January 26, 2004
Louis Izzo

Best of the WWF Vol. 8:

- This is not going to be pretty, and it's just a warning. Gene Oker-land is the host of the tape, and does nothing of note. He just rambles at the beginning of every match, so once again, let's skip this guys antics.

- The Killer Bees vs. The Hart Foundation (w/ Jimmy Hart):
From the February 16th, 1986 Madison Square Garden event. This, I will say, is going to be great. The Foundation don't have the signature pink and black look yet, and Bret seems to have a little extra weight. Brunzell and Niedhart start with a lock, which Niedhart shoves off. Brunzell with a go behind waist lock and Anvil breaks free. Over-head wristlock by Brunzell, but Niedhart pretty much no sells it. Brunzell with a standing side headlock and Niedhart stops him dead with a shoulderblock, followed by some smack talk. Criss cross and Brunzell with a singe leg trip into a modifed STF submission. Brunzell works the knee and tags Blair in for a wish bone. Blair with an elbow drop across the knee and applies a standing toehold. Niedhart breaks free and a criss cross leads to Blair kicking Niedharts leg from under him and the Bees with another wish bone. Brunzell in with a roll over pin for two and goes back to the leg. Blair with a single leg trip into a spinning to hold and Blair tags in to drop a knee across the leg of Niedhart. Blair applies a figure four, but Bret comes in with a leg drop to break the hold. Niedhart with a sledge to the neck and Hart tags in for the first time and headbutts the spine of Blair. Hart is looking quite stiff here and snaps over Blair and continues to pound him. Blair takes a vicious shot to the buckle and Hart chokes in the corner. Niedhart continues the choking behind the referees back, and plays innocent quite nicely when the referee turns around. Blair continues taking a shit kicking and Hart with a snapmare into a reverse chinlock. Blair starts to battle up with an overhead wristlock but Hart pulls him down by the hair and reapplies the hold. Hart with a back breaker followed by a second rope elbow drop, but he slips and misses at the same time and looks a little hurt. Brunzell gets the hot tag and whips Hart into the Anvil. Brunzell hammers away at Niedhart in the corner and sends Hart out. Irish whip is reversed and Hart with a boot to the back of Brunzell and Niedhart drops a forearm across the chest for two. Niedhart applies a reverse chinlock, and DAMN is this crowd hot. Brunzell with a series of elbows breaks the hold, but Niedhart catches him off the ropes with a bearhug and slam into the corner. Hart tags in and comes off the second rope with a modified Demolition Decapitation for no count as Blair pulls Bret off of Brunzell. Irish whip and Hart with a fist to the midsection of Brunzell. Bret with a standing front facelock and Niedhart comes in to beat him up some more. Brunzell is sent to the outside and Hart slams him down on the concrete. Blair hammers the Anvil back into the ring as Hart continues his assault on Brunzell. Niedhart chokes Brunzell with his foot and tags Hart back in. Irish whip and Brunzell with a sunset flip for two, so Hart stomps his chest in retaliation. Niedhart tags in with clubbering and applies a front facelock. Fake hot-tag to Blair and the Foundation double team Brunzell. Hart whips Anvil to the corner for a shoulder block to Brunzell. Sledge to the head by Niedhart and Hart comes in with a running dropkick to the face for two. Irish whip and Brunzell with his special dropkick and both men are down to a big pop. Niedhart comes in to roll Hart ontop of Brunzell and that gets a two count. CRAZY Crowd now. Hart with an inverted atomic drop and Brunzell gets stuck in the Foundations corner. Another fake tag and we get more double teaming. This time though, Hart eats the buckle and Blair gets the SUPER hot tag and unloads on both members of the Hart Foundation. Irish whip to the corner and Blair with a clothesline to Niedhart. Blair with a small package gets a two count. Irish whip on Bret and Blair with a powerslam followed by a scoop slam to Niedhart. Atomic drop to Bret sends him crashing into Niedhart and Niedhart accidentally elbow drops his own partner. Blair covers fora two count. Irish whip and Blair with an abdominal stretch to a crazy reaction! Niedhart breaks it so Brunzell comes in to hammer away on him in the corner. The Bees whip the Foundation to each other and Blair covers Hart for two. Irish whip is reversed and Blair with a roll up off the ropes for two! Irish whip and Brunzell comes in with another dropkick to the face, but the time limit expires at 18:49...damn, we want more! **** Great match from these two (As usual it seemed) and a super hot crowd made it all better. If it had a clean finish...or an actual real decision, then it might've been higher. OK, if you want a Thumbs Up recommendation, STOP THE TAPE, and fast forward the next hour.

