April 13, 2013
Jared Doucet

The Crater Review
Ring of Honor: Unscripted 2002
September 21, 2002; Philadelphia, PA; Murphy Rec Center

Paul London opens the show with Steve DeAngeles and he’s talking about the fact that Spanky is not here (since he’s in Japan) and Steve asks who his partner will be and London selects American Dragon (Paul London looks like a young Christian Bale here) and Dragon comes out but Michael Shane comes limping out (to mock how Shane beat London last month) and a fan says that Shane sucks and London agrees and a loud London chant starts up. Shane mentions all the Paul London fans and Shane asks why he didn’t choose him as his partner and Shane has beaten his ass time after time and he says that if London can’t beat Shane, join Shane. Shane slaps him for making the wrong choice so London kicks him in the face and Shane rolls outside so London goes up top, LONDON STAR PRESS!!!!! London gets back in the ring to a huge ovation from the crowd and London says that he wants to forfeit his tag team spot to challenge Shane in a street fight and shows that he’s gonna bring a ladder to the fight so now Dragon has to find a new partner to compete in the tag team title tournament as London poses on the ladder to Shane. We get a video package to hype up the show and the problem with this show is that the entire show had to be re-written due to people cancelling because it was supposed to be London and Spanky teaming up and American Dragon vs Steve Corino but Corino and Spanky are in Japan competing for Zero-1. Boogaloo no showed to work for XPW so now the Sinners are out of the tournament and Homicide would ride solo from now on. We also have new announcers in the form of Chris Lovey (Gabe Sapolsky, the head booker of Ring of Honor) and Ray Murrow (Doug Gentry, Rob Feinstein’s best friend) so say bye bye to Donnie B and good riddance….the same to Steve Corino’s arrogant ass. Also, this is the return to the Murphy Rec Center in Phillie.

Opening match: Tag team title tournament Quarterfinal: Spanish Announce Team vs The Prophecy w/Simply Luscious
“Thug Superstar” hits and the Spanish Announce Team come out and tonight can they defeat the Prophecy and advance to the semifinals of the tournament? Next to Eddie Guerrero and Amazing Red, this is probably the toughest test for the SAT to date. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels’ music hits and the Prophecy comes out and tonight can they advance to the semifinals over the SAT? Since Daniels couldn’t capture the ROH title to rebuild ROH in the Prophecy’s image, he decides to go after the new tag team gold so he’s teaming with new member Donovan Morgan to try and capture the gold.

Daniels tells the camera that today is the end of Ring of Honor and the SAT are pretty over but the Prophecy sneak attack to start the match but the Maximos take them down and Morgan gets knocked down and they give Daniels a double boot then a double bulldog and Morgan runs into a powerslam from Joel and they set him up then Jose drop toeholds Daniels onto Morgan, BOSTON CRAB/CAMEL CLUTCH COMBO ON THE PROPHECY!!! Joel throws Daniels down then gives Morgan a running dropkick to the face then hits a Northern lights suplex for a near fall then hits an elbow drop for a near fall but Morgan this some forearms and tags in Daniels but he runs into a hip toss and Jose gets the tag and he hits a missile dropkick for a near fall then hits a suplex for a near fall then tags in Joel but Daniels reverses a whip but Morgan back drops Joel to the floor then Daniels knocks Jose off the apron and Morgan drills Joel with a forearm on the floor then rolls him back in and covers for a near fall. Morgan hits a suplex for a near fall then rams him into Daniels’ boot then tags him in and Daniels boots Joel down then flips Jose off and adds more boots and Morgan cheats behind the referee’s back and Morgan leg drops Joel over the bottom rope and Daniels whips him off the ropes and hits a running leg lariat for a near fall then Daniels cheap shots Jose then tags in Morgan and Morgan snapmares Joel and hits a dropkick to the back of the head then grabs a leg nelson and Luscious is arguing with some chick in the audience so Daniels goes over and pie faces that bitch down! Joel ducks a double clothesline inside and hits one of his own and Jose gets the lukewarm tag and he cleans house but Morgan reverses a whip and hits an awkward tilt a whirl DDT and Jose slides through Daniels’ legs and hits a hurricanrana then Daniels gets whipped into Jose and he gets back dropped over and Morgan fucks up a clothesline over the ropes (he was supposed to go out too) so he just follows out and it’s Joel in the ring and runs the ropes but Luscious trips him up and Daniels charges but Joel low bridges the top rope for him and the mystery woman goes to the top, MOONSAULT ONTO DANIELS AND LUSCIOUS!!! Joel hits some shots on Morgan then whips him off the ropes as the woman lifts Luscious up and carries her to the back as the SAT set Morgan up, DOOMSDAY TORNADO DDT!!!! 1-2-THR-DANIELS BREAKS IT UP!!! Daniels gets back dropped to the apron and goes up but gets crotched and they go for the Spanish Fly but Morgan pulls Jose down, SINGLE SPANISH FLY (with Morgan just standing there watching)!!! Daniels motions Joel to come over and cover him (oops) and he covers for a near fall that Morgan breaks up easily (because he was just standing there watching), GOLDEN GATE SWING ON JOEL!!!! Morgan ducks a lariat from Jose, running enziguri by Daniels, SAYANARA (sit down Pedigree)!!!! 1-2-3 AND THE PROPHECY GETS THE WIN AT 7:30 TO ADVANCE TO THE SEMIFINALS OF THE TOURNAMENT!!! The Prophecy celebrate the win, not really caring about Luscious.

Crater rating: 6.0 out of 10. A solid opener but the Prophecy looked lost as a team and the SAT were their usual hit or miss selves. Well that’s one way to start the tag team title tournament. The best thing to say is that the right team went over because it continues the Prophecy storyline awesomely but this match was a little disappointing. Not only was it short, Daniels and Morgan looked lost as a team and while the SAT are a better tag team, you don’t know what to expect from these guys. The ending had a couple of good spots but when you can see Daniels clearly motioning Joel over to cover him and Morgan just standing around and watching Joel give his own partner a huge move really fucked up what could have been a hell of a near fall. Also, the debuting chick ended up being Trinity and while her interference was a little pointless (it added nothing to the match), it was one hell of a way to debut. Oh and as for Gabe and Doug on commentary….they sound bored and bland BUT….they pay closer attention to detail, they don’t overact as much AND THEY KNOW MOVE NAMES!!! I’ve read that these two get much better with time so I like what these two will eventually be able to do in the future but for now, a solid little opener to start the tournament.

We go to Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka talking to each other in Japanese but then the Christopher Street Connection run into them and apparently, Japanese guys hate gays too. We see Maritato and Tony warming up and the sound guy walks up to ask for their music and Tony fakes James out and hands the sound guy the old FBI music, haha.

Match 2: Tag team title tournament Quarterfinal: James Maritato & Tony Mamaluke vs Dick Togo & Ikuto Hidaka
Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they advance to the semifinals by beating the former FBI members? This is my first viewing of Ikuto Hidaka but I know he wrestled in Michinoku Pro then had a short and unsuccessful run in ECW but he is a star in Japan, I’m guessing. I know Dick Togo and he wrestled in Michinoku Pro until he along with 5 other Michinoku Pro alumni went to ECW for the Barely Legal ’97 PPV and tore the house down in a spectacular six man tag then he joined the WWF for a little while in 1998 as a member of Kaientai but he was gone in late 1998 so I’ve gotten some exposure to him. The FBI’s old music hits and James Maritato, coming out pissed, and Tony Mamaluke come out and tonight can they advance to the semifinals over Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka? The winners will meet the Prophecy in the semifinals.

