January 30, 2011
Justin Rozzero

The Place to Be

World Championship Wrestling
October 26, 1985
David Crockett and Tony Schiavone

-We start with highlights of a match between the Rock N’ Roll Express & the Russians.


-Tony & David welcomes us and we continue the story of Dusty Rhodes’ ankle and the attack by Ric Flair & the Andersons. All the usual suspects will be here, including today’s Superstation Championship Challenge. Wahoo McDaniel will defend the Southern Heavyweight Title against the Barbarian. First we’re joined by Arn Anderson, who’s holding the National Tag Team Title and Dusty’s World TV Title. Arn says he’s got no problem defending Dusty’s belt for him. We go to a separate clip of Tony interviewing Dusty Rhodes, who’s technically still World TV Champion. Dusty apologizes for not making his dates, then Tully and Arn come over. Some yelling ensues, the Tully kicks Dusty’s crutch out from under him. Dusty hits the deck and Arn swipes his TV Title. Back to the show and Arn says its hot his fault that Dusty is a clumsy buffoon who can’t balance. Technically Dusty’s still the TV Champion. We go to the ring.

Magnum TA defeats Tony Zane with the Belly to Back Suplex at :23

Just like any other Magnum squash.

-Magnum joins the guys at the table, and he’s pissed at Flair & the Andersons. He calls them the lowest form of scum for what they did to Big Dust. I love how they keep saying that Dusty can’t put food on his table for being hurt. Maybe he shouldn’t have spent all his money har har har. Magnum says Dusty will be back and better than ever, then he tells Tully Blanchard that he’s all his.

-Back from break and we’re with the former World Tag Team Champs, the Rock N’ Roll Express. We go back to the opening footage of The Express/Russians match, and with some chicanery with the referee out cold. In the end the Russians regain the World Tag Titles. Back live and Ricky says they will regain their titles with help from all the fans.

-Another commercial break and we drop the quality of the show as the Boogie Woogie Idiot Jimmy Valiant and his Big Mama, talk trash to the Midnight Express and Jim Cornette. He babbles some nonsense, blah blah blah. God I hate this guy. So useless.

Billy Graham defeats an unnamed opponent with a backbreaker at 3:09

Graham is officially a face as Tony reminds us that Graham no longer trusts Paul Jones. Graham’s definitely on the sauce, as he still has the same build as he did in 1977 when he was WWWF Champion. I can’t believe this idiot David Crockett hasn’t mentioned who the opponent is yet. He is without question the worst announcer ever. Wow Tony never mentioned the jobber’s name either. This match is awful, as Graham tries the backbreaker but fails so he just drops him. Then he tries it again and this time he gets it. My god he should have retired.

Midnight Express defeat Rocky King & Carl Styles when Bobby Eaton pins Styles with a top rope splash at 4:44

We join this match in progress out of break as Jim Cornette talks trash about Big Mama and Jimmy Valiant. Cornette should have done commentary for the whole show because he blows that stiff Crockett away. Very sloppy production as for the second straight match we don’t get the names of the two jobbers. He talks about his mother’s money and that he gives her the bank statements. I wonder if they ever had his “mother” on camera. Couple minutes in and we finally get the names of the jobbers. I recognized Rocky King but I had no clue who the other guy was. After the match Jimmy Valiant tries to save the jobbers from a post-match beatdown but he gets taken over. Then some ugly woman comes into the ring and knocks Bobby Eaton cold with her purse. I think it was Ronnie Garvin, which makes two guys I absolutely hate in the ring at the same time.

-Back from break and we go back to the Dusty Rhodes situation, and we go to a pre-taped segment with Crockett, Dusty and his doctor in Charlotte with an update on his shattered ankle. Dusty says he’ll be back in action on November 3.

Buddy Landel defeats Rick Dunn with the Figure Four at 2:22

Why is it the Buddy Landel was never a big time star? Sure he was in the business for a long time, but he always bounced around NWA and some of these small territories that weren’t making a big impact. The first time he’s on camera in the WWE he’s called “Buddy Rydell”. They just showed a long shot of the set and Crockett’s doing commentary without even looking at the ring. No wonder he sucks. I did like Landel’s spinning elbow drop. Of course he’s stealing Flair’s finisher, but we know who’s who. Didn’t see JJ Dillon at ringside. Hmmmmm.

