December 2, 2009
Josh Powell

WCW Thunder
Taped December 4, 2000, aired December 6, 2000

From Lincoln, Nebraska it's Thunder! As we begin the show, Ric Flair is walking towards the ring, but first Stevie Ray is walking towards the announce position as the Thunder opening rolls. Tony welcomes us to this week's Thunder. Stevie Ray takes Mark Madden's headset and takes over commentary I guess. Along with Tony and Stevie there is also Mike Tenay.

WCW CEO Ric Flair enters the ring to make an announcement(or a few actually). First, he says that Sid Vicious and Scott Steiner will not be allowed on the show tonight. Secondly, Flair suspends Steiner indefinitely and strips him of the WCW World Title for attacking Arn Anderson on the previous Monday Nitro. WCW Commissioner "Above Average" Mike Sanders interrupts proceedings and says Flair is just scared and jealous of Scott Steiner that's why he's doing this. Sanders also mocks Flair for a while. Flair says he is doing this because it's what is best for the company. Arn Anderson then appears on the big screen and asks his friend Ric Flair to reconsider his decision because Steiner will go down at the hands of one of his many enemies, and that will destroy him. Flair seems to agree with Arn and changes his decision. But still Steiner and Sid will not be allowed there tonight.

Goldberg and Buddy Lee Parker enter the arena.

Mean Gene Okerlund talks to Ric Flair backstage. He says Mike Sanders is going to have to defend his Crusierweight title against Chavo Guerrero Jr tonight.

Crowbar has some new clothes he wants Daffney to wear. She doesn't seem pleased.

Chavo Guerrero Jr asks Sgt A-Wall if he likes his new attitude. A-Wall does not approve.

Match 1: Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire def Jamie Knoble & Evan Karagias when O'Haire pinned Knoble

There is a pretty big size mismatch here. Karagias is more interested in dancing and celebrating than wrestling, and Knoble keeps wanting him to get serious. Jindrak and O'Haire take control with their power advantage and put the beatdown on Knoble while Karagias keeps making mental mistakes that hurt his team. Karagias also keeps noticeably blowing moves which is something he was known for already. Karagias does get in via a hot tag, and he and Knoble bring out a ladder to use as a weapon because they will be involved in a ladder match at the upcoming Starrcade. Apparently this is no-DQ because the ref doesn't care. Jindrak and O'Haire quickly retake control with their power anyway. Jindrak nails a Frankensteiner off the top rope on Knoble, and O'Haire hits a Seanton Bomb for the win. The match was rough around the edges because Karagias sucked and the others were still rookies basically, but I can't say it was all that bad.

Brian Adams gets off the phone and tells his Kronik partner Bryan Clarke that they have another job lined up. Alrighty.

Pamela interviews Shane Douglas about his US Title bout at Starrcade with Hugh Morrus and also about his bout tonight with Goldberg.

WCW Hardcore champion Crowbar and Daffney come out to join on commentary for the next match. Daffney is dressed up like a hippie, and she is not happy.

Match 2: Hardcore Match - Sgt A-Wall and Bam Bam Bigelow fought to a draw when Mike Awesome took them both out

Just a typical hardcore match of the time with plunder involved. The beat each other with stuff as they go around the ring. Bigger spots are teased but not really delivered. Finish comes when Mike Awesome hits the ring and shoves them both off the apron through a table. Neither wrestler can answer the ten count. Crowboar acted like a goofball on commentary throughout.

As Konnan, Rey Jr, and Kidman enter the arena they are attacked by Jeff Jarrett and the Harris Boys.

Ernest Miller talks to the Jung Dragons saying they have to get ready for their six man tag tonight, but the Dragons(including Jimmy Yang) apparently do not speak English.

A quick video package airs about the "original madman" Sid Vicious. He will be facing Scott Steiner for the WCW World Title at Starrcade in just 11 days.

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Mean Gene interviews Buff Bagwell about his match with Alex Wright. Bagwell complains that he has gone from the highs of wrestling Scott Steiner last week to the lows of wrestling Wright.

Team Canada arrives to the ring. They have been on a bit of a losing streak lately. Lance Storm asks if he can be serious for a minute. Team Canada has some issues, but they will be resolved soon. Please rise for the Canadian National Anthem. The Jung Dragons music interrupts. The Cat after the Dragons and says he's gonna beat up Team Canada but leave enough left over so the crowd can get some.