All of them follow the code to start and Tony bows to them and it’s going to be James starting off with Hidaka and they lock hands and James with a go behind, standing switch by Hidaka but James takes him down but Hidaka kips up to a standoff and they lock up and Hidaka with a headlock but James shoves him off but Hidaka with a shoulder tackle and he does a cartwheel then a springboard back flip but James with a victory roll for a near fall then a headscissors on the mat but Hidaka turns over onto his stomach and grabs a front face lock but James with a wrist lock but Hidaka does some cartwheels and hits a dropkick then a dropkick to the knee (that launches James into the air!) then trips him up and does a twisting knee drop on the knee but James with a leg sweep but Hidaka avoids an elbow drop and they have a standoff and both guys shake hands to show appreciation and Togo gets the tag to the appreciation of the crowd and Tony gets tagged in and Tony mocks Togo by bowing down and they lock up and Togo grabs a face lock but Tony takes him down but Togo gets on top and has the advantage but Tony grabs the ankle lock but Togo spins out and Tony slides out of a headlock and goes for a cross armbreaker but Togo slides out and both men scrapple around on the mat and both men are up and the crowd loves it! Both men shake hands to show respect and they lock up and Togo grabs a headlock but Tony shoves him off but Togo with a shoulder block but Tony with a leap frog but Togo with a kick to the gut and tags in Hidaka and he hits a stiff dropkick to the face and James is tagged in and he whips Togo off the ropes but Togo catches him in the abdominal stretch and he gets caught with the dropkick to the face!! James is still folded up but Hidaka snapmares him and hits a stiff sliding dropkick to the face and the crowd is definitely behind the Japanese guys as Hidaka hits a chop then whips him off the ropes but James drops down on a slam attempt, ANKLE LOCK (I thought it was botched at first)!!! Tony hits a cheap shot then tags himself in then hits a kneebreaker then does a snap dragon screw AND TURNS HIM OVER INTO THAT HORSE COLLAR HALF BOSTON CRAB!!! Tony almost fucks up a slingshot leg drop over the bottom rope and he rams Hidaka into the corner and James gets the tag and they whip him off the ropes but Hidaka ducks a shot and goes for a springboard move, DOUBLE FUJIWARA ARM BAR!!!! Tony gets kicked out of the ring as Hidaka grabs the ropes then he turns him over and goes for the cross arm breaker then starts chopping his stomach and Hidaka tries to counter but Tony kicks him down and James and Tony get into a shoving match but Hidaka with a roll through into a leg grapevine, DOUBLE LEG GRAPEVINE!!!! Tony rakes the eyes to break it up and James gets a near fall then tags in Tony and Tony kicks him in the stomach but Hidaka ducks a shot, catches a kick, SCOOP POWERBOMB!!!! HOT TAG TO TOGO!!! DDT to James by Togo and he hits a running Diamond Dust but James breaks up the pin with a leg drop so Hidaka gives him a German suplex and tries to roll through and grabs a leg grapevine but Tony breaks it up and he reverses a whip on Togo to the corner and Togo takes him out with a swinging DDT, 1-2-NO!! James gets back dropped to the apron then super kicked off into the guardrail by Hidaka, PEDIGREE BY TOGO!!! Togo goes up, SENTON DROP!!!! 1-2-3 AND IKUTO HIDAKA AND DICK TOGO GET THE WIN AT 9:45 TO MEET THE PROPHECY IN THE SEMIFINALS OF THE TOURNAMENT!!! Togo and Hidaka celebrate the win and they are moving on to face the Prophecy in the next round of the tournament.

Crater rating: 7.0 out of 10. A much better match than the opener but still nothing groundbreaking. It’s good to see the Japanese guys again! I always love watched the Japanese guys wrestle because they brought this unique aura to them that a lot of American wrestlers lack and this match was no different. I hadn’t seen Hidaka wrestle before (as mentioned earlier) but he looked all right but Togo was the more known star so the fans loved this guy. Mamaluke and Maritato did what they do best and they had some good sequences with the Japanese guys but the match did more to tell the story of Tony and James’ problems rather than put any importance on either of these teams looking to advance to meet the Prophecy, proving that the Prophecy were the clear cut favorites to win the titles with such a limited roster. Now, the Japanese guys advance to meet the Prophecy and the former FBI guys have more of a reason to bitch at each other.

We get the ROH debut of Gary Michael Cappetta and Tony and James are still in the ring and I believe he’s asking them why they lost and James says that it’s time to drop the comedy act and become serious but Tony doesn’t want to and he’s about to hype up their match but Tony gets pissed and says that he helped James get to where he’s at and he challenges James to an impromptu match right now.

Match 3: Impromptu match: James Maritato vs Tony Mamaluke
Tony and James have been having problems because Tony wants to continue the legacy of the FBI but James thinks it’s time to drop the comedy act and get serious so these two have been clashing personally and now they want to settle it before their big match in October.

Tony offers a handshake and hug but he gives James an overhead belly to belly suplex on the hug to start this thing and Tony slides out and gives James a shot to the back then goes for a Russian leg sweep off the apron but James holds onto the apron and Tony goes flying off into the guardrail and these two awkwardly are trying to whip each other into the guardrail but James whips him into the guardrail and charges with the ring bell but Tony drop toeholds him into the guardrail and he’s busted open and Tony rolls him in then hits a back suplex for a near fall with a cocky cover then rakes James’ face against his knee then whips him off the ropes but James with a wheelbarrow roll up for a near fall then James kicks him in the shin then a back dropkick to the head for a near fall then goes to pull Tony up but Tony rakes the eyes and beats the hell out of James in the corner and sits him on the top rope and hits some shots but turns around into a dropkick for a near fall and James argues with the referee but Tony with a low blow and a roll up, 1-2-3 AND TONY MAMALUKE GETS THE WIN AT 2:57!! Both guys get to their feet and Tony shakes his hand then kicks him in the ribs and leaves the ring but these two will meet again at the next show. James says that it didn’t count because he gave him a low blow and James hypes up their next match and says that if Tony beats him, the FBI lives but if James wins, the FBI is done.

Crater rating: 4.0 out of 10. There was no real reason to have this match. Um…why didn’t they just fight and have referees restrain them? This was a dumb booking decision by ROH to have this match as it didn’t solve anything, they are fighting next month and a heated brawl between the two would have been more than enough to hype their match against each other. Now that they have an added stipulation, their rematch has some intrigue and here’s hoping that the next match between these two will be much better and end all of this.

We go to the back where Gary Michael Cappetta catches up with American Dragon to find out who his partner is and we are introduced to Mike Modest and he promises that he and Dragon will walk out the tag team champions.

Match 4: Tag team title tournament Quarterfinal match: American Dragon & Mike Modest vs Divine Storm
Divine Storm’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they advance to the semifinals of the tournament against American Dragon and Michael Modest? “Self Esteem” hits and American Dragon comes out with Mike Modest and tonight can they advance to the semifinals of the tournament against Divine Storm? Neither man was supposed to be in the tournament but now they are looking to win the titles. Modest says that he’s one of the best talents in NOAH but from what I’ve heard…that’s probably a lie. Dragon was supposed to wrestle Steve Corino tonight but he took a booking in Japan so that’s the second month in a row that Dragon was supposed to have a match on the card but his opponent took a booking in Japan (Spanky was supposed to be his opponent last month).

