March 8, 2009
Alexander Settee

Wrestlemania X-8, March 17, 2002, Skydome, Toronto, ON
Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler

On to 2002 now for Wrestlemania X-8, which is both the final WWF Wrestlemania, as well as the final one before the original brand split. Vince McMahon had recently brought in the nWo, consisting of Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall with the idea being that since he now had to share control of the company with co-owner Ric Flair, he would rather kill the company off. That led to two of our big matches here tonight as The Rock issued a challenge to Hogan, which was accepted, while Steve Austin had a run in with Scott Hall that set up a match between them. Speaking of Flair, he was goaded into a match by The Undertaker after Taker attacked both best friend Arn Anderson, as well as son David. Finally, on the Title scene, we have HHH, in his big comeback from the torn quad suffered last May, using his Title shot won at the Royal Rumble to face Undisputed Champion Stephanie McMahon. Or at least thatís what the build up may have led you to believe. The actual champion is Chris Jericho, but he was only a secondary presence to the Billion Dollar Princess in this angle. On with the show!

Opening Match, Intercontinental Championship: William Regal vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD goes right at him. His Irish whip is reversed, but he still hits a spin kick, followed by a standing moonsault. Corner whip sees Regal get the elbow up an go into the tights for the brass knux, but RVD actually kicks them away out of his hand. RVD with a spin kick, then a seated dropkick. Corner whip sees RVD miss a kick, but leap up to the top and come off with a back kick. He goes up again, but the frog splash misses. Regal connects with a kick to the head and gets three separate 2 counts from it. He sends RVD off, but RVD ducks and comes back with a bodypress for 2, and then he gets Regal with a backslide for 2. Regal regains control with a drop toehold and some punches. Suplex gets 2, but then his corner whip is reversed and he takes a backdrop off of it. RVD tires an Irish whip, but Regal counters to a neckbreaker for 2. Regal goes to a modified rear chinlock, but RVD flips him out and hits a crescent kick. He goes for Rolling Thunder, but Regal gets the knees up. Double underhook powerbomb gets 2, but then RVD gets Regal with a cradle for 2 of his own. Regal nails a clothesline and goes for the double underhook again, but RVD runs him back to the corner. Corner whip sets up a dropkick, and a second one leads to a monkey flip. RVD catches an attempted boot from Regal, but Regal counters and hits a half nelson suplex that sends RVD to the floor. Regal gets him back in and recovers the brass knux that were kicked away from him earlier. The ref gets them away though, but this distraction lets RVD nail a spin kick and the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin and the IC Title at 6:20. Short for a big Wrestlemania Title match, but it was very energetic. **1/4

European Championship Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian
The setup here saw Christian go on an extended losing streak, complete with temper tantrums to go with each loss. DDP helped him calm down and finally pick up a win, but then Christian promptly turned on him, so we have this match here. Christian jumps him as he enters the ring, then grabs the belt and holds it up. Irish whip, but DDP ducks and comes back with punches, followed by a gutwrench gutbuster and a clothesline to send Christian to the floor. He rams Christian to the barrier a couple of times and then gets him back in. He goes for mounted punches in the corner, but Christian low blows him and drops him on the buckle to escape. Next Christian gets him on the apron and then knocks him off so he goes flying into the barrier. He keeps working DDP over until a corner whip is reversed. DDP charges, slides underneath and pulls Christian by the legs to the post, but Christian counters and yanks DDP into the post instead. To an abdominal stretch now, with DDP elbowing out, but Christian gets him with a backbreaker for 2. Corner whip is reversed, but Christian gets the elbow up. Now he goes up top, but DDP slams him off and then nails a clothesline. Sitdown powerbomb gets 2 for DDP. He then tries an atomic drop, but Christian slips out and sets up the Unprettier, which DDP counters to a Diamond Cutter attempt, but the Christians shoves him off to the corner. Christian misses a charge and DDP tries the Diamond Cutter again, but this time Christian counters to an inverted DDT for 2. Christian looks like heís about to lose it, but manages to calm himself down just in time for DDP to get him with an inside cradle for 2. Christian takes another shot at him, but misses and this time gets caught with the Diamond Cutter for 3 at 6:11. DDP retains the Title, but he still lets Christian know that heís proud of him for not losing his cool in spite of losing a match in front of 67,000 people. Of course that sets Christian off and he starts rolling around like a baby. Weíre actually off to a pretty good start so far. **1/2

Itís promo time with The Rock as he hits all the usual stuff to build his match later with Hulk Hogan. Funniest bit sees Rock make Coachman say his prayers, but all in all this was great stuff.

