April 12, 2006
Jared Insell

WWF Survivor Series 1988
Richfield Coliseum, Richfield Ohio, November 24th 1988

Most fans consider this Survivor Series to be pretty forgettable and lackluster because it seemed to have very little build up. Indeed Survivor Series 1988 is one of the lesser known and less documented Survivor Series events in WWF history; however, in my opinion it's actually one of the better if not spectacular Survivor Series PPVs. Often many will claim that nothing was really happening around late 1988 because the WWF had just blown off Summerslam '88 but it was too early to make a strong push towards Wrestlemania V. On the contrary, there was a great deal going on in the WWF during this time. The Mega Powers were still ruling the WWF and they had an issue with the newly formed Twin Towers. Hogan was in a heated feud with the Big Bossman. Savage was still WWF Champion and had a growing problem with the undefeated Bad News Brown. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts was wrapping up his feud with Rick Rude and starting one with Andre The Giant. WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition were in a feud with baby faces the Powers Of Pain. The Tag Team ranks were burgeoning with great teams like The Hart Foundation and The Rockers feuding with The Fabulous Rougeaus and The Brain Busters. The reigning Intercontinental Champion the Ultimate Warrior was feuding with the Honky Tonk Man. Brutus Beefcake had an issue with Outlaw Ron Bass. And newcomer Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig was making a name for himself with an undefeated streak as well. While nothing was to be blown off here, many feuds were developed or furthered at this Survivor Series.

Those who claim this Survivor Series is terrible have probably only seen the Coliseum Video version, which is edited like hell. Two of the four matches on that home video release are so clipped that they're merely match highlights while the other two (the tag match and the main event) remain in tact. It should be noted that I am reviewing the far superior PPV version in which all matches are in full and it even comes with a 30 minute countdown pre-show hosted by Mean Gene in which he goes over the card and highlights big feuds. It's pretty cool and to think most people say Survivor Series '88 had no build up. Heh!

Anyway enough of my ranting onto the 1988 WWF Survivor Series!

The commentators Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura open up with a brief introduction (just wanted to note this because it is not on the CHV version instead they have brief segments with Mean Gene between them where he recaps the action). This makes the event make more sense since Monsoon & Ventura call the action on both versions of the video.

*Ultimate Warrior, Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake, The Blue Blazer, Sam Houston & Jumping Jim Brunzell vs. The Honky Tonk Man, Outlaw Ron Bass, Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine, Bad News Brown & 'Dangerous' Danny Davis

First time viewers of the PPV version will often say, "Hey I thought the Tag Team match was the opener!" There's the first problem with the CHV version, they changed the match order around. This is indeed the opener as Warrior's Team races down the aisle during Monsoon & Ventura's introduction. Originally Don Muraco was supposed to be on the Warrior's team but was fired on the European Tour prior to this event and was replaced by former Killer Bee Jim Brunzell. Former tag partners from a year or so ago, Valentine and Beefcake start with some vicious chops. Valentine gets control and tags in Davis who runs through some weak offence and is put away with a Beefcake sleeper about a minute into the match. Wow! That was quick! If you're wondering why Danny Davis is even in this match it's beyond me. At this point he was done in the WWF as the evil referee turned wrestler and within a short time he was back to just plain old Danny Davis senior official.

The Blue Blazer (who the WWF didn't admit was Owen Hart until 1994 when it suited the Bret/Owen storyline) comes in and wows the crowd with his highflying technical abilities. Blazer does an awesome sequence with Valentine but tags out to Jumping Jim Brunzell. It should be noted that the Killer Bees were disbanded by the time this event rolled around. Brunzell is wearing some wacked out tie-dye trunks and white sneakers. Bad News tags in for the first time and destroys Brunzell and puts him away with the Ghetto Blaster. So long Jim it's back to the enhancement talent status for you. Sam Houston comes in and Bad News destroys him as well. Wow! Bad News is really being put over here as a massive heel threat! Houston sells like crazy. Jesse Ventura plays up the fact that he's surprised that a loner like Bad News is doing so well in tag team competition and speculates that maybe tag team competition may be right up his alley. However Ventura's speculation is proven wrong when Brown tags in Valentine and a double team goes awry as Valentine ends up nailing Bad News by accident. Bad News, who doesn't take shit from anyone, shoves Valentine back and they get in a little tiff as Honky and Bass try to smooth things over. Bad News, fed up, leaves the ring and takes a count out by walking out on his own team. This basically hammers home the fact that Bad News is a loner who doesn't need anybody.