Match 3: Ernest "The Cat" Miller(w/ Ms. Jones) & The Jung Dragons(w/ Leia Meow) def Lance Storm, "Prime Time" Elix Skipper, & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan(representing Team Canada and w/ Major Gunns) when The Cat pinned Skipper

Pretty short but fast paced and entertaining match. Kaz Hayashi was barely involved, but you can't win em all. Finish comes when Hacksaw accidently hits Skipper with the 2X4, and Miller gets the pin. Storm is not pleased because the problems in Team Canada continue. He glares at Duggan. The Cat dances post match, and the Dragons even get involved!

Pamela interviews Team Canada. Lance Storm sends Hacksaw to the showers. Duggan is upset but goes. Storm challenges The Cat to a match at Starrcade. Major Gunns gets in Pamela's face to end the interview.

Some woman whose name I don't remember tries to talk some sense into Big Vito and tells him to give his brother Reno another chance. Vito ain't listening. Schiavone helpfully tells me that the woman is Vito's sister Marie. Thanks Tony!

Match 4: WCW Crusierweight Title Match - Chavo Guerrero Jr def champion "Above Average" Mike Sanders via pinfall to become the new WCW Cruiserweight Champion

Chavo's new attitude is discussed. Tony says he's not really loco anymore, but he's willing to cut some corners. The match is not very long but is solid with Sanders controlling much of it and being a cocky jerk while doing it. The end comes when Chavo uses the Cruiserweight belt to smash Sanders while the ref is distracted and then hits a brainbuster for the 1-2-3 and the title. Chavo wins the belt for a second time. Sanders was not a guy who was on the in-ring level as the top cruiserweights although I believe he had the personality to make up for it. Tony says Chavo's decision to leave the Misfits In Action looks like it may have been the right one.

Mean Gene interviews the new Cruiserweight champ. Chavo interrupts Gene and tells Hugh Morrus that Hugh was wrong about him.

Mike Sanders starts trashing the backstage area and says he will get his belt back.

Alex Wright tells Disco Inferno that he wants to go out there tonight with no schemes but just to wrestle. Disco questions that philosophy.

In a prerecorded segment, Stevie Ray interviews The Insiders, "Diamond" Dallas Page and "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. DDP and Nash talk about how they started as a tag team and why they got back together after all these years. It's like a quasi-shoot interview. They say they got back together they wanted to have fun again. They talk about their various injuries and recoveries from them. They say at Starrcade they will prove how great they still are.

Lex Luger reads a book backstage.

Match 5: Buff Bagwell def Alex Wright(w/ Disco Inferno) via pinfall

Last week on Thunder Buff came close to beating Scott Steiner for the WCW World title. Disco joins commentary. Short and easy match for Buff. Disco attempts some interference to no avail. A nothing match finished with the Blockbuster.

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The WCW Shock of the Week is Mike Awesome attacking Bam Bam Bigelow on the previous Thunder.

Match 6: Bryan Clarke(w/ Brian Adams) def Big Vito via pinfall

Vito is who Kronik has been sent to take out tonight. They were were sent to take Reno out on Monday. Noone knows who is hiring them to do this stuff. Kronik jumps Vito to start. Adams then joins commentary. It's a back and forth power brawl until Adams attacks Vito behind the ref's back. It's a strange finish as Vito gets the upperhand, hits an elbow off the top rope, but seems to get hurt. Clarke then hits the Meltdown for the win. Match was just there. Kronik starts to attack, but Reno hits the ring with a steel chair. He stupidly turns his back and gets smashed. Marie hits the ring as Kronik are leaving.

Reno is confronted backstage by the Natural Born Thrillers about helping Vito. Reno says he's family. The Thrillers are not impressed.

Shane Douglas comes to the ring. He insults the crowd a bit and then lashes out at Hugh Morrus/General Rection for taking out Torrie Wilson last week. He says tonight is Nebraska's lucky night becauase they are going to see The Franchise beat Goldberg. Tonight Goldberg's supposed 28-0 streak ends in Lincoln! Perhaps not.

Match 7: Goldberg def "The Franchise" Shane Douglas via pinfall

Douglas wraps his fist with a chain pre-match. He wallops Goldberg with it a few times the first chance he gets. It's not all that effective as Goldberg gets up and suplexes Shane. Then Goldberg's Starrcade opponent Lex Luger appears on the rampway with Buddy Lee Parker in a Torture Rack. Goldberg is distracted for a moment, but then just spears the Franchise. A Jackhammer later, and it's over. Goldberg runs up to help Parker. It's personal now! Show ends.

Considering some of the awful programming WCW put together in its last couple years, this wasn't half bad. At this point it seems WCW was forced to just put on a mostly basic wrestling show because of the reduced amount of cash on hand and wrestlers to throw out there. It doesn't produce spectacular results, but there is an overall direction of some kind that is not terrible. It was nothing that was likely to save the company, but that would've been pretty difficult to do as of December 2000.

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