March 13, 2011
Steve Riddle

WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House
February 14th, 1999
The Pyramid
Memphis, Tennessee

Dark Match: 1. Too Cool defeat the Hardy Boys

Sunday Night Heat:
Viscera defeats Test by disqualification at 2:20.
Debra defeats Ivory at 3:09.
Billy Gunn and Tiger Ali Singh wrestle to a no contest at :40.

Actual Show:

We see the opening video for the PPV.

Your hosts are Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

1. Goldust pins Bluedust with the Curtain Call at 3:07.

The Buildup: The issues between Goldust and the JOB Squad started when Goldust stole Head from Al Snow. Meanie would steal it back, then begin to play mind games with Goldust, mimicking him as Bluedust. Then on RAW Saturday Night, Bluedust cost Goldust a match against Gillberg, then showered him in blue paint.

Analysis: A pretty terrible match to kick off the event, even though the story was very solid coming in. Meanie was doing a good job getting the mocking of Goldust down to a t, as Goldust very rarely has mind games played against him. The match is thankfully short as Goldust dominates all three minutes before putting Bluedust away with the Curtain Call. He then gives Bluedust Shattered Dreams for good measure. Both men would be involved in another convuleted storyline in the coming weeks, but both are also on their last legs for now. Grade: 1

We see a clip from earlier tonight on Sunday Night Heat, which saw Stone Cold confront Mr. McMahon and McMahon spit in Austin’s face.

2. Bob Holly pins Al Snow while wrapped in a fence at 10:02 to win the vacant WWF Hardcore Championship.

The Buildup/Title Vacancy: The Hardcore title was declared vacant after former champion Road Dogg was taken out in a storyline injury. He and Snow had a series going and this was to be the climax. On RAW Saturday Night, Snow challenged anyone to face him at the PPV. When no one came out, Snow started having a match with himself. His JOB Squad teammate Bob Holly came out to reason with him, only for Snow to attack him. Holly fought back and was inserted into this match.

Analysis: Our first title match is for the vacant Hardcore title, and the first time it’s defended on PPV. Snow was no stranger to these types of matches, from his tenure in ECW to the battles with Road Dogg. Holly had been floundering in the JOB Squad, but now has had a total career facelift thanks to competing in the division. Both men spend these 10 minutes beating the crap out of each other in the arena, outside in the parking lot, and even into the Mississippi River. These early feuds made the Hardcore division so good, so enjoy them because as the years go on, the division gets watered down. Holly gets the pin on the riverbank and wins his first big title in 4 years, establishing himself and eventually rechristening himself as “Hardcore” Holly. A very good match to keep the show going. Grade: 3

We see a clip from earlier today of the Ministry of Darkness, saying their takeover begins tonight.

3. The Big Bossman pins Mideon with the Bossman Slam at 6:20.

The Buildup: A month ago, the Undertaker made his first appearance since Rock Bottom, with a new look and a new attitude. With Paul Bearer by his side, he would form the Ministry of Darkness, consisting of those two, The Acolytes (the team of Bradshaw and Faarooq), Mideon (the former Dennis Knight), Viscera (the former Mabel), and the Brood. Taker then began making overtures to taking over control of the WWF, so the Corporation feuded with them, beginning here.

Analysis: A pretty dull match here. The Ministry was a new faction and brought extra life and freshness to several stale characters, but sadly those characters were still not great workers, as is the case here. Mideon is still a below average wrestler, and Bossman can only do so much. The flow is choppy and sporadic and the crowd has had enough, chanting “boring” to the two. Bossman gets the win, but then gets beatdown and taken away by the Ministry, keeping the feud going. Sadly, the show is 1 for three in matches, but it would start to turn around with the next match. Grade: 1.5

We see an ad for Wrestlemania XV.

Kevin Kelly interviews D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry, who say Ivory will keep Debra in check and they will win the WWF Tag Team Titles.

4. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (w/ Debra) defeat D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry (w/ Ivory) when Henry submits at 9:34 to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships.

Title Change: Jarrett and Hart defeated the Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock on the 1/25 RAW to win the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Debut: Lisa Moretti began her career in GLOW as Tina Ferrari, winning the tag titles and GLOW championship. She would also have a run in POWW, winning the tag titles there. This is her PPV debut as Ivory, as she came in prior to this show as a gift to Mark Henry from D’Lo Brown. She also appeared once as an unnamed ho of the Godfather.