The moment of confusion for Honky's team allows a shaky Sam Houston to roll up Outlaw Ron Bass for a two count. Whoa! That was close! An angry Ron Bass absolutely destroys Houston who is selling like crazy. Man, Sam Houston was sure underrated in the WWF. He really knows how to make other wrestlers look good. Houston makes a surprise comeback but fails to make a desperately needed tag (it should be noted that Ventura points it out and Monsoon says, "well Jess first time he's been involved in match of this magnitude" and Jesse quickly adds, "and it may be his last" Sadly, this would be his last PPV as he would fade away after this). This failure to tag gives Bass the opportunity to counter a monkey flip with a vicious power slam to finish off poor Sam.

Ultimate Warrior, who has obviously had enough, comes into the match for the first time and cleans house taking on Bass, Valentine and Honky all at once. He then tags in the Blue Blazer who does another awesome sequence with Valentine and attempts to put him away with a gut wrench suplex. Blazer goes to the top rope for a splash but Honky (who is on the apron) pushes him off causing him to land on his knees funny and he is hurt badly. Bass yells at Valentine to slap on the figure four, and he does so, causing the Blue Blazer to submit. Beefcake attempts to help the injured Blazer out of the ring but he's jumped by Valentine and the Hammer feeds him to Honky. Honky dominates over The Barber but misses the Shake Rattle 'N Roll and Bruti makes a comeback. He hooks Honky in a sleeper and they spill to the floor and brawl taking a count out. It's down to Ultimate Warrior against Greg 'The Hammer' Valentine and Outlaw Ron Bass (gee I wonder what's going to happen). Valentine and Bass waste no time in double-teaming but the superhuman Ultimate Warrior takes them both out in short order. He finishes Bass with a double ax-handle and Valentine follows in the same suit, which gives the Warrior the victory as the soul survivor. **1/2
Survivor: The Ultimate Warrior

Match Analysis: Not bad at all. Way better than I expected even though it was a notch below last year’s opener. The crowd was really hot and really into it. Sure, it was a pretty predictable finish as besides The Ultimate Warrior only Beefcake and Bad News had any heat going into the match. However even the mid-carders here looked decent. Honky hammed it up. Houston's selling was awesome. Bass looked vicious. Blazer and Valentine both put on awesome shows as well. This was a great opener and it much more enjoyable than the "2nd match" version we saw on the CHV.

*The Powers Of Pain, The Hart Foundation, The British Bulldogs, The Rockers & The Young Stallions vs. Demolition, The Brain Busters, The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, The Bolsheviks & The Conquistadors

Like last year's 20 Man Tag Team match this is based under elimination rules therefore when one teammate is eliminated his tag team goes as well. Tons of talent and action packed in this bout. The main issue here is between The Powers Of Pain and Demolition however The Hart Foundation was feuding with the Fabulous Rougeaus and The Rockers had an issue with the newly arrived Brain Busters. Davey Boy and a Conquistador start but the Conquistador is easily out matched and tags in Jacques Rougeau. The two do an interesting sequence which results in the Bulldog press slamming Jacques onto Raymond. Ouch! The action is too fast to call as every team tags in to pair up with every opponent. Shawn Michaels gets worked over by all the heels but does a nice back flip off the top and makes a quick tag to partner Jannetty. Ax tags in and destroys Marty then feeds him to Arn Anderson. Arn fails to gain control, so he tags Tully Blanchard. Tully becomes a human punching bag for the faces and tags out to Jacques. Jacques goes at it bitterly with Dynamite but he tags out after an attempted under hook pin. Bret Hart tags in but is caught off guard by Jacques. The Rougeaus dominate over the Hitman but Bret pins Raymond out of nowhere with a reverse small package about 5 minutes in. Wow! I didn't expect the Rougeaus to go first. Kind of stupid to eliminate a top heel team first but there was a reason behind it I guess.

