March 4, 2012
Matt Peddycord
The Powerdriver Review

Low-Ki vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kid Romeo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn Ė Elimination Match (7/10/2002)
This is supposed to set up the list of contenders to the X-title. The last man standing is the #1 contender and the last guy to be pinned is the #2 contender and so on. Before the match, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles got into it, which ended with Lynn giving the X-Champ and fellow tag-team champion AJ a Cradle Piledriver on a storage case. Romeo and Daniels start the match. They go through a chain sequence with hammerlocks. Daniels Japanese armdrags Romeo and then Skipper gets a blind tag. Triple X explodes! Skipper springboard flips over Daniels and nails him with a spin kick for two. Mamaluke tags Daniels to set up a kitchen-sink/flipping neck snap on Skipper for two. Northern lights suplex gets two for Mamaluke. Skipper blocks a wheelbarrow armdrag, but canít avoid a dropkick to the knee. Lynn gets tagged by Skipper. Mamaluke finally gets that wheelbarrow armdrag, but then takes a gutwrench backbreaker from Lynn. Another backbreaker connects, as Low-Ki tags in for the Krush Combo. That gets two. Mamaluke comes back with an implant double-arm DDT to set up a guillotine choke! Tag to Daniels by Mamaluke, and we have Triple X exploding some more! Well, not for long. Low-Ki rolling kicks Daniels away and tags Romeo. Lynn tags and they exchange Gory specials. Tornado DDT by Lynn gets two. Daniels tags back in and attempts a Swandive headbutt, but nobodyís home. Tag back in to Lynn, they go to the floor. Daniels hits a split-legged moonsault press from the apron onto Lynn. Meanwhile, Romeo is up top. He dives out onto Lynn and Daniels. Now Mamaluke is up top. He flip dives out onto the three on the floor. Skipper and Ki are the only ones left. They decide to deliver STEREO FLIP DIVES on everybody! Daniels and Lynn head back into the ring where Lynn connects with that legdrop on the apron when Daniels sticks his head through the ropes. Lynn goes to the top, but Mamaluke trips him up and sends him crashing to the floor. Wow, the extra crowd noise is so obvious. Lynn gets counted out! (11:27) Meanwhile in the ring, Mamaluke gives Daniels a pair of suplexes and then a butterfly stretch on the mat. Skipper tags Daniels and puts Mamaluke away with the PLAY OF THE DAY (MVPís Playmaker) (12:37) Low-Ki comes in and Triple X explodes again! Skipperís head ducks under the top rope off a whip and he falls out to the floor. Back in, Skipper goes for the PLAY OF THE DAY again, but nope. Krush Rush sounds like a better idea. Cover, 1-2-NO! Ki starts kicking and then tries for the Springboard Enziguri, but Skipper MATRIX MOVES out of its way! Skipper missile dropkicks Ki into Daniels for a tag. Even more Triple X explosions! Okay, Iím about done with that. Skipper gives Daniels a trap suplex, followed by a reverse suplex for two. After some back and forth moves, Daniels delivers the LAST RITES (rolling cutter) out of nowhere to send Skipper to the back. (16:17) Uhh, has everyone forgot about Romeo? He hits Daniels with a wheelbarrow bulldog for two. Then out of nowhere, he dropkicks Low-Ki off the apron. I donít think you want to piss that guy off. Romeo heads up top, but gets crotched for a hurracanrana. MAYBE NOT! Romeo puts Daniels on his shoulder and gives him a KRYPTONITE KRUNCH from the middle rope! Holy crap. Romeo covers and gets three, but then Slick Johnson sees a foot is on the bottom rope and declares Daniels is still in the match. While Romeo basks in the glory of his ďwinĒ, Ki tags Daniels and nails Romeo with a springboard enziguri. That leads to a Tidal Krush! Low-Ki grabs the Dragon Clutch and Romeo taps out. (18:23) Now weíre down to just Low-Ki and Christopher Daniels. Heís still out from that Kryptonite Krunch and I canít say I blame him. Low-Ki covers him for two. They trade some SICK chops in the corner Ė then Daniels hits a flatliner out of nowhere. He follows up with an STO to set up for the BME, but Low-Ki is back up and crotches Daniels on the top rope. Low-Ki wanted to hang Daniels up in the corner with a Dragon Clutch, but Daniels elbows him off. BME? Yes! He covers for 1-2-NO! They go through a nice rollup sequence. Daniels goes for the ANGELíS WINGS, but Ki kicks out and applies the Dragon Clutch! Daniels manages to snapmare out and deliver the Fall From Grace (front flip slam out of the corner) for 1-2-NO! He wants the LAST RITES again, but Low-Ki escapes with a kick to the face and hits the KI KRUSHER! Cover, 1-2-3! (23:23) Another amazing spotfest. This one never overstayed its welcome like it did in some areas in the first elimination match. The eliminations were booked a lot better in this match too, I believe. ****Ĺ

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