April 28, 2006
Jared Insell

WWF Wrestlemania V
Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, April 2nd 1989

Wrestlemania returned to the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the second year in a row in 1989. The year before at Wrestlemania IV, “Macho Man” Randy Savage captured the World Wrestling Federation Championship Title after four grueling matches. Although Savage’s tournament victory was impressive, he owed much of his success in capturing the title to fellow Mega Power Hulk Hogan, who aided him in the tournament finals against “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. As the show came to a close, Hulkster celebrated with the new WWF Champion and his manager Miss Elizabeth. At this point it seemed like the bond formed between the Mega Powers was unbreakable.

A lot can happen in just one year…

One year on, the Mega Powers have exploded and Hogan is now challenging his former friend for the coveted WWF World Title that he helped him win at Wrestlemania IV.

Wrestlemania V introduction complete with 1980s urban saxophone theme music and a Vince McMahon voice over bellowing, “THE MEGA POWERS EXPLODE!”

WWF Women’s Champion Rockin’ Robin opens the show singing “America The Beautiful” or at least I think she does. The music starts up and Robin just freezes. Nothing happens so we go over to Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura. Right…

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse “The Body” Ventura welcome us before sending it back down Howard Finkle.

Howard Finkle apologizes for the “audio difficulties” (yeah right we all know Robin screwed up) and introduces Rockin’ Robin again. Wow! Robin is really butchering “America The Beautiful.” Yeesh! Jesse Ventura makes it clear saying, “She better not quit her day job!”

*Hercules vs. King Haku

Finkle screws up Haku’s introduction accidentally calling him by his previous identity King Tonga. Wow! Two bloopers already? Not good. Haku jumps Hercules from behind and goes to work on him with some chops. Hercules gains easy control though and Haku finds himself on the outside in short order. Vertical suplex back in and Hercules begins to measure Haku with some elbows. Bobby Heenan distracts Hercules long enough for Haku to lower the boom on him though. Haku dominates with some power moves but can’t put the guy away. Hercules makes a comeback ducking a high cross body but is halted by a crescent kick. Haku goes for a splash off the second rope but misses. He tries to follow up with a roundhouse right but misses again and Hercules bridge suplexes him for the win. *1/2

Match Analysis: Nothing special about this opener, but then again certainly nothing awful either. A decent exchange of power moves makes this for an enjoyable albeit forgettable bout.

Mean Gene is with The Rockers. This is both Shawn Michaels’ and Marty Jannetty’s first Wrestlemania. According to Shawn’s book, he spent the hours prior to this upcoming match trying to cure a severe hangover. Heh!

*The Rockers vs. The Twin Towers

This is a David vs. Goliath tag team encounter for sure. Jesse Ventura banks on Big Bossman and Akeem for the win, stating that they are simply too big for The Rockers to handle. The Towers chase The Rockers around the ring at the beginning but Shawn and Marty are too quick for them. Michaels gets The Bossman’s attention with a missile drop kick right off the bat. He then wakes a “daydreaming” Akeem up on the apron with a roundhouse right. Akeem tags in and goes though a jive dance sequence. Michaels responds with the moonwalk, which pisses the big man off. The Rockers zero in on Akeem’s left arm and maintain control with fast paced tags. Jannetty ends up getting squashed between the Towers though and the tide turns. The Towers work over Jannetty methodically and I hear Slick say to Akeem, “You know what we need is a black referee!” Talk about offensive. Anyway, Jannetty avoids another Twin Towers squash and the hot tag is made to Michaels. The Rockers use some blatant double-teaming to gain control but Akeem nearly takes Shawn’s head off with a clothesline. Big Bossman misses a headbutt off the top though and The Rockers deliver a double missile drop kick off the top that doesn’t fully connect. Michaels goes to the top again, but Boss Man catches him with a devastating power bomb. Akeem then tags in and nails the Air Africa splash for the pin fall. Fun little tag team match! ***

Match Analysis: Although I would’ve preferred The Rockers vs. The Brain Busters, this was a really fun match to watch. The Twin Towers needed the win as they were being built as #1 contenders for the tag titles anyway.

Tony Schiavone is with “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase & Virgil.

