May 3, 2010
Alexander Settee

The Best of the WWF Volume 10

Back once again to the Best of the WWF series with this review now putting me halfway through the whole thing. While Volume 9 was definitely one of the better tapes, looking at the lineup for this one I suspect Iím not going to get another one at that level today.

Jimmy Jack Funk, Hoss Funk, & Jimmy Hart vs. Ricky ďThe DragonĒ Steamboat, The Junkyard Dog, & The Haiti Kid (April 26, 1986, Boston Garden, Boston, MA)
What I guess would be considered a mixed tag match kicks things off here. The face team starts out by stealing Jimmy Jackís cowboy hat and horsing around with it. Jimmy Jack and Steamboat start the match off. Steamboat quickly gets caught in the wrong corner, but fires out and whips Jimmy Jack back to his corner. He gets a sunset flip for 2 and then slams on both Jimmy Jack and Hoss. Hart comes in and gets cornered, but the Funks save him before any damage can be done. Jimmy Jack and Steamboat get back going again now trading holds and counters. Tag to JYD, who picks up Haiti and throws him at Jimmy Jack. Jimmy Jack chases Haiti out, but Steamboat gets between them. Tag to Hoss, who immediately gets setup for a piledriver, but it actually leads to Haiti coming in and biting him on the ass as heís bent over. Tag to Steamboat who connects with chops. He then nails a dropkick, and then another one for Jimmy Jack. They clip to Steamboat chopping Jimmy Jack, but then having his whip reversed and taking a clothesline. Jimmy Jack drops some fists and tags Hoss who works over Steamboat and covers for 2. He wants a piledriver, but Steamboat backdrops out. Steamboat is hurt and canít follow up, but he does reverse a suplex to put them both down. Hoss puts his head down on a whip and gets cradled for 2. Tag to Jimmy Jack with Steamboat going for a slam, but Jimmy Jack falling on top for 2. Jimmy Jack then nails a high knee for another 2 and tags back to Hoss. Now Steamboat is able to fight back, nailing some chops, and then both guys tag. JYD gets a clothesline and headbutt for 2 with Jimmy Hart coming in and pulling him off. Russian legsweep gets another 2, and then off a double clothesline JYD covers again, but once more Hart makes the save. Jimmy Jack hits a knee and now Hart wants in so he gets the tag. He lays in the stomps and kicks, but JYD just no sells it all. After an atomic drop, JYD tags Haiti who puts Hart down and covers for 2. It breaks down into a 6 way at this point and in the melee, Hoss clocks JYD with the megaphone. He then bodyslams Haiti and gets Hart on top of him for the 3 count at 11:06 (shown). This was a pretty harmless comedy tag match and not terrible at all, but nothing special either. *

Cowboy Bob Orton vs. Tito Santana (August 9, 1986, Boston Garden, Boston, MA)
Orton takes him down with a drop toehold, but Santana escapes and gets an armdrag. Clip to Orton raking the eyes and working him over. His corner whip is reversed though and Santana clotheslines him for 2. He goes to an armbar, but Orton escapes and goes to the floor. Clip to Orton shouldering him in the corner and then getting a hiptoss followed by a flying headscissors. Clip to Orton holding the headscissors on the mat. He then lets it go and drops a knee for 2. He gets another hiptoss, but misses another try at the flying headscissors and crashes in the corner. Santana knocks him to the floor, but then gets him right back in. An elbow off an Irish whip gets 2 and he goes back to the armbar. Clip to Santana being sent off the ropes and Orton catching him. Orton then puts his head down on a whip and Santana gets a backslide for 2. To the armbar again, but this time Orton picks him up and hits an inverted atomic drop. He whips Santana to the corner, but misses a charge and hits the post. Santana goes back to work on the arm for a bit, but Orton goes to the eyes and tosses him to the floor. Santana gets to the apron, but instead of suplexing him back in, Orton just drops him on the ropes. He then drops some knees and gets a faceplant for 2. Clip to Santana firing out of a rear chinlock and nailing an atomic drop. Heís still selling that heís hurt though and Orton gets back on him with the chinlock. A reference is made by Monsoon and Hayes to the mysterious Championship Committee, supposedly in charge of determining whoís in line for the next Title shots, as they claim that Arnold Skaaland was recently appointed to said committee if anyone cares. Santana fires up and catches Ortonís boot, nailing him in the leg and starting to go to work on it. He hooks the figure four, but Orton quickly makes the ropes. Clip to Santana continuing to work on the leg, but Orton jawjacks him to take over. They end up rolling around on the mat trading shots and just as the brawl is getting intense, the bell rings for the time limit draw at 16:51 (shown). Santana ends up clearing Orton out of the ring after the match. According to the site, the actual time of the match was 28:50 so itís hard to rate with that much missing, but assuming they left in the best stuff that must have been a pretty dull match in full.

