July 24, 2006
Derrick Leroux

WrestleMania XIV
March 29, 1998
Fleetcenter (formerly Boston Garden, currently TD Banknorth Garden)
Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 19,028
Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

Good afternoon, everyone. This is my first review so I hope you really like it. I figured I would review this, considering it is right in Boston and Iím from Massachusetts, so it goes together. Anyway, this is WrestleMania XIV.

The event kicks off with a promo talking about how tradition has abandoned WrestleMania. The promo is used mainly to help promote the main event between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels with Mike Tyson as the guest ring enforcer.

No pyro intro as we get underway.

1. The Legion of Doom win a 15-team battle royal with the stipulation preceding that the winning team would get a WWF Tag Team title shot at the next monthís PPV, Unforgiven. Rules state that when one member of a team is eliminated, the entire team is gone.

Participants include:
The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)
The Quebecers (Jacques Rougeau and Pierre Ouelette)
Steve Blackman and Flash Funk (Scorpio)
Faarooq and Kama Mustafa
Mark Henry and DíLo Brown
The Rock ĎNí Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)
Skull and 8-Ball (the Harris brothers)
Chainz (Brian Lee) and Bradshaw (John Layfield)
Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor
Henry (Mark Caterbury) and Phinneas Godwinn (Dennis Knight)
Jose Estrada and Jesus Castillo
Savio Vega and Miguel Perez
Sniper (Luc Poirier) and Recon (Bull Buchanan)
The NEW Midnight Express (Bob Holly and Bart Gunn) w/Jim Cornette
Legion of Doom 2000 (Road Warriors Hawk and Animal) w/Sunny (mystery opponents)

Savio Vega by Chainz at 0:55
Sniper by an interfering Kurrgan at 1:30
Funk by Hawk at 2:01
Chainz by an interfering Barry Windham at 2:09
Jacques by 8-Ball with an assist to Animal at 2:27
DíLo by Skull at 2:28
Kama by Animal at 3:06
Estrada by Mark Henry at 3:08 (Henry remained in the match for several minutes even though DíLo was already long gone)
Morton by Henry Godwinn at 3:15
Thrasher by Holly at 3:56 (moments later, Bart eliminates Mosh)
Taylor by Bart at 4:29
8-Ball by Henry Godwinn at 6:06
Phinneas by Skull at 6:21 (moments later, to make it official, LOD eliminates Henry Godwinn) (then, Henry and Phinneas reenter the ring and bash both LOD members with their slop buckets)
Bart by Hawk and Holly by Animal via simultaneous clotheslines at 8:18 **1/2

Analysis: Good way to kick off WrestleMania. You kinda figured out that LOD was gonna win this anyway, but it was still a good match. Plenty of good teams in there. A little surprised that Sunny is their new manager, but itís about time they gave her something to do instead of provide color commentary on Shotgun Saturday Night.

Fun Fact: Believe it or not, this would be LODís final push in the WWF/E until Road Warrior Animal returned and formed the new LOD with Heidenreich last year. They would eventually phase out with the whole demons on Hawk angle.

2. Light Heavyweight Championship: Taka Michinoku (champion) vs. Aguila
Referee: Jack Doan

Fun Fact I: This is the first time that the Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight title was defended at a WrestleMania. It wouldnít happen again for five years at WrestleMania XIX.

Fun Fact II: The man under the mask of Aguila is Essa Rios, who would debut and become a short lived character in 2000.

Fun Fact III: Both men are making their WrestleMania debut.

