grab the belt, but Rock ducks her shot and HHH takes it instead. Rock goes for her, but HHH saves with a low blow and she escapes to the back. The match continues with HHH beating down Rock for a few minutes until Rock crotches him and hits a superplex. We then cut to the back where Stephanie is pleading with Angle to go back and help HHH. He says heíll do it for her. He makes his way out with her and trips Rock up to setup a Pedigree, but then he drags HHH off the cover at 2. Rock takes over and sends him into HHH on the apron, followed by hitting Rock Bottom, but HHH makes it back for the save at 2. HHH then demands Steph give him the sledge, but she puts it too close to Angle and he gets it instead. She gets in the ring for some reason so that when Angle ducks a shot, she gets laid out by HHH. Angle then hits HHH with the sledge, but Rock breaks up the cover and tosses Angle. Peopleís Elbow follows on HHH and Rock gets the pin to retain at 20:11. Angle carries the unconscious Stephanie out afterwards.

The Verdict: This was a match where the storyline completely overwhelmed the match itself, but considering that at this point it was a good storyline, I didnít mind that at all. So the match had to work around everything that was going on, but it was still a pretty good in spite of that. ***1/2 They should look to this today for a good example of how to blend the action and the angles together, but ideally they would do it with a better actress then Stephanie McMahon.

Overall Thoughts: With TLC and Benoit/Jericho alone we have a great show overall. The main event holds its own too and the stuff that sucks is all kept short so you never have to see any of it for too long. Based on the three top matches there, I will call it an easy Thumbs Up for Summerslam 2000, and give it a strong recommendation for a rewatch.

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