August 28, 2009
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

WWF Intercontinental Champion Greg Valentine (w/Capt. Lou Albano) vs. Tito Santana – (Madison Square Garden, 10/22/84)
We’re a month into Valentine’s title reign and Finkel announces him as the NEW WWF Intercontinental champion. Can you imagine that happening nowadays? Some people don’t even hold the belt for an entire month. So now Tito gets *his* rematch. Santana has his knee wrapped up. HUGE brawl to start. Tito tears into Valentine like a cheetah stripping away the skin of a new carcass. Well, something like that. Valentine FINALLY gets a kick in on Tito’s taped knee. Santana tries to kick Valentine away to keep him off his knee, but then Valentine tosses him out to Albano for a cheap shot to the ribs. Tito manages to yank Valentine out to the floor as they trade blows. Valentine grabs a chair, but Santana ducks a swing. Back in the ring, Tito brings the chair in with him and WHACKS Valentine across the head to bust him open. Someone alert the censors, WHERE’S THE BLACK AND WHITE FILTER? When the ref tries to get Santana off Valentine as he’s pounding the cut, the ref gets tossed aside as Santana gets DQ’ed. (5:54) Certainly a wild little brawl and quite fitting. Albano tries to jump Tito afterwards and gets nailed for his efforts as Valentine clears out. ***

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