Both men slap hands as a show of respect to begin and they lock up. Taka locks on a headlock and Aguila counters as Taka returns the favor with a shoulder block. Then Taka runs the ropes as Aguila ducks and then hits an arm drag, followed by a hurricanrana and then a spinning heel kick. Taka goes to the floor to buy some time, and Aguila hits a baseball slide followed by one high-flying Asai moonsault, and a pretty damn good one too. Not even HBK could go that high. Aguila shows a little wear and tear from the moonsault as he climbs back into the ring. Taka climbs on the apron and both men struggle to suplex each other with Aguila in the ring and Taka on the apron. It looked as though Aguila succeeded, but Taka countered and hits a dropkick that knocks Aguila. Then, Taka hits a top rope body press that has him jumping to the top rope, not the turnbuckle, and hitting a HIGH body press on Aguila, and then Taka runs back in the ring and gets a nice pop from the crowd. Aguila goes back into the ring and Taka Irish-whips him into the turnbuckle and then hits a flying forearm. Taka then hits boot to the body and face of Aguila in the corner. Then, as Taka hits a dropkick in the corner on the apron, we are treated to the interruption and split screen of J.R. introducing the Spanish team at ringside. Then, Taka takes down Aguila and then hits two dropkicks, one to the back of the head and the other to the face and goes for the pin but gets a two-count. Taka then attempts an Irish-whip maneuver, but Aguila counters with a backdrop to the outside. Aguila tries to do another maneuver to the outside, but Taka gets on the apron and counters with a forearm. Taka goes to the top, but Aguila counters with an arm drag off the top turnbuckle. Aguila then hits a springboard arm drag, followed by one of the best springboard wristlock takedown I have ever seen, which knocks Taka to the outside. Aguila then hits a Corkscrew Plancha over the top rope onto Taka. Both men return to the ring and then Taka tries for a moonsault, but failed. Aguila did the same, and hit his, but only got a two count. Aguila argues with the referee, and Taka slaps him and then tries for a top rope maneuver, but Aguila joins him and tries for a head scissors, but Taka counters and attempts a splash, but Aguila counters. Then Aguila puts Taka on the top turnbuckle and is successful in his second head scissors attempt. Then, Taka counters an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, follows with a kick, and then hits a missile dropkick off the top. Taka tries for the Michinoku Driver, but Aguila counters and tries for a hurricanrana, but Taka counters into a sit-down powerbomb. Taka then attempts a moonsault, but misses, and Aguila hits a Magistral Cradle, but only gets a two. Aguila tries a top-rope maneuver, but Taka counters with a dropkick. Taka then hits the Michinoku Driver and gets the three for the win at 5:57. ***

Analysis: Probably one of the best Light Heavyweight/Cruiserweight title matches I have seen as well as one of the best matches at WrestleMania XIV. Those were some of the best high-flying moves I have ever seen. I also liked the aftermath where Aguila showed good sportsmanship as he raised Takaís hand in victory. Taka then gets a nice pop as he leaves the ring. Considering that Taka wouldnít get much of a push in the next few years before eventually fading out, might as well enjoy this moment of glory at WrestleMania for him.

We then see an interview with The Rock which is conducted by Gennifer Flowers. The Rock corrects her when she introduces The Rock as the IC Champion. and he says he is the Peopleís IC Champion. The first question for The Rock is how would he run things if he were the leader of the country. The Rock responds by saying that leader is beneath him and he prefers the term ruler. Gennifer then asks him how he would handle the homeless situation. Rock says that as long as he has his home in South Beach in Miami and as long as they keep their boxes off his lawn, he doesnít give a damn about where they live. Gennifer then asks him about the judicial system. Rock says if the all the Rockís fans know that the Rock is the judge and the jury, everything will be fine. The Rock corrects himself and says that nine times out of ten, he would be a hung jury if you smell what he is cookiní. She then asks him how he would run the White House. Rock says that as long as the interns know their role and donít get outta line and donít do anything orally, or morally, wrong, he wonít have to do what he does best and lay the Smack down. A nice classic Rock promo, only as a heel. Man, it kinda sucks that it took another year before he became a babyface. We then return to ringside.

3. European Championship: Triple H (champion) w/Chyna vs. Owen Hart
Referee: Tim White
Pre-match stipulation states that Chyna would be handcuffed to Commissioner Sergeant Slaughter for the duration of the match due to her constant interfering in Triple Hís matches.

Fun Fact: This is the first time that the European Championship would be defended at WrestleMania. It would continue on to be defended each year at WrestleMania until the title was abandoned in 2002.

Fun Fact II: This is the first match at WrestleMania in six years in which Owen Hart was a face. He defeated Skinner at WrestleMania VIII. He wasnít a babyface, as he would turn heel again in a few months, but just a regular face.

Fun Fact III: This is Owen Hartís seventh WrestleMania appearance, while this is Triple Hís third WrestleMania appearance.

