June 5, 2010
Matt D & Vic
Legion of the Damned

WWF World Champion the Ultimate Warrior & the Legion of Doom vs. Demolition
Madison Square Garden - 9/21/90

Matt D: And lo, there shall come a Crush. I'm very reluctant for us to cover anything post Ax's departure, but perfectly fine with matches where he's even on the floor playing coach. So this is two years later from the last Demos vs Warrior six man tags, and lots have changed. Warrior is on top of the world. The Demos, despite just having the belt a month before, are in decline with Eadie not in the best physical shape and Bryan Adams there to help carry the load. By this point there's no question of that. In some way's it's interesting though, because it allows them to play a slightly different role than they have before and so long as Ax is still part of the picture, they're quite effective in that role.

This match, more than all but a few Demolition matches, has a real WWF main event feel to it and all of them, even Crush, were able to carry their end of the match in there against WWF Champion Warrior and the Roadies. This was the LOD's first WWF appearance in MSG so the crowd is sufficiently crazy for all of it as you may well imagine. There's not a lot of room coming down to the ring at MSG and Warrior is awesome in his run, literally taking out poor bystanders at ringside. I'm not a huge fan of Adams, but Crush did two things for Demolition immediately. 1) He gave them some power moves that they were lacking. Smash had a great stun gun and they could always kick out a suplex or a bodyslam, but they just didn't do power moves. Crush did. 2) He gave them added size. In general, that wouldn't matter. But when they were facing off against the Road Warriors it's important visually.

There's a lot of back and forth in this match, which is generally what you see in any LOD match that isn't a squash. Smash starts out smashing animal. Animal comes back with an early powerslam and big elbow drop. Tag to Crush and Hawk and lots of locking up and pushing. Crush hits a rib breaker/backbreaker and it's not the most painful looking move ever. He hits a forearm to Hawk's back after Hawk bounces out of the turnbuckle which looks a little better. A double clothesline does nothing to either man, then a dropkick and flying shouldertackle and fistdrop by Hawk. The match is staying very even. Warrior is still manic but it's controlled now, at least. He's focused on getting the crowd behind his partners, not just in being completely and utterly insane. Crush takes some chops right in the face at least. We'll give him that.

An eyerake allows Crush to tag Ax in and Hawk immediately tags Warrior in and AX BEGS OFF. This isn't the first time I've seen Ax beg off but it's very, very rare. He's done it against the Harts and not too many other times. He certainly didn't do it against Warrior back in 88. Range I say. Range. Anyway, Warrior dismantles all 3 Demos, slamming them all before missing the body splash on Ax by a mile and landing on his face, which he sells by rolling back and forth all over the ring until Ax comes in to pound on him. Warrior plays FIP again, getting knocked out of the ring and doubleteamed by the two Demos who were on the apron, fighting back but getting swarmed. This is actually a pretty good segment of Warrior getting double-teamed and outnumbered and fighting back at every chance he gets. He had come a long way in two years. They go for the decapitator but Animal has had enough and breaks it up.

That allows Warrior to get the hot tag and Animal comes on in. Animal thrashes all 3 Demos and goes for the Doomsday Device only to have Crush cut it off. Nice callback to what just happened there. Anyway, Hawk recovers and turns it into a hammer off the top. Animal gets tagged in and Demos take over on him, wearing him down however they can, including a nice high bear hug by Crush, goading illegal doubleteams using the tag rope and a RARE back suplex by Smash which has him end up in the Warriors corner, forcing him to sprawl back quickly and comedically. Animal finally starts to power out but they cut him off. Demolition was always very good at knowing when to let the hot tag finally come and they were able to hold it back even here vs the Warriors. They cut off animal once or twice more and it always looks like he's fighting and just coming up short. Very well done. Eventually, he gets the clothesline out of the corner,and finally makes the molten tag. Warrior comes in. hits five or six clotheslines. LOD come in to cut off the Demos. And Warrior hits the shoulder tackle/splash on Smash and gets the win. It was a bit of an abrupt finish but very much what the crowd wanted and they did a good job building heat in the lead up to it.

Vic: This a big match. One of a handfull of matches between Demolition and the Road Warriors. One of the only times Demolition works as a three man team. Road Warriors have recruited the Ultimate Warrior as a third man. Visually this is a cool as hell match.

Early on their is this funny moment where you can see LOD is not impressed with Warrior while you see Ax not caring for LOD.

First part of the match with Crush was rough. He was not clicking with either Roadies or Ultimate Warrior. But Ax is tagged in. Now we are ready to go. Hawk tags in Warrior and Ax starts begging off. Like Matt said Ax did not do this for everybody. I can't remember him doing it to this extent for anybody but Warrior.

Warrior gets Ax in the corner and starts working him over. Whip and a clotheline followed by a slam. Smash tries to help and gets slammed. Crush comes in and gets a box of assorted chocolates, ait its a slam. He tries to finish Ax with the slam but Ax is long gone.

Now Demolition start working over Warrior. The story here is no one person is going to fight all of Demolition alone and win. Outside he grabs Smash and Crush by the hair for the double coconut but Ax grabs him from behind. Now we have classic Demolition double teaming with Warrior in trouble. Crush is doing much better now tagging in and out.

Warrior is a much better wrestler now than he was in 1988. But I can't help but notice the better he became as a wrestler the more charisma he lost. He had this uncontrollable wild animal charisma thats not really present by late 90.

Demos get Warrior propped up for the three man clubber but Hawk runs into save him. Smash knocks him out of the ring and sets up the DEcapitator but now Animal is in to save Warrior. Warrior tags Animal who starts fighting all three Demos. He tries to put AX in the Doomsday Device but Smash saves.

Now Animal is in peril. Some good basic tag work by Demolition cutting off Animal from the tag. Keeping him in the right corner. Animal catches Crush with a clothesline and tags in Warrior. Warrior takes out Smash and Ax. Crush tries to ave but is taken out by LOD. Warrior has Smash in the ring along and bounces off the ropes building momentum for a big shoulder block to get the win.

Really would of enjoyed a Warrior/Demoition feud. They worked really well together.

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