Young Stallions and Bolsheviks do a sequence and Paul Roma hits a beautiful springboard reverse on Nikolai Volkoff for a two count. Roma tags in the Anvil who drop kicks Nikolai. Smash comes in and battles Neidhart but the Anvil quickly tags Barbarian. The Powers Of Pain bully the Conquistadors into tagging out. Demolition does the same to Bret Hart but he refuses to go down. Ax tags in Tully who dominates the Hitman but runs into a clothesline. In a rare moment Bret Hart tags out to none other than future rival Shawn Michaels. It's surreal to see Hart and Michaels on the same Survivor Series team but this is seven years before it ever mattered. Michaels gets tied up in the corner again and the Demos and Busters destroy him. Arn Anderson hits an AWESOME spine buster on Shawn for two. Whew! That was close. The Conquistador costs the Demos team the advantage by slamming Shawn to close to the baby face corner. Jannetty hot tags in and unloads on the Conquistador. Cool move here, as Jannetty spins out of a Conquistador hip lock attempt. I think this is the first time it was used in the WWF as the announcers and wrestlers really play it up. Volkoff tags in and overpowers Jannetty. Davey Boy is tagged in to even up the strength power. More of the Conquistadors getting crushed by The Powers Of Pain. Then Ax tags in and him and the Warlord have a stare down. The two battle it out and the Demos gain the advantage. Smash brawls with Barbarian for a bit. Tully Blanchard is destroyed by all the baby faces once again. Arn tags in and goes to work on Dynamite. Boris Zhukov comes in but misses a sloppy knee drop. Dynamite hot tags Jim Powers who unloads on the Russian. However, Boris rolls through a high cross body for the pin. Wow! Boris Zhukov pinned someone?!?! The Survivor Series is full of surprises folks! Zhukov is exhausted and Shawn Michaels comes back in and destroys him. Funny moment as Zhukov tags Tully who steps in face to face with the Barbarian, Blanchard doesn't like the match up and tags out with no contact. Nikolai is in and the Rockers continue to dominate over the Russian. Awkward moment as Nikolai looks around for his own partner to set up a spot and tags in Zhukov (who's not fresh). Michaels destroys Zhukov and a blind tag leads to Marty Jannetty flipping into the ring with a sunset flip for the pin on the Russian.

The action is kicked up a notch now as the heels work over Marty Jannetty. Tag is made to Davey Boy who goes at it with Blanchard. Tully whips Davey Boy into the corner and he lands on his head. Ouch! Heels work over the hurt Bulldog. The baby faces continue to kick the Conquistadors’ asses but they seem to keep kicking out. When a Conquistador tags out to Smash, the heels gain an easy advantage and dominate over Barbarian. Smash gets him in a reverse chin lock and yells at the Warlord "What do you think of your stinkin' partner now?" If you ever want to see great heel heat and teamwork just watch this match. Demolition and The Brain Busters work over Barbarian in classic heel fashion. A hot tag to the Anvil, who totally destroys Tully Blanchard with a reverse suplex and feeds him to the Hitman. Bret Hart and Tully Blanchard put on a beautifully awesome mini-match. Hitman goes through his five moves of doom but when he bridge suplexes Tully the veteran Buster gets his shoulder up and Hart doesn't so he's been eliminated in the confusion. Personally I always thought it was silly that a technical master such as Bret would be eliminated but essentially pinning himself. Weird...but whatever! Shawn Michaels comes in quickly to get some retaliation on a tired Tully Blanchard but Arn Anderson cuts him off. A brawl erupts between The Brain Busters and The Rockers and both teams are DQ'd.