The match begins as Owen take down Triple H and beats on him for a few moments. Owen then Irish-whips Triple H into the corner, and then hits a back body drop. Owen then hits a running clothesline, followed by a clothesline into the corner. Then, Owen hits a six punch before hitting a hurricanrana for a two count. Triple H counters an Irish whip and hits Owen with an elbow, knocking him down and then Triple H kicks Owen in the guts that knocks him to the outside. Chyna tried to hit Owen, but the Sarge restrained her. Damn, that Sergeant is one big dude. Then, Triple H goes after Owen, but Owen counters and Triple H hits the security railing face first. Owen beats on Triple H outside, as Chyna tries to kick Owen, but her legs arenít long enough to reach Owen. Triple H counters an Irish whip, but Owen catches him in midair, hits a spinebuster and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Triple H counters with an eye rake. Owen hits a kick to the gut, and Irish whips Triple H. Owen ducks, but Triple H hits a knee to the face. Then, Triple H hits a pretty hard clothesline. Triple H then brings Owen into the corner and hits numerous punches and kicks that knock Owen down. Triple H Irish-whips Owen, misses the clothesline, but hits a high knee to the face for a two count. Triple H then hits a suplex, taunts the crowd, and then hits a knee drop. J.R. then mentions that Owen has won every title except for one. If only he was still alive. Owen then starts to fight back with punches and kicks while a small but audible ďOwenĒ chant goes on in the Fleetcenter crowd. Owen Irish-whips Triple H into the corner, but he counters with a kick to the face, and then hits DDT for a two count. Owen fights back, but Triple H hits an eye poke and then starts to work on the legitimately injured ankle of Owen that was sustained at a RAW is WAR taping on March 2 when he stepped off the turnbuckle in a match against Mark Henry. Triple H then hits kicks to the ankle, followed by a step-over toe hold submission maneuver. We then noticed that Owen is bleeding from a cut on the bridge of his nose as he fights out of the submission, but Triple H attacks again, continuing on the ankle. He then hits a stomp on the ankle after hitting another toe hold submission maneuver. He continues to work on the ankle as Owen continues to show hurt on his facial expressions. Owen then starts to fight back as he hits shoulders to the gut in the corner. Triple H misses with the boot in the corner and Owen pulls Triple H into the steel ring post in a precarious position. Owen then hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Owen then hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Owen then hits a spinning heel kick for another two count. Owen then hits a hard Irish whip into the corner that sent Triple H flipping upside down, and then Owen hits the Enzuiguri for the two count. Owen tried for the hurricanrana, but Triple H countered with the powerbomb for another two count. Triple H put Owen on the top turnbuckle, but Owen countered with a head butt and then hit a cross body for a two count. Triple H tried for the Pedigree but Owen countered, attempting the Sharpshooter, but Triple H countered, sending Owen into the corner, but Owen retaliated with an inadvertent low blow. Owen tried for a cover, but only got a two count, even though Owen thought it was three. Owen tried for a back drop, but Triple H countered, attempting the Pedigree, but Owen countered, tried for a pin, but Triple H countered, attempting a sunset flip, but Owen successfully counters with the Sharpshooter. Owen had the match won, but Chyna assists in Triple H reaching the ropes. As Owen argues with the referee, and beats on Triple H, Chyna is reaching for something and it is powder. She throws it in Slaughterís face, hits a low blow on Owen with the refereeís back turned, and Triple H hits the Pedigree for the win to retain the European title at 11:28. ***1/2

After the bout, Chyna assaults the Sarge, tossing him over the security railing into the crowd.

Match analysis: This match was really good, especially since it has two future Hall-of-Famers involved. It would have been a full four stars had it not been for Chynaís interference, but obviously something was going to happen anyway, so it really didnít matter. This was back and forth throughout the match, even with Owen have a legitimate injury. Triple H and Chyna, even though they were the heels, were really over with the crowd and Chyna got a nice pop when she assaulted the Sarge after the match. Owen was the face in the match, but wasnít too over with the crowd. He got a nice pop from the Sharpshooter, but that was it. I still enjoyed the match.

The crowd is shown as J.R. apologizes for technical difficulties and then the buildup for the next match is shown.

4. Mixed Tag Team Match: Marc Mero and Sable vs. Goldust and Luna
Referee: Jimmy Corderis

Fun Fact: This is the third mixed tag match in WrestleMania history. The first two took place at WrestleMania VI and X, respectively.

Fun Fact II: This is the second mixed tag match that Luna has participated in. She teamed with Bam Bam Bigelow at WrestleMania X as they defeated Doink and Dink.

Fun Fact III: The Rhodes family shares a place in wrestling history. Both Dusty and Dustin are the only father-son duo to compete in a mixed tag team match at WrestleMania. Dusty teamed with Sapphire at WrestleMania VI as they defeated Macho King Randy Savage and Queen Sensational Sherri.

Fun Fact IV: This match is Sableís wrestling debut but her second WrestleMania appearance as she was the valet for Triple Hís match with the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania XII, as well as Meroís WrestleMania wrestling debut. He made his debut at WrestleMania XII too, getting into a short scuffle with Triple H. This is Goldustís third WrestleMania appearance, and Lunaís third as well.