The Machines vs. King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd (w/Bobby Heenan) (September 6, 1986, Boston Garden, Boston, MA)
Tonightís Machines are Big and Super, who are Blackjack Mulligan and Masked Superstar respectively. Bundy tries an attack, but itís easily avoided and he takes a terrible looking double slam. Studd then gets slammed with ease by Super and the heels bail. Bundy and Super go once everything is calmed down. Super is quickly caught in the corner and double teamed. Studd gets the tag and Super makes a bit of a comeback hitting three clotheslines to put Studd down. Tags to Big and Bundy which leads to a shoulderblock showdown. Bigís corner whip is reversed, but an Avalanche misses and he nails some elbows to put Bundy down. Bundy quickly regains control and tags Studd, but he puts his head down on a whip and gets kicked. Tag to Super, who takes on Studd and Bundy for a bit until the numbers catch up and heís caught in the corner. They try the ďyou hold him and Iíll run at himĒ deal, but Super moves and they collide. This leads to a big argument, with the fans actually going nuts at the idea of these guys going at it, but Heenan manages to make peace between them. Bundy sends Super off the ropes so Studd can nail him with a knee. Bundy then drops a knee for 2. They start going for the mask to no avail, and make several quick tags as they work Super over. Finally Bundy misses an elbow and Super makes the tag to Big. It quickly breaks down into a four way brawl with Studd and Bundy getting whipped into each other. Super and Bundy brawl to the floor while Big whips Studd off the ropes and nails an elbow. He covers but at 2, Heenan runs in and breaks up the count, and that gives The Machines the win on a disqualification at 9:06. This was a pretty crappy match with a pretty crappy finish. DUD

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: The Dream Team vs. The US Express (November 9, 1985, Boston Garden, Boston MA)
Valentine and Beefcake won the belts from the Rotundo and Windham version of the team a few months back, but with Windham bailing pretty much right after that, Danny Spivey takes over as Rotundoís partner and they get a shot at the Titles here. Itís joined in progress, but appears to be very early on anyways. Valentine is working over Rotundo, but takes a dropkick after sending him off the ropes. Tag to Beefcake and the champs start working the arm. Rotundo comes back with some arm work of his own. This draws Valentine in and in an odd moment, the face team actually does an illegal switch off behind the refís back. Spivey works the arm now until Beefcake backs him to the corner. He makes the tag to Valentine, who nails an elbow after Beefcake sends Spivey off the ropes. Wait a minute, now the ref isnít allowing the tag for some reason even though he was right there when they were in the corner. So he makes Valentine get out, but Beefcake just tags him again anyways. Weird. Spivey avoids a forearm and makes the tag to Rotundo who dropkicks Valentine to the floor. Rotundo takes it to him out there, ramming him to the apron and the table before suplexing him back in. An elbow misses though and Valentine takes over. Tag to Beefcake who draws Spivey in, allowing the double team toss to the floor of Rotundo. Back in, Beefcake covers for 2. Now the Dream Team cuts the ring off and beats him down on their side, making several tags in the process and using constant double teaming. Valentine snaps him over and tries holding him down for the pin with Rotundo bridging out, and then ends up crotching himself on Rotundoís legs. But he does get the tag to Beefcake who cuts Rotundo off. He hooks a sleeper, but thatís not a finisher yet so Rotundo runs him to the corner to break it. Valentine gets the tag and successfully cuts off Rotundo again. Finally a suplex is reversed and Spivey gets the tag. Heís the house afire, beating on Valentine, nailing a dropkick and a back elbow for 2. Tag back to Rotundo who gets the airplane spin and slams Valentine for 2 with Beefcake having to save. Both guys tag with Spivey and Beefcake double clotheslining each other. The partners come in, but as the ref puts Rotundo out, Valentine puts Beefcake on top of Spivey. The ref turns around, but Spivey kicks out at 2. Spivey then rolls beefcake up with the ref counting 1, but the partners come in again and the ref just stops counting to break that up instead. As thatís going on, Beefcake maneuvers himself on top and when the ref gets back to counting he gets the 3 count to retain at 11:34 (shown). Not a bad match at all here. **

Brutus Beefcake (w/Johnny Valiant) vs. Billy Jack Haynes (July 12, 1986, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY)
For Beefcake fans we get him on this tape in both a tag and a singles match. Johnny V gets hold of Haynesí hart which provides the distraction necessary for Beefcake to attack. He hits a backbreaker and then works him over with basic stuff. Corner whip is reversed, but Beefcake recovers first and gets back on him. He misses a fistdrop off the 2nd rope and then Haynes gets him with a sunset flip for 2. Beefcake still maintains control, ramming Haynes to the buckle. He goes for a suplex, but Haynes reverses. Haynes continues selling though and canít follow up. Beefcake hits a back suplex for 2, and then goes for a slam, but Haynes falls on top for a 2 of his own. Beefcake gets another 2 off a clothesline. Haynes ducks off a whip and nails Beefcake with a clothesline, and now he finally is ready to go on offence. Beefcake begs off, but Haynes is having none of it and starts beating the crap out of him. A 2nd rope splash gets 2, but then he comes off the ropes and Johnny V trips him up for the cheap DQ at 6:24. The Best of the WWF indeed. Ĺ*

