March 3, 2010
Rhett Bartlett

January 7th 1989 -
- aka: Ventura breaks kayfabe twice! And McMahon subconsciously reveals the Royal Rumble ending!

Hosts: Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura

NB: Ventura is wearing his U.S Navy Seals shirt - and bears a striking resemblance to Corporal Kirchner anyone!

Match 1:
Ax and Smash (Current World Tag Team Champions) vs Iron Mike Sharpe and Rusty Brooks

Weekly Ventura jibe at Vince takes only 15 seconds:
‘Look at Rusty Brooks, he looks like he has been on your diet McMahon’

Weekly subliminal merchandise advertisement:
Camera on a teenager in the crowd: ‘There’s a Demolition T Shirt- nice likeness of Ax and Smash there.’
(RB: Gee you would hope so Vince, considering you paid someone to design it)

Observations during the match:

=> I’m always amazed that Vince can never identify which is Ax or Smash when they enter the ring. Here’s a hint – Ax looks like his 50 years old.

=> Mr Fuji with The Powers of Pain cut a promo during the match – saying there will be only one winner for the 1989 Royal Rumble. Warlord and Barbarian butt heads and Fuji reveals the one winner is always ‘Master Fuji’. Oh Fuji!, you had me at ‘evil laugh’.

=> Vince throws up tantalising match-ups to the crowd that could occur in the Royal Rumble in one week's time:
‘’What if Andre the Giant locks up with Big John Studd?’’
(RB: Well Vince, that is what we would call Wrestlemania 1.)

‘=> Vince tries for a second time.
’Or Hulk Hogan squares off against, the Ultimate Warrior’’ (awkward silence before Vince realises the mistake he has made) ‘’Actually the Ultimate Warrior is in the posedown (against Rude) so he won’t be in the Royal Rumble will he?’’ Vince adds. (RB: That woulc be Wrestlemania 6 Vince.)

=> Vince tries for a third time
‘’What if the Mega-Powers were in there as the last two!’’ (RB: Well, Vince, that would be Wrestlemania V – which hasn’t happened yet)

=> Ventura tries his own prediction and very subtlety breaks kayfabe ‘’What if it ends up one of the Mega Powers with Akeem and The Big Boss Man’’
(RB: History would show, Hogan would be eliminated in the Rumble by both Akeem and Big Boss Man. That’s why I love Ventura on commentary- he occasionally broke kayfabe and also was the strongest heel commentator of them all)

=> Ventura tries for a second time- and more obviously breaks kayfabe again!
‘’What if say, the two people of Demolition are the first two picked’’
(RB: History would show that Ax would draw Number 1, Smash would draw Number 2.)

Oh btw, Demolition win the tag match against Sharpe and Brookes which takes us to…

Update report with Mean Gene

=> Let me get this out in the open first, I must be the only person who has noticed that Mean Gene starts every sentence, interview and promo with ‘Alright!’. I promise you he does, check out any in ring interview or backstage interview ever.

=> The first update report shows Big John Studd back in the WWF. Coincidentally, he would win the Royal Rumble the following week.
Subconsciously, McMahon gives us the ending of the Rumble, because the next match on TV involves the man that Studd would throw out to win the Rumble….

Match 2: Ted DiBiase vs Scott Casey

=> Great heel introduction of DiBiase: ‘Now making his winter residence in the Netherlands’’

=> McMahon puts over DiBiase’s stamina in the ring , teases that he may draw an early number (he didn’t), and then suggests that the Red Rooster has great ring stamina too.
(RB: Rooster would be eliminated by DiBiase in the Rumble!. That’s twice McMahon has given a result subconsciously)

Oh btw, DiBiase wins with the ‘Dream’ which surprises both Ventura and McMahon who expect Scott Casey to be a tougher opponent.
(RB: Casey has been a part of Jake Roberts’ Survivor Series team in 1988 subbing for Brian Blair, who in turn was subbing for Junkyard Dog.)

Which leads us to the Event Centre with Sean Mooney, who seems to be yelling. He is excited.
We get comments from participants in the Rumble – the Bushwhackers, who cut a promo with clearly no script… ‘the Boss Man will be there, the Hogan will be there’.
Rugged Garvin calmly tells us his plan … ‘to get in and get out alive’. I would have thought the aim was to win to the Rumble, Garvin.
Heenan tells everyone he will crown whoever wins between King Haku and Harley Race. Haku says ‘What!’ – echoing some 10 years ahead of his time.

