February 10, 2006
Louis Izzo

Tito Santana vs. The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer):
October 5, 1991

Taped from Barcelona, Spain in October 1991. Commentary is done in Spanish, since I don't recall this match being released on any WWF tapes or broadcasted on TV, for the obvious reasons, which will be revealed later on. Santana was being phased out on television at this point, right before becoming "El Matador" Tito Santana.

Undertaker tries a sneak attack, but Santana moves out of the way and hammers on 'Taker with rights. Santana rams Undertaker into the buckle and stomps away, but guess who isn't selling. Santana applies a wristlock, and manages to sell it more than the guy it's applied to. Irish whip to escape, and Santana tries a sunset flip, which doesn't work. Santana uses his speed to remain in control and goes back to the wristlock. Undertaker escapes with blows to the throat and a headbutt. Irish whip to the corner, and Undertaker runs into a boot. Santana with a clothesline from the second turnbuckle, followed by two more, sending the Undertaker out of the ring. Santana follows out and rams Undertaker into the ring steps. Back in the ring goes Tito, but he falls into the Undertaker's "hang him across the top rope" trap he does in every match. Undertaker controls now and chokes Santana across the middle rope. Undertaker heads to the top rope and nails the "Not-So-Old-School" clothesline across the back of the neck. Santana tries a comeback with rights to the midsection, but a slam attempt fails and Undertaker knocks him back down to the canvas. Undertaker hammers away on Santana on the outside and appears to bite on Santana's forehead. I guess he took the "act like a Zombie" direction a little too seriously.

Undertaker with a choke lift and slams Santana back down to the canvas. Undertaker with a scoop slam, but the jumping elbow drop that always misses, misses. Undertaker tries his old school move again, but Santana throws Undertaker off the top to counter. Santana hammers away with more rights and nails the Flying Jalapeņo, but Undertaker no sells. Santana nails it a second time, with a bit better results. Santana tries a third, but the Undertaker pulls the referee into the blow. Santana's revenge on Danny Davis! Undertaker takes back control and plants Santana with a side suplex. Undertaker calls for the body bag, since he has nothing to do until the referee wakes up. Undertaker tries zipping Santana up, but he summons the power of La Chicomania! Santana with a series of blows to the midsection, and nails a piledriver out of nowhere. Undertaker sits up, so Santana nails a second one. Again, Undertaker sits up, and Santana puts him down with a third Piledriver. Undertaker gets up AGAIN, so Santana steals the urn from Paul Bearer, who is conveniently on the apron, and bashes Undertaker good. Santana covers...1... 2... 3?!?! Santana pinned the Undertaker at 13:57.

Who the hell saw that one coming? *1/4 Match was your usual shit from the Undertaker, but it wasn't as bad as some of the other dog shit matches he was putting on at the time. I wonder what possessed the booking team to have Undertaker job to Santana. Sure, he's Spanish, but he was a fucking Jobber at the time and Undertaker was set for a program with Hulk Hogan. No wonder this was never mentioned and/or seen on WWF Television. It would screw up everything!

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