Hardcore Championship Match: Maven vs. Goldust
Goldust knocks him off the apron to open things up, and then tosses him to the barrier. He then lays Maven across the barrier and drops a forearm from the apron. After some tray shots he slingshots Maven on to a trashcan, which kinda misses and Maven no sells it anyways. Maven tosses the can at Goldust and then kicks it back in his face for 2. Small package also gets 2, but then Goldust hits a neckbreaker for his own 2. Reverse suplex is next followed by a shovel shot to the throat. He then sets a can in the corner and whips Maven into it for 2. They both knock each other out with lids and then Spike Dudley runs in and covers Maven for 3 to win the Title at 3:17. DUD Throughout the show weíll be treated to several more segments involving the Title that ultimately end with Maven coming out of the show as champion again. The Hardcore Title with its 24/7 rule was well past the point of being stale by now and thankfully they got rid of it later in the year.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Angle had actually defeated HHH back at No Way Out to win the number one contendership for the Undisputed Title, but HHH regained it on Raw with a little help from Kane so we now get Kane and Angle to settle things here. Angle jumps him with the bell on the way in and then starts working him over. Kane tries a comeback, but Angle gets him with a German suplex and some stomps. Kane is back again with an Irish whip and elbow, followed by a two handed chokeslam. Corner whip, but Kane misses a charge and Angle gets a belly to belly suplex, followed by a couple of clotheslines. After some choking on the ropes, a back suplex gets 2. He goes to a front facelock, but Kane picks him up out of it and drops him back down. Angle still controls with some shots, but then he runs right into a side slam. Angle then slips out of a suplex attempt and nails the Triple German suplexes for 2. He goes up and nails a flying clothesline, but when he tries it a second time Kane nails him on the way down. They trade shots, but Angle controls. Irish whip is the reversed and Kane nails a big boot, followed by a clothesline. Hen then gets a backdrop, followed by a corner clothesline and a powerslam for 2. Another corner whip, but this time Angle gets the elbow up. When he comes back at Kane though he gets chokeslammed for 2, just getting his arm on the ropes at the last second. Kane tries the Tombstone, but Angle gets out and hits the Angle Slam, but now Kane kicks out at 2. The straps come down and he hooks the Ankle Lock, which the announcers note he has forced Kane to submit to in the past, but this time Kane rolls over and escapes. Angle goes right back to it, but Kane uses the ropes to pull himself up and nails Angle with an ensiguiri. Kane goes up, but Angle quickly follows him and drags him off. He tries the Angle Slam, which Kane counters to a choke slam attempt, which is again countered by Angle to a rollup which gets 3 with his feet on the ropes at 10:43. Gee, wouldnít want to see a decisive finish on the biggest show of the year or anything. Thatís actually the second year in a row for Angle to get a cheap rollup win. Finish aside, this was actually better then I would have expected considering Kane was involved. **

No DQ Match: The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair
Flair had gotten involved in Takerís match at No Way Out against The Rock and ended up costing him the win. Taker then went on a rampage, destroying both Arn Anderson and David Flair until Ric finally agreed to accept the match. Since he was also half owner of the company, this didnít sit well with the Board of Directors who stripped Flair of his power until after this show and gave it all to Vince McMahon (the same Vince McMahon who only weeks earlier had brought back the nWo with the explicitly stated intention of having them kill the company) because Flairís acceptance of a match is apparently crossing the line in terms of his responsibilities. Vince then used his power to make the match no DQ, with the idea that would heavily favour Taker. Flair charges right in and knocks Taker to the floor. They go at it outside, with Flair mainly in control until Taker hits a knee and gets back in. Flair is still on him though and knocks him back outside. He tries to jump at Taker off the apron, but gets caught and run to the post. Taker then sends him to the stairs and gets him back in where he controls with punches and not much else. Corner whip leads to a Flair Flip, but Taker then boots him right off the apron. On the floor, Taker sets him on a chair where he connects with more punches that have Flair bested open pretty good. Back in, Taker just keeps working him over with Flair getting the occasional comeback. Flairís corner whip is reversed and Taker nails a clothesline. After another one he sets Flair on the top and hits a really nice looking superplex. Taker covers for 2, but pulls Flair up for more punishment. He sets Flair on the apron where he elbows him and then drops a leg. Another cover, but he picks him up again. Elbow misses and now Flair gets a comeback with some chops. Taker nails him and goes for Old School, but Flair pulls him off. More chops, but then Flair runs into a side slam for 2. Taker misses a big boot and crotches himself, so Flair takes advantage and knocks Taker to the floor. He then gabs Takerís lead pipe and gets some good shots in, but Taker comes back and runs Flair to the apron. Flair grabs a conveniently placed sign and gets in some more shots, then gets him back in the ring. Taker tries a chokeslam, but Flair kicks him low and hooks the figure four to a nice reaction, although youíre really kidding yourself if you think Takerís gonna submit. After a 2 count, Taker sits up and grabs Flair by the throat to break the hold. Choke slam only gets 2 though, so he nails some punches and covers again, but Flair kicks out at 2 once more. Taker nails the ref out of frustration and grabs the lead pipe, but Flair nails him to avoid it. He whips Taker off the ropes, and suddenly out of nowhere, Arn Anderson is in the ring and he nails Taker with a spinebuster. Flair gets a close 2 off of that, but now Taker is pissed. He beats up Anderson, which allows Flair to grab a chair and get in four shots, but Taker just no sells them all. Last Ride is avoided (botched?), but the Tombstone is not and it finishes Flair off at 18:46. The match was a reasonably good brawl, but it dragged a bit, especially early on. Also, based on the buildup, the wrong guy won, but obviously the streak takes precedence over common sense. **3/4

