March 26, 2005
Mike Poulin

WWF Superstars – February 1, 1992

We are in Daytona Beach FL for this week's episode.

Match 1
The Beverly Brothers vs. Kevin Katlin and Scott Colentonio
The Beverlys dominate. We get an inset promo from the New Foundation saying they are poetry in motion. Blake scores the pin after a head spike.
Winners: The Beverly Brothers

Match 2
The Big Bossman vs. Terry Davis
Bossman makes a quick job of Davis, hitting a spinebuster for the win.
Winner: The Big Bossman.

The Event Center – Sean Mooney hypes SNME and we hear from Jake Roberts and Randy Savage about their one on one encounter.

Match 3
Tatanka’s Debut vs. Pat Tanaka

This is Tatanka's TV debut. Tatanka starts off with a barrage of knife edge style chops but than Tanaka comes in with a crescent kick as Tatanka was running into the corner. Tanaka takes the advantage but Tatanka scores the fall with a devastating double thrust chop and the 1.2.3 for the win.
Winner: Tatanka

Match 4
Irwin R Shyster vs. Bob Smedly
Irwin makes quick work of Smedly and hits him with the Write Off Samoan Drop for the win.
Winner: Irwin R Shyster

In the Event Center we hear comments From the Beverly Brothers, who say the LOD have been ducking them, and LOD who say they're going to beat the Beverly Brothers and retain the tag titles on SNME.

A vignette promoting the debut of Papa Shango was aired.

Match 5
El Matador Tito Santana vs. Bo Morgan
Yet another squash as Santana demolished this poor guy we also have an inset promoting the WBF Magazine during ths match as Santana puts Morgan away with the Paso del Norte (American translation: Pass of Death).

Winner: El Matador Tito Santana

We go the Funeral Parlor with Sherri Martel who says she is in love with Shawn Michaels.

Match 6
WWF Tag Team Champions LOD vs. Pete Sanchez and Jim Cooper
Cooper never even tagged out as he was demolished by LOD who hit the Doomsday Device for the pin.
Winners: LOD

Match 7
Undertaker vs. Mickey Jay
The final squash as Undertaker destroys this poor guy and wins in quick time with the tombstone.
Winner: Undertaker

Another Event Center as we hear from The Mountie who says he will be the next Intercontinental Champion and Roddy Piper who babbles on about something.

We have a promo for the toy WWF ring and Hulk Hogan vitamins.

Next week on Superstars will be Virgil, the debut of Papa Shango, The return of Marty Jannetty, and much more. Plus in the Funeral Parlor – Ric Flair.

Overall, besides the debut of Tatanka, nothing memorable here.

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