January 15, 2005
Matt Kempson

WWF In Your House: Canadian Stampede Review

Show broadcast on 6th July 1997.

To fill you in on this show Bret Hart was having problems with Steve Austin at the time so to aid him in his feud with Stone Cold he reformed the Hart Foundation with Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart and Brian Pillman. Bret then challenged Austin and told him to come up with four other members to be on Austin’s team. Austin chose Ken Shamrock, Goldust and the Legion of Doom. Another small detail about this show is that this was the last show that used the “In Your House” title before all the others just changed to catchy names. Now to the show.

Live from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Announcers are Jim Ross, Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler.

The fireworks go off and JR, McMahon and Lawler introduce us to Canadian Stampede. After some casio keyboard techno music plays they all talk about their hats and the matches that are coming up.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/Chyna vs Mankind

HHH, who is still snobby, walks out with his bodyguard Chyna. We get shown a video package of when HHH beat Mankind at King of the Ring 1997, which was what turned Mankind face. Mankind warbles out to his deranged music and HHH attacks him right off the bat. They trade punches until Mankind whips HHH into the turnbuckle and then Mankind bulldogs him. Mankind follows up with a bodyslam then a leg drop. Quick double arm ddt on Hunter and then Mankind takes the piss out of Hunter with a curtsey. HHH gets whipped against the ropes and Hunter hits a knee. HHH runs at Mankind who backdrops him over the ropes. Mankind does his bang bang taunt and then drops an elbow on Hunter. Mankind rolls Hunter in and pins him which gets a 2. Mankind whips HHH into the turnbuckle and HHH oversells and sorta jumps over the ropes. Mankind goes up to the second rope outside and Hunter runs off but Mankind chases after him and knocks him down on the ramp. Mankind hits a nice suplex on the ramp which I am pretty surprised HHH took, I thought it would be reversed and Mankind would take it. HHH crawls back to the ring and Lawler talks about how the mandible claw will give you a gum infection. HHH climbs on to the ring and Mankind knocks him off with a fist. Helmsley rams his shoulder into Mankind through the ropes and then he hits a sunset flip which Mankind turns into a mandible claw. Chyna clobbers Mankind and Mankind goes after Chyna. Hunter jumps off the outside apron and gets hit in the gut by Mankind. Hunter reverses a whip attempt and Chyna bodyslams Mankind into the steel steps. While Chyna is distracting the ref, Hunter hits Mankind in the knee with a chair. After Mankind climbs into the ring HHH starts working on the knee with chops, stomps and drops. Hunter curtseys to a pretty loud pop from the crowd, which isn’t surprising as this crowd is hot. Some fists to the head by Hunter on Mankind and then HHH whips Mankind but he sells it well and buckles. Hunter carries on working on the knee and he gets a figure four leglock on in the middle of the ring. HHH starts using the ropes for leverage and the ref asks him if he did it, then he does it again, the ref asks again and he obviously says no, he’s using the ropes again and the ref boots HHH’s arm off. Hunter goes for the pedigree but Mankind reverses it and then Hunter boots Mankind into the turnbuckle. Mankind inadvertently lands on Hunters nad’s with his head. Mankind hammers Hunter some more until he hits his driving knee spot. Mankind whips Hunter into the turnbuckle and Hunter flips over to a tree of woe position until Mankind drops an elbow. Mankind hits a stump piledriver and then covers for 2. Mankind signals for the cactus clothesline and he hits it and they both roll over the top rope. Mankind gets a chair but Chyna grabs it and while Chyna is distracting the ref, Hunter smacks Mankind with it. Hunter then distracts the ref and Chyna hits a muscular clothesline which takes Mankind to the floor. Hunter climbs the top rope but Mankind crotches him. Mankind looks in the mandible claw until Chyna crotches Mankind on the ring post. They brawl around the ringside area until they both get counted out at 13:09. They continue brawling in the crowd.

Comments: Well that was a pretty decent match that looked a hell of a lot better the second time I watched it. The crowd was pretty hot and both guys worked hard, Chyna was a decent asset as well as the cheating added some decent heat to it.

Rating: ***1/2.

A short interview with the Hart Foundation until Austin comes in but Steve gets pulled away by security.