Booker T vs. Edge
This feud came about after Edge stole a lucrative Japanese shampoo endorsement deal away from Booker. There have probably been a few dumber feuds for dumber reasons in wrestling history. And of course a big deal is made about a young Adam Copeland being in attendance for Wrestlemania VI wearing his Hulk Hogan t-shirt. They lockup, which leads to them trading shots. Booker comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock. He comes off again, but Edge dropkicks him and then nails a faceplant for 2. Irish whip is reversed and Booker gets him with a stungun. Spinkick gets 2 and then he clotheslines Edge to the floor. After dropping a forearm from the apron, he gets Edge back in and connects with a dropkick off the top for 2. After stomping him down, Edge comes back with chops, but his Irish whip is reversed and ha takes a nice looking spinebuster for 2. Booker goes up again, but this time edge crotches him and hits a sloppy looking rana. Edge then hits a spin kick and a couple of clotheslines. Booker knees him, but misses the ax kick and the Edge-O-Matic gets 2. Edge goes up and comes off with a spin kick for 2. He gets a corner whip, but Booker rolls him up for 1, which is then countered to a slingshot to the buckle. Spear misses though and Booker takes him down with a kick, then itís Spinarooni time. He follows that with the ax kick for 2. Bookend is countered though and Edge gets the spear, but it only gets 2. Edge does his own, pretty pathetic looking, version of the Spinarooni. They trade a couple of counters and the Edge hits the Edgecution for 3 at 6:33. Yet another short, but very energetic match here. **

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall (w/Kevin Nash)
Austin was originally offered the ďDream MatchĒ spot against Hogan, but wanted nothing to do with him. That means that Austin actually gets shuffled down the card pretty hard here facing Scott Hall in what, well, nobody would refer to as a dream match. Austin jumps him right off the bat and stomps away. He uses an Irish whip and hits an elbow, followed by ramming Hall to the buckle and hitting some chops. Hall fires back, but his Irish whip is reversed and Austin gets him with the Thesz press and punches away. Another Irish whip sees Hall hold on and slide out, but Austin is right after him. Austin takes a shot as Nash when he gets in the way, and the rams Hall to the stairs. Back in, Austin puts his head down on an Irish whip and get kicked. Hall follows with a clothesline for 2. He works Austin over in the corner while Nash gets a turnbuckle pad off and Austin ends up getting whipped into it. Hall shoves him to the floor where Nash gets a few cheap shots in. Back in the ring, Hall gets him with a couple of corner clotheslines and then a fallaway slam for 2. Irish whip and clothesline get another 2 and then he chokes Austin on the ropes. Nash gets in a couple more cheap shots as Austin lays prone. Irish whip is reversed and Austin comes back with a spinebuster, but both guys are down. They make it to their feet and Hall connects with some punches, but then Austin hits the Stunner out of nowhere. He covers, but at 2 Nash drags the ref out of the ring. Now Nash gets in and starts working Austin over. He holds him for a chairshot from Hall, but Austin kicks both guys low and hits both with Stunners. Austin covers Hall, but the ref is still out. A second one sprints in, but Nash recovers in time to make the save again at 2. Austin dumps Nash out, but gets set up for the Outsiderís Edge. He backdrops Hall to the floor to counter that though as a whole crew of referees make their way out to eject Nash from ringside. Austin gets Hall back in, but his Stunner attempt is blocked and Hall hits one of his own, but it only gets 2. Hall tries another one, but Austin blocks, and then nails not one, but two Stunners to finish Hall off at 9:53. Weak match, with too many cheap shortcuts and other crap. *

