September 16, 2008
Alexander Settee

Unforgiven 1999, September 26, 1999, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

Going back nine years now to another Unforgiven show featuring a multiway main event for the World Title, except that back then, they only had one World Title to put up instead of two and a half. Also on the show is one of the most ill-conceived matches in the history of wrestling, the Kennel from Hell, as well as some PPV debuts of guys that would become pretty big players over the next few years. One other note going into the show is that theyíre running an angle where the referees are on strike due to taking too much abuse at the hands of the wrestlers. This means that we get scab referees in the form of Harvey Wippleman, Steve Lombardi, and Dr. Tom Pritchard, along with Jim Korderis, a regular ref who has decided not to strike. On with the show!

Opening Match: Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman

Val stole Blackmanís bag of weapons during the set up of this match, and Blackman is looking to get them back. Exciting, huh? Blackman goes right after him with punches and kicks. Irish whip is reversed, Blackman slides through the legs, but Val ends up getting a clothesline. He rams Blackman to the buckle and gives him some shots in the corner. Corner whip is reversed, but Val shoves him off on the charge. Blackman dropkicks Val outside and rams him to the apron. He goes to suplex Val in, but crotches him instead, and then hits an atomic drop. The psychology here is that Valís large penis makes for an easy target, so Blackman goes after it. What he might be looking to set up there in terms of a submission move I donít really want to know. Val recovers from that to toss Blackman outside, where he uses stomps and drops him on the barrier. Whip to the stairs is reversed and Val hits them. Blackman then rams Valís back to the post, and gets him back in the ring for a 2 count. He whips Val to the corner, and then back again. Val comes back, but ends up taking a side slam. Suplex hits and Blackman goes to the rear chinlock. Val makes it to his feet and elbows out, then nails a clothesline. Val keeps on him with punches, chops, and an elbow. A couple of Irish whip kneelifts and a Russian legsweep get 2. Blackman punches back and tries an Irish whip, which is reversed, but Blackman comes off with a crossbody for 2. Val comes off the ropes, but runs into a spinebuster for another 2. Corner whip is reversed and Val clotheslines him in the corner. Bulldog and DDT hit to set up the Money Shot, which gets the 3 count at 6:34. Post match sees Val try to use Blackmanís Kendo stick against him, but Blackman recovers and KOís Val instead. The EMTís come out to tend to Val, with Blackman threatening one of them, only to get speared by head of security Jim Dotson. Iím actually surprised that they never worked him into a match somehow. Maybe he was just that good at security, and they couldnít take him away from those duties. The female EMT that Blackman harassed however did begin a brief wrestling career a short time after this under the name BB. Match was short and not particularly exciting. *

European Championship Match: Mark Henry vs. D-Lo Brown

Back at Summerslam, D-Lo was defending the Eurocontinental Title against Jeff Jarrett when his long time running buddy Henry turned on him, costing him both belts. Jarrett handed the European Title to Henry as a reward, and now D-Lo is out looking for revenge. But wait! Henry puts the moves on Lillian Garcia during the pre-match interview, so she slaps him. He claims that this has given him a ďbrainurismĒ, and the match will be postponed. D-Lo is having none of that though, so he attacks in the aisle and weíre underway. Henry comes back to ram D-Lo to the barrier, and then whips him to the post. Now we get in the ring and get the bell. D-Lo ducks a clothesline and hits some punches. Irish whip is reversed, and they then trade reversals until D-Lo catches Henry in the Sky Hi for 2. Snapmare and 2nd rope elbow get 2. D-Lo charges at Henry in the corner, but is caught and dropped on the buckle. Henry misses a rope straddle and goes out, allowing D-Lo to hit a nice looking dive to the outside. That even gets a small ďD-LoĒ chant going. Back in the ring, with D-Lo going up and hitting a crossbody for 2. Irish whip is tried, but Henry holds on and picks D-Lo up for a press slam which gets him 2. Henry gets a slam and clothesline, and then goes to a rear chinlock. D-Lo fights out, but is caught and dropped. Rope straddle hits this time and they both go through to the outside. Henry drops him on the stairs, and then gets him back in the ring. D-Lo tries to fire back, but gets clotheslined. Irish whip sees D-Lo get a crossbody for 2. Another Irish whip is reversed, and this time Henry catches the crossbody and gets a slam, then drops a leg for 2. Corner whip and Henry hits a splash, then puts D-Lo on the buckle and slams him off for 2. Irish whip, but D-Lo slides through the legs and jumps up to nail a rana. Irish whip is reversed; D-Lo ducks a shot, and comes back off with a forearm. Heel kick and legdrop get a 2 count. Corner whip is reversed and Henry gets a clothesline in the corner. He mounts D-Lo for punches, but D-Lo drops him with a powerbomb. Lo Down hits and D-Lo wins the European Title at 9:13. D-Lo was showing potential as a future star here as he was good in the ring, and had a certain charisma about him. *1/2