All four of them follow the code and it’s Dragon starting off with Storm and they lock up and Dragon with a go behind takedown and he grounds Storm on the mat but Storm is up and he takes Dragon down and tries to outwrestle Dragon but Dragon takes him down and covers him on the mat for a near fall then they are up with a double knuckle lock but Storm with a nice move into the cross arm breaker but Modest breaks it up with a leg drop then Divine gets the tag and he grabs a wrist lock but Dragon shoves him off and does a leap frog but Divine goes for the back flip off Dragon’s head but Dragon blocks so Divine hits a hurricanrana then he takes Dragon down and grabs a short arm scissors but Dragon tries to lift him up and eventually does but Divine rolls through to keep the hold on but Dragon rolls through and he pounds on Divine’s ass (literally) but Dragon headbutts him and tags in Modest and HE BEATS THE SHIT OUT OF DIVINE WITH SOME STIFF FOREARMS!!!! Divine Flair flops down and he reverses a whip to the corner but Modest snapmares him and kicks him in the back then hits a slam and follows up with a pair of elbow drops but stops on the third one and just walks on Divine, haha. Tag to Dragon and he kicks Divine in the stomach then hits a headbutt and Dragon hits a hooking lariat for a near fall then hits a huge chop and rams him into the corner and tags in Modest but Divine reverses a whip and hits a Uranage suplex! Modest whips him off the ropes and they botch a headscissors takedown (because Modest didn’t cooperate) so Divine takes him down with a Russian leg sweep and Storm gets the tag and he hits a discus forearm then sets Dragon up, SPINAL SHOCK!!! Both of them roll outside as Divine returns the favor with some stiff forearms in the corner as Storm hits some of his own on the floor but Dragon gets pissed and gives Storm some of his own and he pastes him with one then snapmares him and kicks him in the back as Divine hits a brainbuster as Dragon gives Storm some headbutts and slams him on the floor as Modest follows Divine up, SUPER FISHERMAN’S BUSTER!!!! 1-2-3 AND AMERICAN DRAGON & MIKE MODEST GET THE WIN AT 6:23 TO ADVANCE TO THE SEMIFINALS OF THE TOURNAMENT!!! Dragon shakes Modest’s hand in the ring.

Crater rating: 5.5 out of 10. An ok match that never got off the ground but Modest did his best in trying to make an impression. Well, when Mike Modest wants to make an impression, YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY!!! Modest was killing Divine with those sick forearms to the face and while you have to give the guy credit for trying to go in there and make an impact, he was just turning Divine’s face into mush. The match was ok but Divine Storm looked weak as all fuck against the more accomplished Dragon and Modest and while they tried, they stood no challenge to the guys who were not supposed to even be in the tournament. However, there were some mishaps as Modest no sold a headscissors takedown then he wasn’t even the legal man at the end but give it up to Divine Storm, they took everything Dragon and Modest dished out and tried to give it right back….it just didn’t work out the way they wanted it to. So now, Dragon and Modest move on but if the reports are true, they may get a bye all the way to the finals.

The Carnage Crew decided to protest about not being in the tournament by beating the hell out of some random guys to show how big guys they are and Devito kills one guy with a chair shot and they just beat the holy shit out of these guys. Da Hit Squad are coming out for their match but the Carnage Crew attack them as they also attacked the Sinners backstage and Boogaloo was injured so much that his “career is in jeopardy” and the Crew kill Mack with a sick chair shot AND A SPIKE PILEDRIVER ON A CHAIR!!! They give Mafia a Con-hubcap-to then they talk shit by saying that they took the Sinners out and Da Hit Squad so now, the match will not happen and Dragon and Modest get an instant bye to the finals.

Match 5: Tag team title tournament Semifinal match: Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo vs The Prophecy
Ikuto Hidaka & Dick Togo’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they advance to meet American Dragon and Mike Modest in the finals of the tournament? They defeated James Maritato and Tony Mamaluke earlier to get this match. The Prophecy’s music hits and they come out without Simply Luscious and can they advance to the finals? They defeat the Spanish Announce Team in the first match of the night to advance and neither team has gotten much rest up to this point. The winners will meet American Dragon and Mike Modest to crown the first ever Ring of Honor tag team champions. Simply Luscious still hasn’t been located after she was attacked by Trinity, the mystery fan. Both Morgan and Daniels have wrestled in Japan so they are used to the Japanese style and Daniels, as his alter ego Curry Man, has faced Togo and Hidaka so he knows both opponents.

It’s Togo and Daniels starting and Togo with a go behind but Daniels with a hammerlock and Daniels leap frogs Togo but Togo comes back with a spinning DDT and Hidaka gets the tag as does Morgan and they trade blows with Hidaka winning with an eye poke then a shoulder tackle and Hidaka with a running cartwheel over Morgan and hits a standing somersault leg drop but Morgan grabs a headlock but Hidaka throws him off and Morgan with a shoulder tackle but Hidaka leap frogs him but Morgan with a thumb to the eye and they trade headlock takedowns and both men scissor out to the ovation of the crowd and Morgan suckers Hidaka with wanting a handshake and Daniels attacks from behind and throws him to the floor as Togo whips Morgan into the guardrail as Daniels slams Hidaka on the floor, CACTUS ELBOW OFF THE APRON BY DANIELS!!! Back inside, Daniels whips Hidaka off the ropes and hits a running leg lariat but he runs into a wheel kick and Togo gets the tag and Hidaka snapmares Daniels and Togo with a slingshot hilo then hits a running knee drop then grabs a headlock on the mat but Daniels elbows out but he runs into a drop toehold then a STF but Morgan breaks it up with boots and Hidaka gets the tag and he hits a super kick to the arm and he works the arm with elbows then whips him off the ropes and hits a beautiful dropkick!! Hidaka hits a DDT for a near fall then follows up with a back suplex for a near fall that Morgan breaks up and Hidaka goes to confront Morgan, LOW BLOW BY DANIELS!!! Morgan gets the tag and he drops Hidaka on his head twice with some huge back suplexes for a pair of near falls then Daniels is tagged in and they hit a double hip toss then Morgan with a running elbow drop and Daniels with a running leg drop for a near fall then Daniels slams Hidaka, ARABIAN PRESS FOR A NEAR FALL THAT TOGO BREAKS UP!!!! Morgan gets the tag and kicks Hidaka in the stomach then chokes him on the mat and Morgan whips him off the ropes but Hidaka comes back with a sunset flip for a near fall but turns around into a clothesline then rams him into the corner and tags in Daniels and he hits the snapmare into the neck snap then he cheap shots Togo off the apron and Daniels front suplexes him over the top rope and goes to the middle rope, LEG DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD FOR A NEAR FALL!!! Tag to Morgan and he grabs a Camel Clutch on the mat and he breaks the hold and slams him on the mat then Morgan TURNS HIM OVER INTO THE BOSTON CRAB!!!! Togo breaks it up with a dropkick then Morgan snapmares Hidaka and hits a dropkick to the back of the head then grabs a headscissors on the mat but the referee gets distracted so Togo puts the hold on him so Daniels goes up, PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW DROP!!!! Daniels taunts the crowd then whips Hidaka off the ropes, SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT BY HIDAKA!!!! HOT TAG TO TOGO!!! X-FACTOR ON MORGAN!!!! Togo hits the swinging DDT out of the corner for a near fall but Morgan blocks a suplex, CROSSFACE!!!! Daniels breaks it up but gets sent to the floor by Hidaka, SPRINGBOARD TWISTING SENTON BY HIDAKA ON DANIELS!!!! Togo gets suplexed by Morgan for a near fall then Morgan hits a suplex, a Fisherman’s suplex, GOLDEN GATE SWING!!!! 1-2-HIDAKA BREAKS IT UP WITH A DROPKICK!!!! Hidaka slams Morgan as Togo goes up, SENTON DROP!!! 1-2-DANIELS BREAKS IT UP!!! Daniels throws Togo out and pulls Morgan back to his corner and tags himself in but Hidaka reverses a whip but Daniels with a back roll, ANGEL’S WINGS!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!!! URANAGE SLAM BY DANIELS!!!! BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!!!! 1-2-THR-TOGO BREAKS UP THE PIN!!!! The fans are getting into this one as Daniels whips Hidaka to the corner but runs into a boot and Hidaka with a tornado guillotine choke on the top rope then goes to the top, MISSILE DROPKICK!!!! BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX, 1-2-NO!!! Hidaka back flips out of a German suplex, SPINNING POWERBOMB!!!! 1-2-THR-MORGAN BREAKS IT UP!!!! Morgan knocks Togo off the apron, STO BY DANIELS AND MORGAN HOLDS HIDAKA’S FOOT DOWN, 1-2-3 AND THE PROPHECY GETS THE WIN AT 13:45 TO MEET AMERICAN DRAGON AND MIKE MODEST IN THE FINALS TO CROWN THE FIRST EVER RING OF HONOR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! Daniels and Morgan celebrate at the expense of the Japanese guys.