WWF Tag Team Championship Match: Billy & Chuck vs. The Dudley Boyz (w/Stacy Keibler) vs. The APA vs. The Hardy Boyz
JR does his usual thing about how thereís no championship advantage in a match like this, but itís actually elimination rules so they do have the advantage in that they canít lose the belts without getting beat. I guess thereís the issue of disqualifications or countouts, but thatís really a moot point since they never do those in matches like this anyways. The APA jumps the champs right away with Bradshaw and Chuck being the ones who start out. Bradshaw nails an elbow. Then Chuck comes off and tries a bodypress, but gets caught. Billy takes Bradshaw down to complete the move, but Bradshaw is right back up. He gets a big boot on Chuck and a fallaway slam on Billy, followed by a back suplex on Chuck and then he tags Faarooq for some double teaming. Corner whip by Faarooq, but Chuck comes out with a clothesline. Tag to Billy and now they double team from which Billy covers and gets 2. He tries the Fameasser, but gets powerslammed. Tag to Bradshaw whoís in with an elbow and a DDT for 2, but Billy now makes the tag to D-Von. Bradshaw still wants Billy though and nails him with the Clothesline from Hell, but that lets the Dudleyz catch him with 3D and eliminate the APA at 3:24. The Hardyz attack now with a double backdrop on Bubba and a double elbow on D-Von for 2 as Jeff covers having assumed the legal man position. They then get a double DDT on Chuck while the Dudleyz regroup by setting a table up on the floor. Jeff hits Whisper in the Wind on Bubba, but Stacy provides the distraction before he can follow up. He spanks and kisses her and then goes back to Bubba, but gets nailed by Billy coming off the top. Bubba doesnít appreciate the help and nails Billy with the Bubba Bomb and then goes right to work on Jeff. Jeff gets the boots up on a charge, but from the apron, D-Von send him back off the ropes and Bubba backdrops him for 2. Jeff fights out of a rear chinlock, but then gets clotheslined by D-Von who got the blind tag in the process. D-Von gets 2 from that, and then suplexes him for another 2 before tagging back to Bubba. He gets Jeff in the Tree of Woe and stands right on his groin, which prompts Matt to save by knocking Bubba out to the floor. D-Von stops the tag by Jeff though and then gets one himself. He tries an Irish whip, but Jeff counters and gets him with an inverted DDT. Now both guys tag with Matt as the house afire beating up both Dudleyz as well as Billy and Chuck until Bubba catches him with a back suplex. Bubba goes for the 2nd rope senton, which misses naturally, and the lets Matt come back with the yodeling legdrop for 2. Bubba regains control and slams him to setup the Whazzup Drop, but when D-Von goes up, Billy shoves him off to the floor through the table the Dudleyz set up earlier on. Matt recovers and hits the Twist of Fate on Bubba, followed by the Swanton from Jeff and the Dudleyz are eliminated at 11:50. Chuck is immediately in with a clothesline on Jeff and crescent kick on Matt for 2. Everyone is in now with Jeff hitting the double legdrop on Chuck and Matt getting the Side Effect on Billy. The Hardyz get Poetry in Motion on both champs. Matt uses the Twist of Fate on Chuck, followed by the Swanton from Jeff. Billy comes back and gets Jeff with the Fameasser, but Chuck only gets 2 on the cover. Chuck now ties up the ref, which lets Bill come in with a belt and nail Jeff with it. Now Chuck covers again, and that gets the 3 count. Billy and Chuck retain at 13:52. Kind of a mess, but they kept a fast pace and it was pretty intense. **

The nWo is backstage with Hall and Nash ready to take out their frustrations on The Rock, but Hogan asks them to stay back because he needs to know if he can do this on his own.