Intercontinental Championship Match: Jeff Jarrett (w/Miss Kitty) vs. Chyna

Chyna is the babyface here, even though sheís still associated with top heel HHH, and is even using his music. Jarrett jumps her as she enters and chokes her on the ropes, but misses a rope straddle. Chyna whips him to the corner, which is reversed, but Chyna gets a clothesline anyways. Irish whip sees Jarrett slide through the legs only to be clotheslined yet again. Corner whip, but Jarrett gets the elbow up on the charge. He goes to the 2nd rope for a double axhandle, but Chyna low blows him on the way down, and then clotheslines him outside. Form there, Jarrett grabs her by the legs and crotches her on the post. She gets pulled outside and rammed to the stairs, and thrown back in where Jarrett hits a crossbody for 2. Irish whip is reversed, but Jarrett ducks a shot, gets a dropkick, and rams her to the buckle. Corner whip sees Chyna do a Flair Flip. Jarrett tries to clothesline her on the apron, but she ducks and gets one of her own. She goes up, but Jarrett catches her and hits a superplex for 2. Jarrett gets a wristlock that leads to a tornado DDT as they show Mae Yong and Fabulous Moolah at ringside. Corner whip is reversed, and Chyna charges, but stops short when Jarrett tries so go over the top. She then picks him up on her shoulders and gets an electric chair drop. Coming off the ropes, Jarrett ducks and hooks a sleeper. The arm drops twice before Chyna recovers and elbows out. She gets a suplex, and then catches Jarrett coming off the ropes with a powerslam for 2. Irish whip is reversed, and Jarrett tries a rana, but gets powerbombed for 2. They trade spots now, with Chyna trying the rana, and Jarrett hitting the powerbomb. He then tries the figure four, but Chyna kicks him off to the outside. She sends him to the stairs, hits him with a chair, and then picks him up and drops him on it. None of this is a DQ even though the ref is looking right at it. I wouldnít normally care too much, but when we get to the finish, weíll see why itís annoying. Jarrett comes back with a thumb to the eye, but he then charges into a backdrop. In the ring now, Chyna tries a Pedigree, but Jarrett scoops the legs and catapults her right into the ref. He grabs the guitar, but Moolah and Mae come in to stop him from using it. Then they attack him, and even use a double suplex! They send him off the ropes, but Jarrett clotheslines them both and puts the boots to them. Debra (she and Jarrett are not together at this point) makes her way out now as Jarrett goes for the figure four on Chyna. She nails Jarrett with the guitar just as the ref is recovering, and Chyna gets the pin to win the title at 12:09. That gets a pretty good crowd reaction, but unfortunately for everyone who got excited, the booking spirit of Dusty Rhodes is present here in the building tonight. Tom Pritchard, the head scab referee, comes in and shows the guitar shot on the screen, so the decision is reversed and Jarrett retains the title on a DQ after all. Chyna beats up Pritchard after the decision. Crap finish aside, this was actually a decent match. **

