May 11, 2013
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Sting vs. Steve Austin (w/Col. Robert Parker) – (WCW Saturday Night, 4/8/95)
Taped 3/22/95; Center Stage Theatre

After WCW Commissioner Lloyd Bridges err…Nick Bockwinkel stripped Vader of the US title, a tournament was started, but first there must be a match to find who gets the #1 seed. LOADS of mat work to start with mostly Sting getting the better of Austin. A splash off the ropes from Sting hits knees. Go figure, amirite? Austin works the ribs and then locks in a Boston crab to work over both sides. He uses the ropes for a little leverage, but doesn’t PULLING on the ropes in a Boston crab reduce your leverage? Anyways, Sting fights back and hooks on a sleeper that takes them both on the floor. Austin eats the ringpost, but avoids a flying splash. What’s funny about that is, so does Austin. Sting wins a multiple tombstone reversal battle for 1-2-NO! Austin baits Sting out to the floor and back inside, but comes off the ropes into a backdrop. With Austin doubled over, Sting secures an Oklahoma roll for the 1-2-3. (12:58 shown) Of course, Sting would go on to defeat Meng in the U.S. title tournament finals while Steve Austin would lose to Randy Savage in the second round and then get fired by Eric Bischoff via Fed Ex. **½

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