Hollywood Hogan vs. The Rock
The pre match video package reminds me about how they did that great interview segment on Raw, which was really the only thing the needed to do to sell this match, and everyone was buzzing and excited. But then they continued on and did the attempted murder thing, which only put Rock out of action for like a week anyways and it sent the whole thing spiraling into silliness. Then, in spite of the fact that this was being built as a first time ever dream match at Wrestlemania, they decided to give it away by putting them in a tag match on Raw, and having Hogan pin Rock with the legdrop. Iíll say one thing though, none of that is stopping these Toronto fans from believing that this is something special. Thatís not to say that it isnít something special, itís just that it lost a little something after that initial segment. And also, they are absolutely in love with Hogan as the reaction to him is just off the charts. But then again these are the same people who love the Leafs, so they arenít exactly the best people in the world at spotting talent. They start with an epic staredown, followed by a lockup from which Hogan shoves Rock down. Hogan goes to a side headlock and gets fired off, but nails a shoulderblock. He works Rock over, and then uses an Irish whip and a clothesline. Another Irish whip, but this time Rock ducks and comes off with a flying clothesline. Shoving match leads to Rock knocking Hogan to the floor. He then gets Hogan back in, where his Irish whip is reversed, but Hogan puts the head down so Rock kicks and clotheslines him. Hogan elbows out of a Rock Bottom attempt, then sends Rock off and takes him down with an elbow. Hogan drops some elbows and then gets him with a corner clothesline. He sends Rock off the ropes, but Rock comes off and tackles him, then nails some punches. Hogan comes back with a back suplex for 2 and then briefly goes to an abdominal stretch. He lets go of that and rolls Rock up for 2 and then goes to the backrakes. Rock comes back with an elbow in the corner, but then charges out into a clothesline. Hogan chokes him with his wrist tape until Rock comes back with some punches, but then he charges at Hogan and gets tossed. On the floor Hogan rams him to the stairs and drops him on the barrier. He then preps the announce table, but Rock fights back and rams him to the table instead. He grabs a chair, but the ref gets it away from him and that allows Hogan to catch him with a clothesline. Back in, Rock gets sent off the ropes, and then Hogan propels him right into the ref, who goes down. Hoganís next Irish whip is reversed with Rock nailing a spinebuster. He hooks the Sharpshooter, but the ref is still out. Hogan gets the ropes, then Rock drags him back and he taps out, but thereís still no ref to see any of it. Finally Rock breaks it and goes for the ref, but that lets Hogan nail a low blow and a Rock Bottom, which gets 2 from our now recovered referee. Hogan takes his belt off and whips Rock, then sends him off the ropes, but gets caught with a DDT. Now Rock gets the belt and starts whipping Hogan. This match definitely has one of the highest levels of sustained crowd heat Iíve ever heard. Rock hits Rock Bottom, which only gets 2 and now Hogan Hollywoods Up to another huge reaction. Three punches, Irish whip, big boot and legdrop all hit, but Rock still kicks out at 2. He hits the big boot again, but this time the legdrop misses. Rock hits two Rock Bottoms, followed by the Peopleís Elbow and that gets the 3 count at 16:23. Post match sees Hogan offer the handshake, which Rock accepts. But that doesnít sit well with Hall and Nash who come out and turn on Hogan, which leaves Rock to make the save and they clear the ring together. Rock then gets Hogan to pose for the crowd to huge cheers. The match was pretty good for what it was, but the crowd heat was absolutely off the charts incredible. Not an all time classic or anything wrestling wise, but they still put on a really good overall performance. ***1/2

Womenís Championship Match: Jazz vs. Lita vs. Trish Stratus
The crowd is obviously burned out from the last match as even hometown girl Trish, decked out in Canadian themed attire doesnít get much of a reaction. Jazz and Lita go at it before Trish can even get there. Once she does, she and Lita double team Jazz, but before long Jazz takes control on both. She uses the move now known as Beth Phoenixís Glam Slam on Lita and drops a leg for 2. She then gets Lita with a double underhook suplex and tosses Trish to the floor, but that gives Lita the chance to attack. Her Irish whip is reversed, but Lita still gets Jazz with a headscissors takedown and then slams her down again for 2. Jazz rakes the eyes and puts her on the top rope. Trish is back now and she pulls Jazz down and rolls her up for 2. Lita then comes off on Trish with a top rope bodypress, which Trish rolls through for another 2. Trish then gets a Chick Kick on Lita, followed by a bulldog for 2 as Jazz saves. Jazz splashes Lita for her own 2. Suplex on Trish also gets 2. Trish counters a slam to an inverted DDT for 2 with Lita saving. It breaks down into a slugfest between Lita and Trish now. Lita gets her with a backdrop and then hits a Twist of Fate on Jazz. She slams Trish and goes to moonsault them both, but Trish gets the knees up and then rolls Lita up for 2. She gets a backslide on Jazz for 2, who then gets dumped by Lita. Trish looks for Stratusfaction on Lita, but gets tossed instead. Lita goes up, but Trish makes it back and crotches her. Jazz then takes Trish out, connects with a superplex on Lita and pins her to retain at 6:18. Not much going on here, not that they really had a chance or anything. Ĺ*

