December 31, 2009
Matt Peddycord

The Legion of Doom & Ultimate Warrior vs. Demolition – (Saturday Night’s Main Event #28, 10/13/90)
It’s a feud the world had wanted to see for several years now. I’m talking about the Road Warriors vs. Demolition, and now we have it. The Road Warriors interfered in Demolition’s title match at SummerSlam and basically cost them the belts to the Hart Foundation and it just seemed like a good idea to put all the “warriors” together. The Warriors clear the ring to start, but then Smash catches Animal with a clothesline. Animal comes back with a powerslam for two. Warrior and Ax tag in for a bit. Warrior delivers a bunch of shoulderblocks and goes for the finish with the GORILLA SPLASH, but nobody’s home. Smash dumps Warrior for some Crush cheating and rolls the Warrior back in. Warrior gets stuck in the Demos corner for a while and they set him up for DEMOLITION DECAPITATION, but Hawk saves him at the last second. HOT TAG TO HAWK! Hawk hits a FLYING CLOTHESLINE on Smash, nails Ax & Crush, and tags in Warrior. LOD go to the floor with Ax & Crush while Warrior puts Smash away with the GORILLA SPLASH (5:38) They BURIED Demolition here. It’s one of those spectacle matches, not necessarily all that amazing. *˝

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