The Dudley Boyz vs. The Acolytes

This is the PPV debut for the Dudleyz as theyíve just jumped over from ECW. They have Bubba doing the stuttering gimmick that he started out with years earlier, but it didnít last too long. The Acolytes use their pre-match interview to remind us that they ran Public Enemy out of the company, and will do the same to these guys. Big brawl kicks off the match until we get going with Bubba and Faarooq. Faarooq tries a corner whip, but itís reversed, and Bubba follows him in with a splash. He hits a suplex and a slam, but a splash on the mat hits the knees, allowing a tag to Bradshaw. They get Bubba with a double flapjack. Bradshaw then hits a big boot and drops an elbow for 2. Corner whip, but Bubba gets the elbow up on the charge. Slam by Bubba, followed by a senton splash from the second rope for 2. He goes to the second rope again, but this time Bradshaw is up, and he catches him with a superplex for 2, with D-Von making the save. Bradshaw tackles Bubba to the outside, and sends him to the stairs. Back in the ring, that gets 2. He then misses the Clothesline from Hell, and Bubba nails a suplex for 2. Tag to D-Von, who is in with some punches. Irish whip is reversed, but D-Von ducks, and comes back off with a shoulderblock. He follows up with a neckbreaker for 2. Irish whip is reversed again, which leads to Bradshaw catching him in a fallaway slam. Tag to Faarooq, who goes for the pin and gets 2. Irish whip and powerslam also get 2. D-Von slips out of a Dominator attempt and gets a DDT. Faarooq is able to tag, but D-Von canít. Bradshaw gets a slam, but misses an elbow, so now D-Von makes the tag. They get the double team neckbreaker for 2. D-Von attacks Faarooq outside and sends him to the stairs, while Bubba gets a powerbomb in the ring. D-Von then goes up and drops a headbutt from the top on Bradshaw for 2. Faarooq is back, and he crotches D-Von on the corner, which allows Bradshaw to get a back superplex. Faarooq and Bubba fight outside as Bradshaw gets 2 in the ring. Bubba gets back in and gets a face slam on Bradshaw. D-Von gets 2 from that. Now they hit 3D on Faarooq, but Bradshaw has recovered enough to nail the Clothesline from Hell on Bubba. Then, Stevie Richards, dressed as an Acolyte, comes in and hits the Stevie Kick on D-Von. Faarooq gets the pin from that at 7:29. Faarooq and Bradshaw thank Stevie for the assist by kicking his ass. Considering how popular these teams became, itís kind of weird to see them have a match here with almost zero crowd reaction to anything. *1/2

Womenís Championship Match: Ivory vs. Luna Vachon

This is a hardcore match, which they start backstage, and never actually take out into the arena. Itís just mindless brawling with various weapons being thrown around. Tori tries to get involved, but Ivory takes her out, and then nails Luna with a pole to get the pin and retain the title in about 3:30 (I heard no opening bell). They cut to Lillian interviewing Mae and Moolah, which Ivory interrupts, kicking off a brawl, and leading to Moolah challenging for the title at No Mercy. DUD

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The New Age Outlaws vs. Edge & Christian