Analysis: A pretty solid title match. Hart and Jarrett had gelled nicely into a unit and Brown and Henry were also gaining steam. Debra was still as hot as ever and Ivory was a fresh face for the women’s division. The champs use their technical prowess to wear down D’Lo for most of the match until he makes the hot tag to Henry. Debra tries to get involved, and Ivory stops her. That allowes Hart to hit Henry in the knee with the guitar and Jarrett racks up the figure-4 for the win. Post-match, Ivory tries to rip off Debra’s jacket, before the heels leave the ring. Brown and Henry are temporaily derailed due to an injury to Henry, and Jarrett and Hart keeping on rolling as champs. Overall, the second title match of the night is good. Grade: 2

Kevin Kelly interviews Mankind, who says despite the knee injury, he will be the last man standing.

Michael Cole announces an attendence of 19,082.

We see the buildup to the next match.

5. Val Venis (w/ Ryan Shamrock) pins Ken Shamrock with a small package at 15:52 to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Special Guest Referee: Billy Gunn

The Buildup: Back on an episode of RAW in January, Val started hitting on a random woman in the front row. Shamrock came out and attacked and told him that was his sister. Val then upped the stakes by featuring her, now named Ryan, in one of his movies. Shamrock, despite promising Ryan not to attack Val, snapped and laid him out with a chair. Because of this, on RAW Saturday Night, referee Earl Hebner said none of his officials will referee the match. Later that night, Billy Gunn said since had nothing better to do that night, volunteered his services.

Debut: Alicia Webb was working as a stripper in Houston when the WWF found her and brought her in as Ken Shamrock’s “sister”.

Analysis: Our third title match was on fire with the storyline going. Val puts the moves on Ryan, Kenny says no way, and we come to this. Billy Gunn getting thrown in is like putting gasoline on a fire, it’s only gonna get hotter. Shamrock has had a nice run, but his time is running out. Val has really gotten over and is a perfect character for the Attitude crowd. Ryan is smoking hot, but that’s about all she was. Shamrock starts off strong, but Val swings momentum his way by working on Ken’s back. Gunn is pretty much uninterested as he has it out for both men and the strap. Ken regains advantage and looks for the win, but Ryan helps Val out of the anklelock. Ken admonishes her, which earns him a slap, although he had to call it so she didn’t screw up. Ken, out of anger, shoves Billy, who retaliates and throws him in the ring, where he delivers a fast count on him. Billy then gives Val a beatdown just for the hell of it. In the end, Val is the new IC champion, but the issues between these three are far from over, and two others will become involved in this convulted web. Grade: 2.5

We see an ad for a Mr. Socko T-shirt.

We see the buildup for the next match.

Shane McMahon comes out for commentary for the next match.

6. The Corporation defeats D-X when Chyna pins Triple H at 14:45.

The Buildup/Heel Turn: On the 1/25 RAW, Triple H was on the verge of beating the Rock for the WWF Title in an “I Quit” match, but the Corporation threatened to hurt Chyna unless he threw the match, which he did. Afterewards, Chyna dropped Triple H with a low blow, turning heel and joining McMahon. She would say she did all for the money. She would pal around with Kane and assist him, and then this match was made.

Analysis: A very solid tag match. The heat was off the page and the drama unfolded perfectly. Chyna had just turned on DX and had buddied up with Kane, who was only there to avoid going to the insane asylum. Triple H and X-Pac come in to get some revenge. All four are stiff with each other, especially Chyna who gets to tangle with the men for the first time. The heels work on X-Pac for most of the match, until he gets the tag to HHH. Chaos then ensues and Shane McMahon, who came out for commentary, attacks X-Pac and draws him to the locker room, leaving it 2-on-1. HHH tries for the Pedigree, but Kane chokeslams him and puts Chyna on him for the three count. The Corporation win, but the rivarly only intensifies by our next show. For now, a great tag match as we prepare for the two main events. Grade: 3

We see the buildup to the next match.

We see highlights from earlier on Sunday Night Heat of Mankind training and Rock ambushing him and attacking his knee.