*“Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Dibiase shakes hands with Donald Trump. They both have a lot in common. They’re both loaded. Not much of a back-story behind this match. Both men were in between feuds at this point in their WWF run. Dibiase had just wrapped up his feud with Hercules while Beefcake had finished up with Outlaw Ron Bass. A month or so after this Dibiase would be starting a feud with Jake Roberts while Beefcake would go at it with Randy Savage. Anyways, Brutus starts it off quickly with a cheap shot and cleans house on Dibiase, who ends up regrouping on the outside. Ted gains control but not for long as Bruti slams Dibiase all over the mat before sending out with a clothesline. Million Dollar Man asks for a time out and stalls on the outside for a bit. Back in, a slugfest starts with The Barber getting the upper hand. A Virgil distraction allows Dibiase to gain easy control and he works over Beefcake with some heavy shots. Brutus reverses a vertical suplex, but he is still dazed. Both men end up clotheslining each other but Dibiase is the first to his feet. He begins to set Bruti up for the Million Dollar Dream. Beefcake manages to reach the ropes though and the ref breaks it up. Dibiase tries numerous times to ram Bruti’s head into the turnbuckle but he ends up on the receiving end. Brutus makes a comeback and slaps on the sleeper. Virgil distracts him again causing him to break the hold. A confrontation with Virgil on the outside allows Dibiase to jump Brutus from behind. The two end up brawling to a double count out though. * After the match, Brutus attacks Virgil and slaps on the sleeper. Dibiase tries to interfere but The Barber chases them out of the ring with his shears.

Match Analysis: Since there wasn’t much heat going into the match I did not have high expectations for this one. Nonetheless, Dibiase carried Beefcake to an entertaining bout. Although I question having both guys wrestle to a draw. It’s amazing how Dibiase goes from World title contender to a guy who couldn’t get a decisive win over an upper mid-carder in one year. Oh well! That’s wrestling.

Footage of Lord Alfred Hayes shown earlier with The Bushwhackers at the Wrestlemania V Brunch. The idea here is The Bushwhackers are slobs. Like we didn’t know that.

*The Fabulous Rougeau Bros. vs. The Bushwhackers

This isn’t going to be pretty. The Rougeaus are in their “All American Boys” gimmick here and were putting on some great matches with The Hart Foundation in the months prior to this event. I don’t see why they didn’t book The Harts vs. Rougeaus instead of this garbage. The Bushwhackers steal Jimmy Hart’s coat and try to tear it apart. The Rougeaus jump the two morons and gain control. It doesn’t last long as the Bushwhackers end up sandwiching the Rougeaus with manager Jimmy Hart, who is trying to retrieve his jacket, on a collision course. Raymond and Luke start off with Raymond getting the upper hand. Bushwhackers respond with the battering ram but end up producing a distraction to their disadvantage and the Rougeaus double-team Luke. Luke plays face in peril as Jacques and Raymond try in vain to turn this into a wrestling match. The Fabulous Rougeaus celebrate prematurely allowing The Bushwhackers to execute another battering ram and gut buster on Raymond for the win. 1/2* Humiliating loss for the Rougeaus.

Match Analysis: Blech! What a mess! I can’t believe the WWF put The Bushwhackers over the Fabulous Rougeau Bros.

Sean Mooney is on the arena floor with the fans. The Bushwhackers end up catching up with him and they lick his face. Gross!

*Mr. Perfect vs. The Blue Blazer

Curt Hennig is debuting a new wardrobe here. This is going to be a great match. The two lock up with Perfect gaining the advantage and taking Blazer to school with a hip toss. Lock up again and Perfect tries to psyche out Blazer with a shove and slap to the face. Blazer returns the favour. Perfect goes for another hip lock but Blue Blazer spins right out of it and goes for a body slam. Drop kick sends Mr. Perfect over the top. Blazer nearly takes Hennig’s head off with a baseball slide. Back in and Blue Blazer is in control with an arm bar. Mr. Perfect tries to gain an advantage but Blazer out moves him. The Blue Blazer goes to the top for a splash but ends up crashing down on Perfect’s knees. The tide turns as Hennig works on the small of the back. The match slows down with a reverse chin hold, giving Jesse time to say hi to Terry, Tyrell, Jane and Jeremiah back in Minneapolis. Perfect is caught with a boot to the face while making a corner charge. Blazer follows up with a power slam but only gets a one count. Belly-to-belly suplex only gets two! A crucifix also only gets two! Blazer disputes that last count, allowing Perfect to blindside him with a forearm and finish him off with the Perfect-plex for the win. Good match! ***