Taka Michinoku vs The Great Sasuke

Sasuke comes out and the match is interrupted by Hunter and Mankind still brawling in the crowd. After about two and a half minutes of brawling the match finally starts and they feel each other out to start with. JR continues to put over Sasuke as he was going to be the lynch pin for the Lightweight Division, yet Taka happened to be the main man. A few rolling pin attempts but Taka gets pushed out of that. Sasuke hits a kick to the gut and then gets a headlock and headscissors. Taka works on the arm until he gets caught in a sleeper and then hit with a spin kick. Sasuke puts in a half boston crab until Taka reaches the ropes. Some kicks to Taka until Taka slaps Sasuke and then executes a snapmare takeover then dropkicks Sasuke in the back of the head. Taka hits another dropkick into Sasukes face and soaks up the adulation. Taka gets backdropped out of the ring in a pretty high bump. Sasuke climbs the ropes and hits a martial arts kick. Back in the ring and Sasuke hits lots of kicks until he hits a VERY stiff kick in Taka’s face. Sasuke takes Taka down with a kick to the gut again and then he kicks some more until Taka grabs him and hits a leg whip. A dropkick to the knee from Taka and then a springboard cross body of the top of the ropes to the outside onto Sasuke. Sasuke gets suplexed into the ring but he reverses it and tries to hit a german suplex but Taka lands on his feet. A hurricanrana to Sasuke and the pin gets a 2. Rolling pin but another 2. Handstand elbow thingy to Taka until Taka rolls out and Sasuke hits a lovely springboard asai moonsault. They roll in the ring and Taka hits a belly to belly suplex on Sasuke until he knees him into the turnbuckle and then hits a missile dropkick. Michinoku Driver but Sasuke kicks out at 2. Taka goes up top but Sasuke hits a dropkick and then hits another asai moonsault into the ring on Taka. Powerbomb on Taka and then a bridge pin combination that gets the pin for Sasuke.

Comments: That was a pretty sweet match that was once again better the second time I watched it. Crowd got more into it as it went on and the spots were nice. Yet it wasn’t as good as a lot of people have said in my opinion.

Rating: ****

HHH and Mankind are still brawling in the parking lot.

Interview by Paul Bearer with Vader talking about how Undertaker is a murderer. He talks about how Vader is gonna win the title.


Vader vs The Undertaker

Taker walks out to a nice pop from the crowd and when he emerges they cheer and whistle louder. By the way, this match was originally Ahmed Johnson vs The Undertaker by Ahmed got injured and his place was taken by a decent worker, Vader. Paul Bearer tries to hide behind the ring, dumbass. They brawl a bit to start with and Taker knocks down Vader and then hits a legdrop. JR talks about how this is just going to be a brawl. Taker whips Vader into the turnbuckle and then hits that high fist thing. Cover gets 2. Paul Bearer berates the cameraman. Taker twists Vader’s elbow and goes up top to hit old school. Crowd goes wild. Cover gets 2. Vader hits a double fist to the ear but Taker does his sit up. Taker gets whipped into the ropes and ducks a clothesline then hits a flying clothesline. Cover gets 2. Vader punches Taker and gets him in a standing headlock. Vader gets whipped into the ropes but he knocks Taker down. Taker hits a big boot which doesn’t knock over Vader but then Taker hits another big boot which takes Vader out of the ring. They brawl a bit outside of the ring and Taker gets whipped into the steps. Paul Bearer kicks Taker and screams at him calling a murderer. Funny stuff. Vader rolls into the ring but Taker grabs his head and guillotines it on the ropes. Taker goes up top and hits a flying clothesline. Cover once again gets 2. Vader gets knocked out of the ring by an uppercut and Taker slowly stalks Paul Bearer. Vader clotheslines Taker though and knocks him to the ground. Paul Bearer takes his shoe off and beats Taker with it. I mean who uses a shoe? Vader pummels Taker into the corner and then he hits a clothesline. He goes to the second rope and hits a flying fist. Cover gets a two. Suplex by Vader that shakes the ring. Splash by Vader gets 2. Crowd goes crazy as Taker gets up and starts punching Vader in the gut, Vader’s fat wobbles and he falls into the turnbuckle. Vader runs out and clotheslines Taker. Undertaker fights back and punches Vader some more and then goes for the chokeslam. Vader hits a low blow and the ref doesn’t DQ Vader even though he saw it. Vader gets picked up for the tombstone but Vader reverses it but falls over. Taker tries to save the situation by making a cover that gets 2. Vader knocks over Taker and Paul Bearer smiles smugly at the camera. Vader goes up top for the splash but Taker chokeslams Vader of the second rope and pins for 2. Paul Bearer pats himself with a napkin but he should be scared as Taker hits another chokeslam but…It gets two! Thumb across the throat and Taker hits the chokeslam. 1, 2, 3. It’s all over.

Comments: Not bad at all. As it was this was a good brawl and it worked very well, bit dull at some points however.

Rating: *** 1/4

Interview with Austin’s team and they say they’re gonna beat the Hart Foundation. Austin walks off before comment.

Farmer's Daughter sing the Canadian national anthem.


Bret Hart, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart and Brian Pillman vs Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Goldust and Legion of Doom.

