March 26, 2005
Mike Poulin

WWF Superstars March 7, 1992

This episode is coming from the Tampa Sundome.

Match 1
Non Title Match Money Inc vs Jim Powers and Terry Davis

Powers starts off pretty hot but makes the mistake of tagging out to Davis, who then gets beat out of his mind. Dibiase lets go of the Million Dollar Dream just so Irwin can get the pin with the Stock Market Crash on Davis.
Winners: Money Inc

Update - We go back to the previous week's Funeral Parlor and the announcement of Taker vs Snake For Wrestlemania 8. Comments follow from the Undertaker.

Match 2
British Bulldog vs Lee Armstrong

Bulldog destroys this Armstrong guy, obviously no relation to Bullet Bob Armstrong, and gets the win with a Running Powerslam.
Winner: British Bulldog

Match 3 Shawn Michaels vs Scott Hen
Michaels does a number on this guy, including a nice spinning backbreaker, and wins following the Teardrop Back Suplex.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Event Center - We hear comments from Flair/Sid and Hogan/Piper.

Match 4 Tatanka vs Doug Somers
Tatanka hits a barrage of tomahawk chops and wins with the End of the Trail for the win.
Winner: Tatanka

Event Center - Mooney hypes the WBF'S return to Long Beach CA. Also Mooney hypes the upcoming show in San Diego and we hear from Bulldog and Repo Man.

Match 5 Big Bossman vs Brooklyn Brawler
Bossman dominates this match and hits a spinebuster for the pin.
Winner Big Bossman

Wrestlemania Report - We hear comments From Flair, Savage, Hogan, Sid, Hart, And Piper concerning their respective matches at WrestleMania.

Match 6 Sid Justice vs Mickey Jay
Squash again. Justice destroys this poor gentleman and hits the powerbomb for the quick victory.
Winner: Sid Justice

Event Center - We hear point and counterpoint from Mountie/Nasty Boys and Hart/Bushwhackers. Mooney runs down the card for the upcoming San Diego House Show - Repo vs Virgil, Bulldog vs Martel, Mountie/Nasty Boys vs Hart/Bushwhackers, and Hogan/Piper vs Flair/Taker.

Next week on Superstars - Sid Justice, Natural Disasters, El Matador and others.

Event Center - We hear comments from Virgil and Repo Man.

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