Match Analysis: Can’t complain here. This was a nice little match as The Blue Blazer really wowed the crowd with his moves. Mr. Perfect of course picks up his first Wrestlemania victory.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura “surprises” Gorilla Monsoon by being introduced to the crowd and posing to a huge pop. The same thing he did last year.

More footage of Lord Alfred Hayes from the Wrestlemania 5K run. Mr. Fuji is introduced as a last minute entrant in order to prove that he is in shape for his Wrestlemania V match with The Powers Of Pain against Demolition.

Run DMC is introduced and they perform “The Wrestlemania Rap.” Either this song really sucks or the audio is totally not set up for a concert of any kind. I’m going to say both. Nonetheless, they get a nice reaction from the crowd.

A recap of the Demolition/Powers Of Pain feud. Footage is shown from the 1988 Survivor Series where Fuji double crossed the Demos and became the Powers Of Pain’s manager. Also, footage is aired from the un-televised Demolition vs. Powers of Pain match from The Main Event (it would appear on the Coliseum Video release The Best of The WWF Volume 19).

Mean Gene is with Demolition. Smash uses the classic “Knock your stinkin’ teeth in” line here.

*Tag Team Championship Handicap Match: Demolition (Champions) vs. The Powers Of Pain & Mr. Fuji (Challengers)

This match is under handicap rules so it’s three (Powers Of Pain & Fuji) against two (Demolition). Also it’s for the tag titles no less. Demolition has been tag team champions for over a year now, having won the titles last year at Wrestlemania IV in the Trump Plaza. I really don’t see the purpose of having Mr. Fuji be a part of this match as it makes The Powers Of Pain look positively pathetic that they need their manager to help them win the belts. Anyway, Fuji runs through the ceremonial salt bit before The Warlord starts off with Ax. Demolition gains easy control to start as they double team the Warlord. Quick tags keep the Warlord from reaching his corner, but he ends up doing so anyway and Smash gets worked over in the wrong corner. Barbarian tags in and begins his assault, but Smash gains the advantage quickly and Demolition begins to work over The Barbarian in their corner. Ax tries to go after Fuji but gets caught by a Barbarian kick. The Powers Of Pain work over Ax in their corner. Fuji tags in once Ax is dazed enough and runs through some slow offence. The Powers Of Pain continue to dismantle Ax and then tag in Fuji, who misses a splash from the top. He manages to tag Warlord though who stops Ax from making the hot tag momentarily. Warlord misses a clothesline and Ax counters with one of his own before finally making the hot tag to Smash. Smash cleans house on The Powers Of Pain before depositing Warlord neck first on the top rope. Barbarian tries to intervene but is clotheslined out by Ax. Fuji distracts Smash in the midst of a brawl and Warlord ties him up. Fuji goes for the salt but Smash gets out of the way in time and it blinds the Warlord. Demolition executes the Decapitation on Fuji to retain the titles. **1/2 Entertaining match.

Match Analysis: The match wasn’t a technical marvel, but it was entertaining enough to merit a decent rating. The Powers Of Pain were pretty much done after this, which is unfortunate. I think this match would’ve been better had Fuji not been involved but that’s just me.

Tony Schiavone is backstage trying to get a word with the WWF World Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Savage doesn’t want to talk and seems restless as he literally runs over the cameraman.

*Dino Bravo vs. “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin

Superfly Jimmy Snuka is introduced to the crowd before the match for no real reason whatsoever. I mean he was making his comeback in a few months, but why introduce him during this match? Whatever. Bravo jumps Garvin while he’s throwing his towel into the crowd. Dino delivers some hard hits, but Garvin makes a comeback with some stiff chops of his own. A running cradle gets two. Garvin goes for a sleeper but Bravo gets to the ropes. A piledriver attempt is reversed into a backdrop but Garvin rolls through for a pinning combination. He still only gets two. Dino gets the win out of nowhere with his patented side-suplex. 1/2* After the match, Ron Garvin tosses Bravo out of the ring and assaults Frenchy Martin with the Garvin stomp. I’m pretty sure this was Frenchy Martin’s last appearance as Bravo’s manager because Jimmy Hart would take over at the end of the month.