It's now down to The Powers Of Pain and The British Bulldogs against Demolition and The Conquistadors! Whoa! The Conquistadors are in the final four? Interesting booking! I don't see the reason though as the team would go back to the jobber ranks after this match. Then again it was hard to tell if it would go anywhere at the time because the announcers (particularly Jesse) put over The Conquistadors big time. The Rockers continue to brawl on the outside towards the locker room area as Smash works over Dynamite Kid. Demolition's team totally dominates over Dynamite for a bit. A Conquistador misses a 360 degree drop off the top and the Powers Of Pain once again destroy him. Yeesh! These Conquistadors are taking it! The Powers Of Pain's team work over Smash but he manages to get out and a Conquistdor is back in to take more punishment from Davey Boy. The baby faces don't go for a pinning combination and end up paying for it as Demolition regains control. More Bulldogs dominating over The Conquistadors but they are unable to pin and eliminate the jobbers successfully. Smash tags in and goes at it with Dynamite Kid again. Dynamite hits a beautiful snap suplex on Smash. Demolition is in trouble as Dynamite goes to the top rope. He misses his trademark diving head butt finisher and it gives a hurt Smash the chance to pin him after a vicious clothesline. So long British Bulldogs! It was nice having you in the tag ranks. See you in '91 Davey Boy! In case you didn't know this was the Bulldogs final WWF match. Powers of Pain come in and destroy a fatigued Smash but the heels, who now have the advantage, gain easy control. Quick tags between the heels wear down the Barbarian and then the Warlord. It looks like Demolition has the Powers Of Pain right where they want them but the Demos manager Mr. Fuji pulls down the rope with his cane as Smash is coming off the ropes and the Demo takes a mean spill onto the arena floor. Smash is really hurt and is counted out. After checking on Smash, Ax is absolutely pissed and reams on Fuji for his interference. Fuji strikes Ax with his cane and the Demos have had enough. Smash whips Fuji into Ax and he slams the devious one onto the floor. As Demolition departs the Powers Of Pain look around then go over and help Fuji to his feet and escort him over to their corner. Conquistadors are confused but waste no time in attacking the Barbarian as he gets back into the ring. Can the Conquistadors win it all? Hell no! Fuji trips one up with the cane and Barbarian gives him a flying head butt to win it all. The Powers Of Pain celebrate with their new manager Mr. Fuji to a very confused crowd reaction. Suddenly, Demolition rushes back down the aisle and into the ring to kick The Powers Of Pain's asses to a huge pop. The Powers and Fuji bolt and Demolition stands alone in the ring as their theme music plays. The crowd finally understands that Demolition has turned face and that the Powers Of Pain have joined Fuji and turned heel. As for the match. Pretty awesome! ****1/2
Survivors: The Powers Of Pain

Match Analysis: In my opinion this was even better than last year's Tag Team elimination match! The match was given an adequate amount of time (over 40 minutes) and was really excellent. The action was fast and furious at the beginning and even when it slowed down near the end it was still awesome with the Demos/Powers double turn. A well booked and well executed match. Possibly the greatest Survivor Series elimination match in WWF history!

Sean Mooney is backstage with Bad News Brown. Bad News cracks on his team basically reinforcing the fact that he's a loner who doesn't need anybody. He also challenges Macho Man Randy Savage claiming he wants the World Wrestling Federation Title.

Mean Gene is with the Powers Of Pain and Mr. Fuji. The interview is basically to confirm the Powers Of Pain's heel turn. You know I never saw the reasoning behind Fuji turning on Demolition. I mean they were the champs and the Powers just didn't seem as promising as a team. Sounds like a dumb move to me, but then again I guess it didn’t necessarily make sense.

A Promo is aired for the 1989 Royal Rumble. The first Rumble to hit PPV! Get it Sunday January 15th!

We are treated to the 5-minute intermission.

