March 26, 2005
Mike Poulin

WWF Superstars - February 15, 1992

We start the show off with highlights from SNME's Hogan/Sid vs Flair/Taker. We see Sid refuse to tag Hogan and walk out on him and almost destroy Beefcake's face again, as if you couldn't make Beefcake any uglier than he was. We go the Barber Shop the following day on Challenge, which was basically like Sunday Night Heat or Velocity but syndicated. Sid says he's going to rearrange Beefcake's face. I say please do.

Update - The announcement of the Double Main Event at Wrestlemania - Savage vs Flair and Hogan vs Sid.

Match 1
British Bulldog vs Omar Atlas

Squash again, jeez give the jobbers a chance for a little offense. Bulldog hits a clothesline in the corner and then hits the Running Powerslam for the pin.
Winner: British Bulldog

We get a batch of Wrestlemania highlights.

Match 2
Nasty Boys vs Khris Germany and Larry Williams

Boy were the Nasties unpushed after they lost the tag titles. They squashed these two guys and pinned Germany with the Powerslam/Elbowdrop Combo.
Winners: Nasty Boys

Event Center Round 1 - Mooney hypes the upcoming WWF show in San Diego. We hear comments from Hogan/Piper and Flair/Taker

Match 3
Non Title Match - Rowdy Roddy Piper vs Todd Overbow

Squash yet again. We hear comments in the inset from Bret Hart who says after WrestleMania he will be the Intercontinental champion. Piper wins by submission.
Winner: Rowdy Roddy Piper

We go to the Event Center as Mooney hypes the upcoming WWF event in Anaheim and says the Main event is an 18 man Battle Royal. We hear from some of the faces including Bret Hart, Texas Tornado, and Virgil.

Match 4
Shawn Michaels vs Rudy Gonzales

Perfect describes Sherri as looking smashing. I can think of a few other words to describe her, smashing certainly isn't one of them. Michaels hits Gonzales with a running knee to the face and then a clothesline from the ring apron to the floor, finishing with the superkick and the teardrop Back Suplex for the win.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Wrestlemania Report - We hear point and counterpoint from Savage / Flair and Hogan / Sid.

Match 5
The Model Rick Martel vs Terry Daniels

Another squash, what's new? Martel did have a little trouble as Daniels was able to pull off an armbar but other than that Martel made quick work out of Daniels and won with the Boston Crab.
Winner: Rick Martel

The Event Center - More hype for the big battle royal in Anaheim. The Mountie does a promo on Bret Hart saying that Bret blamed his loss to the Mountie on the fact he was sick. We also hear from Jake Roberts.

Next week on Superstars - Savage vs Snake from SNME in it's entirety along with Money Inc, Bret Hart, and Tatanka in action.

Good episode here. A lot of build up for WrestleMania 8.

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