The Outlaws had just had a surprise reunion last Thursday on Smackdown, coming out of nowhere to regain the Tag Team Titles from the Rock & Sock Connection, who themselves had only won the belts earlier in the week on Raw. Neither Gunn, nor Road Dogg was going anywhere as a singles wrestler, so they simply dropped months worth of storylines for the easy pop of them getting back together. Edge & Christian had already won a number one contenders match prior to the two title changes that took place this week, so earlier tonight on Heat it was decided that they would get a shot here on this show. Gunn and Edge start with a lockup, and Gunn shoves him off the break. Edge gets a wristlock, but Gunn counters to a side headlock. Edge fires him off, but Gunn gets the shoulderblock. Off the ropes again, but this time Edge gets a hiptoss, and a couple of armdrags before hooking his own side headlock. Gunn makes it to his feet and back suplexes out. Tag to Road Dogg who puts the boots to Edge and gets a rollup for 2. Side headlock and Edge goes to fire him off the ropes, and also makes a blind tag to Christian, who gets a dropkick and armdrag into an armbar. Dogg reverses and whips Christian off the ropes, where Gunn nails him from the apron. Dogg clips him and makes the tag. Double whip and double elbow hit, followed by Gunn hammering on him. He rams the head to Doggís boot and makes the tag. Press slam by Gunn sees him drop Christian on Doggís knee. That gets 2. Irish whip, but Dogg puts the head down and gets kicked. Tag to Edge, who comes in with a dropkick and a shot for Gunn on the apron. Irish whip, but Dogg ducks and comes back with the funky punches, and then takes Edge down and drops a knee. Christian makes the save and they dump Dogg outside. Christian whips him to the stairs, while Edge runs him to the apron. Back in the ring, Christian gets the tag, and gets a springboard splash off of Edgeís back on Dogg in the corner. Backbreaker gets 2, and he then goes to the rear chinlock. Dogg fights to his feet, elbows out, and ducks a clothesline, but coming off the ropes, both guys try a crossbody, collide, and are out. Tag to Edge, who prevents the tag to Gunn. They work Dogg over in the corner, and Christian gets tagged back in. Side slam gets 1 as Gunn makes the save. Tag to Edge who whips Dogg hard to the corner. Tag back to Christian, and they try the springboard splash again, but Dogg nails Christian. Edge keeps control for his team however, and they send Dogg off the ropes and try a double flapjack, but Dogg counters to a double DDT. Tag to Gunn, who is the house afire, beating up both Edge and Christian. Powerslam on Christian gets 2 as Edge saves. All four guys are in now. Christian gets the Unprettier on Gunn. Dogg tries the pump handle slam on Christian, but Christian slips out, and Edge hits a spear on Dogg. The New Brood (Gangrel & The Hardyz) make their way out now with Jeff hitting a dropkick on Edge off the top behind the refís back. Gunn follows that up with the Fameasser on Edge for the pin to retain the Titles at 11:09. Good little tag match, but in case you havenít noticed, thatís four matches in a row with interference, and itís getting a bit excessive. **

Hardcore Championship Match, Kennel from Hell: Al Snow vs. The Big Boss Man

This is an idea that probably sounded cool around 7 in the morning, at the tail end of an all night booking meeting. Suffice to say that the concept has never been used again, and only ever referred to in mocking fashion since. So, the rules are as follows: We have the blue bar cage around the ring, and the Hell in a Cell surrounding ringside. In between the two cages we have a pack of rottweilers (along with their handlers), theoretically to attack anyone who makes it to that part of the cage. The object of the match is to escape both cages. It came about because Snow had been bringing his dog Pepper to ringside with him, but the dog was then kidnapped by Boss Man, and subsequently fed to Snow (Pepper steak!! Get it?). They start out by fighting between the two cages before the dogs are bought out, including Snow nailing Boss Man with the nightstick. Snow tries to keep him in No Manís Land as the dogs are brought in, but Boss Man makes it up the cage. They fight up top, and Snow gets pulled over, but manages to keep himself from going to the floor for a moment until Boss Man knocks him down there. He runs from the dogs (who are actually held back from chasing by the handlers), climbs up the cell, and jumps back to the cage from there. Why he didnít simply run out the door right there and then is one of those questions you just donít ask. Boss Man suplexes him off the top, and then runs him to the cage a couple of times. He then nails Snow with one of the weapons Snow brought in at the start. A couple of shots with a tray lead to Boss Man climbing, but instead of going over, heís cutting the roof open to climb out that way. Snow goes to stop him, but Boss Man knocks him down, and then uses his pliers on Snowís ear. Now he pulls out some powder, but Snow kicks that back in his face, and then nails Boss Man with a stick, and a shovel. He then tosses Boss Man to the cage, and starts loosening the bottom rope for some reason. Boss Man nails him now, and gets in three shovel shots. He then handcuffs Snow to the corner and goes to climb, but Snow breaks free and stops him just as Boss Man is about to make it through the hole in the roof. Head gets pulled out now, and he nails Boss Man with it. Both guys soon recover and try to climb again, with Boss Man going for the top, but Snow jumps from the cage to the cell, right where the door is, and slips outside to win it at 11:41. If it had at least been a good violent hardcore cage match, I could say something positive about it, but it didnít even have that going for it. Just a total joke and the dogs (hyped up here as the big part of the stip, even more than the cages) were never even brought into play. Today, Hell in a Cell is one of their few money drawing gimmicks, but between this, and the Wrestlemania XV match, they almost killed it in 99. A classic between HHH and Mankind in February 2000 salvaged the reputation that was damaged here. -***