Match Analysis: Thankfully a very brief and forgettable encounter, but I’ll give these guys half a star because they actually moved beyond punching and kicking and tried some wrestling moves.

*Strike Force vs. The Brain Busters

This marks Strike Force’s reunion after Rick Martel had been shelved for eight months at the hands of Demolition last year. Jesse Ventura makes it clear here that the odds are definitely against Strike Force because they have not tagged in a long time and they’re going up against Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, who are both skilled tag team wrestlers. Tully Blanchard and Rick Martel start with a series of holds. The Brain Busters immediately try to gain the advantage when Anderson knees Martel coming off the ropes. Arn and Tully try to keep Martel in their corner but he manages to escape with a flurry of fists. Pier-six brawl erupts and Strike Force clears the ring. Back in, Anderson and Martel go at it. Martel tries to methodically pin Anderson but ends up in a leg scissor submission hold. He manages to turn it over into a Boston crab but Tully breaks the hold with a thumb to the eye. Tag is made and Blanchard doesn’t see it. Tito Santana slaps the figure four on Blanchard and Martel follows suit with Anderson. Both teams go hard for the win but come up short. Tito Santana goes for his flying forearm but Tully Blanchard manages to duck out of the way and Rick Martel ends up getting clocked. Martel is hurt on the outside while The Brain Busters work over Santana. Santana plays face in peril as Martel slowly makes his way onto the apron, still dazed apparently. A hot tag is teased after Tito slams Arn Anderson off the top. However, Martel turns his back on Tito and begins to leave ringside in disgust. The Brain Busters realize they have the victory in the bag and continue to destroy Tito unmercifully. A spike-piledriver seals the deal and The Brain Busters get a big win. ***1/4

Match Analysis: This was a bitchin’ tag team match. Although in terms of booking I would’ve preferred to have The Brain Busters take on The Rockers while Strike Force battles the Twin Towers. Nonetheless, great wrestling all around and Martel turning on Santana was a big deal at the time. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard making their first and only Wrestlemania appearance get the big win here. I sense future tag team champions!

Mean Gene is with Rick Martel. Martel cuts a heel promo claiming that he’s been carrying around Tito Santana for too long and he’s sick of him.

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura discuss the happenings that occurred in the last match. Jesse feels that Tito Santana was pushing for Strike Force to reform whereas Rick Martel wanted to focus on a singles career.

After two years, Piper’s Pit makes it return! Fan are psyched but are disappointed when Brother Love in a kilt enters to Roddy’s theme. Brother Love runs through his usual skit before doing a lousy Piper impression. Morton Downey Jr. enters next (does anyone know who this guy is? Before my time I guess.) Downey drops some pretty good insults on Brother Love before Rowdy Roddy Piper is finally introduced. Piper first scares off Brother Love by tearing off his kilt (which turns out to be a skirt). He then extinguishes Downey who won’t stop blowing smoke in his face. While this segment had its moments it dragged on for way too long.

Mean Gene gives us the first ever preview for Hulk Hogan’s “No Holds Barred” film. For those of you that don’t know “No Holds Barred” was basically the first of Hulk Hogan’s many awful movies. Gene tells us you can be sure it will be a blockbuster. Surprisingly “No Holds Barred” did well in the first weekend it hit theatres. However, in the coming weeks it had to compete with bigger blockbusters such as “Batman” and “Ghostbusters 2.” Unfortunately, we’ll be hearing a whole lot more about “No Holds Barred” in the coming reviews.

Sean Mooney is on the arena floor with Donald Trump.

Back in the broadcast booth, Jesse Ventura is all bent out of shape about Hogan invading his territory Hollywood and storms off. This was actually pretty funny but Jesse cuts a promo that seems to harbour all too real feelings behind it. Jesse cools down and returns to the broadcast booth.