Match 3: Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts vs Pete Sanchez

Weekly subliminal merchandise advertisement reference #2:
‘Btw Jesse have you seen the new Jake the Snake poster , that Jake signed for Andre’’ Vince asked while a picture of poster appears on screen.
‘’No I haven’t McMahon’’ Ventura replies. (RB: Classy fellas)


=> McMahon lets slip that Andre will have to face Jake in the Royal Rumble, and corrects himself to say he MAY face Jake in the Royal Rumble.
(RB: Andre would eliminate Jake in the Royal Rumble)

Oh btw, Jake ddts Pete Sanchez and unleases the snake.

Match 4: Big Boss Man vs Bill Mulkey
(RB: Have you noticed how the jobber is always introduced last)


ð Ventura with the best question of the show: ‘You ever been in jail McMahon’? (RB: Well, if the 1993 trial went the other way, you never know Jesse)

=> Ventura calls Mulkey - MALKEY, and McMahon corrects him straight away. Boss Man and Mulkey bring it home 5 seconds later. Mulkey is handcuffed to the ropes and thrown over the top rope then choked with the nightstick and hit with it, all the while Ventura reads Mulkey’s rights’

Back to the EVENT CENTRE with Sean Mooney who is still very excited about the Royal Rumble.
Mr Perfect cuts a promo- calls Hogan, Savage - ‘eagles’.
(RB: Perfect would be eliminated by Hogan in the Rumble) Savage cuts his promo with Elizabeth doing her very best concerned face.
Savage is champion at this point – says Bad News Brown wants his belt, and ‘on the other side’ even Brutus Beefcake wants his belt. (RB: A subtle reference to Beefcake as a face)

Match 5: Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson vs 2 men who aren’t even introduced.


=> Blanchard offers a shake of the hand. McMahon reveals that one of the men they are facing is Tim Horner. Ventura later reveals the other as George South.

=> The Rockers cut a Royal Rumble promo- calling out the Brain Busters. (RB: Hmm can you guess who eliminates Janetty in the Rumble… I’ll give you a hint, last names are Blanchard and Anderson. Michaels would be eliminated by Savage and Blanchard.)

=> Tim Horner misses his cue, and so Blanchard actually has to call Horner over from the other side of the ring. It is so obvious that McMahon comments ‘Wait a minute, Tully said something to Tim Horner there!’
(RB: Yes he did Vince, he was ‘calling the spot’. But sshhh, that can be our little secret)

Spike Piledriver by the Brain Busters. Although Vince calls it illegal and Ventura says he hasn’t seen that move for ages. I bet you he has.

Which brings us to….

BROTHER LOVE interview. (RB: This guy could generate heat)

=> Brutus Beefcake comes out with pictures of Ron Bass on an easel to promote the hair vs hair match at Saturday Night Main Event. One of the pictures of Bass with short hair looks like Ventura


=> Gene runs through some participant names. Bad News Brown says ‘’wait til we all see what he is going to do with the other 30 spineless cockroaches.’’ (RB: Actually Brown, there will be 29 other participants not 30, and as such you have just called yourself a cockroach)

=> Hercules cuts his promo claiming there are no rules once you step into the ring for a Royal Rumble. (RB: Does someone want to tell him about the one where your eliminated if your feet touch the ground.)
Hercules tells Dibiase to watch out!. (RB: Have a guess who eliminates Hercules in the Rumble. )

=> Heenan talks and then Andre talks and no one can understand him.

=> Rude plugs his Super Posedown against Warrior and blows a kiss. Warrior talks and no one understands him – but does send a shout out to all the ‘female specimens’.

MATCH 6: Valentine and Honky Tonk Man vs Hart Foundation

Weekly Vince McMahon apology:

=> Ventura claims HonkyTonk is sad cause Roy Orbison died . ‘’We apologise to the Orbison family for those remarks’’ says Vince.

=> Ventura says Neidhart’s forearm shot reminds him of the times he played with the Raiders. Nice reference.

=> Valentine and Honky Tonk are yet to be called ‘Rhythm and Blues’

=> HonkyTonk hits Hart over head with guitar (which doesn’t break), and a double DQ occurs (although , Ventura predicts the DQ finish some 3 minutes earlier in the match)

Therefore its time for.. the EVENT CENTRE and Sean Mooney is now really yelling!!!

Koko B Ware says Houston (the venue for the Royal Rumble) has a ‘lot of tough dudes running around town, and I am one of them.’ It’s worth noting that Koko B Ware would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, twenty years later, held in…. Houston.

Tito Santana reminds us that every two minutes a new wrestler will hit the ring and that he hopes he draws a late number. (RB: He would end up drawing #12.)

The 6 man tag involving the Rougeaus and Dino Bravo gets a plug with Bravo saying ‘the Rumble Royal night brother is going to be our night’. Can someone please tell Bravo its ‘Royal Rumble’ not ‘Rumble Royal’.

McMahon plugs next week show. Akeem cuts a promo. Hogan cuts his usual promo and we are out of time. Goodnight!

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