7. Mankind and The Rock wrestle to a draw in a Last Man Standing match at 21:56. Mankind retains the WWF Championship.

The Buildup/Title Change: On the night after Royal Rumble, Rock was ready to collect his $100,000 for helping Vince eliminate Austin. But Mankind hijacked the money and started distributing it and did so unless Rock gave him a rematch. He did, and the two had an Empty Arena match on a special edition of Sunday Night Heat during halftime of Super Bowl XXXIII. Mankind would go on to win the match and regain the title. Rock demanded one more match and it was announced as a Last Man Standing match.

Fun Fact: This is the first Last Man Standing match in WWF history.

Analysis: For the final time on PPV, Rock and Mankind put on a clinic of violence. Rock was still gettting the “Rocky Sucks” chants, but his pops were also continuing to grow. Mankind had a nice four month run on top, but would take a slight dip over the next few months. Both men are very stiff with each other, as they always are, as they try to keep the other man down for 10 seconds. They brawl all over the arena, specifically the entrance where Mankind gives Rock a stiff DDT through a table. Both use the stairs as their main weapon with chairs also coming into play. A funny spot is Rock swinging at Mankind, he ducks, the chair bounces off the rope and smacks Rock flush in the face. Mankind takes his share of stiff bumps, including one where he hits his head on the announce table and his knee on the ring bell. Rock takes over, and even busts out his own version of “Heartbreak Hotel”, exciting the Memphis crowd. Both men uses their finishers, but can’t keep the other down. Finally, they smack each other flush with chairs, and neither man makes the 10-count. That pisses off the crowd, although logically it was probably the only way to go, although a definitive winner would have helped. We get that the next night on RAW. For now, a brutal match, not as brutal as Royal Rumble, but a very solid title match and both men leave in ambulances. Grade: 3.5

We see the buildup to the main event.

Cole and Lawler talk about the McMahon/Austin feud as the cage is constructed.

8. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defeats Vince McMahon in a steel cage match by escape at 7:52.

Stipulation: If McMahon wins, Austin will forfeit his Wrestlemania title shot.

The Buildup: On RAW after the Rumble, Vince waived off his title shot at Wrestlemania. After which, Commishioner Shawn Michaels appeared on the Titantron with Steve Austin, and announced if the winner can’t fulfill his obligation, then the runer-up gets the Wrestlemania title shot. In this case, Austin is now the number one contender. Austin then offered to put his title shot on the line to get a match with Vince inside a steel cage, which Vince accepted. Both men would make guarentees, and on RAW Saturday Night, Vince made Austin run the Corporate gauntlet, which ended with Vince pinning Austin for the win.

Analysis: The crowd was at a fever pitch for the main event, and with good reason. This feud has been going for almost a year and now comes the big moment fans are waiting for. Austin gets his hands on McMahon one-on-one. Both men try to psych the other out, until Austin draws McMahon in by faking a knee injury. Austin proceeds to beat Vince all around the arena for 10 minutes. The Memphis crowd loves it because, well it’s their kind of match. Austin and Vince climb the cage, but Vince takes a wicked fall to the Spanish announce table, resulting in a legit broken tailbone. That just shows if the boss is willing to take a fall like that, his talent better be willing to do it too. The boss is taken out on a stretcher, but Austin ain’t letting him off. The match officially starts, and Austin continues to beat Vince all around the cage, with Vince doing a blade job. The crowd is rabid and is hanging on Austin’s every moment. A subtle moment is twice Austin tries to leave, but Vince shoots him the bird and draws him back in. Austin hits the Stunner and is poised to win, but a large man comes out through the ring and assults him. The man is Paul Wight, the former Giant from WCW. He helps McMahon, but inadvertnetly costs Vince the match when he throws Austin into the cage, but it gives way and Austin hits the floor. This was everything a main event should be, drama, violence, blood, surprises, and the right guy went over. For now, Austin is on his way to Philly, but Vince and Wight intend to stop him cold. Grade: 3

We see an ad for Wrestlemania XV as we go off the air.

Final Analysis: Overall, this is a pretty awesome show. Sure most of the undercard was a little shoddy in terms of match quality, but the stories and drama going in was picture perfect. Plus the cage match and World title match more than make up for that. The WWF is continuing its dominace in the Monday Night War, and the defection of Paul Wight was a killer for WCW, as he would be the first in a line of disgruntled employees leaving the sinking ship for greener pastures. Wrestlemania was on the horizon, and Austin looked poised to regain the belt he was screwed out of, but not if Vince had anything to say about it. For now, this is a great show and is highly recommened for those who want to see a pre-Wrestlemania show live up to the hype. Final Grade: A

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