Crater rating: 8.0 out of 10. This is without a doubt the best tag team match that Ring of Honor had produced up to this point. Well, no arguing that logic! Up to this point, Ring of Honor had been putting on subpar tag team matches and everybody was wondering when they were going to put on a quality one and leave it up to four guys who have all wrestled in Japan to do it. The match was a good tag formula match with a hot ending and Daniels was the clear cut highlight as he was outsmarting and outcheating the Japanese guys and while the Japanese guys did their best, there was never really any doubt that the Prophecy were gonna walk away the winners. The ending was pretty anticlimactic a little as I thought Daniels was gonna beat Hidaka with something big (since Hidaka had already kicked out of Angel’s Wings) and while it was smart and does keep up the heel tactics of the Prophecy, it is a little cheap since it appeared that these guys were building towards a crescendo. Hidaka and Togo made the most of their first ROH appearances and they would be back next month (with Hidaka facing Amazing Red in what’s sure to be awesome and Togo facing Morgan) but right now, everything is pointing towards the Prophecy walking out with the gold since I can’t see the unlikely team of Dragon and Modest winning the titles and the Prophecy also has the storyline in their favor since it would make 100% sense if the Prophecy walked out the champions. Another thing to mention is that while this was the best tag team match in ROH up to this point (at a point where WWE’s Smackdown was putting on quality tag team matches every episode), it wouldn’t be all bad since the Briscoes would eventually team up and take the tag team world by storm and many other teams would follow and at this point (in 2011), no other promotion can top Ring of Honor as far as tag team action so this match was the start of that.

Dunn & Marcos’ music hits and they come out and they are set to take on Prince Nana and Alex Arion. Prince Nana’s music hits and he comes out with Alex Arion and tonight they are taking on Dunn and Marcos. Nana gets on the mike and talks trash to the fans and says that he will not wrestle due to his head injury so it’s going to be Alex Arion against Dunn.

Match 6: Dunn w/Marcos vs Alex Arion w/Prince Nana
Dunn and Marcos are the ring crew guys who are jobbers and they haven’t won a match yet. Alex Arion debuted last month and defeated Maverick Wild in a match.

The bell rings to start and they shove each other and Arion with a pair of shoulder tackles for a near fall then Arion hits a clothesline for a near fall then hits some shots on Dunn but Dunn reverses a whip to the corner but Arion gets a boot up on a charge and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall as Nana walks around in his headgear. Dunn whips Arion to the corner and hits a corner clothesline but Arion hits an ugly monkey flip then slams him and he goes up top and hits a splash off the top, 1-2-3 AND ALEX ARION GETS THE WIN AT 1:38!!! Nana loves that Arion won and Marcos says that they are still the top tag team and says that they will rock people like a hurricane and Arion follows the code with Dunn but Nana knocks Marcos down and hits some chops in the corner then whips him to the other corner and hits the avalanche then the running butt attack then hits a huge Implant DDT!! Nana gets the mike and he asks Arion to be his new slave (“shut the fuck up”-crowd) and shine his shoes but Arion answers no with a super kick and walks off.

Crater rating: 2.5 out of 10. None of this had any reason to be on the show. God, I’d say who books this crap but since the head booker is doing commentary, it’s pretty easy to figure out! First off, this sorry excuse for a match sucked because Arion is so damn vanilla and Dunn didn’t even do anything worthwhile in there then it just all led up to Nana getting kicked so Ring of Honor just wasted about 10 minutes of people’s hard earned time to build this nothing shit up, fucking stupid!

It gets worse as “YMCA” hits and Christopher Street Connection come out (although that outfit that Allison Danger has on is MARVELOUS) and the Japanese Pool Boy is with them and what antics are these guys gonna cause? Well Nana is still down in the ring and Buff E is on the mike and tells Mace to check his head and Mace goes for his dick but Buff meant the other one and they both kiss Nana on the head and Nana runs off as Buff calls someone in the crowd a queer. Buff E tells Mace that he loves him and he wants to marry Mace (in a play up of the Billy and Chuck marriage in the WWE) and Mace doesn’t want a wedding but a kiss and the two make out in the ring but Alexis Laree slides in and low blows Buff E and dropkicks Mace out and Pool Boy shoves her but Alexis shoves him back so Pool Boy slaps her so she spears him down and kicks his ass then goes to the top, LEAPING TORNADO DDT!!! The fans rightfully chant that Alexis is hot as she celebrates. We see what happened at the end of last month’s show when Xavier challenged Low Ki for the ROH title on this night and now Xavier gets his shot.

Match 7: Ring of Honor title match: Low Ki © vs Xavier
Xavier’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Low Ki and win the Ring of Honor championship? Xavier challenged Low Ki on the Crowning a Champion show when Ki won the title and Xavier wanted a title shot. Well AJ, who was already Ki’s scheduled opponent for Honor Invades Boston, got the first title shot so Xavier waited and challenged Ki on this night like the upstart lad that he is. The music of the ROH champion, Low Ki, hits and he comes out and tonight can he retain the title against Xavier? While this would normally be an easy pick as to who was winning, Ki is going in with an injured ankle when he was touring for Zero-1 in Japan during a training session so we’ll see how that affects him.

Both men follow the code and the bell rings to start the match and they are cautious and they lock up and it’s not exactly a tight lock up and Xavier backs Ki into the corner and Ki roughly shoves Xavier away after the not so tight lock up. They lock up again and Xavier grabs a weak headlock but Ki spins out into a top wrist lock but Xavier with a fireman’s carry with an arm bar but Ki slides out AND JUST BLASTS XAVIER WITH A KICK TO THE SHOULDER BLADES, OUCH!!! Xavier grabs a headlock but Ki shoves him off and Xavier with a shoulder tackle to take the advantage and they lock up and Xavier hits a weak kick and Ki just smiles and pelts Xavier with a hard kick and they trade kicks with Xavier kicking like a bitch and Ki winning but Xavier catches a kick and puts him in the corner but Ki blocks the knee lifts and hits some huge chops but Xavier chops back with some stiff chops of his own then some hard shots but Ki fights back with a chop then a Mongolian chop then slams Xavier on the mat and hits a running elbow drop then kicks Xavier in the back but Xavier fights back with some shots to the gut then an uppercut and he grabs Ki but Ki takes him down and just punches away then Ki grabs a cross armbreaker on the mat but Xavier stands up to pin Ki for a near fall twice but Ki keeps pulling him down into the submission and Xavier is up and grabs a cross armbreaker of his own but Ki just kicks out of it and a loud Low Ki chant starts up as both men stare at each other and Xavier gets his AC Slater chant and the commentators make a boo boo by saying that Ring of Honor fans aren’t about stupid chants and they respect the wrestlers….while the fans are chanting “AC Slater” to Xavier so great job there, Gabe, ya dumbass. The fans are having fun with chants to make that dumbass comment even more stupid as Xavier is winning a test of strength but Ki tries to bridge out AND JUST STARTS KICKING XAVIER IN THE FACE, OUCH!!! Xavier fires back with some kicks and he hits a knuckle lock suplex and grabs a headlock on the mat but both are up and Xavier cinches it on but Ki shoves him off and Xavier with a shoulder tackle but Ki dropkicks him in the knee and Ki pelts Xavier with two hard sternum kicks but Xavier blocks the third kick and tries for a move but Ki just throws him off AND BLASTS XAVIER WITH A KICK TO THE HEAD!!!! Low Ki is just kicking Xavier’s ass right now as he hits a Mongolian chop then some more chops in the corner then Ki with a snapmare and a kick to the back for a near fall THEN BLASTS HIM WITH ANOTHER SICK KICK!!! Xavier snapmares him and just hits a trio of bitch kicks and Ki is just sitting there like “what the fuck” and they get up and get in each other’s faces and Xavier with some weak bitch slaps so Ki shows him how it’s done then they trade chops and Xavier badly fucks up a tilt a whirl move then pulls him up and drops him up in an Argentine Rack Drop for a near fall and he rams Ki into the corner then back drops him and covers for a near fall and he grabs a very loose chin lock on the mat and Xavier looks blown up and we are barely 10 minutes in! Xavier drops down on Ki’s back then pulls him up and hits a chop then his knee lifts in the corner then knocks him down with one for a near fall then goes for the X-Breaker but Ki spins out, CAPO KICK!!! Xavier goes to the apron but Xavier drives his shoulder into his gut and goes to the ropes, CAPO KICK TO KNOCK XAVIER TO THE FLOOR!!!! Ki pulls him up and whips Xavier into the guardrail then slams him on the floor and Ki hits an elbow drop on the floor and back inside, Ki hits a Mongolian chop but Xavier reverses a whip but Ki hits a running elbow to the head.