A recap of how the Mega Powers exploded is shown. We see footage of Savage and Hogan’s Wrestlemania IV celebration, along with their Summerslam and Survivor Series victories. Finally, the Main Event where a jealous Savage turned on Hogan for “lusting” after Elizabeth.

Mean Gene is with Hulk Hogan who cuts a great promo about the whole Mega Powers exploding incident. Although he does call Savage “mother” instead of brother. Heh!

*Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Andre The Giant (Guest Referee: Big John Studd)

Big John Studd is introduced first as the special guest referee. You think after winning the 1989 Royal Rumble he could get a better position on the biggest show of the year. Maybe Studd was being punished for all those awful matches he had with Akeem the month prior to this. Andre The Giant gets in the ring and starts sticking his finger in the Studd’s face. Andre immediately attacks Jake “The Snake” Roberts upon entrance and his head is rammed into the turnbuckle, which has no protective padding on it! Heenan must have taken it off while Andre was arguing with Studd. Andre uses his size advantage and slaps on a sleeper. He continues to paint brush Roberts before cornering the Snake and beginning to choke the life out of him. A Jake comeback leads to Andre getting tied up in the ropes. Roberts pummels the Giant but ends up getting caught in a chokehold. A head-butt floors Jake and Andre goes back to work on his neck. Andre continues to relentlessly assault but oversells a short knee. Jake makes another comeback and rams Andre’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Andre fires Jake out of the ring though and doesn’t let him back in. Studd gets on Andre’s case about it and the two argue. Sure enough Andre nails Studd when his back is turned. Studd returns the favour and then disqualifies Andre’s ass. Andre is pissed and begins to choke out Big John Studd. Meanwhile on the outside, Jake is going for Damien but “The Million Dollar Man” and Virgil make a run in and jump him before stealing the bag with Damien in it. Jake goes after Dibiase in the aisle and gets back Damien before returning to the ring and making the save for Big John Studd. Jake wins this one by DQ. 1/2*

Match Analysis: As expected this match was mainly Andre choking out Jake “The Snake” and running through slow offence. Still, the post match activity was interesting as Jake’s feud with Andre was more or less blown off here while his one with Dibiase was just beginning.

Sean Mooney is in the Bob Uecker seats of the Trump Plaza talking to some fans. One fan is only capable of saying, “Jake’s the best!”

Tony Schiavone is with Sensational Sherri. Sherri cracks on Rockin’ Robin’s rendition of “America The Beautiful” before claiming to get the Women’s title back (which basically didn’t exist at this point). More importantly though Sherri talks about Miss Elizabeth and The Mega Powers explosion. She would become an important figure in this within the coming weeks.

*The Hart Foundation vs. The Honky Tonk Man & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine

There is a bit of a back-story behind this match. The Honky Tonk Man smashed his guitar over Bret “Hitman” Hart’s head a while back while Greg “The Hammer” Valentine tried to end Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s career with the shin-guard figure-four leg lock. We got a series of Bret Hart vs. Honky Tonk Man and Neidhart vs. Valentine matches leading up to this event and this is inevitably the blow off. The Hart Foundation is out for revenge and wants to put an end to Jimmy Hart being a thorn in their side. Anyway, The Hart Foundation enters to a nice reception. Honky and Bret start with Honky getting the upper hand but Bret easily outwrestles him delivering a series of atomic drops on both him and then the Hammer. The Hart Foundation dominates as Bret catapults Neidhart into the ring onto Valentine for a near three count. Hart ends up telegraphing an elbow drop though and the heels gain control. The Honky Tonk Man and The Hammer keep Bret in their corner and he plays face in peril. Gorilla Monsoon mentions Pat Patterson and Jesse states, “what a relic he is!” Honky executes the Shake Rattle ‘n Roll on The Hitman before quickly tagging Valentine to slap on the shin-guard figure four. Valentine takes to long though and Hart counters it. Hitman is still in trouble he makes the hot tag out of nowhere. Anvil cleans house with a series of great drop kicks on both Honky and Hammer. A thumb in the eye kills the Anvil’s momentum but The Harts keep control. Bret Hart delivers his excellence of execution on Honky. The ref gets tied up with Valentine as Jimmy Hart gets involved trying to toss Honky the megaphone but the Anvil intervenes and passes it to Bret, who clocks Honky with it…in the shoulder? Whatever, it knocks Honky senseless anyway and the Harts pick up the pin fall win. **1/4

Match Analysis: Standard tag team action here. The Hart Foundation did a good job working with the makeshift team of The Honky Tonk Man & Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (a team that had very little chemistry in my opinion). I would’ve preferred The Hart Foundation vs. The Rougeaus but this turned out okay.

