January 19, 2011
Michael Weaver Jr.
Wrestling Update Online

WWF Superstars
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jerry”The King”Lawler & Randy”Macho Man”Savage
Ring Announcer: Mike McGirk

The current champions in the WWF are:
WWF Heavyweight Champion – Bret”The HitMan”Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion – Shawn Michaels
WWF World Tag Team Champions – Money Inc.

The WWF Superstars of Wrestling opening airs.

This week’s episode airs from Green Bay, Wisconsin at the Brown County Coliseum. Vince McMahon welcomes us to Superstars of Wrestling. He and Jerry”The King”Lawler are now joined by Randy”Macho Man”Savage, who will also be a participant in the 30-man Royal Rumble Match. Lawler announces he too will be in the Royal Rumble Match. Savage says he’s shocked because he thought Lawler wouldn’t participate cause he’d be too scared.

This week on WWF Superstars of Wrestling: Mr. Perfect vs. The Berzerker…Yokozuna…and Crush.

The first match of the show is the main attraction match. The first man to make his way to the ring is Mr. Perfect. Already in the ring is Perfect’s opponent, The Berzerker. McMahon reveals that Perfect and Berzerker will both be in the Royal Rumble Match. The bell rings to begin the match. During the match, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair makes his way to the ring to distract Mr. Perfect. It looks like Perfect and Flair will square off until the WWF referees force Flair to return to the locker room. The match ends when Perfect applies the Perfect Plex on Berzerker and gets the 1-2-3. After the match, Perfect dropkicks Berzerker over-the-top rope.

It’s now time for UPDATE with “Mean” Gene Okerlund. UPDATE is brought to us by ICOPRO. This week we hear from Bobby”The Brain”Heenan who promises that he will bring someone to the Royal Rumble who is above perfection and is in love with himself. He says the individual will be known as The Narcissist. He states that after Mr. Perfect sees The Narcissist, he will wish he was back with Heenan and Ric Flair. Okerlund reads the definition of narcissist.

A commercial for ICOPRO airs.


It’s time for the second match! The first man in the ring is George Anderson. His opponent, Yokozuna makes his way to the ring with Mr. Fuji. Savage reveals that former WWF World Tag Team Champion, Earthquake has entered the Royal Rumble Match. Yokozuna accepts the flowers from the Japanese ladies in the ring. He disrobes as the bell rings to begin the second match of the show. During the match we hear comments from Earthquake who says he’ll be sure that Yokozuna doesn’t win the Royal Rumble match. The match ends when Yokzouna performs the Bonzai Splash and pins Anderson.

It’s now time for the Event Center with Sean Mooney. Mooney talks about a recent press conference when the WWF announced their participation in the Somalia Relief Fund. All of the proceeds of an upcoming WWF MSG event will go to the Somalia Relief Fund. Mooney tells fans how else they can help the fund. The main event of this special event will be Bret”The HitMan”Hart defending the WWF Championship against Bam Bam Bigelow. We hear comments from Hart who says he can get the SharpShooter on Bigelow and says he’s famous for being the greatest technical wrestler. He says that’s why he’s the WWF Champion and why he’ll stay the champion.


Promotional consideration paid for by the following: ICOPRO, WWF action figures and Slim Jim!

Next Saturday morning is the debut of WWF Mania. Footage of Razor Ramon attacking Owen Hart airs. The entire interview/incident will air next weekend.

Tom Stone is already in the ring. Marty Jannetty makes his way to the ring. The bell rings to begin the match. During the match, a clown appears in the isle way. The match ends when Jannetty pins Stone.

After the match, Jannetty confronts the clown who throws the contents of his bucket on Jannetty, except there is nothing in the bucket.

A commercial for WWF Royal Rumble’93 airs.

Damien Demento makes his way to the ring. Already in the ring is Demento’s opponent: Mitch Bishop. The bell rings to begin the match. The match ends when Demento pins Bishop.

After the match, Lawler performs his Magistrator and reveals who Demento listens to in the ring…the clown!


The WWF Royal Rumble’93 report airs. It’s brought to us by the 1993 WWF Fan Club. “Mean” Gene Okerlund says we’re just 3 weeks away. The card so far is: WWF Heavyweight Championship Match – Bret”The HitMan”Hart defends against Razor Ramon. We hear comments from Hart who says Razor has his attention now. Participants for the Royal Rumble Match are: Randy”Macho Man”Savage, The Undertaker, “Million $ Man” Ted DiBiase, “I.R.S.” Irwin R. Shyster, Mr. Perfect, Bob Backlund, The Berzerker, Yokozuna, “The Native American” Tatanka, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Jerry”The King”Lawler, Earthquake, Carlos Colon, Crush, Papa Shango and “The Model” Rick Martel. We hear comments from WWF World Tag Team Champions, Money Inc. and Ric Flair. Money Inc. says the title and the money will come to Money Inc. and if it comes down to them, the best man will win. Flair says last year he won and was in the ring for over an hour. This year he’ll win again but he’ll be coming after Mr. Perfect. Next week, Okerlund will have more names. The Steiner Brothers will take on The Beverly Brothers. We hear from The Steiners and Scott says after the match they’ll be the only ones celebrating.


Dave Sigfrids is already in the ring. Crush makes his way to the ring. The bell rings to begin the fifth match of the show. During the match the clown makes his way to the ringside area. Also during the match, we hear pre-recorded comments from Crush who says after the Royal Rumble, he’ll be where he wants to be…on top! The match ends when Crush forces his opponent to submit.

After the match, Crush confronts the clown.

It’s time for the Event Center! Sean Mooney tells the fans how they can attend WWF Monday Night RAW at the Manhattan Center on January 11 and January 18. Next Saturday, WWF action goes to the Meadowlands Arena. In the main event, Mr. Perfect takes on Razor Ramon. We hear from Razor who says he thrives on the spotlight and Perfect will have to prove to Razor that he’s perfect. Shawn Michaels will also defend the Intercontinental Championship against Marty Jannetty. Jannetty says this is a great opportunity for him as he gets the IC Championship and revenge on Michaels.


Promotional Consideration Paid For By The Following: GI Joe, Slim Jim and Terminator 2 the video game!

NEXT WEEK: Bam Bam Bigelow, The Undertaker, Kamala, Debut of Steiner Brothers!!!

Raymond Rougeau asks Crush what he said to the clown. Crush says his grandfather was a clown and worked hard to cheer people up. He says picking on the wrestlers is one thing but picking on the fans is a whole ‘nother thing. He says he gave the clown a warning and he better heed it.

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