Mean Gene is with Andre The Giant and Dino Bravo's Team. Interesting promo as every wrestler speaks except Harley Race. Strange...

Sean Mooney is with The Mega Powers Team.

*Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan, Tito Santana, Ken Patera & Scott Casey vs. Andre The Giant, Dino Bravo, Ravishing Rick Rude, Mr. Perfect & Harley Race

One look at the teammates in this match will tell you where the advantage lies. Originally Junkyard Dog was supposed to be on Jake's team but he left for NWA and was replaced by B. Brian Blair of the recently disbanded Killer Bees. However, Blair was upset about the Bees demise and being reduced to jobber status so left before the event; therefore, Scott Casey was brought in to replace Blair with no mention of the change. Ken Patera starts off against Ravishing Rick Rude and out muscles him. Good gawd Patera looks awful here! This was his last WWF match as far as I know. Dino Bravo tags in and gains control then tags Perfect who is carried into the opposing corner by Ken Patera. Jake "The Snake" tags in and works over Perfect with an arm ringer. Tito then takes Hennig to school with some arm drags and a scoop slam. Bravo comes in and gets worked over by Tito and Jake. Scott Casey does some nice technical work over Bravo but misses a monkey flip and pays for it with an inverted atomic drop. Harley Race gives Casey a belly-to-belly suplex and drops some vicious knees. Rude punishes Casey some more and it looks like Casey is going to be eliminated as he's trapped in the corner. Nonetheless, Casey tags out to Tito and the advantage goes to Jake's team. Perfect goes at it with Hacksaw and gets clocked out of the ring. The heels beat up on Scott Casey again but Rude misses a corner charge. Tito tags in and gives a nice flying forearm to Rude. Duggan goes at it with Rude and slams him. Collision causes a tag to Patera who works over Rude with some amateur moves. Patera misses a corner charge and meets a vicious rude awakening to be the first guy eliminated. Anyone else expect Casey to be the first gone? Interesting...anyways Scott Casey comes in and attacks Rude but ends up out of neutral territory. Harley Race punishes Casey and tags Bravo to finish off the jobber. Casey attempts to counter but it's all in vain as he runs right into a Dino Bravo side suplex to make it 5 against 3.

Tito jumps in and goes toe to toe with Mr. Perfect. Duggan puts his head down and pays for it. Hacksaw gets trapped in the corner and Rude is tagged in to deliver a few more blows. Duggan counters with a clothesline and a hot tag for both teams causes Tito Santana and Harley Race to grapple. Dino Bravo tries to take away some of Tito's momentum but fails. Harley Race gives Tito a textbook piledriver. He continues his assault but fails to hook the leg when he goes for pin fall attempts. Harley misses a clothesline and Santana counters with a flying forearm for the three count. Andre comes into the match for the first time and immediately begins to choke out Chico. Some thunderous chops take all the starch out of Tito. Andre continues to choke Tito then throws him into the ropes. Santana amazingly does a sunset flip on Andre but the Giant just sits on him for the pin fall elimination. Adios Chico!

Duggan sneaks up on The Giant and clotheslines him causing Andre to get tied into the ropes. Both Roberts and Duggan have a field day and pound on Andre while he's trapped. The minute Andre breaks free Jake pays for it. Rude tags in and goes at it with a hurt Jake. Rude slows down the offence big time here. Hennig tags in and continues where Rude left off. Jake is in serious trouble. Can't help but notice that everyone on Andre's team (except Harley Race) has passed away. Very sad. Jake makes a brief comeback on Dino Bravo but it is hampered by a Rude clothesline from the outside. Rude sneaks up on Jake and clobbers him with a mean right. Bravo tags in and piledrives Jake. Bravo misses to elbow drops and Jake hot tags Hacksaw. Bravo and Duggan go at it in heated fashion (they were feuding at the time). Just as Duggan goes to finish off Bravo with a tackle, Frenchy Martin trips up Hacksaw prompting the action to go to the outside. Duggan loses it and grabs his 2X4 then smokes Bravo with it only to be DQ'd. Nice move Duggan! What an idiot...