Xavier gets whipped to the corner and Ki hits a huge corner clothesline then a bridging suplex for a near fall and Ki hits some huge chops and Xavier looks gassed as all hell but he avoids a charge AND POWERBOMBS KI INTO THE CORNER!!!! Xavier hits a double underhook suplex, SEATED CATTLE MUTILATION!!! Ki doesn’t tap so Xavier covers for a trio of near falls then Xavier just drops Ki on the mat and hits a knee drop for a near fall then throws Ki to the floor but Ki blocks a baseball slide, spins him around AND HITS A PAIR OF KICKS TO THE FACE!!!! Back inside, Ki hits a slam then goes to the top and hits an elbow drop for a near fall then just slaps him on the chest then on the face then snapmares him and hits a chop to the spine then one to the chest for a near fall then a Mongolian chop then Xavier gets thrown to the floor but Xavier front flips back in but runs into a clothesline for a near fall then calls for the Ki Krusher but Xavier counters and rolls Ki up for a near fall but Ki pulls him up and chops him but Xavier fucks up a powerbomb so Ki counters into a roll up for a near fall then they go into a HORRIBLE pin fall exchange and Ki just kicks him hard in the chest but Xavier grabs him and goes for a neckbreaker as Xavier hits a messy powerslam for a near fall and Xavier looks like he can barely stand as Ki blocks the move again and hits a jumping enziguri to the back of the head and Xavier is so weary that he won’t even fall down like a fucking idiot so Ki sits him on the top turnbuckle and kicks him in the back then sits him up and Ki goes to the top rope, HANGING DRAGON AND THEY ROLL THROUGH INTO THE DRAGON CLUTCH!!!! Xavier counters but slamming Ki down onto the mat for a near fall then sets him up for the Kiss Your X Goodbye but Ki gets out of it and goes for the springboard enziguri but Xavier catches him, KISS YOUR X GOODBYE!!! 1-2-NO!!! Here comes the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels to watch the match and Xavier pulls Ki up but Ki spins out of a move but Xavier takes Ki down then starts working on the leg then he goes to the top rope, 450 SPLASH MISSES!!! Ki knocks him down, KAWADA KICKS!!! Ki is holding his knee and Ki calls for the end but he sees Daniels and he goes after him and Daniels is backing up the aisle but Xavier with a chop block AND XAVIER POSES WITH DANIELS!!!! Xavier puts a concrete slab on Ki’s chest and holds it down as a you souled out chant starts up and Xavier has a chair AND CRACKS THE CHAIR OFF THE HANDLE OF THE CONCRETE SLAB!!!! Xavier taunts the crowd as Daniels taunts Ki and Ki is bleeding internally and since Daniels can’t touch Ki, he continues to taunt him as Xavier says that he’s gonna be the next champion. Ki crawls over to the ring and Xavier is holding the ropes open for him to taunt him and Ki pulls himself into the ring and Xavier sets him up and goes to the top, 450 SPLASH!!!! 1-2-3 AND XAVIER GETS THE WIN AT 25:44 TO BECOME THE NEW ROH CHAMPION!!!!! Daniels gets on the apron and he is ecstatic and here comes Donovan Morgan and Simply Luscious as Daniels hugs Xavier in the ring and Xavier has joined the Prophecy and Daniels’ prophecy that the ROH title will be held by the Prophecy has been fulfilled and they drape the ROH banner over Low Ki and pose over him to show that Daniels has truly won on this day even though Xavier is the champion.

Crater rating: 5.0 out of 10. I am completely split on this as the match was completely one sided but the booking around it was first rate! Wow….who saw that coming? First off, I’m gonna start with the match. The match, well, sucked. Reportedly, Xavier dogged this match so he could get heat from the Phillie crowd and if that’s true, then it’s a great storyline move but when this is a promotion based on work rate and you drop that work rate for a 25 minute match with the ROH title on the line, then that’s saying something because there have not been many guys in the WWE, ECW, or NWA (I refuse to mention WCW in the point I’m about to make) who have decided to dog it intentionally and not give it 100% on a night they were winning the major title. The match was basically Ki kicking Xavier’s ass and looking more frustrated by the minute as Xavier peppered him with weak strikes, kicks, chops and moves and the fact that he looked like he was about to collapse at the 15 minute mark just shows why it should not have been Xavier to have won the title. That leads me to my second point: why Xavier? Sure, Xavier is the perfect upstanding young lad who politely requested a title shot but why couldn’t it have been someone else instead of Xavier?? I mean, the guy has not at all been impressive (which doesn’t make me buy that he dogged it on this night because he wasn’t that great to begin with) and he just went from a nothing little feud with Scoot Andrews to becoming the ROH champion??? The good thing is that while the title change left a bad taste in people’s mouths, Xavier would have some good title defenses against Jay Briscoe and Paul London until Samoa Joe would come in, grow tired of this and just destroy Xavier and take the title but the reign was not a total waste. Now, the good stuff: that was some serious AWESOME booking!! How awesome does this make Christopher Daniels??? Since he did not take the title physically (even though he did pin Low Ki during the match), he decided to have Xavier play mind games with him and how about Xavier’s part in this as the guy who you would not suspect would win the ROH title, much less beat Low Ki, who was light years ahead of Xavier in ring presence and wrestling attributes. At the end of the day though, it isn’t Xavier beating Ki for the title, it was Daniels beating Ki for the title….he just had Xavier do all the hard work and Daniels is merely allowing Xavier to wear the title in the Prophecy because he got what he wanted and all his needs now is the tag team titles and the Prophecy is complete! As for Low Ki, he would still put on good matches, he would not recover from this and would instantly lose his spot as the poster child once Samoa Joe came in and took it from him and Ki would leave ROH on a bad note and would never return so it is quite sad to see a guy who ROH was building themselves around get screwed just to advance an angle and have him lose the title to the most unlikeliest person on the roster and this was by far Ki’s worst match of the year in Ring of Honor so this was a brilliant booking move but a crappy match.

Match 8: Takao Omori vs Sonny Siaki
Takao Omori’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Sonny Siaki in his ROH debut? I’ve never seen Takao Omori in action so this is my first look at him. Sonny Siaki’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he defeat Takao Omori? Sonny has had some exposure on TNA in the X-Division and was a last second edition.

