March 26, 2005
Mike Poulin

WWF Superstars - February 8, 1992

This week on Superstars - Virgil, the debut of Papa Shango, and in the Funeral Parlor - Ric Flair.

Match 1
The Natural Disasters vs Bob Avery and Ray Hammer

Squash Number 1 this week. Hammer got destroyed. The Disasters used all three of their moves in this one, finishing it off with an Earthquake sit-down splash and a Typhoon splash for the win.
Winners: Natural Disasters

Update - We go back to the Wrestlemania Press Conference and the Sid Justice interview during which he expresses displeasure in the fact that Hogan was named no 1 contender. Justice then apologizes for the incident.

Match 2 Virgil vs Kato
Virgil dominates the opening minutes. We hear an inset promo from Repo Man who says he's going the repossess Virgil's career. Kato takes the advantage but Virgil makes a comeback and hooks in the Million Dollar Dream for the win.
Winner: Virgil

We go to the Event Center. Mooney hypes SNME and the upcoming WWF event in San Diego CA. The Main Event for this San Diego House Show is Undertaker/Flair vs Hogan/Piper. We hear comments from both teams.

Match 3 Jake Roberts vs DD Russell
Roberts destroys this poor guy. Vince makes reference of this guy's tights. Roberts hits the DDT for the win.
Winner: Jake Roberts

Back to the Event Center. More hype for the upcoming WWF house Show in San Diego as Mooney talks about a huge six man tag match. We hear from Mountie/Nasty Boys and Bret Hart/LOD.

Match 4 Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Sgt Slaughter vs Bill Badd/Jim Jamss
Squash. Duggan Pins one of the Jobbers for the win.
Winners: Duggan/Slaughter

Funeral Parlor. Flair/Perfect cut a promo about the upcoming SNME Match.

Match 5
Papa Shango vs Dale Wolfe

This is Shango's debut. Quick and painful for his oposition, Dale Wolfe. He wins with a nice reverse shoulderbreaker.
winner Papa Shango.

Match 6 The Mountie vs Mike Casey
Mountie destroys this poor guy. We get an inset promo from Roddy Piper. In the inset, Piper says he's such a good wrestler that he could put a sandwich on Mounties back and starve him to death. Mountie scores the win with a dropkick.
Winner: The Mountie

We go back to the Event Center and Mooney hypes the San Diego House Show. We hear comments from IRS about his match with Texas Tornado and Virgil about his match with Repo Man. Mooney runs down the card: Tornado vs IRS, Virgil vs Repo Man, Hart/LOD vs Mountie/Nasties, Hogan/Piper vs Flair/Taker.

Next week on Superstars - highlights from the Hogan/Sid vs Flair/Taker SNME Match. Plus Shawn Michaels, Roddy Piper, and the Nasty Boys. Overall, once again nothing extremely memorable. Shango's debut but other than that just a bunch of hype into SNME.

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