The match starts with Goldust taking shots at Mero and Mero countering an Irish whip with a hurricanrana. Mero then follows up with a clothesline. Goldust then makes the tag to Luna. Mero then makes the tag to Sable, as she comes in to a HUGE pop. Sable chases Luna around the ring, as Luna goes back in and makes the tag. Sable, as well as the fans and even Goldust too, arenít too happy that Sable couldnít fight Luna and she is forced to tag Mero back in. Goldust then catches Mero with a couple stiff shots before Mero counters the Irish whip into a back drop. Then, Mero tags Sable as Sable catches Goldust with a Martial Arts-like kick to the face and Goldust tags Luna in. Luna is hesitant to enter the ring as Sable is waiting and daring her to come in. Sable then becomes impatient and tags Mero back in. Oh great, now back to Mediocre-land. Mero then uses his boxing skills to land some shots on Goldust before tossing him into the corner, but Goldust counters with a boot and then a clothesline. Goldust then throws Mero face first onto the ropes. Goldust chokes Mero on the second rope before Luna lays in a cheap shot. Then, both men try for a cross body with Mero hitting his for a two count. Then, Goldust hits an uppercut as Mero is down for a back drop. Then, a poorly executed collision is done as both men drop. Both men make the tag to their partners as the women finally get it on. Well, itís about time. Sable takes down Luna to a huge pop from the crowd as she beats on her. Then, Sable hits three, count them three, Martial Arts kicks on Luna in the corner before throwing her to the other side of the ring. Then, Sable hits a shot on Goldust before clotheslining Luna over the top. Vince did a damn good job bringing in Sable. Sable yells at the ref to stay out of her way and then dares Luna to come back in. Luna then makes the tag and Goldust comes in, but WAIT, Sable nails Goldust AGAIN! Sable is taking no shit tonight. She then has to tag Mero, who goes after Goldust on the outside. Mero then throws Goldust back in, and failed a vaulting body press into the ring as Goldust blocked it. Then, as the ref is distracted with Sable, Mero hits a low blow on Goldust. Then, as Mero attempts the TKO, Goldust counters it into the DDT for a two count. Then, Goldust attempts the Curtain Call, but Mero counters and hits a running knee lift. Then, Mero hits the springboard moonsault for a two count. Then, Goldust counters the Irish whip with an elbow and goes to the top, but Mero counters by hitting the ropes, knocking Goldust down. Then, Mero hits the hurricanrana off the top for a two count. Then, Luna tries to get involved, and Mero wanted to hit her, but Goldust made a miscalculation, knocking Luna off the apron, and Mero hit a rollup for a two. Then, Mero hit the TKO for a two. Then, Luna goes after Mero. Sable makes the tag, and cover Goldust. Ref gets to two, and Luna hits a splash inadvertently on Goldust. Then, Sable hit ONE HELL OF A POWERBOMB on Luna but only got a two. Luna then started to choke Sable on the ropes. Sable got out of it, and Luna hits shoulder thrusts in the corner, but Sable countered an Irish whip into a TKO for the win at 9:10. **

Match analysis: This match was just not needed. It really should have had no stars, but however, I gave one out of forgiveness, and the other one goes entirely to Sable as she was impressive in her wrestling debut. She performed some outstanding wrestling maneuvers, including the powerbomb and the TKO. I was really impressed with her. She deserves all the credit, and it would pay off later in the year. Unfortunately, for the other three, Goldust wouldnít get a big push, but he does win the IC title again. Luna would join the Oddities, but then phase out and never heard from again. Mero, however, would be finished before the year is over, losing to Gillberg in his final match. Damn, not the greatest way to go out.

5. Intercontinental Championship: The Rock (champion) w/DíLo Brown, Mark Henry, and Kama Mustafa vs. Ken Shamrock
Referee: Jack Doan
Pre-match stipulation states that if The Rock is disqualified, he loses the title.

Note: This feud is dated all the way back to Survivor Series, when Ken Shamrock survived for his team, eliminating the final two members of the opposing team, both DíLo Brown and The Rock, by using his ankle lock. Shamrock even won the title at the Royal Rumble, but the referee found a pair of brass knuckles in his trunks, which were planted there by the Rock, and the decision was changed. A month before, Shamrock made Rocky tap out at No Way Out. This just had to be Shamrockís match.

Fun Fact: This is the second WrestleMania appearance for both men. Ken Shamrock was the guest referee for the match between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13.

Fun Fact II: This is the second WrestleMania in a row where The Rock would defend the Intercontinental title. He defeated The Sultan (Rikishi) to retain the title at WrestleMania 13.

Fun Fact III: Before Randy Orton, The Rock was the youngest Intercontinental Champion at 24 years old.

We now see Tennessee Lee (Robert Fuller) in the ring where he introduces Jeff Jarrett and Gennifer Flowers, who is the guest ring announcer for this match.