Both men follow the code but Takao opens up with kicks and he grabs a headlock but Sonny shoves him off but Takao with a shoulder block but Sonny with a leapfrog then hits a super kick for a near fall and both men circle each other and they lock up and Takao with a go behind, standing switch by Sonny then he ducks under into a hammerlock then twist over into a drop toehold but Takao slips out into a hammerlock and he works over the arm but Sonny rolls forward and gets out of the hold and grabs a hammerlock then grabs a headlock but Takao fights out of the hold with a European uppercut then hits a chop in the corner then another one but Sonny puts him in the corner and unloads with some chops of his own but Takao blocks a suplex but Sonny floats out of a suplex but Takao hits him on the second attempt then he rakes Sonny’s face with his boot then grabs a chin lock to slow the match down even more then he rolls it over into a Camel Clutch but Sonny is blocking it so Takao grabs a half nelson on the mat with a body scissors but Sonny turns it into a pin attempt for a near fall then Takao with another European uppercut then he chokes Sonny over the bottom rope but Sonny fights back with some weak punches so Takao boots him down and hits a fist drop then sets him up and hits a sloppy piledriver for a near fall but Sonny blocks another piledriver then back drops out of it and Sonny hits a back elbow to take Takao down then whips him into the corner but he runs into a huge boot but Takao runs into a clothesline for a near fall then hits a running flipping neckbreaker for a near fall but Takao with a go behind and he catches Sonny with a wheel kick then lifts him up in the Alabama Slam position AND HITS AN INVERTED TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!! 1-2-3 AND TAKAO OMORI GETS THE WIN AT 7:26!!! Both men follow the code afterwards.

Crater rating: 4.0 out of 10. A long and boring match that felt like it was over 10 minutes. Man, these guys sucked. Omori did nothing at all impressive….until his finisher and Siaki….well he wasn’t exactly a world beater in the ring. These two looked confused with each other which you could defend them by saying that Sonny was a last second replacement and that’s what this match felt like: last second filler! I don’t think either guy would come back to Ring of Honor so they made a big deal for nothing about both of these guys and they did nothing to impress….except hitting that swank finisher, nice!

A VERY young CM Punk makes his ROH debut to some loud ovations. He gets on the mike and he says that somebody told him that there was wrestling in Phillie again and Punk proves that he is more over and more charismatic than half of the ROH roster on the mike. Punk mentions how hot it is and he hypes up his debut at All Star Extravaganza and he even gets in some digs at the WWE (see, he was on the WWE development crew but apparently he wasn’t putting in 100%.....unless he was fucking Maria) and says that he’s here for wrestling, not entertainment. Colt Cabana, the embodiment of sports entertainment, comes to the ring, who is both Punk’s friend and enemy, and Cabana says that they have done everything together but doesn’t understand why Punk got the call and Colt didn’t. Colt talks about things from their past and asks him why is it Punk that gets the debut and not him and Punk says that he has to prove himself and Colt hypes himself and Punk says that he’ll see the fans later and he leaves to CM Punk chants. This is the ROH debut of two of ROH’s most prolific guys as Punk would become ROH’s voice and Colt would be one of ROH’s most solid entertainers in the ring for a long time. We go to Jay Briscoe and Jay says that he lies about how great ROH is and how bad it has been and he goes over all of his losses then he turns his attention to Mark, his jealous brother, and Jay says that Mark shouldn’t be jealous of him and he goes over their match at Honor Invades Boston and how Mark busted Jay open and that the blood that was on his hand flows through his own veins and Jay guarantees that he won’t lose anymore and it was a pretty good promo.

Match 9: Jay Briscoe vs Amazing Red
Jay Briscoe’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he finally get on the winning track and defeat Amazing Red? Jay has only one win in ROH next to about 5 or 6 losses but his worst loss came against little brother, Mark, at Honor Invades Boston. Amazing Red is set to come out but Mark Briscoe runs up and offers his services to Red to be his manager so Red just super kicks his ass and his music hits and Amazing Red comes out and tonight can he defeat Jay Briscoe? These two met in the very first match on the very first ROH show and Red won that encounter.

These two follow the code and Red hits some kicks to the thigh then they trade waist locks and Jay trips him up but Red kicks him off and Jay dropkicks Red in the leg and they do a pretty awesome hammerlock reversal sequence on the mat until Jay bridges out but Red avoids an elbow drop and kips up and these two have a standoff to an ovation. These two knuckle lock up but Red lifts himself up into a hurricanrana and Red with a drop toehold and Red slides through Jay’s legs then whips him off the ropes but Red with a drop down and they have a little bit of a miscommunication but they keep on going and Red hits a high knee then Red gets thrown to the apron but Red avoids a boot to the head and trips Jay up then pulls him out and hits some kicks to the thigh but Jay shoves him and Red hits more kicks but Red blocks some strikes from Jay but Red ducks a kick but Jay blocks a spin kick and he catches a kick and back flips Red and they have another stale mate and both guys get back in while eyeing each other and they shake hands again to show that they are cool and Jay with a go behind, hammerlock by Red but Jay counters into a top wrist lock but Red with a back flip then an arm drag but Jay reverses a whip and Red hits a satellite reverse DDT for a near fall then whips him to the corner and Red hits a nice climbing kick in the corner BUT HE GETS BEHEADED BY A LARIAT FROM JAY!!!! Jay whips Red hard to the corner then he whips Red to the corner but Red gets a boot up but Jay catches both feet and slams him down to the mat and locks on a Deathlock to work the legs then whips Red off the ropes but Red back rolls off him AND HITS A GORGEOUS CORKSCREW FRONT KICK TO THE FACE!!!! Red gets lifted over Jay’s head to the middle rope then he back flips over Jay’s head, HIP TOSS DRIVER!!!! 1-2-NO!!! Red goes to the top but Jay avoids a Swanton Bomb and hits a Yakuza kick for a near fall then slams Red and goes to the top rope but Red hits a corkscrew kick to Jay’s ass and follows up, SUNSET FLIP BOMB OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!! RED STAR PRESS!!!!! 1-2-THRE-NO!!!!!!! Red can’t believe it and I guess Jay was right, he will not die!! (oops, wrong guy) Red goes for a standing sunset flip bomb BUT JAY GETS SPIKES HIM WITH THE ALABAMA SLAM!!!!! HARD POWERBOMB BY JAY!!!! JAYDRILLER!!!!!! 1-2-3 AND JAY BRISCOE GETS THE WIN AT 7:48!!! Jay celebrates the win and he has gotten his second win in ROH and he and Red follow the Code of Honor and Jay walks off and the crowd pays respect to Red and he celebrates for the fans but here comes Special K members Dixie and Elax but the SAT slide in and they take out Elax and Dixie and Jose hits a pair of clotheslines on Elax then Joel hits one of his own then Joel goes to the top and he has Dixie up in a torture rack AND HE HITS A TORTURE RACK BACKBREAKER/LEG DROP ON ELAX AND DIXIE!!!! They pull Elax to the top, SPANISH FLY!!!! All of a sudden, some big black guy, who was at Crowning a Champion, and he hits a scoop up into a jawbreaker on the referee and he goes back to his spot in the crowd, haha. We get another appearance from Dunn and Marcos as well as they help the referee to the back and didn’t you know that they are the #1 tag team in ROH?

Crater rating: 8.0 out of 10. A fun little match between these two and it was a nice improvement over their first match. Well their first match was good, this was better. In the first match, these two tried to do way too much because they were the first match on the show and they wanted to impress the ROH fans but this time, they are established guys so they went out there and had a less high flying, more head dropping kind of low key match and it worked. I liked Jay’s never say die attitude that he had as Red threw his best moves at Jay and Jay still wouldn’t stay down and he was not gonna take any more losses so I loved how he was deadly serious here and was not gonna lose at all. I loved the finishing sequence with both guys hitting a huge string of moves and while Red’s was great, Jay’s was better and was the pure reason why he won. Mark would join the Prophecy and Jay and Red would team up against them at one of the shows so the battle between Mark and Jay is not over by a long shot.

