September 13, 2008
Joshua Powell

WWE Velocity
September 3, 2005

Steve Romero and Josh Mathews welcome us to the show and will be our commentators. We are immediately taken to the first match which is:

Paul London vs Brian Kendrick

There is a bit of a stand off early as they reverse each other's moves. London takes control by driving Kendrick's shoulder/arm into the mat. London hits a moonsault press and a northern lights suplex for a two counts. Kendrick makes some periodic small comebacks, but London is able to work over the arm to stay in control. Kendrick makes a big comeback with flying kicks and a hurancanrana, but goes to the second rope and misses a bodypress. London hits a dropsault and goes for a roll up which Kendrick bridges out of. He then quickly hits Sliced Bread #2 on London for the pin. London complains about getting screwed post match foreshadowing a heel turn that didn't really happen. This was a fun little match between two wrestlers who would go on to successfully team up in the near future.

Hardcore Holly vs Steve Madison

Madison gets a couple armdrags in early, but Holly stops that offense and starts to dominate. Madison gets a few counter shots in here and there, but the match is overwhelmingly in Hardcore's favor. Holly hits the Alabama Slam for the pin. This was just your average squash.

Doug "The Bashman" Basham vs Michael Patrick

Patrick is as white as a ghost. It looks as if he hadn't seen the sun in a few years. The commentators spend a large part of the match making fun of him for it. Basham puts the old methodical beatdown on Patrick until he decides to put the ghost away with a leg lariat/flying legdrop. It's just another squash. I wasn't too impressed with Basham's character here. It's no wonder it didn't last long.

Next up is a feature on Mick Foley's latest literary adventure, Scooter. We visit Mick on the New York City stop of his book tour. We hear a few words from th Hardcore Legend and some fans as well.

Nunzio (with Vito) vs Super Crazy (with Juventud Guerrera & Psicosis)

Nunzio is your WWE Cruiserweight champion, but this is a non-title match. It's back and forth early on as Nunzio tries to keep the match on the ground, and Crazy attempts to take it to the air. Nunzio gets the upper hand and controls with a little outside help from Vito. Nunzio goes for a sunset flip, but Super Crazy rolls through and hits a low dropkick. He adds four more dropkicks for good measure. Crazy hits some aerial offense, but Vito distracts him. Nunzio goes to the top rope, and Juvi pushes him off while the ref's back is turned. Crazy quickly hits a springboard moonsault for the pin. It was a pretty solid match, but I didn't like it as much as the opener of the show.

Favorite Match: London vs Kendrick

Overall Thoughts: It has two good matches so watch it if you get the chance, but they're not worth going out of your way to see.

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