May 20, 2010
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner vs. The Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette) Ė (World Championship Wrestling, 10/13/90)
Rick Steinerís face is slightly bandaged after taking a beating from the Nasty Boys heading into Halloween Havoc. Scott and Eaton start the match. Thereís not much Eaton can do here. Eaton takes it to the floor where Scott flips out of a suplex and sends Eaton into the ringpost. Back in, Scott runs into an elbow in the corner, but counters a superplex and sets Bobby up on his shoulders for the STEINER BULLDOG! Itís definitely time for a commercial. When we return, the Midnights still canít do anything to harm Scott Steiner as he slams them everywhere before Rick runs in with the double Steinerline. Eaton drops to his knees and begs Rick off, but then Rick drops to HIS knees and Steinerlines Eaton down. Rick continues to knock the Midnights around until Eaton seizes the moment and bulldogs Rick off Lane. Down on the floor, Cornette jabs Rick in the gut with the tennis racket. Back inside the ring, Rick ducks a back elbow and gives Eaton a belly to belly suplex. HOT TAG TO SCOTT! He dumps out Lane who just goes after Rick and sends him into the ringpost. That action brings Scott off Eaton as he grabs Lane through the rope, but then Eaton just nails Scott from behind. Eaton goes after the arm with an armbreaker DDT, but Scott still manages the butterfly powerbomb! Tag to Rick, he goes nuts with the Steinerlines. Eaton rolls out and as Rick reaches out to him, Cornette decks him with the tennis racket. SWING BATTER BATTER SWING! Eaton is on top of Rick for 1-2-NO! Rick blocks a piledriver and as he lifts Eaton up into the air, Scott runs by with the Steinerline! Rick rolls up Eaton for the 1-2-3! (11:31 shown) Within a few weeks, Lane and Cornette left WCW to start up Smoky Mountain Wrestling while Bobby Eaton stuck with WCW until the year 2000 when he was released. This was another match in a long line where you left feeling like the Midnight Express took another team and just made them look absolutely awesome. Then again, no one could touch the greatness of the Steiners in tag team wrestling by 1990. ***Ĺ

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