Match 10: Street Fight: Paul London vs Michael Shane
Michael Shane’s music hits and he comes out and tonight can he beat Paul London in a street fight? This match has brewing for a while and it started when Shane along with Spanky, Oz and Ikaika Loa competed in a tag team match (Shane & Oz vs Spanky and Loa) where the person who got the fall would earn an ROH contract. Well, Spanky pinned Oz and got the contract and Shane has been trying to catch Spanky, who has been having a hell of a year in ROH so far. Spanky won a gauntlet match that London and Shane were apart of (they wrestled in the first match with Shane beating London) then Shane decided to just be a dick and two shows ago, he won his ROH contract when the referee counted his pin and not London’s (even though London had the pin as well) so London wanted revenge. These two wrestled at the last show and after a great match, Shane injured his leg after London hit an Asai moonsault (which is what happened to Chris Marvel during his match with London at the second show) and the referees wanted to stop the match but Shane fooled everyone by pulling London into an inside cradle and being the biggest dick of them all. London has thrown away his tag team title opportunity to face Shane and he made an exclamation point by taking Shane out with a London Star Press off the top rope onto the floor so now these two graduates of TWA are going to beat the hell out of each other. Paul London’s music hits and he comes out in his new tights (no longer a singlet and it’s basically those tight shorts that he always wears) and tonight can he finally defeat Michael Shane in this street fight?

No code as London hammers away with forearms but Shane reverses a whip but London with an up and over, a back flip the hits a wheel kick then the dropsault then whips Shane off the ropes but Shane ducks a shot and London back drops Shane to the floor and Shane took a hard bump there! London follows out and hits some shots but Shane floats over and shoves London into the ring post then he rolls London in and Shane goes to the top but London throws him off crotch first onto the top rope then London with a step up enziguri for a near fall then whips him to the corner and London with a forearm then hits some chops but Shane grabs London but London back flips out of a German suplex but Shane tries to hip toss London out but London tries to skin the cat back in BUT SHANE SPEARS HIM OFF THE ROPES, OUCH!!! Shane follows out and he hits some shots then whips London hard into the guardrail and some chairs and Shane talks some shit and Shane pulls out a table and sets it up but London fights back with some forearms then rolls Shane in and he pulls out a chair and shows it to the crowd BUT SHANE WITH A RUNNING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO DRIVE THE CHAIR INTO LONDON’S HEAD!!!!!! London is busted open as Shane rolls him back in and Shane just throws the chair at London’s head for a near fall then hits a nice suplex on the chair for a near fall and London tries to fight back but Shane rakes the eyes then grabs a cravat on the mat but London fights back then hits a knee lift but Shane reverses a whip hard to the corner and Shane wedges a chair in a corner and they trade chops but Shane gets the advantage back BUT LONDON REVERSES AND RUNS SHANE’S HEAD INTO THE CHAIR!!!!! Shane is busted open as well and London hits some forearms but Shane blocks a shoulder to the gut with a knee lift then he pulls out a ladder then puts it on the apron but he raises it up to avoid a London baseball slide but London ducks a shot with the ladder and leaps onto the apron AND KICKS THE LADDER BACK INTO SHANE’S FACE!!!! Both guys are down and bloody and

London slides the ladder into the ring and London goes to the top and attempts….something and horribly misses as Shane just falls down and didn’t even try to catch London and the only excuse I can come up with is that the blood loss is getting to these guys and I think this is the first time that they’ve bled. London sets the ladder up in the corner then hits some forearms on Shane but Shane reverses a whip into the corner but London lands on his feet on a monkey flip but Shane ducks a shot, OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX INTO THE LADDER FOR A NEAR FALL!!!! Shane slams London down then brings it out of the corner and just lets the ladder fall across London’s lower back like a dick but London fights back but Shane hits some chops in the corner then whips London to the corner but runs into a back elbow then London lifts him over onto the apron but Shane with a shot, SLINGSHOT HEADSCISSORS TO PUT SHANE THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!! London looks under the ring and pulls out a taller ladder then London dropkicks Shane’s face then back inside, London lays the ladder in one of the corners and hits a running high knee but Shane cuts him off with a forearm BUT LONDON BACK DROPS SHANE ONTO THE TALL LADDER!!!!!! OW!!!! Shane says fuck this and starts to walk up the aisle BUT LONDON FUCKING RUNS UP THE TALL LADDER AND TAKES SHANE OUT WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA, FUCKING AWESOME (Shelton Benjamin would do that same move at Wrestlemania 22)!!!!!!!! Both guys are back inside and London sets up the smaller ladder next to a corner and he goes to the top rope AND HE LEAP FROGS OVER THE TOP OF THE LADDER INTO A SIT DOWN POWERBOMB FROM SHANE, 1-2-THRE-NO!!!!! Shane goes to the top but London crotches him on the top rope and he follows up but Shane punches out of a superplex and shoves London down, PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW!!!! 1-2-NO!!!! London ducks a kick then hits a super kick and he goes to the top rope, LONDON STAR PRESS!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!!! London sets up the beat up taller ladder that is bent up all to hell then London starts climbing it as a you sick fuck chant starts up but Shane follows up after him and starts ramming London’s head into the ladder to take London down then Shane starts climbing the ladder as if he’s a blood relative of Shawn Michaels….oh yea he is! PICTURE PERFECT ELBOW DROP OFF THE LADDER!!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! Shane can’t believe it so he climbs the ladder again but London is up and London hits an awesome springboard moonsault kick to knock Shane off the ladder then London starts climbing the bent tall ladder and we hear the debut of the please don’t die chant for London as London climbs to the top of the ladder, LONDON STAR PRESS OFF THE LADDER!!!!!! 1-2-3 AND PAUL LONDON GETS THE WIN AT 20:39!!!!! Both guys are down and hurting as the fans gives both guys a standing ovation and they shake hands and Shane hugs London AND CLOTHESLINES HIM, HAHA!!!! Shane is a total dickhead…. I LOVE IT!!! Shane hits a running clothesline on London to add more insult to injury as the fans boo the crap out of him.

Crater rating: 9.0 out of 10. An awesome street fight between two of ROH’s best midcarders on their roster at the time. Paul London, meet the ROH faithful; ROH faithful, is there anything you would like to say to Mr. London? Fans- “Please don’t die!” Ok that was a little lame but this match was awesome! These two put all their hatred and intensity into one awesome match and the fact that everybody believed that these two wanted to kill each other made the big spots that much more meaningful. One of the things people would do was compare this match to the No DQ match that Edge and Eddie Guerrero had around this time and as much as I LOVE that match, I love this match just as much because it was two young lions going out there and trying to steal the show….and they did! Shane was just awesome as the heel but while his personality was in full force, he took a backseat to the crazy London. London was a freak of nature in this match! London established such a disregard for his body in the Indies and this is where it started and it’s not hard why he went on to be so damn popular in ROH and while Spanky and Shane were getting over on personality and ring skill, London got over by trying to kill himself and the fans loved him just as much, if not more. The match had some great spots from the running somersault plancha to send the chair into London’s head to the somersault plancha off the tall ladder to the leapfrog over the top of the ladder into a sit down powerbomb to the Picture Perfect Elbow and London Star Press off the broken ladder being all major highlights. While the match isn’t considered as the greatest match of all time, it is right up there in the top 10 so far with matches of the year for ROH but it just barely misses out on top 10 between ROH and WWE and that’s a damn shame but still, these two youngsters wanted it so they went out and took it and made their careers off this match. Oh and by the way, the commentary sucked for this match with neither Gabe or Rob knowing how to add drama to the match with all the high spots and they kept the same damn monotone voices throughout for most of the match, how about we learn how to sell the near falls and high spots, ROH?

We go to earlier when Donovan Morgan of the Prophecy tries to offer his tag team partner (and tag team opponent tonight), Mike Modest, a spot in the Prophecy but Modest refuses and these two break out into a fist fight until they are separated.

Main Event: ROH Tag team title finals to crown the first ever ROH tag team champions: American Dragon & Mike Modest vs the Prophecy
The Prophecy’s music hits and they come out and tonight can they defeat American Dragon and Mike Modest and become the first ever ROH tag team champions? The Prophecy defeated the Spanish Announce Team and Ikuto Hidaka and Dick Togo to advance to this point and could the Prophecy rule this night by walking out with all the gold in Ring of Honor? “Self Esteem” hits and American Dragon comes out with Mike Modest and tonight can they defeat the Prophecy to become the first ever ROH tag team champions? They defeat Divine Storm in the quarterfinals and they got a bye when the Natural Born Sinners/Da Hit Squad match didn’t take place thanks to the Carnage Crew (and Boogaloo leaving).