Recap of The Ultimate Warrior/Rick Rude feud.

*Intercontinental Championship Match: The Ultimate Warrior (Champion) vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude (Challenger)

Ravishing Rick Rude has the Intercontinental title airbrushed onto his tights foreshadowing his upcoming victory. Rude runs through his usual mic gimmick calling the fans “high rollin’ Atlantic City sweat hogs.” Warrior race to the ring and goes right after Rude, who tries to nail Warrior with a knee but ends up connect with the Intercontinental title. Ouch! Warrior manhandles Rude with ease. The Ultimate lunatic slaps on a bear hug, which is never a good sign this early into the match. Rude turns the tide with a thumb to the eye and a missile drop kick off the top. He nearly gets the three but Warriors turns it around with a body slam. Warrior continues to pound away on Rude before executing a backdrop. He takes too much time setting up for a splash though and Rude gets his knees up. Gorilla Monsoon says Warrior must have gotten confused and Jesse adds, “it don’t take much to confuse the Ultimate Warrior.” There’s a lot of truth in that statement.

Anyway, Rude gains control and executes a pile driver on Warrior, but only gets a two count. A jawbreaker floors Warrior. Rude is still selling his back injury, as he can’t swivel his hips. Awww! Side Russian leg sweep gets two. Rude slaps on a surfboard submission but Warrior reaches the ropes and shakes him loose. The Intercontinental Champion follows up with a flying tackle before planting him face first onto the mat. Warrior goes for a clothesline before ramming Rude into the corner. Irish whip and Warrior misses a corner splash. Rude goes for the Rude Awakening, but Warrior powers out of it. Warrior gains control as Rude tries to bail. A running clothesline sends Rude onto the apron. Warrior tires to suplex Rude back in but Bobby Heenan grabs his leg on the outside and holds on tight to it, causing Rude to fall on top of the Warrior and get the pin fall and a major upset victory! Rude is the new Intercontinental Champion and Jesse Ventura is beaming with joy. **1/2 Warrior chases Heenan around the ring and corners him. Being the sore-loser he is, Warrior unloads on The Brain and goes for the gorilla press slam. Bobby Heenan would tell us years later that the Warrior botched the move and almost seriously injured the poor guy. Judging from the ugly bump Heenan takes it’s not hard to believe.

Match Analysis: Okay match although it lacked the drama of their later Summerslam ‘89 rematch. Still, any match where the Ultimate jerk loses deserves a big thumbs-up from me.

*“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Bad News Brown

I can tell you right off the bat this is going to be an ugly match. I’m not going into great detail about this as this is mainly punching, kicking, and brawling. Eventually referee Tim White loses control and we get a street fight with a 2X4 and a steel chair. Double DQ. Duggan clears the ring and has snot all over his nose. Jesse Ventura points out how disgusting it is. The snot symbolizes this match, which was indeed a brutal DUD.

Match Analysis: Next!

Mean Gene is with The Red Rooster or Terry Taylor if you can’t stand to call him by his former name. Rooster makes some weird allusions to the barnyard before going into a series of rooster crows. No wonder this killed his career.

*The Red Rooster vs. Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Bobby Heenan is still selling his injury from the attack at the hands of the Warrior earlier on. He’s accompanied by The Brooklyn Brawler and is wearing Andre The Giant-style tights. Rooster beats up Heenan for the most part. Bobby reverses an Irish whip but misses a corner charge and connects shoulder first with the post. Rooster gets the quick pin fall win from there. DUD Brooklyn Brawler hits the ring and attacks Rooster but he ends up clearing the ring anyway.