Chris Jericho (w/Curtis Hughes) vs. X-Pac

Chris Jericho is also making his WWF PPV wrestling debut here. His defection, along with that of Big Show earlier in the year was considered a sign that the tide was truly turning in the Monday Night Wars for good. Regardless of what WCW was paying, WWF was becoming the place to be. This was scheduled as Jericho vs. Ken Shamrock, but he and Hughes injured Shamrock on Smackdown last Thursday (possibly for real, I canít remember), and Shamrock ended up leaving the company, never to return. So we get X-Pac as a sub, back when people would still accept him as a babyface. Not a bad choice given who they had available at the time. The story Iíve heard about Hughes being here is that Russo wanted to give Jericho a comedy bodyguard like he had in WCW with Ralphus, but Vince McMahon didnít understand the concept, so he decided that Jericho would have a serious bodyguard instead. It didnít last, of course, and Hughes was gone shortly after. We also get a Jericho promo while they finish taking down the cage from the last match. They lockup, and Jericho goes to a side headlock, and they go into a reversal sequence that ends in a standoff. Jericho goes back to the side headlock, and they trade reversals again, ending with X-Pac getting a hiptoss, and they both kip up to another standoff. Jericho chops him and goes for an Irish whip, but itís reversed. Jericho ducks, and goes to try a rollup, but canít get it. X-Pac misses a spinkick, and Jericho nails a clothesline, and then drops him on the ropes. Corner whip by Jericho, but a charge misses, and X-Pac knocks him down with a kick, but canít hit the Bronco Buster. He does land on his feet, however, and chases Jericho outside, but Jericho catches him coming in with a boot. Irish whip, but X-Pac leapfrogs and tries the X-Factor, which Jericho counters to an attempt at the Walls of Jericho, but X-Pac counters that by flipping him outside. He hits a springboard crossbody to the outside, but Hughes nails him right after. Jericho rams him to the stairs and hits a suplex. Back in, a dropkick from the top gets 2. Jericho stretches him, but X-Pac fires up and elbows out. There seems to be something going on in the crowd (probably a fight) thatís distracting them from the match. A lot of them are looking up and away. Jericho gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and drops a knee. Next, a slam and slingshot splash get 2, and then he snapmares him into a rear chinlock. They seem visibly annoyed that the crowd is not really paying attention. X-Pac elbows out, and comes off the ropes, but runs into an elbow. Jericho gets the Lionsault, and hits a couple of punches, but it only gets 2. X-Pac fights back, but misses a tackle and tumbles to the apron. Springboard dropkick sends X-Pac to the floor where Hughes attacks him again. Corner whip, but X-Pac gets the boot up. Jericho gets an Irish whip now, but X-Pac comes off with a spin kick. He punches away and hits a second spin kick. Off the ropes, and he nails a diving dropkick on Hughes, and then comes back with a springboard clothesline for 2. Some kicks in the corner hit, but the Bronco Buster is blocked again. Jericho gets a senton splash for 2, and then hits a double underhook backbreaker. He goes up, but X-Pac crotches him and gets a superplex for 2. Irish whip by X-Pac, who ends up caught in a powerbomb by Jericho, who then lifts him back up and does it again for 2. Corner whip, but X-Pac avoids the charge, and Jericho ends up hooked in the Tree of Woe. He finally hits the Bronco Buster from that position, but Hughes comes in attacking both the ref and X-Pac to draw the DQ at 13:10. Horrible finish (fifth match tonight with interference), especially when you consider that this is Jerichoís first big match with the company. He should be getting put over strong here. Besides that, the match was really good. If only the morons in the crowd had pulled their crap during the previous match instead. ***