The bell rings and it’s Daniels against Modest and Daniels cartwheels out of a knuckle lock into a waist lock but Modest counters with a hammerlock but Daniels drop toeholds him but Modest still grabs the hammerlock and Morgan isn’t wanting to come in against his former tag team partner as Daniels hits a shoulder tackle then Morgan tags in and he whips Modest to the corner and hits a corner clothesline then hits a snapmare and a weak spine kick for a near fall but Modest snapmares him and hits a better one then Modest grabs a headlock but Morgan shoves him off and they collide on a shoulder tackle and they talk shit and they collide again with Morgan talking shit to his teacher and Modest suckers him by hitting a forearm then tags in Dragon and Dragon hits a hard chop and they trade forearms and these two wrestled to a draw last show as Dragon with a snapmare into a chin lock then stretches him out with a surfboard then pulls him into a pin for a near fall then grabs a face lock but Morgan backs him to the corner and comes in and hits some shoulders to the gut then snapmares Dragon and hits a knee drop then a neck snap then a dragon screw on the knee then tags in Morgan and he hits an elbow drop on the knee then grabs a knee lock and tags in Daniels and they do a double wishbone and Dragon gets thrown to the floor and Daniels talks trash to Modest and Morgan gets whipped into the guardrail and he gets rolled back in and Daniels hits a kneebreaker and Daniels continues to work the knee and works it over in the corner but Dragon hits an enziguri and Morgan distracts the referee and Modest gets the tag but the referee didn’t see it and Daniels sits Dragon on the top rope AND GRABS A WALLS OF JERICHO IN THE ROPES!!! Morgan adds in a low dropkick to the face then whips Dragon into the guardrail again and back inside, Daniels covers for a near fall then tags in Morgan and Morgan hits some forearms to the face but Dragon blocks a back suplex and hits a cravat suplex to buy some time for himself. Daniels gets the tag but so does Modest and Modest is pelting Daniels with forearm shots then whips him to the corner but Daniels gets an elbow up, STRATUSPHERE BY MODEST!!!! Modest hits a diving headbutt for a near fall then whips Daniels to the corner but Daniels avoids a charge but Modest catches him with a flapjack but Morgan slams him and Dragon with a roaring elbow on Morgan and Daniels gives him a step up enziguri. Modest reverses a whip on Morgan and Morgan slides out and pulls Modest out but Modest awkwardly whips Morgan into the guardrail (that same one), ARABIAN PRESS TO THE FLOOR BY DANIELS!!! Daniels takes out Modest, TOPE BY DRAGON BUT HE HURTS HIS KNEE IN THE PROCESS!!! Daniels gets rolled back in and Daniels hits some elbows but Modest blocks a wheelbarrow move and counters with a T-Bone suplex for a near fall then he sits Daniels on the top rope and follows up, FISHERMAN’S BUSTER OFF THE TOP!!!! 1-2-MORGAN BREAKS IT UP!!! Daniels hits a jawbreaker then tags in Morgan, GOLDEN GATE SWING FOR A NEAR FALL!!!! Modest hits a hard clothesline to the back of the head and Dragon is tagged in and he hits some forearms to the back of the head but Morgan blocks the Dragon Suplex so Dragon keeps pounding him, REGAL CAPTURE SUPLEX, 1-2-NO!!! ONE LEGGED CATTLE MUTILATION BUT DANIELS BREAKS IT UP!!!! Dragon and Morgan go up, SKY HIGH OFF THE TOP BY MORGAN!!!! BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!!! 1-2-THR-NO!!!! Tag to Daniels and he whips Dragon off the rope, BLUE THUNDER BOMB, 1-2-NO!!! Modest is not helping Dragon at all as Dragon clubs out of Last Rites and hits some spinning shots, FLATLINER INTO THE KOJI CLUTCH!!!! Modest finally comes in to break it up but Morgan beats on him and Dragon whips Daniels into a clothesline from Modest and Modest gets thrown out and Dragon with a step up enziguri for a near fall and Morgan whips Modest into the guardrail and Dragon sits Daniels on the top rope BUT MORGAN HOLDS DRAGON’S LEG AND ALLOW DANIELS TO LAND ON TOP OF THE BACK SUPLEX ATTEMPT!!! Daniels bridges up with Dragon, LAST RITES!!! 1-2-3 AND THE PROPHECY GETS THE WIN AT 14:43 TO BECOME THE FIRST EVER RING OF HONOR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! Christopher Daniels’ prophecy has come true as the Prophecy has all the gold in Ring of Honor!! They raise up the trophy but Modest attacks the new champs and he scares them out of the ring and Modest holds the trophy hostage and he goes outside as Daniels has a chair and tries to get back in the ring but Dragon scares them off with a chair AND THEY DESTROY THE TROPHY WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! The Prophecy still celebrate because they know that they still have all the gold.

Crater rating: 7.5 out of 10. While this was a good match, it wasn’t exactly epic and nobody really seemed to be into it. Man, ROH needs to learn to not do all night tournaments like this. The match was fine with a pretty good finishing sequence but it is just a little bit below the Prophecy against the Japanese guys because Daniels was way more entertaining in that match and that match didn’t have Mike Modest. The match was fine as Daniels and Morgan did a pretty job of trying to take out the “weak” link in American Dragon and Dragon did a solid job of selling the knee (including a GREAT sell when he locked on a one legged Cattle Mutilation) but Mike Modest really hurt this one. I don’t know if it was lack of respect for the company or for all the wrestlers but Modest looked like a huge dickhead on this show. He destroyed Chris Divine with some wicked forearms in their first match then in this one, he barely even sells for the top heel in the promotion and he doesn’t even sell for his student either and it makes me think that this guy believes that he is really that awesome and, like the Undertaker’s heel role in late ’01-mid ’02, he wants to be respected or whatever but he really held this match down from being epic and it was worse when he was Dragon having to carry the full workload for the team….including having to kick out because of Modest’s lazy ass not wanting to come in and break up pins. I really love how the title win just sets up the Prophecy as the biggest thing in Ring of Honor and how Daniels was right all along and how he was gonna turn Ring of Honor upside down and add more members to the Prophecy and his wishes have been fulfilled. Now, he would end up getting another member added (Mark Briscoe) and he would also get a hired gun (Samoa Joe) to really fill out his ranks and he would clash with Steve Corino’s group for a little while too but for the rest of 2002, the Prophecy would dominate Ring of Honor and it is pretty awesome to see. As for Dragon, he would continue to be one of the guys to fight the Prophecy and I don’t believe we would see Mike Modest again….good riddance.

We go to the back where Christopher Daniels says that they will not defend any of the titles at the next show, Glory By Honor. He says that Xavier will face the biggest loser in ROH and Mark Briscoe, who just SO happened to be walking by, throws Jay Briscoe’s name into the mix and Daniels loves it so we got Xavier vs Jay Briscoe in a non-title match and he and Donovan Morgan are not gonna defend the titles (but first they got the trophy fixed first) and Daniels says that he’s either gonna defeat Dick Togo or Doug Williams and he loves that they now have the power and Daniels shoves Mark away, haha.


According to the rating, I have given Unscripted 2002 a 61, a C+, a 6.0 out of 10 and is a solid show. I kind of agree with that because some of the matches are actually good but booking wise….there were a lot of duds here. The tag team title tournament was only really memorable for the Prophecy wrestling three matches, Jay/Red and the awesome Street Fight and that was all the good wrestling on the show. Everything else was crap and rightfully so and you know it’s been when LOW FUCKING KI is not in the match of the night nor does he put on a great match at all. London and Michael Shane stole the show from everybody and people should’ve learned from these two to take the opportunity when presented and go all out with it.

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