March 13, 2005
Frank Koenen

Backstory: Okay, these two were essentially the giants of the WWF at the time. They were probably scheduled to go at it months in advance, much like Taker-Diesel from the previous year. However due to Shawn Michaels getting ďinjuredĒ and him not drawing well as champion, this was turned into a title match. However that almost didnít happen, because Sid had to defend the title in a steel cage against Bret Hart the week before. Bret in recent months had been whining a lot and whined because he was cost the title a few weeks earlier by Steve Austin. So now whoever had the title brought it to their WrestleMania match. Both of their opponents wanted a shot at the World title at WrestleMania so both interfered in the match, and Undertaker slammed the door on Bretís head and ended up costing him the match. After the match Bret Hart swore on live national television.

- WWF World Champion Psycho Sid vs. The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels is at ringside to deliver color commentary. Before the match can begin Bret Hart, who has just come off a classic match with Steve Austin in which he could not make him submit, comes down and complains about not being in the main event. Bret says his usual ďBest there is, best there was, and the best there ever will beĒ line, which leads to Sid powerbombing him. Sid says ďwhen Iím done kicking his (Undertakerís) ass, Iím kicking yoursĒ which is enough to piss of The Undertaker to attack Sid from behind to start the match. Sid whips The Undertaker into the turnbuckle, but Taker catches Sid with a big boot. Taker follows with some punches on Sid in the corner followed by a splash. Taker gives Sid a slam which only gets two. Taker goes up top for the ropewalk, and chops Sidís arm. Taker goes for a splash in the corner, but Sid catches him in a bearhug. This lasts several minutes. In reality is good psychology, but itís pretty boring. Taker gets out of the bearhug, but gets kicked to the outside and over the Spanish announce table. They fight on the outside and Taker is slammed on (but not through) the Spanish announce table. Now Vince announces that it that the match was made no-dq a earlier. Back in the ring Sid locks on the camel clutch for a long time. Again sound psychology, but pretty boring. Sid follows it with a double axehandle from the second rope. Undertaker makes a minor comeback, but Sid slams him which only gets two. Sid gets a legdrop which again only gets two. Sid goes for a clothesline, but Taker ducks it and hits one of his own. Sid doesnít stay down, and pretty much just goes back on the offense again. Taker fights back, and they brawl on the outside again. Back in, Taker goes for an elbow and misses. Sid hits the chinlock. Taker powers out and gives a powerslam. He follows with a nerve grip which wastes some time. Sid gets out of it, and Undertaker hits a clothesline. This is followed by a double big boot spot which is a spot when you think about it makes no sense. Sid is the first up and works over Takerís back. Sid gets another double axehandle on The Undertaker from the second rope. Sid then looks to botch a clothesline from the second rope. Sid goes up top, but The Undertaker catches him, and slams him off the top. Taker goes up top himself and hits a flying clothesline. Taker then goes for the tombstone, but Sid reverses and gets one of his own for two. Sid throws The Undertaker to the outside. Bret Hart runs down and hits Sid with a chair. Taker rams Sidís back into the ring post. Back in, The Undertaker hits a chokeslam which only gets two. Taker sort of does a tumble over Sid, Shawn says Sid ducked a clothesline, but it looked nothing like that. It just looked like Undertaker tumbled over Sid for the sake of tumbling over Sid. Sid then goes for the powerbomb, but Hart runs down again and Sid goes after him. Bret snaps Sid on the top rope phasing Sid enough to walk into the tombstone. Taker gets the win at 23:54. Overall, this match was worse than I remembered. I remember being fairly impressed with all of the psychology employed, but in reality it was all pretty dull. Without the Brat Hart interference there was nothing exciting about this match. This kind of shows you how shallow the WWF roster was at the time when they gave SID AND THE UNDERTAKER 20 minutes. And in reality, it was probably for the better. If they would have chopped off ten minutes, they probably could have had a good exciting match, with all the Bret Hart interference, but as it is, itís a DUD.

Aftermath: In reality this went a long way to make Bret Hart a clear cut heel. I donít know why they didnít make Hart-Austin the World title match, since Hart had the title and was going to be the focus of Raw for the next few months anyway. I guess they wanted to change the title on Raw, because they were getting stomped by Nitro every week. I canít recommend this match unless youíre a HUGE Undertaker mark. However watch Austin vs. Hart from earlier in the evening instead.

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