Now it's Jake "The Snake" all by his lonesome against Andre The Giant, Dino Bravo, Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect. The heels try to psyche out Roberts but Jake responds with a few jabs on Perfect. More stalling as the crowd goes wild. Jake delivers a nice knee to Hennig head and he tags out to Dino Bravo. Roberts and Bravo lock up in a Greco Roman knuckle lock. A DDT attempt is foiled and Rude tags in to work on Jake. Rude slowly works over Jake and then just slaps him to add insult. Jake's in bad shape here. The match gets really slow here as Rude continues to punish Jake. Rude goes to the top and nails Jake with a fist. He hesitates then goes for a tag but doesn't make it as Jake delivers a DDT to put Rude away. Andre comes in and chokes the life out of Roberts. The referee DQ's Andre but the damage is done and Perfect comes in for an easy three count at about 30 minutes to win it. Hennig and Bravo celebrate with Andre until Jake chases them off with Damien. Nice match! ***1/4
Survivors: Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig and Dino Bravo

Match Analysis: Another solid match that was given tons of time and was fairly good. There was some good wrestling and lots of heat in this match. It did tend to get slow though when it was done to four on one.

Mean Gene is with The Twin Towers Team.

* Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Hercules, Koko B. Ware & Hillbilly Jim vs. Big Bossman, Akeem The African Dream, Million Dollar Man Ted Dibaise, King Haku & The Red Rooster

It becomes evidently clear here that the WWF roster was starting to thin around this time as both Hillbilly Jim and Koko B. Ware are in the main event. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea for the WWF to release Bam Bam Bigelow and Ricky Steamboat. Either way Hogan, Savage, and Hercules are the only guys on the baby face team with any credibility. The crowd is HYPED for this one. Hogan gets a separate entrance from the rest of his team, which makes him come of as an egomaniac. I mean come on the key to the Survivor Series is TEAM UNITY you jerk! Ugh! Savage and Dibiase start and run through their usual. A tag is made to Hercules who has an issue with Dibiase but The Million Dollar Man bails out in a hurry. The Red Rooster tags in and jumps Hercules. He then delivers a vicious jawbreaker and attempts to slap on the sharpshooter. Hercules manages to punch his way out of the hold and counters a hip toss with a killer clothesline. Koko B. Ware tags in but eats boot on a corner charge and Akeem tags in and destroys him in the corner. King Haku misses a leg drop on The Birdman, giving him the opportunity to tag Hercules. Hercules and Haku go at it, with Herc getting the upper hand. Hogan comes in and dominates over Haku then gives Hillbilly Jim a piece of the former Islander. Akeem clobbers Hillbilly then hands him off to The Red Rooster, who tries to slam him. Not gonna happen and Hillbilly ends up slamming the Rooster. Koko B. Ware delivers a botched power slam and The Rooster is in trouble. A fake with a high cross body confuses the Rooster and he ends up paying for it with a missile drop kick. Hogan tags in and slams the Rooster before handing him off to Savage, who polishes him off with a flying elbow for the elimination.

Hogan’s team celebrates as the heels regroup outside. Bobby Heenan is clearly upset with The Red Rooster who sulks back to the locker room. Back in, Savage and Haku lock up. Hogan tags back in by gets destroyed by Haku. He manages to tag out to Hercules again who goes at it with Haku and ends up on the short end. Akeem comes in to lower the boom by misses an elbow and the tag is made to Hillbilly. Hillbilly holds his own against Akeem momentarily but is squashed by a 747 splash (later known as the “Air Africa”) for the pin. Akeem celebrates and Koko comes in and nails him with a drop kick from behind. The baby faces work over Akeem but can’t knock the big guy off his feet. Koko B. Ware misses a splash in the corner and meets the turnbuckle throat first. Big Bossman tags in for the first time in the match and buries Koko with a Bossman slam for the pin fall.