-We have a on-camera conversation with Bill Apter who’s talking with WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Ric Flair, who’s talking down Dusty. Flair says why talk about a guy who’s career is finished and that he’s a has-been. We go on camera with Dusty from his home in Austin, who says he was the top guy for 10 years and he’ll be back. Dusty says he hasn’t had his big super match, and he’ll be back for retribution. Dusty says he doesn’t have to wear money to be the man, and all Flair does is pretend. Dusty coming back isn’t pretending, its fact. Dusty really lays into Flair, calling him a phony and with no respect. Flair snaps and flips out, yelling at the wall. The build to their match was really top of the line.

-Back from break and we’re with Paul Jones, whose Barbarian gets a Southern Heavyweight Title shot. However Jones says Barbarian isn’t here and leaves. Then Arn Anderson comes out, and he says he’ll take on Wahoo and take another belt.

Wahoo McDaniel defeats Arn Anderson by disqualification at 7:20 (one commercial break); Wahoo retains Southern Heavyweight Title

First time we’ve seen Wahoo in a while, and its good to see him back because he can still at least wrestle, unlike dinosaurs like Valiant and Graham. Pretty good match and very slow paced. Took a commercial break and Wahoo used a lot of wear down holds and leaned on Arn. I like how they gave Arn a lot of his own TV time, almost like they were grooming him for a future as a singles wrestler. As expected Ole Anderson comes in to break a 3 count and get the DQ. The Minnesota Wrecking Crew are about to lay waste but Magnum TA comes in to help Wahoo out. Arn was looking to steal the Southern Title belt but Magnum stops him.

-Back from break with Jim Crockett, who announces that next week Superstar Billy Graham will face both Abdullah the Butcher in a match, and the Barbarian in a $5000 arm wrestling match. We then go to a swank Starrcade update, the first of a few we’ll see over the coming weeks I’m sure. Here’s the card as of right now.

-World Tag Team Championship: Russians © vs. Rock N’ Roll Express (Cage match)
-National Tag Team Championship: Minnesota Wrecking Crew © vs. US Tag Team Champions Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Jack Haynes

They also say the Ric Flair will defend the World Heavyweight Championship, against somebody.

Rock N’ Roll Express defeat Randy Barber & Kent Glover when Morton pins Glover after the double drop kick at 5:02

Pretty solid performance by the former champions, as they were clearly the most over team in the NWA. Ricky had the look to the be the singles star, more than Robert. Pretty much like Shawn and Marty. One thing I have to say about NWA jobbers. They always had very mismatched tights/boots combos. Barber has black tights and bright blue boots. Awful. Typical match, finished with the double drop kick.

-We’re at the table with US Champion Tully Blanchard, who said that he got a letter from Bob Geigel stating that Magnum TA wants an “I Quit” match for the US Title, and he’s not getting it. Blanchard says his chance has come and gone. He also loves how Dusty’s crying on one leg.

-Back from break and we’re with National Heavyweight Champion Terry Taylor, who is a good talent but can’t cut a promo to save his life. He says the talent’s tough, but he’ll face anyone blah blah blah.

National Tag Team Champion Ole Anderson defeats Mike Nickol with the armbar at 4:36

Arn’s such a slimeball, walking around with a belt that’s not his. I love it. He’s getting the attitude down to torque off the crowd, and it’s all about Dusty. Dusty was the most popular guy in the country not named Hogan, and his popularity helped new guys being built as heels get that heat. Ole was very meticulous in his beatdowns. He goes after Nickol’s shoulder and hits the flying knee to the shoulder, then the armbar for the win.

Sam Houston defeats the Black Cat with the bulldog at 4:31

Black Cat looks like Pez Whatley with a mask. Houston is wearing a cast selling the injury at the hands of the Andersons. Typical Sam Houston match, bumps around and hits the bulldog for the win.

-Back from break with Magnum TA, who says that there hasn’t been a clear cut winner between him and Tully Blanchard, and an “I Quit” match is the only way to solve it. Blanchard’s in the ring trying to distract him.

US Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard defeats Italian Stallion with the slingshot suplex at 5:15

Magnum TA stays on for commentary trying to put Italian Stallion over as a formidable opponent for Tully. Next to Flair/Dusty, I would say this feud between Magnum and Tully is the hottest feud in the Carolinas territory. Magnum’s screaming at Tully to sign the match, so he takes it out more on Italian Stallion. Eventually he hits the slingshot suplex to win the match. Magnum comes over to Baby Doll and Tully goes after him, both guys are pummeling each other on the floor as the credits roll over them to end the show. This red hot feud just continues and we’re out.

FINAL GRADE: B+ (No Flair, but the Magnum/Tully skirmish makes up for it).

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