Match Analysis: Match was a squash to begin with. Sucks for Terry Taylor though. He got the win but he still had to face Bobby Heenan at Wrestlemania.

Mean Gene is with a somber Miss Elizabeth, who claims to be in a neutral corner and she hopes that neither man will be seriously injured.

Tony Schiavone is in the locker room and tells us that all the wrestlers have headed to the arena to watch the Mega Powers explode.

Sean Mooney is on the arena floor and takes a quick poll with the fans to see who they think will win the title match. Most kids say Hulk Hogan.

*WWF World Championship Match: Macho Man Randy Savage (Champion) vs. Hulk Hogan (Challenger)

Macho Man enters first and Jesse tips his hat to him before tearing into Hogan calling him “luster”. Elizabeth enters next and goes for a neutral corner although Jesse accuses her of being a gold digger who will go with the winner. Hogan enters last and Jesse makes a big fuss over the challenger entering last. He’s right you know.

The match gets underway and Macho stalls trying to psyche out Hogan. Doesn’t work though and Savage begins to berate Elizabeth on the outside. Hogan chases after him and Macho physically uses Liz as a shield. Hogan hesitates before getting back in the ring. Another lock up and Hogan does some wrestling holds getting Savage in a front face lock! Macho Man counters with a back suplex but misses his follow up elbow drop. Hogan responds with a flurry of fists the floor Savage. He then goes for an arm ringer. Wait? Hogan? Arm ringer? Wrestling? What? Anyway, Savage gains control again with a thumb to the eye and then executes a double axe handle for a solid two count. Savage slaps on an arm bar and goes to work, but Hogan uses Macho’s tights for leverage and fires the Champ out of the ring. Jesse didn’t like that.

Back in, Hogan gains the advantage but puts his head down and meets a hard kick. A Macho clothesline gets two. Hogan blades as Savage slaps on a sleeper hold. Jesse foresees the end of Hulkamania. Hulkster breaks the hold and delivers an atomic drop. He tries to follow up with an elbow but misses. A Savage high knee drives Hogan head first into the turnbuckle and rolls him up but only gets a two count. Macho continues to dominate pounding on Hogan’s bleeding eye. Savage adds insult to injury and ends up paying for as Hogan makes a comeback. Hogan slams him over the top rope and Elizabeth rushes to his aid. Savage brushes her off though and begins berating her. Hogan intervenes and smacks Savage’s head into the apron. Hogan sets him up to ram him face first into the post but Liz gets in the way and won’t let him. This gives Savage enough time to counter it shoving Hogan head first into the post. Hulk is hurt and Liz goes to check on him. Savage stops that in a hurry by manhandling Liz. Referee Hebner has had enough and sends Liz backstage. Jesse applauds the calling claiming now they can focus on wrestling.

Savage heads for the top and drops another axe-handle onto Hogan on the arena floor, which causes Hulk head to hit the steel barricade. Back in, Macho clotheslines Hogan on the top rope. This is a trademark Macho Man Randy Savage onslaught. Macho continues to work on Hogan’s throat. A body slam and knee drop get two. Macho uses his wrist tape to choke out Hogan. Hogan’s down and out as Savage heads to the top rope. He hits the flying elbow finisher but only gets a one count. Yes that’s what I said a one count! C’mon Hogan at least give him two! Hogan hulks up and out slugs Macho Man. A big boot and leg drop finisher get the 1-2-3. We have a New World Champion! ****1/2

Match Analysis: Jesse Ventura claimed at the beginning of this match that it was the epitome of the word main event. Hard to disagree with him as this match had everything: the drama, the wrestling, and so on. I got to tip my hat to Hulk Hogan, who worked a great match. Savage was in top form as usual and both these guys put on a hell of a match.

Gorilla and Jesse sign off.

Jinsell’s Bottom Line: Wrestlemania V was definitely a vast improvement over the excess of Wrestlemania IV. Like most Wrestlemanias from this time period the show does suffer from being overbooked with too many matches. That being said the card was genuinely solid from top to bottom even though some of the match pairings were questionable (namely the tag team bouts). Still, what was bad was kept relatively short and what was good stood out. Highly recommended!

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