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
"Golden Boy" Danny Spivey vs. Terry Gibbs:

From November 25th, 1985 Madison Square Garden and we are Joined in Progress to a "Boring" chant. Spivey kinda looks like Barry Windham here, except he really sucks. Spivey whips Gibbs o the corner but misses a shoulder charge. Gibbs with a fucked up atomic drop folowed by a back breaker for two. Gibbs tosses Windham...I mean Spivey (seriously, I actually DID type Windham) and keeps him there for a while. Irish whip back inside and Spivey fails at a sunset flip attempt. Gibbs with an elbow drop gets a two count. Gibbs applies a bearhug to further suck the... oh wait, the match already sucks. Spivey breaks free but eats a kick to the face for two by Gibbs. Gibbs with a nice hangmans neckbreaker and he covers for another two count. Gibbs goes back to the bearhug...(Grabs remote). Gibbs continues to make Spivey look like a jobber for a few minutes until Spivey gets his own bearhug. Spivy makes the comeback with a scoop slam and elbow drop for two. Spivey connects with a leg drop (HEY!) for two again and finishes Gibbs with a running bulldog headlock at 6:17. DUD Horrible match, no wonder Spivey didn't last long around the time frame.

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
Billy Jack Haynes vs. Moondog Rex:

We are joined in Progress here and from the June 27th, 1986 Boston Garden. Rex is controlling Haynes and sends him to the buckle and catches him with a back breaker for two. Crowd isn't liking this match either (Thank God we had smarks back then) and Rex controls with more...nothing. Snapmare and the future Demolition Smash with a knee drop for two and he applies a reverse chinlock. VERY loud boring chant now. Haynes fights free and puts Rex down with a shoulder block. Rex comes back with a hip toss but misses an elbow drop. Haynes connects with a series of rights and a sandwich shot to the head of Rex. Haynes hammers Rex to the outside. More stuff and Haynes finishes with the Full Nelson for the submission at 4:00. -* Another horrible match, and this time was even worse.

- Junkyard Dog vs. King Kong Bundy (w/ Bobby Heenan):
This will certainly turn the tide of the last ten minutes...not. From the June 14th, 1986 Madison Square Garden show. Lockup and no one quite wins the shove off. JYD with a lockup into the corner and breaks clean. Bundy with a lockup to the corner, but JYD reverses, and again with a clean break. Bundy FINALLY with a cheap shot and hammers away on the Dog. Bundy misses an elbow drop and JYD with a series of those rolling headbutts. Lockup and Bundy with a knee lift and a series of blows to the back. JYD fights back with rights and a headbutt to the corner. JYD whips Bundy across the ring but Bundy comes back with a clothesline followed by an elbow drop for two. Bundy with a big knee across the chest for another two count. Irish whip and JYD comes back with more punches. Screw it, I'm just going to fast forward to the finish. I haven't seen a wrestling move YET since the last time before I started skipping. Bundy with a long boring reverse chinlock, and he eventually misses a big splash. More brawling, but Heenan trips up JYD for the DQ at 8:42 and Bundy follows up with a Big Splash. -** Yes, I just upgraded this to even WORSE than the last!