Main Event, Undisputed Championship Match: Chris Jericho (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. Triple H
Itís too bad for these guys, because even with that womenís match in between, the crowd is still completely burned from Hogan/Rock. So HHH had made his big return from quad surgery at the Royal Rumble and won the thing to earn the shot here. He was now a babyface, but still married in storyline terms to Stephanie McMahon, who was a heel. Steph kept trying to manipulate him, but he eventually saw through it and demanded a divorce, so she then formed a business relationship with Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho in the hopes of preventing HHH from achieving his dream of winning the Title. Most of those segments famously cut the balls right off of Jericho and made him look like nothing more than Stephanieís bitch, but if thatís what they want their champion to look like, then who are we to question it? The quad injury is also in play here and Jericho viciously attacked the leg recently on TV to the point where according to JR it is holding on by a thread. Indeed Jericho goes right for the leg, which is heavily taped, but HHH avoids him. HHH then takes control with a backdrop and a couple of short clotheslines. Jericho gets sent off, and caught with a high knee, but HHH is already selling that heís hurt it. HHH charges at him, but gets backdropped out. Jericho goes up, but HHH meets him there and tosses him right over the barrier into the front row. He then suplexes Jericho back to ringside. HHH preps the table, but Jericho finally gets a shot in on the leg. Back in, Jericho keeps on it, but HHH turns the tables and goes to work on Jerichoís leg, dropping some elbows on it, and even hooking a figure four. Steph reaches in and rakes HHHís eyes to break the hold though, so HHH pulls her up by the hair, but moves when Jericho charges and he nails her instead. HHH goes for Steph again, getting her in the ring and setting her for the Pedigree, but Jericho breaks it up with a dropkick off the top rope. He rams HHHís leg to the post and even pulls a page out of Bret Hartís book with the old ringpost figure four. Back in the ring, Jericho keeps on it, but eventually gets shoved off to the post. HHH hits a neckbreaker. Jericho tries to go after the leg again, but runs into a clothesline for 2. Irish whip by HHH and he hits the facebuster, but hurts himself in the process. He still manages to follow up with a spinebuster for 2, but his corner whip is then reversed and he goes over and out to the floor. Jericho preps the other table for use now and gets HHH on it. He tries the Walls there in a callback to the match where HHH suffered the quad injury, but HHH kicks him off. HHH sets him up for the Pedigree on the table, but Jericho backdrops him off through the other table. Back in the ring, the Lionsault hits, but only gets 2. Scary thing is that there was like zero heat for that kickout. I mean literally no reaction whatsoever. Jericho goes for the Walls, but gets kicked off to the corner. Pedigree is countered, and now Jericho hooks the Walls. HHH struggles, but Jericho keeps him in the middle. The arm drops twice, but HHH gets back in it and now finally pulls himself to the ropes. Still the crowd couldnít care less. Stephanie distracts the ref so Jericho can grab a chair, but HHH kicks it back in his face and then DDTís him on it for 2. Steph just gets in the ring now and grabs the chair, but the ref gets it away from her. She shoves him, but now HHH gets a hold of her and drops her with the Pedigree. That got the biggest reaction of anything in the match so far. Jericho nails HHH with the chair while the ref is rolling Steph out and that gets a 2 count. Jericho then tries his own version of the Pedigree, but if you think thatís happening, youíre nuts. HHH counters and slings him to the corner. Jericho lands on the 2nd rope and leaps back at him, but gets kicked and caught with the Pedigree. HHH covers and gets 3 to win the Undisputed Title at 18:43. This was a reasonably good match, but a bad way to close out the show as the crowd made it quite clear that they had already seen what they came to see thank you very much. On another show on another day, this match would have done better, but as it is it gets **1/2

Alright, so thatís Wrestlemania X-8. Iím kinda torn on the ďthumbsĒ rating because itís pretty much right in between in the middle and up. If just one match had stepped up and gotten into great territory it would be an easy thumbs up, but even so I still think Iím going to call it a very mild thumbs up. Thereís definitely a lot of good on this show and nothing outside of the hardcore crap and the womenís match outright sucks, but like I said, nothing breaks through to the next level. Iíll call Rock/Hogan the only must see (and it can be found on a couple of different compilations) but thatís about it. The rest of the show is certainly watchable though and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

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