Hulkster steps in while the heels celebrate and he and Bossman have a stare down. The crowd is going WILD! Lock up and Bossman immediately gains control with a rake to the eyes. It doesn’t last long as Hogan throws everything at the Bossman. Bossman is dazed and Hogan slams him. Hogan continues his assault but is caught with a vicious spine buster. Hogan is down and out and the Bossman wastes a bit of time before tagging in Akeem. The heels continue to destroy Hogan, who doesn’t know where he is. Dibiase attempts to put Hogan away but Hulkster manages to make the tag to Hercules. Hercules unloads on Dibiase, but gets tripped up by Virgil on the outside, which provides a distraction for Dibiase to roll up Hercules for the pin. Dibiase however turns his attention away from the ring to Hercules on the outside and pays for it. Savage comes in moments later and rolls him up for the three count.

Haku comes in and goes to work on Savage but misses a diving head butt. Hogan is back in to take more of a beating from King Haku and The Twin Towers. Haku goes for the Tonga nerve grip and Hogan continues to play face in peril. An attempt to break the hold places Hogan in the wrong corner and The Big Bossman tags in to deliver a Bossman slam. Instead of going for the pin, Bossman wastes time by playing it up to the fans. He then heads to the top rope very slowly for a splash but predictably misses it. A hot tag is made to Savage who cleans house but is tripped up by Slick on the outside when he goes off the ropes. Slick begins to berate Elizabeth on the outside, but Hogan comes to the rescue and nails Slick. This prompts the Twin Towers to attack Hogan on the outside and handcuff him to the bottom rope. In the chaos, The Big Bossman is counted out. Bossman begins to assault Hogan with his nightstick while Akeem and Haku pound away on Savage inside the ring. With no one to tag, Savage tries to make a comeback on his own but Bossman nails him with the nightstick then gets in the ring to help Akeem relentlessly assault him. Akeem shoves the referee, which gets him DQ’d. The Twin Towers finally leave ringside but the referees make Slick stay because he has the keys to the handcuffs. Haku comes in to pick up where The Towers left off on Savage while Hogan is still cuffed to the ropes. Slick taunts Hogan by waving the keys in his face. Haku misses a crescent kick on Savage and accidentally nails Slick. Elizabeth manages to take the keys from a dazed Slick’s pocket and help Hogan out of the cuffs. Hulk then races back to his corner and finally gets the hot tag from a spent Savage. The crowd goes WILD as he unloads on Haku and finishes him off with a boot to the face and a leg drop to win it all. *** The Mega Powers celebrate and Hogan lifts Elizabeth off her feet. Savage gets his hand raised but there is a grim expression on his face as he stares at Hogan and Elizabeth. This of course is the first indication of any dissention in the Mega Powers and would ultimately foreshadow their explosion.
Survivors: Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage

Match Analysis: Like last years’ main event, this match wasn’t really a technical masterpiece. Matter of fact, most of the offence was punching and kicking. Still, the pace was very good and the crowd was really into it. This match actually turned out way better than it deserved to be. The drama and extracurricular activity towards the end was really entertaining and added a lot to the match. Not a bad match at all.

Jinsell’s Bottom Line: At the risk of sounding biased, this show really clicked with me and has always been a personal favourite of mine. While it may not have had the drama or star power that the 1st Annual Survivor Series possessed, the wrestling was solid throughout and each and every match was fairly good. Clearly, the highlight here is the 20-Man Tag Team elimination bout, which did surpass the one from 1987. The Demolition/Powers Of Pain double turn angle playing out is certainly noteworthy and was a cool concept that was arguably ahead of its time. That being said, the Main event also told a good story and established the first cracks in The Mega Powers’ friendship (an angle that would play out for the next 6 months). The other two matches were good but not all too memorable (aside from a few PPV debuts. Most notably Mr. Perfect). Still, it is amazing how this show was kind of lost in the shuffle over the years. It’s actually really good despite lacking star power due to some wrestler’s being released prior to the show. Highly recommended!

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