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
Tony Garea vs. Jimmy Jack Funk (w/ Jimmy Hart):

From the same Madison Square Garden show as the previous match, and we're Joined in Progress once again and Funk has a reverse chinlock applied. I see where they got the mask for the Repo Man... Funk uses the middle rope for extra leverage. Garea fights free with elbows to the midsection followed by a shoulder block and sunset flip for two. Funk wih a snapmare takeover into another reverse chinlock. Clipped...to ANOTHER chinlock! This is getting into the negatives too. Garea blocks a suplex with his own and we cut to Jimmy Hart talking to Monsoon. Garea with an arm drag out of the corner followed by a dropkick. Irish whip is reversed and Funk catches a cross body attempt and powers Garea into a powerslam for three at 4:13. -* Wasn't quite as bad as the last match, but still, it's NEGATIVE stars.

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
"Leaping" Lanny Poffo vs. "Handsome" Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan):

Race isn't yet the King here, and I'm laughing just thinking about Race being a newcomer, despite actually wrestling quite a few cards in the 70's with the WW(W)F. Joined in Progress to Race giving Poffo a brain buster on the concrete floor, and from the same MSG event as the last two matches. Race kinda calls a spot on camera and drops Poffo across the top rope. Back inside the ring and Race with a belly-to-belly suplex. Slow match...and it's only about a minute in! Poffo hammers back on Race with a series of rights, but Race puts him down with a headbutt. More headbutts and Race comes off the top rope with another...but doesn't pin. Clipped and Poffo fights back again. Irish whip to the corner and Poffo with a modified hurricanrana for two! Running dropkick sends Race to the apron and Poffo head scissors him back into the ring. He tries a second time and Race drops him across the top rope and ends this one with a brainbuster fisherman suplex at 4:44. 1/2* For Poffos few moves, but Race was just too dull here.

- $15,000 Bodyslam Challenge:
Jim Powers & Rick Hunter vs. "The Giant" John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan):

Why me Lord? Why me?! No idea when this was from, but it's gotta be sometime after the second Wrestlemania. King Tonga comes out and wants to slam Studd, but he's sent off. Niether man can slam Studd so Studd just beats them both up and slams them about 20 times each before pinning Hunter with a slam at 2:17. DUD King Tonga afterwards comes in and slams Studd with ease, but doesn't get paid for it.

- King Tonga vs. "The Giant" John Studd (w/ Bobby Heenan):
Again from the June 14th, 1986 MSG Show and this is no doubt going to suck. Please God, make this quick and painless. Studd attacks to start and slams Tonga. Punch, kick, and chop fest all the way. Tonga fails a few times to slam Studd early on in the match. Studd whips Tonga to the corner and connects with a clothesline. More clubber clubber clubbering and Studd covers Tonga for two and applies a reverse chinlock. Tonga comes back with a shit load of chops and both men spill outside the ring and brawl for a double count-out at 3:48. Thank God, but you can't spell Studd without DUD. Tonga afterwards kicks Studds ass, and Studd kicks it back.

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
Ted Arcidi vs. Terry Gibbs:

From the same show as the first match on the tape. Fucking great, TERRY GIBBS makes two appearences on this tape, and it's the only match I've ever seen of Ted Arcidi. Arcidi is completed roided up, and you can see the pimple farm on his back on the long camera shots. Arcidi throws Gibbs down on a over-head wristlock attempt. Gibbs tries again and Arcidi throws him back down. Gibbs with a front facelock, and Arcidi picks him up and plants him on the top turnbuckle. Gibbs shoulder block attempt does nothing and Arcidi with a full nelson. Gibbs gets on the ropes so Arcidi drops him on his head. Gibbs rakes the eyes a few times and chokes him on the top rope. Gibbs clubbers away on Arcidi with forearms. Arcidi rams Gibbs to the buckle a few times and there goes the straps. Irish whip and Arcidi with a bear hug for the win at 2:39. DUD short and painless...except for Gibbs and people who've seen more of Arcidi.