The Islanders vs. Jimmy Jack Funk & Mr. X (October 4, 1986, Boston Garden, Boston, MA)
Tama and X, who I believe would be referee Danny Davis under a mask, start things off here with Tama shoving him off a couple of lockups. X gets sent off wit Tama leapfrogging him and then nails a chop. Tag to Funk, who tries a slam, but Tama escapes and hits one of his own. He follows with a dropkick and armdrag, and the tags Haku. Hakuís corner whip is reversed, but Funk misses a charge and then gets clothesline to the floor. Tag to X, who gets taken down and Haku makes the tag as well. Tama drops a fist and a leg, and then tags back out. The Islanders hit a double chop and then Haku hits a backbreaker for 2. Tama gets tagged backing and nails a backdrop, but X makes it over and tags Funk. Funk also gets backdropped and then is rolled up for 2. X gets tagged back in and he sends Tama off the ropes for a knee from Funk so that the heels can finally take over. Funk gets the tag and drops Tama on the ropes, then distracts the ref so X can get some shots in from the floor. Funk hits a backbreaker for 2 and the tags X, who drops a double ax on the way in. After a brief chinlock, he tags Funk back in. Funk hits a shoulderbreaker and then a 2nd rope fistdrop for 2. Tama comes back with a sunset flip, but X is right there to break it up. Funk then hits a swinging neckbreaker for another 2. Tama reverses a suplex and manages to make the tag, but the ref is with Mr. X and doesnít allow it. Funk and X then get to double team Tama while the ref puts Haku back out. Then Tama and Funk clothesline each other and now Tama makes the tag for real. X also gets the tag and he gets nailed with elbows and a slam. Haku then hits a suplex and tags Tama who nails a top rope splash for the 3 count at 12:14. **1/4

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. AJ Petrucci (August 5, 1986, Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY)
This is Piperís return match following a sabbatical he had been on since Wrestlemania 2. By now heís a huge babyface who has the fans chanting his name on his entrance. Petrucci slaps him a couple of times, so to prove a point, Piper puts one arm in the back of his tights and offers Petrucci another free shot. Piper ducks it and starts teeing off on Petrucci, beating him from pillar to post, all the while keeping his hand tucked into his tights. Petrucci gets in a couple of shots that Piper doesnít even consider selling. Piper then sends him off the ropes and pulls his arm out just long enough to finish Petrucci off with s double axhandle to the chest at 2:27. This was a very fun and different squash match compared to what you might usually get. Ĺ*

They follow that up with a recap of the Adrian Adonis/Roddy Piper feud over the talk show segments. Good stuff, but itís just clips with no context or anything.

Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Magnificent Muraco (w/Mr. Fuji) (November 1, 1986, Boston Garden, Boston, MA)
I suppose Muraco was involved with the feud as well, but wouldnít it have been better to follow up with a Piper/Adonis match? Anyways, Piper attacks and starts beating Muraco down. He uses the eyepoke and dropkick to send Muraco to the apron and then knocks him to the floor where he rams him to a chair. Back in, Piper starts biting him and then nails a bulldog. They get to the corner where the ref hooks Piperís arm and Muraco hits a cheapshot for his first offence of the match so far. He tosses Piper to the floor where Fuji nails him with the cane, which by the way, is made of steel according to Gorilla Monsoon. Muraco sends him to the post, and then Fuji nails him again. Muraco keeps knocking him off the apron until Piper has finally had enough and jut charges in to attack. We see heís been busted open, but he beats Muraco down none the less. Piper gets a suplex for 2 and then knocks Muraco to the apron. He tries for a slam from there, but Fuji trips him up and Muraco falls on top for 2. Piper goes for Fuji now, with Muraco charging at him, but Piper moves and Fuji gets nailed. Piper rolls Muraco up and that gets the 3 count at 7:24. After the match they get a good shot of a kid with a Piper poster giving Muraco the finger, which I found funny. This was an entertaining little brawling style match to close out the tape. *

Well, that was a pretty mediocre tape. The Piper stuff was good for entertainment value, and that was welcome after sitting through everything that came on earlier, but still not great or anything. The rest of it was completely avoidable crap. When the best match on the show features the duo of Jimmy Jack Funk and Mr. X, you gotta figure it isnít that good overall. Thumbs Down for Best of the WWF Volume 10, and thereís not a single thing her worth recommending for any reason.

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