Shamrock rushes to the ring as this match gets under way. The first ever UFC Superfight Champion gets a few right hands in, following by a kick to the face after missing a back elbow and a clothesline as Rocky ran the ropes. Then, Shamrock clotheslines Rock to the outside. Shamrock then attacks Rock outside of the ring and they both trade blows outside. Shamrock then blocks an attempt to get slammed into the stairs and then smashes Rockís head into the stairs before throwing him back in. Shamrock then hits punches and kicks before hitting a clothesline on Rock. Then, Shamrock attacks Rock and starts bouncing his head on the canvas. Then, Rock throws Shamrock outside and then tosses him into the steel steps. Then, Rock throws him back into the ring, hits a scoop slam, and then hits the Peopleís Elbow for a two count. Then, Shamrock misses with a clothesline as Rock runs the ropes and Shamrock throws him outside. Shamrock then goes outside and hits a clothesline. Then, Shamrock gets a steel chair and brings it in the ring. The referee intervenes, and Shamrock throws him into the corner, and Rock grabs the chair and hits Shamrock with it. Rock makes a cover and only gets a two count. Shamrock starts to fight back, hitting a back elbow, followed by a high kick. Then, Shamrock hits a powerslam for a two count. Then, Shamrock hits a belly to belly suplex before slapping on the ankle lock. The Rock then taps out for the victory at 4:49. ***

After the bout, Shamrock hits belly to belly suplexes on the other three Nation members before reapplying the ankle lock on Rock. Faarooq appears on the ring apron, but refuses to help Rock and leaves ringside. Then, as other referees and officials enter the ring, Shamrock lets go of the ankle lock and then hits FOUR belly to belly suplexes; three on referees, and one on an official. As more referees and officials come in to try and restrain Shamrock, Rock was taken backstage on a stretcher. As Rock was being wheeled backstage, the referee reversed his decision. Once the decision was announced, Shamrock SNAPPED and went after Rock. He tosses him off the stretcher, slams him on the DX bandstand, and beats on him a little more before leaving.

Match Analysis: Boy, I just love how Vince McMahon decided to turn Ken Shamrock, a UFC fighter, into The Worldís Most Dangerous Man, literally. I wanted to see him face Kane, and see if he could take down the Big Red Machine, but it never happened until later in the year, which was kinda late. Itís all good. Anyway, this match was too short. Seriously. It was still very good, but very short. It should have been ten minutes; it didnít even hit five. These two guys were underutilized in this match. On the offense, Shamrock dominated throughout the match, and Rocky only got in a few shots here and there. Besides, there were only eight matches on the card. Well, Shamrock would win King of the Ring later in June, and in October would eventually win the Intercontinental title, defeating X-Pac in the finals later in the year. Well, The Rock would remain IC Champ until SummerSlam and then would win the WWF Title at Survivor Series. We then see a promo for the WWF Superstars and they talk about how people think wrestling isnít real.

6. WWF Tag Team Championship: New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) (champions) vs. Cactus Jack (Mick Foley) and Chainsaw Charlie (Terry Funk)
Referee: Tim White
This is a Dumpster Match. The stipulation precedes that the team that put their opponents in the dumpster and shuts the lid will be the winners.

Fun Fact: All four men will be making their second WrestleMania appearance.

Fun Fact II: This is Terry Funkís final WrestleMania appearance. His first was in 1986 at WrestleMania II, when he and his brother Hoss Funk (Dory Funk, Jr.) defeated the Junkyard Dog and Tito Santana.