Austin comes out to a rampage of boo’s and does his four corner taunt. The Hart Foundation start to come out starting with Pillman until the pop is absolutely huge when Bret comes out. Damn, either the sound guys turned down Bret’s music or that pop drowned it out. Everyone doubles up until they all leave the ring except Austin and Bret. Bret beats the shit out of Austin to a huge pop. The boo the living hell out of Austin when he starts getting the upper hand until Bret takes Austin down to another huge pop. This crowd is so hot. Atomic drop and then a clothesline from Bret. Bret grinds Austin’s head along the ropes but Austin low blows Bret. Austin stomps Bret and the crowd hate him for it. Bret gets put in the cobra clutch and Bret reverses off the ropes into a pin that gets 2. Bret gets put on the ropes and Austin misses the charge. Neidhart is pinned in and he beats on Austin for a bit until Austin turns the tide with a Lou Thez press. Shamrock gets tagged in. The crowd chant “Anvil”. Shamrock takes down Neidhart and Pillman comes in to a large pop to break up the ankle lock. Shamrock gets Neidhart in an armlock but Neidhart whips him against the ropes yet Shamrock gets a pin. Pillman gets tagged in to another big pop and he blatantly cheats by gouging, biting and spitting on Shamrock, all to huge pops. He hits a backbreaker and Pillman makes Shamrocks hand tap. Shamrock clotheslines Pillman and then hits a standing belly to belly. Pillman tags in Owen and Shamrock tags in Goldust. “Owen” chants fill the arena as Owen beats up Goldust. A lovely enziguri by Owen takes Goldust down. Goldust takes the upper hand as the crowd scream “Austin Sucks”. Austin plays to the crowd. Hawk gets tagged in and starts taking it to Owen until he gets a 2 count. Hawk goes up top and hits a splash that gets a 2. Hawk misses a dropkick and Owen puts on the sharpshooter until Animal breaks it up. Bulldog gets tagged in and hits a stalling suplex then pins which gets 2. Bulldog then hits a running powerslam and gets 2 until Goldust breaks it up. Animal and Bret are tagged in. They lockup and Animal beats up Bret until Bret reverses with kicks and a clothesline. Goldust is tagged in. Bret drops Goldust into the tree of woe position and all of the Hart Foundation beat on Goldust. Everyone runs in and it turns into a large brawl until the ref gains order again. Owen is tagged in again and he gets a backbreaker on Goldust. Owen spears the post and Animal is tagged. Owen hits a spinning heel kick and goes up top and hits a flying moonsault then he nips up. Powerbomb by Animal on Owen and the crowd boos. Powerslam by Animal. Notice a connection? Animal and Hawk get the doomsday device for 2 and it once again turns into a massive brawl. Austin crotches Owen on the ring post and then he smacks Owen with a chair. Austin brawls a bit with Keith Hart who is in the audience. Bret saves Owen and Austin walks off. After having his knee beat on Owen limps to the back. Neidhart and Austin are in and Neidhart drops Austin into the corner for another beat down. Austin takes shots at everyone and he exposes Pillmans ass. Stunner! Owen walks over to the ropes and Bret takes him down and whacks his knee against the steel post and he cracks it with a fire extinguisher. Figure four leg lock on the post gets a huge pop until Hawk breaks it up. Inside the ring Bulldog beats on Austin and then Hawk is tagged. Bulldog crotches Hawk on the top rope and gets the cover for 2. Austin is taken to the back by the refs. Neidhart and Bulldog beat on Hawk until Animal tags in. Neidhart and Animal have a test of strength that Animal wins until Neidhart powers out and boots Animal. Bret gets tagged in and Bret hits an elbow drop while Animal is over Neidharts knee. Shamrock is tagged in and he tries to go to work on Bret’s knee but Pillman runs in and clotheslines him. Bret headbutts Shamrock in the nuts but Shamrock turns the tide and hesitates attacking Bret. Bret gets the upper hand and rams Shamrocks head into Pillmans boot. Bret throws Shamrock out and Pillman throws him into an announcers table and then it turns into a large brawl until Hawk gets thrown into the steps. Bret and Shamrock are in the ring until Bulldog gets tagged in and beats the hell out of Shamrock to an enormous pop until Shamrock makes the tag to Goldust. Goldust whips Bulldog and hits a bulldog. Goldust goes for the curtain call but Pillman runs in and knocks Goldust down. Goldust goes to the top rope but Bulldog crotches him and then hits a superplex. Austin runs back down and gets tagged in. Bret gets tagged in and they brawl all over the ring. Austin hits a suplex and gets the cover for 2. DDT by Bret on Austin then a backbreaker, then a second rope elbow. Pin attempt gets 2. Sleeper by Bret and Austin reverses it into a chinbreaker. Cover gets 2. Bret drops Austin on his ass and goes for the sharpshooter but Animal makes the save and gets some huge heel heat. Austin puts the sharpshooter on Bret but Owen runs down to the ring and breaks it up, limp and all. Bret tags Owen who goes to town on Austin’s ass but Austin knocks Owen out of the ring with a clothesline and starts beating on Owen in front of the Hart Family. A drink is thrown at Austin and Austin thinks it’s Stu so he grabs Stu but Keith breaks it up and Keith and Austin start brawling. Austin rolls back into the ring and Bret distracts him so that Owen can get the pin for the 3.

Comments: Damn that was a great match, so full of emotion and there was action at all times. Everything flowed well and the crowd really really helped it, as they were super hot.

Rating: ****1/2

A huge brawl between everyone erupts but The Hart Foundation clear the ring of Austin’s team. The Hart Foundation celebrate in the ring until Austin runs down to the ring and the entire Hart Foundation beat on Austin until security restrains him. Austin flips off the crowd behind his back as The Hart Family and relatives from the crowd make their way into the ring and everyone celebrates until the show ends.

My View:

Well, that was quite the show. All of the matches where above *** stars and the crowd was super hot. While it was only two hours it was still one of the best PPV’s the WWF have ever put on.

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