- Newcomer's Spotlight:
Cousin Junior vs. Hercules Hernandez (w/ Freddie Blassie):

NO! Not a Hillbilly! From the same show as the Spivey/Gibbs match. Hercules wastes no time applying a reverse chinlock. Junior runs the ropes and eats a high knee from Hercules, who follows with an elbow drop for two. There's absolutely no commentary here, which may be the reason this match is quite shitty. Hercules applies another chinlock and I just hit "FF" again. Blassie pokes Junior with his cane as if he's dead. Hercules continues to squash Junior and puts him away with a roll up with leverage of the tights at 7:15. Oh wait, there WAS commentary, but it's almost on mute. -* Another horrible match.

- Archives Match: WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Pedro Morales (c) vs. Adrian Adonis:
From 1982, and I won't bother with these. I'm pretty sure I have it on another tape too, and it's Joined in Progress here. Pretty much a basic punch and kick match until Adonis bridge suplexes Morales for three at 2:30. HOWEVER, Morales was able to get his shoulder up while Adonis' was down, so Morales retains his title incase you've never read a PWI Almanac. Only note worthy (ha) moment is McMahon doing solo commentary.

- Archives Match: Pat Patterson vs. Captain Lou Albano:
Also from sometime in 1982 incase they graphic for the match is correct..HA! Albano looks really out of shape and has a JAPANESE FLAG on his tights? Who is he, Mr. Fuji? Patterson grabs some kind of weapon and punches Albano, who blades like FIVE TIMES on camera! Albano loses by count-out at like 1:21. No finish was even shown! -***** For a waste of time and horrible blade job techniques by Albano.

- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts:
From May 1986 in Madison Square Garden. Incase anyone reading this is watching the tape soon, THIS is the match to stop before and to watch. Roberts attacks Steamboat in the ropes and boots him in the midsection. Steamboat reverses a DDT attempt with a series of chops and a belly to belly suplex and mounted open hand strikes...and the referee pulls Steamboat off, allowing Roberts to escape. Monsoon & Hayes are all over the referee for that, ESPECIALLY Monsoon. Roberts tries sneaking into the ring but Steamboat catches him and chops away. Irish whip is reversed and Roberts catches Steamboat with a stiff right. Irish whip and Roberts with a clothesline. Short-arm clothesline by Roberts and he points to the ominous green bag. Roberts measures Steamboat up and punches him down to the canvas and throws him over the top rope. Steamboat catches Roberts with a shoulder thrust and tries a sunset flip, but Roberts holds the ropes and punches him in the face. Inverted atomic drop by Roberts and he talks trash to Steamboat. Roberts with a scoop slam and hammers away on Steamboat and strikes him with a straight right. Roberts with another scoop slam and he goes the Damion. Steamboat comes back to his feet and Roberts misses a running knee lift, hitting the buckle. Steamboat with a swinging neck breaker (SR&R like) and follows with another. Steamboat to the second rope and tries a splash, but meets the knees of Roberts. Roberts again dumps Steamboat, who manages to keep landing on the apron. Roberts though punches him off now and follows out and calls for the DDT on the concrete. Steamboat rams Roberts into the ring apron and rams his face into the security rail. Steamboat to the top rope and connects with the chop to the top of the head. Roberts looks to have been busted open, and the crowd is ON FIRE~! Steamboat chops away at the open wound of Roberts and the referee again pulls Steamboat off of him. Steamboat with mounted striking in the corner, and the referee again interferes. Steamboat with a northern lights suplex out of a DDT attempt but Roberts comes back with a punch to the throat. Steamboat boots Roberts into the referee and the referee calls the bell at 7:20. Steamboat keeps pounding away on Roberts and just won't get off of him. It takes a bunch of guys to pull Steamboat off including Bret Hart. ***1/2 If not for the cheap finish (AGAIN), and with more time, could've been another 4-star match here. Too bad the story had to include a shitty referee.

Final Thoughts: If you CAN just look to get the opening and closing match on this tape, then I suggest doing that. NO WAY, in any way shape or form, should ANYONE be subjected to the middle hour or so of pure crap, featuring a record breaking FIVE negative star matches in a span of 90 minutes. I wish I had another pair of hands so I could give this shitty tape four thumbs down. Yeah, it's a Chappelle's Show joke (The Rick James Sketch).

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