The Road Dogg cuts a promo as he and Gunn make their way to the ring. The match begins with Terry and Gunn and Cactus and Road Dogg. It seems the challengers have the upper hand in this one to start with. Cactus rams Road Dogg into the dumpster as Gunn and Funk fight around the ring. Cactus hits the running knee into Road Dogg as he is against the dumpster as Gunn hits a guillotine on the rope as Funk is on the apron. As Cactus tries to put Road Dogg into the dumpster, he fights out of it and smashes Cactusís head with a cookie sheet. As Cactus attempted an aerial move, Gunn moved Road Dogg out of the way with a baseball slide, and Cactus rams his whole body into the dumpster. Then, Terry Funk is backdropped into the dumpster. Then, Gunn rams Cactus into the dumpster and Road Dogg follows up with a Russian leg sweep head first. Then, both the Outlaws continuously smash the dumpster lids onto both Funkís and Cactusís head. Then, Gunn rips Funkís shirt off and slaps him on the chest before hitting him. Then, both men are in the dumpster. As Road Dogg and Billy Gunn prepare to close the lids, Cactus prevents it and hits a double Mandible Claw on both men before pulling Road Dogg into the dumpster. Before he succeeds, Gunn hits Cactus with the cookie sheet before Funk hits Gunn with another sheet. Then, both Cactus and Funk escape and Funk hits Gunn with the sheet again as Cactus throws Road Dogg in the ring. Both men hit neckbreakers on Road Dogg before Cactus goes to the outside and hits a flying elbow on Gunn with the cookie sheet underneath the elbow. Then, Funk hits the DDT on Road Dogg onto another cookie sheet as Cactus finds more toys to use, including a ladder. Then, as Cactus ascends the ladder, Gunn hits a low blow on Funk and joins Cactus on the ladder. Then, Road Dogg hits Funk with the cookie sheet, who in turn falls into the ladder, which falls and knocks both Cactus and Gunn into the dumpster. Damn! A nasty, but good, bump. Then, as both men escape, Gunn powerbombs Funk into the dumpster. Another nasty, but good, bump. Then, the Outlaws fight with Cactus to the back. Then, the Outlaws are fighting in the back with Cactus, throwing him into a rack full of pans, and then throwing him into a bunch of plastic bottles. Then, Cactus whacks both men with a chair before hitting the double arm DDT on Gunn onto a nearby wooden pallet. Then, both men are placed on the pallet as Funk drives a forklift and send them to a nearby dumpster when they are placed in there for the win at 10:00. ***

Match analysis: This was a great match. The bumps all four took were amazing. Iím surprised that they Gunn and Foley got up, but they must have padded down the dumpster inside pretty well. Not many people can say they got up from an empty dumpster without leaving the hospital. It was just a good match. Funk would stick around until July, and then he would go to WCW for a while, and then do Indy events before returning for One Night Stand in June of this year. Foley would turn into Dude Love before going back to Mankind and at the end of the year would become the WWF Champion. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn would join DX the next night and would be the Tag Champs for the most of í98.

7. The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) vs. Kane (Glen Jacob) w/Paul Bearer (William Moody)
Referee: Jack Doan

Fun Fact: This is Undertakerís seventh WrestleMania appearance. This is Kaneís first appearance. Paul Bearer makes his seventh appearance also.

Note: this feud dates back to October 7, 1997, when Kane made his debut, tombstoning the Undertaker in his match with Shawn Michaels, costing him the match. At the Royal Rumble, Kane chokeslammed Undertaker into the casket and set it on fire.

Prior to the bout, Pete Rose, who was to be the guest ring announcer, came out and cut a promo on how Boston lost to his Cincinnati Reds in 1975. Then, Kane came out and, much to the delight of Boston, tombstoned Rose. Then, Undertaker made a really cool entrance.

The match begins with a staredown as both men come nose to nose. Taker lands the first punch, which has no effect. A couple more have the same result, and Kane misses with a clothesline. Taker hits some body shots, which have little effect on this big monster. Taker uses his boots and then gets at the referee before Kane hits an elbow. Kane then throws Taker into the corner but misses with a clothesline. Taker fights back, and Kane reverses the Irish whip and Taker hits a boot. Taker wrenches Kaneís arm, but Kane hits a clothesline. Taker gets right up, and hits Kane with boots, and Kane reverses a move into a possible slam, but instead brings Taker into a corner and hits him with boots to the gut. Kane continues to assault Taker, choking him until the ref hits four. Then, Kane hits Taker with hard right hands before whipping him HARD into the turnbuckles with intense velocity. He does it again before hitting a clothesline. Then, Kane lands a few more punches before hitting a front suplex onto the top ring rope. Then, Kane hits a springboard clothesline on Taker which knocks him to the floor. Taker goes back into the ring and even covers up as Kane lands plenty of right hands. Taker still covers up, yet some of the punches get through, and then Kane begins to choke Taker. So far, offensively, this match belongs to Kane. Taker tries to fight back, and Kane Irish-whips him and Taker lands on Kaneís shoulders, but Kane hits a Electric Chair-like drop on Taker to regain control. The action moves to the outside as Kane drops Taker on the security railing. After Kane drops Taker on the steel steps, Kane then uses the steps on Takerís head as the referee is distracted by Paul Bearer. Kane uses the step again, this time on Takerís body. Then, as Kane scares the referee, Bearer hits Taker with some cheap shots. Kane then hits a suplex on Taker from the apron into the ring. Then, Taker covers up as Kane hits him, then after the whip into the corner, Taker fights back, and runs the ropes, ducking two clotheslines, but gets chokeslammed by Kane for his efforts. Kane goes for the cover, but stops at two, picking his brother up by the hair. Then, Kane puts a reverse chinlock on Taker. Taker tries to fight out of it, and finally does after numerous body shots and then an uppercut. However, Kane prevailed with another clothesline. Then, after an elbow drop, Kane reapplies the reverse chinlock on Taker. Taker countered out of it with power, literally tossing Kane over the top to the outside, and then Kane gets on the apron. Taker hits right hands, and then a boot, knocking Kane off the apron, and then Taker tries for a dive, but misses and crash lands into the Spanish commentatorís table. Kane then throws a piece of the table at a hardly moving Taker. Kane then reenters the ring, allowing Taker some time to recover. Kane grows impatient and then throws Taker into the ring before hitting the flying clothesline off the top rope, but only gets a two count. This is total abuse, but Taker is taking it, not some jobber. Amazing how they come up with this stuff. Kane then lands more right hands on Taker. Taker fights back, and they trade right hands, before Taker tried for the Tombstone, and then Kane countered before hitting his own. Kane made the cover, but only got a two count. Kane grows furious and then hits more right hands, but Taker fights back with rights and lefts before hitting a clothesline, knocking Kane down. Then, Kane misses with a clothesline, and Taker hits the chokeslam. Taker signals, and then hits the Tombstone. Taker covers, but Kane KICKS OUT AT TWO! Taker hits a legdrop, and then another Tombstone. Taker makes another cover, but Kane KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! THATíS TWO! Taker hits a flying clothesline, and then another Tombstone. Third timeís the charm as Taker beats Kane by hooking the leg at 16:56. ***1/2