WWF Championship Match, Six Pack Challenge: Big Show vs. British Bulldog vs. Mankind vs. Kane vs. HHH vs. The Rock

Ok, here we go: At Summerslam, Mankind won the WWF Title from Austin in a three-way with HHH in as well. HHH brutally attacked Austin afterwards, putting him out for a few weeks. He then challenged Mankind the next night on Raw and won the belt. With Vince McMahon banned from the WWF forever due to a stipulation match at Fully Loaded, Linda McMahon took on an on screen matchmaking role. She booked this Six-Pack Challenge for HHHís first PPV title defense, and he didnít take it too well. As he was threatening Linda, Vince came to the rescue in spite of being banned. HHH goaded him in to a match on Smackdown, and even agreed to put the WWF Title on the line. Austin got involved, and soon enough, Vince McMahon was the new WWF Champion. On Raw the next week, after making a grand entrance with the belt, Vince forfeited it and declared that it would go to the winner of the Six-Pack. Austin, who still had some storyline power in the company due to angles that had taken place over the summer, reinstated the man that he had banished only two months earlier, in exchange for Vinceís first act back in power to be giving Austin a title match (which he did do for No Mercy). He further declared that Austin would be the special enforcer for the Six-Pack here tonight, and Austin has guaranteed that we will see a new champion. Undertaker was originally announced as a participant the match, but he walked out on the company last Thursday on Smackdown. In storyline terms he was unhappy with being forced to wrestle on the show, but in reality he was leaving to get surgery that kept him out until May 2000. His replacement is the British Bulldog, who returned a few weeks ago to what seemed to be a main event push as he was thrown right in the mix with all the top guys, but it wouldnít last very long at all. Vince has declared that Rock and Bulldog will start the match because Bulldog attacked Rock during a match against HHH that he was refereeing on Smackdown. If I missed anything else important here regarding the setup, I blame them for not including it in the pre-match video package, which was actually long enough just covering that stuff

