March 25, 2005
Frank Koenen

WrestleMania V
WWF Intercontinental Championship
-The Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude (w/Bobby “the Brain” Heenan)
April 2, 1989; Atlantic City, NJ

When Warrior comes out, he's incredibly over with the crowd. Rude goes for a knee to the gut right away, but Warrior is still wearing the belt. Warrior pounds away as the crowd goes nuts. Warrior just throws Rude into the corner several times as if he were a rag doll. Warrior whips him into the opposite corner, and catches him in a bearhug. Rude gets out, and Warrior continues to club Rude. Warrior gets a backdrop, and bounces off of the ropes about 40 times just to finally go for a splash. But Rude gets his knees up, and Gorilla brings up a good point how Warrior would have been nowhere near Rude’s mid section if he had actually landed. Monsoon says he must have gotten confused by bouncing off of the ropes too many times. Ventura follows up with “yeah, well it don’t take much to confuse the Ultimate Warrior.” How true. Anyway, Rude gets his chance to pound on the Warrior. Rude piledrives Warrior for two, and follows with a jawbreaker. Rude sells his beating from the Warrior by not being able to gyrate his hips. Poor guy. Rude hits a clothesline which gets two. Rude locks on a surfboard. Warrior makes his way to the ropes, and grabs a hold of them. The referee should call for a break, but since Warrior gets his magical mystical powers from the ropes, he lets Rude keep on the surfboard. Warrior, of course, powers out because he’s magic. This makes me think why they never tried to do a Warrior vs. Teller match. The interviews leading up to that would have been the promos of their day. Warrior gets a clothesline and whips Rude into the corner. He does it again, but the Warrior misses a splash or clothesline. Rude goes for a Rude Awakening, but Warrior powers out. Warrior clotheslines Rude outside. Warrior tries to suplex Rude back in. However The Brain, trips up the Warrior, and Rude lands on top of the Warrior. Heenan holds Warrior's leg down and gives him his first loss at 9:42. After the match, Warrior beats up Heenan. You know for someone called ‘The Brain,’ he sure gets himself cornered and beat up a lot after matches.

Anyway, this was a pretty fun match, especially with Rude and Warrior involved, so I give it **˝. Amazingly this is Warrior's third best match, so I shudder to think what we're going to see on the Warrior DVD that is supposedly coming out.

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