After the bout, Paul Bearer enters the ring with a steel chair, knocks down the ref, beats on Taker, and tells Kane to get up, and then Taker lays out Bearer with a right hand, falling down himself due to exhaustion. Then, Kane hits Taker with the chair before hitting the Tombstone onto the chair. Kane and Bearer left ringside and Taker gets up and leaves.

Match Analysis: I have been watching wrestling for over 13 years, and I have never seen anyone dominate the Undertaker physically like Kane did in this match. I was impressed with both men. Undertaker had to dish out not one, not two, but three tombstones to defeat his brother, and he hit a chokeslam, a legdrop, and a flying clothesline to seal the deal too. Kane could have won too, and he had numerous opportunities, especially after hitting the chokeslam, but he failed to take advantage. It was still a great match. They did a really good job. I enjoyed watching this match very much. It was the battle of the titans, you could say. Well, both men would fight again next month at Unforgiven in an Inferno Match, which Taker would win thanks to help from Vader. Then, both men would unite and take down Austin, Mankind, and even Vince McMahon.

A promo was then shown including many legends, such as Gorilla Monsoon and Freddie Blassie as they talk about how times have changed.

7. World Wrestling Federation Championship: Shawn Michaels (champion) w/Triple H and Chyna vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
Referee: Mike Chioda
Special Guest Enforcer: Mike Tyson

This feud began on the night after the Royal Rumble. Austin got into a scuffle with Mike Tyson. Then, as the weeks went on, DX got under Austinís skin. To make matters worse, Tyson joined DX. The odds were against Austin coming into WrestleMania.

Fun Fact: This is Shawn Michaelsí last WWF match for four years. He had to retire due to injuries sustained in his back. He would make appearances as the WWF Commissioner and as a special guest referee, but he wouldnít wrestle again until SummerSlam in 2002.

Fun Fact II: This is Stone Coldís third WrestleMania appearance. Shawn Michaels will be making his tenth WrestleMania appearance.

Fun Fact III: This is the first time a WWF title match would have a special guest enforcer at WrestleMania. The first special guest referee title match was at WrestleMania II, when Robert Conrad refereed Hulk Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy inside a steel cage. Hogan won the match.