The rules here are that two guys are legal, while the other four are on the outside, and can be tagged in. First guy to get a fall wins the vacant WWF Championship. Regular Ref/Picket Line Crosser Jim Korderis is the seventh man in the ring, which I have to mention because it does become important. Austin starts the match on commentary, and takes part in a six pack challenge of his own while sitting there. Rock and Bulldog start as mentioned. Rock whips him to the corner and hits a clothesline, and then nails some punches in the corner. Bulldog comes back with a clothesline of his own and tags HHH (earlier on they teased that there may be collusion between the two). HHH works him over until an Irish whip is reversed and Rock gets a clothesline. HHH ducks a second attempt, but coming back off Rock catches him with a stungun. Kane steals the tag from Rock (which is appropriate for this match since you canít win from the apron) and gets a choke slam. He misses an elbow and HHH fires back. Irish whip is reversed and Kane gets a powerslam. He then knocks Show down so he can go up top, but Show recovers to toss him off. HHH tags Mankind, and gives him a shot on the way in, so Mankind fights back, but ends up being clotheslined by Kane for 1. Irish whip, but Kane puts the head down and gets kicked. Mankind keeps putting the boots to Kane until Show steals the tag. Show gets a backbreaker on Kane and holds him on the knee for a bit. Kane ducks on an Irish whip and they end up clotheslining each other, but neither guy goes down. Kane gets an ensiguiri, so Show tags Bulldog. Kane clotheslines Show outside, but his knee gets clipped by Bulldog. Irish whip is reversed and Kane hits a big boot. Tags are made ending up with Rock and Bulldog legal. Rock rams him to the buckle a couple of times, but Bulldog comes back with a low blow. He gets a suplex and tags Mankind, who in turn tags right out to Kane because he doesnít want to fight his tag partner Rock. Irish whip by Rock is reversed, and Kane almost catches him in the tombstone, but Rock slips out and gets a Russian legsweep for 2. Kane then manages to catch him in a side slam, but Rock ducks a short clothesline. He rams Kane to Mankindís boot and tags him in. Kane ducks a clothesline and grabs him by the throat, but Mankind kicks to escape and hits a piledriver for 2. Kane tags HHH who sends Mankind outside, but when he follows, he gets sent to the stairs. HHH blocks a suplex on the floor and hits one of his own. Rock charges and hits HHH with a clothesline in the aisle, and soon everyone comes over for a big brawl. Mankind sends HHH to the stairs, and then hits him with them. He then gets a piledriver on them as well. In the ring, Bulldog has taken over as legal man with Mankind, and his corner whip is reversed, so he hits hard. Mankind tags Rock who works over Bulldog as Show and Kane come in now and go at it. The striking refs make their way to ringside now, but donít do anything for the moment. Kane tags Mankind who starts working over Show. Show comes back with an elbow and headbutt, followed by a slam, and dropping an elbow for 2 as Rock saves. Rock gets the tag now from Mankind and uses three clotheslines to take show off his feet and get 2 as HHH saves. HHH tosses Rock and rams him to the table, but Rock recovers long enough to steal Austinís beer and drink it. Iím guessing that may have been improvised, because it would be horribly out of character for Austin not to retaliate there even if he is an official. In the ring, Kane and Mankind go with Mankind getting the double arm DDT. Kane recovers from that to get a tombstone. Everyone just comes in now as they abandon the concept of two legal men and turn it into a tornado match. HHH gets the Pedigree on Bulldog, but is attacked by Rock. Mankind turns on Rock with another double arm DDT, followed by using Socko on him. Rock then grabs hold and hits Rock Bottom for 2 with HHH saving. Show hits some headbutts and a chokeslam on Mankind, but on the count, the striking refs pull Korderis out and beat him up. This draws Austin over, and he beats up all the refs, and then takes over the job himself. Rock gets a DDT on HHH for 2. Irish whip is reversed allowing HHH to get him with a knee while all the other guys fight outside. HHH stomps him in the corner. Whip is attempted, but Rock holds on to the arm and hits Rock Bottom followed by the Peopleís Elbow. Show pulls Austin out at 2 to stop the count. Bulldog brings a chair in and nails Rock, right into a Pedigree from HHH. Austin gets back in and grabs the chair from Bulldog, nails him with it, and then sees HHH covering Rock. He reluctantly counts 3 to give HHH the win, and his second World Title at 20:30. Post match sees HHH taunt Austin with the belt, but then take a Stunner for his troubles. As usual, Iím not a big fan of multiway matches, but also as usual, when the top guys are involved, thereís lots of heat, and they generally deliver the goods. ***1/2

It wasnít looking like much until the final two matches saved it from being a total stinker. Snow/Boss man is particularly offensive, but still counts as one of those matches you have to see, just so you can say that you have in fact seen it. If youíre going to get involved in a ďworst match everĒ debate, at least make sure you know your stuff. The rest of the undercard is not horrible or anything, but is completely unremarkable, which could also be said about most shows from this era. The main events just carried everything during this year. All things considered, I canít really recommend this show. The Kennel cancels out a lot of the goodwill generated by the main event, the only other good match ends with a crappy DQ finish that had no business being used, and nothing else here really matters at all. Thumbs Down for Unforgiven 1999.

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