Michaels messed around to start off, but Austin just flicked him off. They lock up and we are under way. Michaels hits Austin with a left jab. Then, they play a game of cat and mouse as Austin goes after Michaels in and out of the ring. Austin gets his first hit with a double axe handle as Michaels was running the ropes. Then, Austin throws Michaels into two of the turnbuckles. As Michaels tries to leave, Austin pulls his tights, revealing his ass. Still with his ass showing, Austin goes after the leg of Michaels and then backdrops him to the outside, hitting Triple H in the process. As Austin went after Michaels, Triple H came from behind and attacked Austin, ramming him into the security railing. Then, the referee throws out Triple H and Chyna. Now, itís officially one on one. Or is it? Michaels hits Austin with a double axe handle off the apron and then hits him again before Austin goes after Triple H, throwing him onto the bandstand. Michaels comes in and then hits Austin with a cymbal. Austin fights back, but Michaels then tosses Austin into the dumpster. Then, Michaels throws Austin in the ring and tries for the assault via air mail, but Austin sends it back with numerous right hands. Then, Austin sends Michaels into the turnbuckle, and Michaels lands awkwardly on the turnbuckle as he tried to flip over but hit his lower back into the turnbuckle violently. Austin then an inverted atomic drop for a two count. Austin then wrenches the arm of Michaels for a few moments before Michaels regained control with a right hand. Then, Austin hit a slingshot into the ropes for a two count. Then, Austin tried for the Stunner but Michaels countered, but a right hand from Austin sent Michaels onto the commentatorís table. Then, Austin sends Michaels face first into the steps. Austin then places Michaels onto the apron and hit two elbows into the face of Michaels. Austin then hits two elbow drops in the ring and only got a two count. Austin covered again for a two count before applying the reverse chinlock on Michaels. Michaels got up and then countered with a jawjacker. Michaels were gonna wrap the legs around the post, but Austin countered, sending Michaels into the post. Austin then threw Michaels into the security railing, but Michaels then backdropped Austin into the crowd. Michaels then hit Austin with the ring bell, sending Austin back into the crowd. Then, Michaels and Austin return to the ring where Michaels hits multiple punches on Austin. During those moments, Michaels was holding his back, appearing to be legitimately hurt. Then, Austin is taken down with a snapmare, and Michaels again goes for the punches. Then, as Michaels is giving the Boston crowd the middle finger, Austin goes right after Michaels with punches. Then Austin threw Michaels over the top to the outside. Then Michaels smashes Austinís leg against the steel post three times. Michaels continues to work on Austinís left knee. Then, as Michaels was gonna hit the Figure Four, Austin send him into the ring post, and rolls him up but only gets a two. Then, Michaels regains control and continues to work on the left knee. Then, as Austin made it to the outside, Michaels hit him with a baseball slide, sending him into J.R. and the King. Then, Tyson throws him back into the ring. As Austin argued with Tyson, Michaels hits a chop block. Michaels goes for the Figure Four again and is successful, using the ropes for leverage. Austin, however, turned it over, putting the pressure on Michaels. Michaels quickly reached the ropes. Then, Austin starts to fight back, swinging right hands, followed by a catapult into the ring post and a roll up, but only a two count. So close though. Then, Michaels counters the Irish whip into the sleeper. Then, as Austin tried to counter, both men rammed the referee into the turnbuckle three times. Then, Austin rams Michaels into two turnbuckles before stomping a mudhole in Michaels. Then, Austin hit a back body drop before Michaels hit a forearm shot. Michaels then flips up and hits the flying elbow drop. Then, Michaels tunes up the band and gets ready to hit Sweet Chin Music. Austin ducks, tries for the Stunner. Michaels counters, tries again for Sweet Chin Music. Austin counters and hit the STUNNER! Tyson runs in and hits the three. Austin wins at 20:02. ****

After the bout, Austin tosses Tyson an Austin 3:16 shirt, which Tyson held up to the fans. As Austin was celebrating, Michaels got up and asked Tyson why. Then, Michaels tried to hit Tyson and Tyson countered with a right jab, knocking Michaels out. Austin and Tyson celebrated as the show went off the air.

Match Analysis: The best match of WrestleMania XIV. Why do you think it was voted one of the Top Ten Matches in WrestleMania history? It was solid. Michaels gave it all he could even though his back was messed up pretty badly. When Austin won, Michaels passed the torch down. It was definitely history. I enjoyed the match very much. There were plenty of funny moments, including the full moon and the destruction of the bandstand. The ending was fantastic. Counter after counter and then Austin hits the Stunner. Just beautiful. Well, to close this out, to quote J.R. ďThe Austin Era Has BegunĒ

Pay-Per-View Analysis: One of the best WrestleManias of all time. You had a battle royal with a clear winner, a great cruiserweight bout, two future Hall-of-Famers battle it out in a great bout, a woman showing off her impressive wrestling skills, the shortest Intercontinental Title match in WrestleMania history (maybe, maybe not), the first ever Dumpster match, two big monsters collide with one finally beating the other, and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time passing the torch to another one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Definitely an excellent WrestleMania. I give it ****.

Biggest pops
1. Steve Austin
2. Undertaker
3. Sable
4. Cactus Jack and Terry Funk
5. Ken Shamrock

Honorable mention: Kane; Triple H and Chyna; Taka and Aguila

Biggest heat
1. Shawn Michaels
2. The Rock
3. Pete Rose
4. Goldust and Luna
5. Triple H and Chyna

Honorable mention: Marc Mero and Jeff Jarrett

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